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# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id$
inherit toolchain-funcs mysql-multilib
# only to make repoman happy. it is really set in the eclass
# REMEMBER: also update eclass/mysql*.eclass before committing!
KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
# When MY_EXTRAS is bumped, the index should be revised to exclude these.
DEPEND="|| ( >=sys-devel/gcc-3.4.6 >=sys-devel/gcc-apple-4.0 )"
# Please do not add a naive src_unpack to this ebuild
# If you want to add a single patch, copy the ebuild to an overlay
# and create your own mysql-extras tarball, looking at 000_index.txt
# Official test instructions:
# USE='client-libs embedded extraengine perl server openssl static-libs tools' \
# FEATURES='test userpriv -usersandbox' \
# ebuild mariadb-galera-X.X.XX.ebuild \
# digest clean package
multilib_src_test() {
if ! multilib_is_native_abi ; then
einfo "Server tests not available on non-native abi".
return 0;
local TESTDIR="${BUILD_DIR}/mysql-test"
local retstatus_unit
local retstatus_tests
# Bug #213475 - MySQL _will_ object strenously if your machine is named
# localhost. Also causes weird failures.
[[ "${HOSTNAME}" == "localhost" ]] && die "Your machine must NOT be named localhost"
if use server ; then
if [[ $UID -eq 0 ]]; then
die "Testing with FEATURES=-userpriv is no longer supported by upstream. Tests MUST be run as non-root."
has usersandbox $FEATURES && eerror "Some tests may fail with FEATURES=usersandbox"
einfo ">>> Test phase [test]: ${CATEGORY}/${PF}"
addpredict /this-dir-does-not-exist/t9.MYI
# Run CTest (test-units)
[[ $retstatus_unit -eq 0 ]] || eerror "test-unit failed"
# Ensure that parallel runs don't die
export MTR_BUILD_THREAD="$((${RANDOM} % 100))"
# Enable parallel testing, auto will try to detect number of cores
# You may set this by hand.
# The default maximum is 8 unless MTR_MAX_PARALLEL is increased
# create directories because mysqladmin might right out of order
mkdir -p "${T}"/var-tests{,/log}
# Create a symlink to provided binaries so the tests can find them when client-libs is off
if ! use client-libs ; then
ln -srf /usr/bin/my_print_defaults "${BUILD_DIR}/client/my_print_defaults" || die
ln -srf /usr/bin/perror "${BUILD_DIR}/client/perror" || die
mysql-multilib_disable_test main.perror "String mismatch due to not building local perror"
# These are failing in MariaDB 10.0 for now and are believed to be
# false positives:
# main.information_schema, binlog.binlog_statement_insert_delayed,
# main.mysqld--help, funcs_1.is_triggers, funcs_1.is_tables_mysql,
# funcs_1.is_columns_mysql, main.bootstrap
# fails due to USE=-latin1 / utf8 default
# main.mysql_client_test, main.mysql_client_test_nonblock
# main.mysql_client_test_comp:
# segfaults at random under Portage only, suspect resource limits.
# wsrep.variables:
# Expects the sys-cluster/galera library to be installed and configured
# wsrep.foreign_key:
# Issues a configuration deprecation warning which does not affect data
for t in main.mysql_client_test main.mysql_client_test_nonblock \
main.mysql_client_test_comp main.bootstrap \
binlog.binlog_statement_insert_delayed main.information_schema \
main.mysqld--help wsrep.variables wsrep.foreign_key \
funcs_1.is_triggers funcs_1.is_tables_mysql funcs_1.is_columns_mysql ; do
mysql-multilib_disable_test "$t" "False positives in Gentoo"
# Run mysql tests
pushd "${TESTDIR}"
# run mysql-test tests
# The PATH addition is required for the galera suite to find the sst scripts
WSREP_LOG_DIR="${T}/var-tests/wsrep" \
PATH="${BUILD_DIR}/scripts:${PATH}" \
perl --force --vardir="${T}/var-tests"
[[ $retstatus_tests -eq 0 ]] || eerror "tests failed"
has usersandbox $FEATURES && eerror "Some tests may fail with FEATURES=usersandbox"
# Cleanup is important for these testcases.
pkill -9 -f "${S}/ndb" 2>/dev/null
pkill -9 -f "${S}/sql" 2>/dev/null
[[ $retstatus_unit -eq 0 ]] || failures="${failures} test-unit"
[[ $retstatus_tests -eq 0 ]] || failures="${failures} tests"
has usersandbox $FEATURES && eerror "Some tests may fail with FEATURES=usersandbox"
[[ -z "$failures" ]] || die "Test failures: $failures"
einfo "Tests successfully completed"
einfo "Skipping server tests due to minimal build."