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<name>Gentoo GNU Emacs project</name>
Bongo is a buffer-oriented media player for Emacs, contemporary with and
comparable to <pkg>app-emacs/emms</pkg>.
Notable features of Bongo include
* separate playlist and library buffers (each of which you may have any
number — even zero of both is okay if you don’t need playlist
* hierarchical buffers with collapsable sections for each artist and album,
* familiar Emacs bindings for editing Bongo buffers (edit playlists much
like you would regular text),
* a nice visual seeking interface doubling as a progress meter (hit ‘s’),
* a visual audio volume control (<pkg>app-emacs/volume</pkg>, which is
actually a stand-alone package),
* built-in support for playing and retrieving information about audio CDs,
* built-in support for submitting information to using
* the ability to perform arbitrary actions (stopping playback is a simple
example) once playback reaches certain points in the playlist, using
so-called “action tracks”,
* an XMMS-like keymap for XMMS refugees,
* zero-configuration, out-of-the-box rock’n’roll action.
Bongo currently comes with backends for VLC, mpg321, ogg123, speexdec,
TiMidity and MikMod. All backends support pausing and resuming, but only VLC
and mpg321 support interactive seeking. Defining your own non-interactive
backends is very simple.