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2018-08-10 Ben Wagner <>
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_done_face): Fix memory leak (#54435).
2018-08-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Improve tracing.
2018-08-10 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix clang warnings.
* src/base/ftdebug.c (ft_trace_level_enabled,
ft_trace_level_disabled): Add `static' keyword.
2018-08-09 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster, smooth] Reinstate bitmap size limits.
This again moves outline and bitmap size checks one level up.
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Render): Explicitly reject enormous
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Reject enormous bitmaps
and, therefore, outlines that require them.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Ditto.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (ft_black_render): Remove outline size checks.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_raster_render): Ditto.
[STANDALONE]: Remove `FT_Outline_Get_CBox' copy.
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Revert massive unsigning.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
[smooth] Improve tracing.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_convert_glyph_inner): Only use tracing
if called the first time.
(gray_convert_glyph): Updated.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Add internal functions `FT_Trace_Disable' and `FT_Trace_Enable'.
It sometimes makes sense to suppress tracing informations, for
example, if it outputs identical messages again and again.
* include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h: Make `ft_trace_levels' a
(FT_Trace_Disable, FT_Trace_Enable): New declarations.
* src/base/ftdebug.c (ft_trace_levels): Rename to...
(ft_trace_levels_enabled): ... this.
(ft_trace_levels_disabled): New array.
(ft_trace_levels): New pointer.
(FT_Trace_Disable, FT_Trace_Enable): Implement.
(ft_debug_init): Updated.
2018-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Debugging improvements.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (pixel_modes): Move this array to top level
from ...
(FT_Load_Glyph): ... here.
(FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Use `width' x `height' in trace message.
Use `pixel_modes'.
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Massive unsigning (part 2).
Treat all size related properties as unsigned values.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_ParsePropertyRec): Use unsigned `name' and
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_propeerties, pcf_load_font): Updated
parsing code and handling of AVERAGE_WIDTH, POINT_SIZE, PIXEL_SIZE,
2018-08-08 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Massive unsigning (part 1).
Unofficial specifications hesitate to use unsigned 32-bit integers.
Negative values caused a lot of trouble in the past and it is safer
and easier to treat some properties as unsigned.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_AccelRec): Use unsigned values for `fontAscent',
`fontDescent', and `maxOverlap'.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font, pcf_get_accel): Updated.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (PCF_Glyph_Load, PCF_Size_Select,
PCF_Size_Request): Updated.
2018-08-07 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_bitmaps): Unsign `offsets' and
2018-08-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with main `ftoption.h'.
2018-08-06 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[pcf] Use unsigned types.
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_Encoding): Use unsigned `enc'.
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_{index,next}): Ditto.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Use unsigned types.
2018-08-05 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Fix overflow.
Reported as
2018-08-04 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (opcode_name): Fix typos.
2018-08-04 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix clang warnings.
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_EmboldenXY): Fix type of
* src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c (gx_lookup_value_read): Fix signature.
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Fix type of some variables.
Add cast.
* src/type1/t1load.c (parse_weight_vector): Fix cast.
2018-07-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cid/cidtoken.h: Handle `XUID' keyword.
2018-07-31 Werner Lemberg <>
[cid] Trace PostScript dictionaries.
* src/cid/cidload.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_AUX_H
(cid_load_keyword, cid_parse_font_matrix, parse_fd_array,
parse_expansion_factor, cid_parse_dict): Add tracing calls.
(parse_font_name): New function to trace `/FontName' keywords in
/FDArray dict.
(cid_field_records): Register `parse_font_name'.
2018-07-30 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Fix typo.
Reported as
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_get_cid_from_glyph_index): Fix boundary
2018-07-29 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Another thinko.
Reported as
2018-07-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Fix Harmony memory management.
Reported as
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Restore buffer
after each rendering in case of failure.
2018-07-28 Werner Lemberg <>
[type1] Avoid segfaults with `FT_Get_PS_Font_Value'.
Reported as
* src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_ps_get_font_value): Protect against NULL.
2018-07-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Make `TT_Set_MM_Blend' idempotent (#54388).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend): Correctly set
`face->doblend' if the current call to the function yields the same
blend coordinates as the previous call.
2018-07-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux, type1]: More tracing improvements.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString): Trace skipped
outline commands.
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_decoder_parse_charstring): Fix
missing case.
(t1_decoder_parse_metrics): Make tracing output more compact.
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Compute_Max_Advance): Be less verbose.
(T1_Get_Advances): Add tracing.
2018-07-25 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux, type1] Trace PostScript dictionaries and other things.
The tracing of /Encoding, /Subrs, and /Charstrings is rudimentary
right now.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_parser_load_field,
ps_parser_load_field_table): Add tracing calls.
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_decoder_parse_charstrings): Make tracing
output more compact.
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Compute_Max_Advance, T1_Get_Advances): Add
tracing messages.
* src/type1/t1load.c (parse_blend_axis_types,
parse_blend_design_positions, parse_blend_design_map,
parse_weight_vector, t1_load_keyword, t1_parse_font_matrix,
parse_encoding, parse_subrs, parse_charstrings, T1_Open_Face): Add
tracing calls.
* src/type1/t1objs.c (T1_Face_Init): Add tracing call.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_init_face): Make tracing message more
2018-07-25 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix minor ASAN run-time warnings.
* src/base/ftutil.c (ft_mem_alloc, ft_mem_realloc): Only call
`FT_MEM_ZERO' if we actually have a buffer.
(ft_mem_dup): Only call `ft_memcpy' if we actually have a buffer.
2018-07-24 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Fortify dllexport/dllimport attributes (#53969,#54330).
We no longer use predefined _DLL, which can be defined for static
builds too with /MD. We use DLL_EXPORT and DLL_IMPORT instead,
following libtool convention.
* CMakeLists.txt [WIN32], builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj:
Define DLL_EXPORT manually.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h, builds/unix/,
builds/vms/ftconfig.h, builds/windows/vc2010/index.html,
src/base/ftver.rc: /_DLL/d, s/FT2_DLLIMPORT/DLL_IMPORT/.
2018-07-24 Werner Lemberg <>
[type1] Check relationship between number of axes and designs.
For Multiple Masters fonts We don't support intermediate designs;
this implies that
number_of_designs == 2 ^^ number_of_axes
Reported as
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Open_Face): Ensure above constraint.
(T1_Get_MM_Var): Remove now redundant test.
2018-07-24 Hin-Tak Leung <>
[truetype] Match ttdebug's naming of instruction mnemonics.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c: The form used in ttdebug,
"MDRP[G,B,W,?]", etc., is slightly more readable than
2018-07-24 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Thinko.
Reported as
2018-07-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Check index of defaultChar.
Reported as
2018-07-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font): Fix number of glyphs.
This is an oversight of the module change 2018-07-21.
Reported as
2018-07-22 Werner Lemberg <>
[cid] Sanitize `BlueShift' and `BlueFuzz'.
This code is taken from the type1 module.
Reported as
* src/cid/cidload.c (parse_fd_array): Set some private dict default
(cid_face_open): Do the sanitizing.
Fix some tracing messages.
2018-07-21 Werner Lemberg <>
[pcf] Fix handling of the undefined glyph.
This change makes the driver use the `defaultChar' property of PCF
* src/pcf/pcf.h (PCF_FaceRec): Change type of `defaultChar' to
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Read `defaultChar' as
Validate `defaultChar'.
If `defaultChar' doesn't point to glyph index zero, swap glyphs with
index zero and index `defaultChar' and adjust the encodings
* src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_cmap_char_index, pcf_cmap_char_next,
PCF_Glyph_Load): Undo change from 2002-06-16 which always enforced
the first character in the font to be the default character.
2018-07-20 Armin Hasitzka <>
Move the legacy fuzz target to the `freetype-testing' repository.
It can now be found at
* src/tools/ftfuzzer: Remove this folder and its contents from the
2018-07-20 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff] Avoid left-shift of negative numbers (#54322).
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load): Use multiplication.
2018-07-17 Werner Lemberg <>
Allow FT_ENCODING_NONE for `FT_Select_Charmap'.
This is a valid encoding tag for BDF, PCF, and Windows FNT, and
there is no reason to disallow it for these formats.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Select_Charmap): Implement it.
2018-07-17 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_encodings): Trace `defaultChar'.
2018-07-16 Armin Hasitzka <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h: Add macros for handling
harmless over-/underflowing `FT_Int' values.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (fixed2float): Fix negation of
Reported as
2018-07-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend): Fix off-by-one error.
Reported as
2018-07-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Get_Orientation): Init `cbox'.
Taken from patch #9667, written by Steve Langasek
This fixes a build failure (most probably a bug in gcc) on ppc64el
when building with -O3.
2018-07-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix typo (#54238).
* src/base/ftcolor.c (FT_Palette_Set_Foreground_Color)
2018-07-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Adjust table size comparisons (#54242).
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (tt_face_load_cpal): Implement it.
2018-07-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix more 32bit issues (#54208).
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_blend_build_vector): Convert assertion into
run-time error.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_to_normalized): Protect against
numeric overflow.
2018-07-04 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix 32bit build warnings (#54239).
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_Bitmap_Blend): Add casts to avoid signed
vs. unsigned comparisons.
* srb/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_get_colr_layer): Ditto.
2018-07-02 Jeff Carey <>
* src/psnames/psmodule.c (ps_unicodes_init): Fix alloc debugging.
2018-07-02 Werner Lemberg <>
Suggested by Behdad.
2018-07-02 Werner Lemberg <>
Make `FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer' return FT_Bool.
* include/freetype/freetype.h, src/base/ftobjs.c
(FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer, FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Updated.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Get_Colr_Layer_Func),
src/sfnt/ttcolr.h, src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_get_colr_layer):
2018-07-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer): Guard SFNT function.
Reported by Behdad.
2018-06-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/fttrigon.c (FT_Tan): Improve accuracy.
(FT_Vector_Rotate): Simplify.
2018-06-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Set_Charmap): Robustify.
2018-06-25 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix memory leak.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Add initializers.
Fix typo in `goto' destination.
Reported as
2018-06-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_face_vary_cvt): Add initializers.
Reported as
2018-06-24 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Increase precision while applying VF deltas.
It turned out that we incorrectly round CVT and glyph point deltas
before accumulation, leading to severe positioning errors if there
are many delta values to sum up.
Problem reported by Akiem Helmling <> and analyzed
by Behdad.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_readpackeddelta): Return deltas in
16.16 format.
(tt_face_var_cvt): Collect deltas in `cvt_deltas', which is a 16.16
format array, and add the accumulated values to the CVT at the end
of the function.
(TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Store data in `points_org' and
`points_out' in 16.16 format.
Collect deltas in `point_deltas_x' and `point_deltas_y', which are
16.16 format arrays, and add the accumulated values to the glyph
coordinates at the end of the function.
2018-06-24 Werner Lemberg <>
New base function `FT_Matrix_Check' (#54019).
* src/base/ftcalc.c (FT_Matrix_Check): New base function to properly
reject degenerate font matrices.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h: Updated.
* src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_parse_font_matrix), src/cid/cidload.c
(cid_parse_font_matrix), src/type1/t1load.c (t1_parse_font_matrix),
src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parse_font_matrix): Use
2018-06-23 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix typo.
Reported by Behdad.
* src/base/ftcolor.c (FT_Palette_Data_Get)
[!TT_CONFIG_OPTION_COLOR_LAYERS]: s/apalette/apalette_data/.
2018-06-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/ftcolor.h, include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h,
src/sfnt/ttcolr.c: Do it.
2018-06-19 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix CPAL heap buffer overflow.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (tt_face_load_cpal): Guard CPAL version 1
2018-06-19 Werner Lemberg <>
Doh. Don't use CPAL or COLR data if tables are missing.
Reported by Alexei.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_get_colr_layer): Return immediately if
`colr' is NULL.
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (tt_face_palette_set): Return immediately, if
`cpal' is NULL.
2018-06-17 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Introduce `FT_New_Glyph'.
This function facilitates access to full capabilities of FreeType
rendering engine for custom glyphs. This can be quite useful for
consistent rendering of mathematical and chemical formulas, e.g.
* include/freetype/ftglyph.h, src/base/ftglyph.c (FT_New_Glyph): New
2018-06-17 Armin Hasitzka <>
[bdf] Fix underflow of an unsigned value.
bdflib.c:1562 could be reached with `font->glyphs_used == 0'. That
caused an underflow of the unsigned value which results in undefined
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_parse_glyphs): Bail out earlier than before
if the `ENCODING' keyword cannot be found.
2018-06-17 Werner Lemberg <>
[base] Add tracing for `FT_Bitmap_Blend'.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h (trace_bitmap): New
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_COMPONENT): Define.
(FT_Bitmap_Blend): Add `FT_TRACE5' calls.
2018-06-17 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: s/bitmap/checksum/.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_COMPONENT): s/trace_bitmap/trace_checksum/.
Adjust code.
2018-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix color glyph layer loading.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (Colr): Add `table_size' field.
(tt_face_load_colr): Set it.
(tt_face_get_colr_layer): Check pointer limit for layer entries.
2018-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix color palette loading.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c (Cpal): Add `table_size' field.
(tt_face_load_cpal): Set it.
(tt_face_palette_set): Check pointer limit for color entries.
2018-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (FT_Bitmap_Blend): Avoid integer overflow.
2018-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
Add `FT_Bitmap_Blend' API.
Still missing: Support for negative bitmap pitch and subpixel offset
of source bitmap.
* include/freetype/ftbitmap.h, src/base/ftbitmap.c
(FT_Bitmap_Blend): New function.
2018-06-14 Werner Lemberg <>
Replace `FT_Get_GlyphLayers' with `FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer'.
This avoids any additional allocation of COLR related structures in
a glyph slot.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Glyph_Layer, FT_Glyph_LayerRec,
FT_Get_GlyphLayers): Removed.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Colr_InternalRec): Removed.
(FT_Slot_InternalRec): Remove `color_layers'.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Load_Colr_Layer_Func):
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyph_slot_done): Updated.
(FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Use `FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer'.
(FT_Get_GlyphLayers): Removed.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface): Updated.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr_layers): Removed.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Updated.
2018-06-14 Werner Lemberg <>
Provide iterative API to access `COLR' data.
This solution doesn't store any data in an `FT_GlyphSlot' object.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_LayerIterator): New structure.
(FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer): New function.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Get_Colr_Layer_Func): New
function type.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Get_Color_Glyph_Layer): Implement it.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_get_colr_layer): New function.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Updated.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface): Updated.
2018-06-14 Werner Lemberg <>
Add glyph index and glyph load flags to glyph slot.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_GlyphSlotRec): Rename unused
`reserved' field to `glyph_index'.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Slot_InternalRec): Add
`load_flags' field.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Set new fields.
2018-06-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Move `CPAL' stuff into separate files.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c: Include `ttcpal.h'.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c: Include `ttcpal.c'.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c, src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Move CPAL stuff to ...
* src/sfnt/ttcpal.c, src/sfnt/ttcpal.c: ... these new files.
* src/sfnt/Jamfile (_sources), src/sfnt/ (SFNT_DRV_SRC):
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: Add support for `colr' and
Sort entries.
2018-06-13 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Separate `CPAL' and `COLR' table handling.
Later on we want to support the `SVG' table also, which needs `CPAL'
(but not `COLR').
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (SFNT_Interface): Add `load_cpal'
and `free_cpal' fields.
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_FaceRec): Replace
`colr_and_cpal' fields with `cpal' and `colr'.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface): Updated.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face, sfnt_done_face): Updated.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (Colr, Cpal): Add `table' field.
(ColrCpal): Removed.
(tt_face_load_colr): Split off CPAL handling into...
(tt_face_load_cpal): ... this new function.
(tt_face_free_colr): Split off CPAL handling into...
(tt_face_free_cpal): ... this new function.
(tt_face_load_colr_layers, tt_face_palette_set): Updated.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Updated.
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix `sizeof' thinko.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr, tt_face_palette_set): Don't
use `sizeof' for computing array limit.
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
Finish CPAL/COLR support (4/4).
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_find_color): Removed.
(tt_face_colr_blend_layer): Use `face->palette' instead of calling
Use and set text foreground color.
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
Finish CPAL/COLR support (3/4).
* src/base/ftcolor.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_SFNT_H.
(FT_Palette_Select, FT_Palette_Set_Foreground_Color): Implement
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
Finish CPAL/COLR support (2/4).
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_palette_set): New function.
(tt_face_load_colr): Allocate `face->palette' and call
Adjust return error code in case of error.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Updated.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Set_Palette_Func): New
function type.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface), src/sfnt/sfobjs.c
(sfnt_done_face): Updated.
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
Finish CPAL/COLR support (1/4).
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_FaceRec): New fields
`palette_index', `palette', `have_foreground_color' and
2018-06-12 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Minor.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr_layers):
s/palette_index/palette_entry_index/ for consistency.
Adjust return error code in case of error.
2018-06-11 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster] Clean up.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (black_TWorker, SCALED, Set_High_Precision):
Clean up after 5-level gray removal (8dc8635874).
(Vertical_Sweep_Span): Be brief.
2018-06-10 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix compiler warnings.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr, tt_face_load_colr_layers,
tt_face_colr_blend_layer): Add `NULL' initializers.
2018-06-10 Werner Lemberg <>
s/FT_Palette/FT_Palette_Data/, s/palette/palette_data/.
* include/freetype/ftcolor.h, include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h,
src/base/ftcolor.c, src/sfnt/sfobjs.c, src/sfnt/ttcolr.c: Updated.
2018-06-10 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
CMakeLists: also accept IOS_PLATFORM=SIMULATOR64
This might be needed to build FreeType for the iOS simulator. See Patch contributed
by Steve Robinson.
* CMakeLists.txt: Accept IOS_PLATFORM=SIMULATOR64
2018-06-10 Werner Lemberg <>
Implement `FT_Palette_Get'.
* src/base/ftcolor.c: New file.
* src/base/Jamefile (_sources), src/base/ (BASE_SRC),
src/base/ftbase.c: Add `ftcolor.c'.
2018-06-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr): Improve overflow checks.
2018-06-09 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[raster] Deal with pitch sign earlier.
* src/raster/ftraster.c (black_TWorker): Remove unused `traceG',
(Render_Glyph): Set `ras.bOrigin' at the bottom-left corner.
(Vertical_Sweep_Init, {Vertical,Horizontal}_Sweep_{Span,Drop}):
Updated accordingly.
2018-06-09 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Read `CPAL' version 1 tables.
* include/freetype/internal.tttypes.h: Include FT_COLOR_H.
(TT_FaceRec): Add `palette' field.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c: Include FT_COLOR_H.
(Cpal): Remove all data covered by the new `palette' field in
(tt_face_load_colr): Updated.
Read `CPAL' version 1 data.
(tt_face_load_colr_layers, tt_face_find_color): Updated.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_done_face): Free glyph color palette data.
2018-06-07 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] API for Harmony LCD rendering.
This introduces `FT_Library_SetLcdGeometry' for setting up arbitrary
LCD subpixel geometry including non-striped patterns.
* src/base/ftlcdfil.c (FT_Library_SetLcdGeometry): New function.
* include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h: Document it.
* include/freetype/freetype.h: Minor.
* include/freetype/ftchapters.h: Minor.
2018-06-06 Werner Lemberg <>
ftcolor.h: Redesign API.
While going to implement it I noticed that I need access to most of
the `CPAL' elements; I thus plan to add a `cpal' field to
`TT_FaceRec', which makes most of the previously suggested API
functions obsolete because the fields will be directly accessible.
2018-06-06 Parth Wazurkar <>
[bdf, pcf] Remove deprecated FT_FACE_FLAG_FAST_GLYPHS flag.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Face_Init): Remove deprecated
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font): Remove deprecated
2018-06-06 Werner Lemberg <>
[smooth, raster] Limit bitmap size (#54019).
* src/raster/ftraster.c [STANDALONE] (FT_Outline_Get_CBox): Add
(ft_black_render): Compute CBox and reject glyphs larger than
0xFFFF x 0xFFFF.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_raster_render): Reject glyphs larger
than 0xFFFF x 0xFFFF.
2018-06-03 Armin Hasitzka <>
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_convert_glyph): Remove unused variables.
2018-06-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/tools/ (main): Emit header in `light' comment style.
2018-06-02 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Attempt to mitigate bug #54019.
The robust rendering of estra large glyphs came with unbearable cost.
The old way of bisecting should fail but fail faster.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_convert_glyph): Switch back to bisecting
in y-direction.
2018-06-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MIRP): Use SUB_LONG; avoid FT_ABS.
Reported as
2018-06-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/afwarp.h: Use AF_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_WARPER (#54033).
2018-05-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/raster/ftraster.c (black_TWorker_): Remove `gTarget' field.
This is no longer used.
2018-05-31 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Get colors from `CPAL' table in right order (#54015).
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_find_color): Fix it.
2018-05-30 Werner Lemberg <>
ftcolor.h: Improve API design, fix typos (#54011, #54014).
* include/freetype/ftcolor.h (FT_Palette_Get_Names): Replace with...
(FT_Palette_Get_Name_IDs): ... this function.
(FT_Palette_Get_Entry_Names): Replace with...
(FT_Palette_Get_Entry_Name_IDs): ... this function
2018-05-30 Armin Hasitzka <>
Beautify a3cfed5e87232c933bdc64f43e8ebebcfd18b41b.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_glyph): Move the
initialisationand declaration of variables into the if-block.
2018-05-30 Armin Hasitzka <>
Fix pointer underflow.
The declaration of `edge2' can be reached with `edge1 == NULL' and
`axis->edges == 0' which results in undefined behaviour.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_glyph): Initialise `edge2'
after checking `axis->num_edges > 1'. `edge1 != NULL' can be assumed.
2018-05-30 Werner Lemberg <>
Various minor color fixes.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_COLOR_H): New macro.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Colr_Internal): Change
type of `load_flags' to `FT_Int32'.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Load_Colr_Layer_Func): Change
type of `idx' to `FT_UInt'.
(TT_Blend_Colr_Func): Change type of `color_index' to `FT_UInt'.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Change type of
`load_flags' to `FT_Int32'.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (find_base_glyph_record,
tt_face_load_colr_layers): Change type of `glyph_id' to `FT_UInt'.
(tt_face_find_color, tt_face_colr_blend_layer): Change type of
`color_index' to `FT_UInt'.
Fix signedness and type issues.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: Updated.
2018-05-25 Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>
[docmaker] Fix missing `Defined in (...)' under Windows/Cygwin.
This platform uses backslashes for paths, which docmaker didn't
understand correctly.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (HtmlFormatter::blockEnter): Use
`os.path.normpath' to normalize the path for the platform being
2018-05-24 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Formalize Harmony LCD rendering.
This generalizes magic outline shifts that make Harmony LCD
rendering work in terms of precise two-dimensional RGB subpixel
positions. These coordinates are now set in time of the `smooth'
module initialization and later used to shift a glyph outline for
rendering. FT_RENDER_MODE_LCD and FT_RENDER_MODE_LCD_V use the same
coordinates. The letter, however, rotates them before using.
The LCD bitmap padding is also calculated using these coordinates.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_LibraryRec): New array field
* src/base/ftlcdfil.c (ft_lcd_padding): Reworked.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Updated accordingly.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c [!FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING]
(ft_smooth_init): Initialize `lcd_geometry'.
(ft_smooth_render_generic): Formalize outline shifts.
2018-05-22 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Reject elements of composites with invalid glyph indices.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Composite_Glyph): Implement it.
2018-05-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Simple_Glyph): Trace # of points.
2018-05-20 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/ftcolor.h: New file.
This is an interface to the `CPAL' OpenType table. No
implementation yet.
2018-05-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_MSB): Verified `_MSC_VER'.
Actually `_BitScanReverse' is available since VS2005.
2018-05-18 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_MSB): Use `_MSC_VER' value.
Older VC versions don't provide `_BitScanReverse'. We test for VC
Reported by John Emmas <>.
2018-05-17 Werner Lemberg <>
s/inline/__inline/ for MSVC.
Reported by John Emmas <>.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_MSB) [_MSC_VER]: Do it.
2018-05-16 Werner Lemberg <>
Add function `FT_Get_GlyphLayers' to access `COLR' table data.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Glyph_LayerRec): Move this
structure to...
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Glyph_LayerRec): ... this
header file.
(FT_Glyph_Layer): New typedef.
Update code to use it where appropriate.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Get_GlyphLayers): New function.
2018-05-15 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Fix mono bitmap presetting (#53896).
It is rather fundamental to set monochrome bitmap based on rounded
CBox because the b/w rasterizer turns on pixels when their centers are
inside the glyph outline. The dropout control is unpredictable and can
distort narrow glyphs if the bitmap is too wide.
Reported by Chris Liddell.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): If BBox boundaries
are too close, adjust them before rounding.
2018-05-15 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix compiler warning (#53915).
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_freeT1SeacComponent): Do it.
2018-05-15 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix memory leak in handling `COLR' data.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Free old `layers' array
before reassigning allocated memory.
Only allocate `color_layers' if we don't have one already.
2018-05-15 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] If `COLR' is present, don't assume that all glyphs use it.
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c (tt_face_load_colr_layers): Return FT_Err_Ok if
current glyph is not a `COLR' base glyph.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Don't allocate
`color_layers' if there are no color layers.
2018-05-14 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Fix signature of `pixel_modes'.
2018-05-14 Werner Lemberg <>
Provide dummy functions if `TT_CONFIG_OPTION_SFNT_NAMES' is not set.
* src/base/ftsnames.c [!TT_CONFIG_OPTION_SFNT_NAMES]: Implement it.
2018-05-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Improve tracing.
2018-05-13 Shao Yu Zhang <>
Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Preliminary support of coloured layer outlines (#44689).
This commit enables OpenType's COLR/CPAL table handling; a typical
application are color emojis that can be scaled to any size.
If the color palette does not exist or is invalid, the rendering
step rasterizes the outline instead. The current implementation
assumes that the foreground is black.
Enable this by defining option TT_CONFIG_OPTION_COLOR_LAYERS.
There are still some issues with metrics; additionally, an API to
fetch color layers is missing.
* devel/ftoption.h, include/freetype/config/ftoption.h
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Glyph_LayerRec,
FT_Colr_InternalRec): New structures.
(FT_Slot_InternalRec): Add `color_layers' field.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (TT_Load_Colr_Layer_Func,
TT_Blend_Colr_Func): New function types.
(SFNT_Interface): Add `load_colr', `free_colr', `load_colr_layer',
and `colr_blend' fields.
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_FaceRec): Add
`colr_and_cpal' field.
* include/freetype/internal/tttags. (TTAG_COLR, TTAG_CPAL): New
* src/sfnt/ttcolr.c, src/sfnt/ttcolr.h: New files.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_done, FT_Render_Glyph_Internal):
Handle glyph color layers.
* src/sfnt/Jamfile (_sources), src/sfnt/ (SFNT_DRV_SRC): Add
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c: Include `ttcolr.h'.
(PUT_COLOR_LAYERS): New macro.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c: Include `ttcolr.c'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Load `COLR' and `CPAL' tables.
(sfnt_done_face): Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Handle color layers.
2018-05-12 Arkady Shapkin <>
Use MS VC++'s _BitScanReverse to calculate MSB (patch #9636).
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_MSB) [_MSC_VER]: Implement
2018-05-10 Alan Coopersmith <>
Fix DLL compilation on Solaris.
AC_COMPILE_IFELSE only tries to compile a `*.c' to a `*.o'. The
Solaris Studio 12.1 through 12.5 compilers see the
`-fvisibility=hidden' flag, but ignore it with a warning of:
cc: Warning: Option -fvisibility=hidden passed to ld,
if ld is invoked, ignored otherwise
AC_LINK_IFELSE does the compile and then tries to link the result,
at which point the Solaris linker will issue an error:
ld: fatal: option '-fvisibility=hidden' is incompatible with
building a dynamic executable
If we don't use AC_LINK_IFELSE to catch the error, then configure
will fail further tests which attempt to link, such as those testing
dependencies like `libbz2'.
Also, don't try adding `-fvisibility' if we have already added
`-xldscope', just use one of them, since Sun Studio 12 and earlier
compilers only issue a warning, and don't try passing through to the
linker to generate an error, so AC_LINK_IFELSE doesn't catch them.
Tested on Solaris 11.4 beta with compiler versions:
Sun Studio 8 (Sun C 5.5)
Sun Studio 10 (Sun C 5.7)
Sun Studio 11 (Sun C 5.8)
Sun Studio 12 (Sun C 5.9)
Sun Studio 12.1 (Sun C 5.10)
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 (Sun C 5.11)
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 (Sun C 5.12)
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 (Sun C 5.13)
Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 (Sun C 5.14)
Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 (Sun C 5.15)
gcc 5.5.0
gcc 7.3.0
and verified the generated by each of those
compilers exported the same set of symbols.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Implement it.
2018-05-08 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Avoid potential SEGV if running out of memory.
Problem reported by Shailesh Mistry <>.
* src/autofit/afshaper.c (af_shaper_buf_create,
af_shaper_buf_destroy) [!FT_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_HARFBUZZ]: Don't
allocate and free a four-byte buffer. Instead, make those functions
no-ops; the calling functions will provide a pointer to a buffer
* src/autofit/afcjk.c (af_cjk_metrics_init_widths,
af_cjk_metrics_init_blues, af_cjk_metrics_check_digits),
src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_widths,
af_latin_metrics_init_blues, af_latin_metrics_check_digits)
[!FT_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_HARFBUZZ]: Use pointer to local variable for
2018-05-07 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
[cmake] Allow using project as subfolder in other project.
* CMakeLists.txt: Test for CMake build directory being different
from source directory. Provide other parts of the build system
access the full include directory.
2018-05-07 Werner Lemberg <>
[build] Suppress configure's `nothing to be done' message.
This is due to calling the configure script via `make' (within the
top-level `configure' wrapper script). The same can happen for all
other secondary make targets that are used to only modify the
primary one, e.g., `make setup devel'.
* builds/dos/ (emx, turboc, watcom, borlandc, borlandc16),
builds/os2/detect (visualage, watcom, borlandc, devel),
builds/unix/ (devel, lcc, unix), builds/windows/
(visualc, watcom, visualage, lcc, mingw32, bcc32, devel-bcc,
devel-gcc): Use no-op recipe.
2018-05-04 suzuki toshiya <>
Support symbol visibility features of Sun / Oracle C compilers.
Reported by Kiyoshi Kanazawa:
Thanks to the suggestions by Alexei and Alan Coopersmith.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Check if "-xldscope=hidden" is
accepted, and if so, it is added to CFLAGS. This is the option
making Sun / Oracle C compilers hide the symbols from global
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Use "__global" prefix
for FT_EXPORT() macro, if SunPro C is newer than Sun ONE
Studio 8 (2003).
* builds/unix/ Ditto.
* builds/vms/ftconfig.h: Ditto.
2018-05-02 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
Unbreak CMake Windows installation
* CMakeLists.txt: Generate ftconfig.h on non-UNIX.
2018-05-02 Werner Lemberg <>
Remove FT_CONFIG_OPTION_PIC and related code.
*/* [FT_CONFIG_OPTION_PIC]: Remove all code guarded by this
preprocessor symbol.
*/*: Replace `XXX_GET' macros (which could be either a function in
PIC mode or an array in non-PIC mode) with `xxx' arrays.
* include/freetype/internal/ftpic.h, src/autofit/afpic.c,
src/autofit/afpic.h, src/base/basepic.c, src/base/basepic.h,
src/base/ftpic.c, src/cff/cffpic.c, src/cff/cffpic.h,
src/pshinter/pshpic.c, src/pshinter/pshpic.h, src/psnames/pspic.c,
src/psnames/pspic.h, src/raster/rastpic.c, src/raster/rastpic.h,
src/sfnt/sfntpic.c, src/sfnt/sfntpic.h, src/smooth/ftspic.c,
src/smooth/ftspic.h, src/truetype/ttpic.c, src/truetype/ttpic.h:
2018-05-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.9.1 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-9-1'.
* docs/VERSION.TXT: Add entry for version 2.9.1.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
* README, Jamfile (RefDoc), builds/windows/vc2005/freetype.vcproj,
src/base/ftver.rc, builds/windows/vc2005/index.html,
builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html: s/2.9/2.9.1/, s/29/291/.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_PATCH): Set to 1.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (version_info): Set to 22:1:16.
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_PATCH): Set to 1.
* include/freetype/ftgasp.h: Use FT_BEGIN_HEADER and FT_END_HEADER.
2018-04-26 Werner Lemberg <>
Another fix for handling invalid format 2 cmaps.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Adjust condition to avoid
an endless loop.
2018-04-24 Ben Wagner <>
[base] Avoid undefined behaviour in lcd filtering code (#53727).
* src/base/ftlcdfil.c (ft_lcd_filter_fir, _ft_lcd_filter_legacy):
Ensure `height > 0'.
2018-04-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Decompose): Improve error tracing.
2018-04-22 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Fix bitmap emboldening.
Bug introduced after release 2.8.
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (ft_bitmap_assure_buffer): We use
`FT_QALLOC_MULT', which doesn't zero out the buffer. Adjust the
bitmap copying code to take care of this fact.
2018-04-22 Werner Lemberg <>
Another fix for handling invalid format 2 cmaps.
The previous commit was incomplete.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Adjust condition to avoid
an endless loop.
2018-04-19 Werner Lemberg <
[autofit] Add support for Georgian Mtavruli characters.
This will be part of the forthcoming Unicode 11.0.
* src/autofit/afblue.dat: Add blue zone data for Mtavruli.
* src/autofit/afblue.c, src/autofit/afblue.h: Regenerated.
* src/autofit/afscript.h: Add Mtavruli standard character.
2018-04-18 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix handling of invalid format 2 cmaps.
The problem was introduced after the last release.
Reported as
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Avoid endless loop.
2018-04-17 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Integer overflow issues.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_CEILING): Use FT_PIX_CEIL_LONG.
2018-04-16 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Integer overflow issues.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MIRP): Use ADD_LONG.
2018-04-15 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Use `info' function of make 3.81.
* configure, docs/INSTALL, docs/INSTALL.CROSS, docs/INSTALL.GNU,
docs/INSTALL.UNIX, docs/MAKEPP: Bump make version requirements.
* builds/ (std_setup): Replace `echo' with `info'.
(dos_setup): Removed.
* builds/unix/, builds/, builds/dos/,
builds/windows/, builds/os2/ Updated.
* builds/newline: No longer needed.
2018-04-15 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype]: Limit `SLOOP' bytecode argument to 16 bits.
This fixes
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_SLOOP): Do it.
2018-04-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Integer overflow issues.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MDAP): Use SUB_LONG.
2018-04-14 Werner Lemberg <>
[autofit] Update to Unicode 11.0.0.
But no support new scripts (volunteers welcomed).
* src/autofit/afranges.c (af_arab_nonbase_uniranges,
af_beng_nonbase_uniranges, af_cakm_nonbase_uniranges,
af_deva_nonbase_uniranges, af_geor_uniranges,
af_gujr_nonbase_uniranges, af_mlym_nonbase_uniranges,
af_nkoo_nonbase_uniranges, af_telu_nonbase_uniranges,
af_hani_uniranges): Add new data.
2018-04-10 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
* CMakeLists.txt, builds/cmake/FindHarfBuzz.cmake: Extensive
modernization measures.
This brings up the minimum required CMake version to 2.8.12.
The installation paths follow the GNU defaults now, e.g. installing on a
64 bit host will place binaries into the lib64/ folder on e.g. Fedora.
Symbols are hidden by default (e.g. `-fvisibility=hidden' on GCC).
CMake will no longer look for a C++ compiler.
Library and .so version now match the Autotools build.
Comments in the build file and informational messages now use platform
agnostic example commands.
ftoption.h and ftconfig.h are written directly without a redundant `-new'
External dependencies are expressed as option()s and will turn up as such
in cmake-gui.
Internal: Properties such as dependencies and include directories are now
privately set on the freetype library instead of globally.
The CPack definitions have been cleaned up, the `make dist' has been
removed. Source packages generated with CPack don't contain Autotools
files and aren't used by the maintainers anyway.
On Windows, src/base/ftver.rc is compiled to decorate the library with
version and copyright information.
A pkg-config file is now generated and installed.
2018-04-09 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Integer overflow issues.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Round_Super, Round_Super_45): Use
2018-04-06 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[windows, wince] Clean up legacy project files.
* builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.vcproj,
builds/windows/visualc/freetype.dsp: Remove per-file compile flags.
2018-04-04 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff, type1] Sanitize `BlueFuzz' and `BlueShift'.
Reported as
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_load_private_dict): Sanitize
`priv->blue_shift' and `priv->blue_fuzz' to avoid overflows later
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Open_Face): Ditto.
2018-04-04 Ben Wagner <>
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (trick_names): Add 3 tricky fonts (#53554),
`DFHei-Md-HK-BF', `DFKaiShu-Md-HK-BF' and `DFMing-Bd-HK-BF'.
(tt_check_trickyness_sfnt_ids): Add checksums for 3 tricky fonts
in above.
2018-04-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/ (work): Use $(SEP).
This fixes the `make refdoc' using Cygwin: $(CAT) is `type' on this
platform, and this program only understands backslashes in paths.
Reported by Nikhil Ramakrishnan <>.
2018-03-30 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix memory leak (only if tracing is on).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Get_MM_Var) [FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_TRACE}: Fix
2018-03-23 Ben Wagner <>
[sfnt] Correctly handle missing bitmaps in sbix format (#53404).
* src/sfnt/ttfsbit.c (tt_face_load_sbix_image): Fix return value.
2018-03-23 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix advance of empty glyphs in bitmap fonts (#53393).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Apply scaling to metrics
for empty bitmaps.
2018-03-22 Werner Lemberg <>
Remove `ftlcdfil.c' and `ftfntfmt.c' from build files (#53415).
builds/amiga/makefile, builds/amiga/makefile.os4,
builds/amiga/smakefile, builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_cfm.make.txt,
builds/symbian/freetype.mmp, builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.vcproj,
builds/windows/visualce/freetype.vcproj, Do it.
2018-03-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_validate): Fix potential numeric
2018-03-13 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix cmap format 2 handling (#53320).
The patch introduced for #52646 was not correct.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Adjust condition.
2018-03-10 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
* CMakeLists.txt (BASE_SRCS): Update to changes from 2018-03-05.
2018-03-09 Chun-wei Fan <>
* CMakeLists.txt [win32]: Allow MSVC DLL builds (#53287).
Do not limit DLL builds to MinGW, since we already have
`__declspec(dllexport)' directives in `ftconfig.h'.
Also suppress more warnings for POSIX functions.
2018-03-08 Hugh McMaster <>
Make installation of `freetype-config' optional (#53093).
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Add option `--enable-freetype-config'
* builds/unix/ (INSTALL_FT2_CONFIG): Define.
* builds/unix/ (install): Handle it.
2018-03-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Make `ftlcdfil.c' part of the `base' module.
`ftobjs.c' needs `ft_lcd_padding'.
Problem reported by duhuanpeng <>.
* modules.cfg (BASE_EXTENSIONS): Don't include `ftlcdfil.c'.
* src/base/ftbase.c: Include `ftlcdfil.c'.
* src/base/ (BASE_SRC): Add `ftlcdfil.c'.
* src/base/Jamfile (_sources): Adjusted.
* docs/INSTALL.ANY: Updated.
2018-03-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Make `ftfntfmt.c' part of the `base' module.
`ftobjs.c' needs `FT_Get_Font_Format'.
Problem reported by duhuanpeng <>.
* modules.cfg (BASE_EXTENSIONS): Don't include `ftfntfmt.c'.
* src/base/ftbase.c: Include `ftfntfmt.c'.
* src/base/ (BASE_SRC): Add `ftfntfmt.c'.
* src/base/Jamfile (_sources): Adjusted.
* docs/INSTALL.ANY: Updated.
2018-03-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_RunIns): Fix tracing arguments.
2018-02-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Need HarfBuzz 1.3.0 or newer.
Problem reported by Alan Coopersmith <>.
2018-02-17 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Prefer `CBDT'/`CBLC' over `glyf' table (#53154).
2018-02-06 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Integer overflow issues.
Reported as
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MSIRP, Ins_MIAP, Ins_MIRP): Use
2018-02-04 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[unix] Use -fvisibility=hidden.
It is now widely recommended that ELF shared libraries hide symbols
except those with explicit __attribute__((visibility("default"))).
This is supported by all major compilers and should rather be an
option in libtool.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Add -fvisibility=hidden to CFLAGS.
* builds/unix/, builds/vms/ftconfig.h,
include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h (FT_EXPORT): Use visibility
2018-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Better protection against invalid VF data.
Reported as
Bug introduced in commit 08cd62deedefe217f2ea50e392923ce8b5bc7ac7.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_Var_Design): Always initialize
2018-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_GETVARIATION): Avoid NULL reference.
Reported as
2018-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend): Minor.
2018-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Better trace VF instances.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_to_normalized): Don't emit number
of coordinates.
(TT_Get_MM_Var): Trace instance indices names.
(TT_Set_Var_Design): Updated.
2018-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Beautify tracing of VF axis records.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Get_MM_Var): Show axis records in a
table-like manner.
2018-01-26 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Fix multiple calls of `FT_Get_MM_Var' (#52955).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Get_MM_Var): Set
`face->blend->num_axis' in case we have to initialize the
2018-01-23 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[apinames] Anonymous version map for GNU linker.
* src/tools/apinames.c (PROGRAM_VERSION): Set to 0.3.
(OutputFormat): Add `OUTPUT_GNU_VERMAP'.
(names_dump): Handle it.
(usage): Updated.
(main): Handle new command line flag `-wL'.
2018-01-21 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[unix] Call libtool to clean up.
* builds/unix/ (clean_project_unix, distclean_project_unix):
Use libtool.
* builds/ Minor.
2018-01-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftver.rc: Fix mingw-w64 compilation.
2018-01-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Enable VERSIONINFO resource for Cygwin/MinGW.
* builds/unix/configure.raw: Check for resource compiler.
* builds/unix/ Conditionally set up resource compiler.
* builds/ Add conditional rule for `ftver.rc'.
* src/base/ftver.rc: Copyright notice and year update.
2018-01-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Move VERSIONINFO resource.
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: Updated.
* builds/windows/ftver.rc: Move file from here...
* src/base/ftver.rc: ... to here.
2018-01-12 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Expand dllexport/dllimport to Cygwin/MinGW.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Respect DLL_EXPORT,
* builds/unix/ Replicate here.
* builds/vms/ftconfig.h: Replicate here.
2018-01-12 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[build] Improve and document MSVC build.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: Guard dllexport/dllimport
attributes with _DLL and FT2_DLLIMPORT.
* builds/windows/vc2010/index.html: Update documentation.
2018-01-10 Steve Robinson <>
* CMakeLists.txt [win32]: Suppress warnings for POSIX functions.
2018-01-10 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Correctly handle Flex features (#52846).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdVMOVETO,
cf2_cmdHMOVETO>: Do not move if doing Flex.
2018-01-09 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.sln: Synchronize with the project.
2018-01-08 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.9 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-9'.
* docs/VERSION.TXT: Add entry for version 2.9.
* README, Jamfile (RefDoc), builds/windows/vc2005/freetype.vcproj,
builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html: s/2.8.1/2.9/, s/281/29/.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_MINOR): Set to 9.
* builds/unix/configure.raw (version_info): Set to 22:0:16.
* CMakeLists.txt (VERSION_PATCH): Set to 0.
2018-01-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Add check for librt, needed for `ftbench' (#52824).
* builds/unix/configure.raw (LIB_CLOCK_GETTIME): Define; this will
hold `-lrt' if necessary.
* builds/unix/ (LIB_CLOCK_GETTIME): New variable.
2018-01-07 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Fix Type 1 glyphs with too many stem hints.
According to the CFF specification, charstrings can have up to 96 stem
hints. Due to hint replacement routines in Type 1 charstrings, some
glyphs are rejected by the Adobe engine, which implements the above
limit. This fix turns off hinting for such glyphs.
* src/psaux/pshints.c (cf2_hintmap_build): Reset the error from calling
`cf2_hintmask_setAll' on a problematic Type 1 charstring and turn off
2018-01-06 Werner Lemberg <>
Add `FT_Done_MM_Var'.
This is necessary in case the application's memory routines differ
from FreeType. A typical example is a Python application on Windows
that calls FreeType compiled as a DLL via the `ctypes' interface.
* include/freetype/ftmm.h, src/base/ftmm.c (FT_Done_MM_Var): Declare
and define.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2018-01-03 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Round offsets of glyph components only if hinting is on.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Composite_Component): Implement
2018-01-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_to_design): Remove dead code.
This is a better fix than the previous commit, which is now
2018-01-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Move internal LCD-related declarations.
* include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h (ft_lcd_padding, ft_lcd_filter_fir):
Move from here...
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h: ... to here.
2018-01-03 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h (FT_EXPORT, FT_EXPORT_DEF)
[_MSC_VER]: Limit Visual C++ attributes.
2018-01-03 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Make blend/design coordinate round-tripping work.
Behdad reported that setting blend coordinates, then getting design
coordinates did incorrectly return the default instance's
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend): Fix it.
2017-12-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Fix endless loop.
Reported as
2017-12-31 Werner Lemberg <>
Synchronize other Windows project files.
* builds/windows/*: Add missing files.
2017-12-31 Werner Lemberg <>
Update Visual C 2010 project files.
Problem reported by Hin-Tak.
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: Add files `ftbdf.c' and
Sort entries.
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj.filter: Ditto.
Fix members of `FT_MODULE' group.
2017-12-30 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/vms/ftconfig.h: Synchronize with unix `' file.
2017-12-28 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/ Synchronize with main `ftconfig.h' file.
Reported by Nikolaus.
2017-12-27 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix compiler warnings.
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (ft_bitmap_assure_buffer): Make `pitch' and
`new_pitch' unsigned.
* src/base/ftpsprop.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_PROPS_H.
2017-12-27 Werner Lemberg <>
Fixes for `make multi'.
* include/freetype/internal/ftpsprop.h: Use `FT_BASE_CALLBACK'.
(ps_property_get): Harmonize declaration with corresponding
function typedef.
* include/freety[e/internal/fttrace.h: Add `trace_psprops'.
* src/base/ftpsprop.c: Include necessary header files.
(ps_property_set): Tag with `FT_BASE_CALLBACK_DEF'.
(ps_property_get): Tag with `FT_BASE_CALLBACK_DEF'.
Harmonize declaration with corresponding function typedef.
2017-12-27 Werner Lemberg <>
Provide support for intra-module callback functions.
This is needed especially for `make multi' with C++.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h (FT_BASE_CALLBACK,
2017-12-25 Ewald Hew <>
Move PostScript drivers' property handlers to `base'.
This reduces the amount of duplicated code across PostScript
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c, src/cid/cidriver.c, src/type1/t1driver.c
({cff,cid,t1}_property_{get,set}): Moved to...
* include/freetype/internal/ftpsprop.h: ...this new file.
(ps_property_{get,set}): New functions to replace moved ones.
* src/base/ftpsprop.c: New file that implements above functions.
* include/freetype/internal/internal.h
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c, src/cid/cidriver.c, src/type1/t1driver.c:
* src/base/Jamfile, src/base/ (BASE_SRC), src/base/ftbase.c:
2017-12-20 Werner Lemberg <>
Speed up FT_Set_Var_{Design,Blend}_Coordinates if curr == new.
We exit early if the current design or blend coordinates are
identical to the new ones.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend, TT_Set_Var_Design):
Implement it, returning internal error code -1 if there will be no
variation change.
* src/type1/t1load.c (t1_set_mm_blend): Ditto.
* src/base/ftmm.c (FT_Set_Var_Design_Coordinates,
FT_Set_MM_Blend_Coordinates, FT_Set_Var_Blend_Coordinates): Updated.
2017-12-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Fix charmap type 2 iterator (#52646).
The subsetted demo font of the report that exhibits the bug has a
very unusual type 2 cmap for Unicode(!): It contains only two
sub-headers, one for one-byte characters (covering the range 0x20 to
0xFA), and a second one for higher byte 0x01 (just for character
code U+0131).
Before this commit, the iterator wasn't able to correctly handle a
sub-header for higher byte 0x01.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap2_char_next): Fix character increment
for outer loop.
2017-12-18 Matthias Clasen <>
[truetype] Fix clamping, minor tracing code beautification.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (ft_var_to_normalized): Trace number of
design coordinates.
Use clamped value.
2017-12-18 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/*/*: Only use `ft_' and `FT_' variants of stdc library stuff.
2017-12-18 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_face_vary_cvt): Add size guard (#52688).
2017-12-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Fix previous commit.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Correctly handle
unhinted phantom points, which must be properly scaled.
2017-12-18 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Don't apply HVAR and VVAR deltas twice (#52683).
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): Always adjust
`pp1' to `pp4', except if we have an HVAR and/or VVAR table.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Handle
alternative code branch identically w.r.t. presence of an HVAR
and/or VVAR table.
2017-12-17 Jonathan Kew <>
[truetype] Correctly handle variation font phantom points (#52683).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Vary_Apply_Glyph_Deltas): Fix phantom
point indices.
2017-12-17 Jonathan Kew <>
Fix incorrect advance width scaling (#52683).
* src/base/ftadvance.c (FT_Get_Advances): Always respect the
FT_LOAD_NO_SCALE flag if present.
2017-12-16 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: AfterBuild copy.
* objs/.gitignore: Ignore almost everything.
2017-12-11 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix compiler warning (#52640).
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (ft_bitmap_assure_buffer): Remove unused
2017-12-08 Azzuro <>
* builds/windows/vc2010/freetype.vcxproj: Adjust output directory.
This allows builds with different configurations in parallel.
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix `make setup dos', second try (#52622).
* builds/ (dos_setup): Don't use literal `>' character at
all. Mixing the different escaping rules from make, dos, and
windows is too fragile.
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
[docmaker] Fix code section parsing.
Stuff like
confused the parser, which incorrectly treated `<bla>' as a markup
* src/tools/docmaker/ (ContentProcessor::process_content):
Apply `re_markup_tags' only outside of code sections.
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
New `ftdriver.h' file, covering all driver modules.
This reduces redundancy and increases synergy; it also reduces the
number of header files.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_DRIVER_H): New macro.
FT_PCF_DRIVER_H, FT_TYPE1_DRIVER_H): Make them aliases to
* include/freetype/ftautoh.h, include/freetype/ftcffdrv.h,
include/freetype/ftpcfdrv.h, include/freetype/ftt1drv.h,
include/freetype/ftttdrv.h: Replaced with...
* include/freetype/ftdriver.h: ...this new file.
(FT_HINTING_ADOBE): ... this new macro.
(FT_HINTING_FREETYPE): ... this new macro.
* src/*/*: Updated accordingly.
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Move `ftdriver.h' to `ftdrv.h'.
* include/freetype/internal/ftdriver.h: Renamed to...
* include/freetype/internal/ftdrv.h: ... this name.
* include/freetype/internal/internal.h (FT_INTERNAL_DRIVER_H):
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix access to uninitalized memory (#52613).
Also reported as
* src/base/ftbitmap.c (ft_bitmap_assure_buffer): If increasing the
bitmap size needs a larger bitmap buffer, assure that the new memory
areas are initialized also.
2017-12-08 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix `make setup dos' (#52622).
* builds/ (dos_setup): Properly escape literal `>'
2017-12-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix C++ compilation.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.h: Use FT_CALLBACK_TABLE macro where necessary.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Fix warning.
2017-12-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix `make multi'.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: Remove unused tracing macros.
Add `trace_cffdecode'.
* src/pshinter/pshalgo.c (FT_COMPONENT): Updated.
* src/cff/cffload.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_AUX_H.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c: Include FT_SERVICE_METRICS_VARIATIONS_H and
* src/cid/cidriver.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_AUX_H.
* src/psaux/cffdecode.c: Include FT_FREETYPE_H and
* src/psaux/cffdecode.h: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_AUX_H.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.h: Include FT_INTERNAL_POSTSCRIPT_AUX_H.
Declare `cff_builder_funcs' and `ps_builder_funcs'.
* src/psaux/psft.c: Include `psobjs.h' and `cffdecode.h'.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c : Include `psauxmod.h'.
2017-12-07 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h: Some clean-up.
This commit removes documentation of deprecated macros and does some
minor streamlining.
2017-12-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/symbian/bld.inf: Updated.
2017-12-06 Werner Lemberg <>
New header file `ftparams.h' that collects all parameter tags.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_PARAMETER_TAGS_H): New
* include/freetype/ftautoh.h, include/freetype/ftcffdrv.h,
include/freetype/ftincrem.h, include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h,
include/freetype/ftsnames.h, include/freetype/ftt1drv.h: Include
Move FT_PARAM_TAG_XXX definitions to...
* include/freetype/ftparams.h: ...this new file.
* include/freetype/ttunpat.h: Remove. No longer needed.
2017-12-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Improve tracing messages by using singular and plural forms.
* src/*/*.c: Implement it.
2017-12-04 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Allow shared points in `cvar' table (#52532).
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_face_vary_cvt): Implement it by copying
and adjusting the corresponding code from
2017-11-28 Werner Lemberg <>
[truetype] Improving tracing of composite glyphs.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Composite_Glyph)
[FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_TRACE]: Show composite glyph information.
2017-11-27 Werner Lemberg <>
[type1] Allow (again) `/Encoding' with >256 elements (#52464).
In version 2.6.1, this has been disallowed to better reject
malformed fonts; however, this restriction was too strong. This
time, we only take the first 256 elements into account, since
encoding arrays are always accessed with a 8bit integer, according
to the PostScript Language Reference.
* src/type1/t1load.c (parse_encoding): Implement it.
2017-11-27 Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) <>
Fix last commit (#52522).
* builds/ Set `FT_OPTION_H' and `FTOPTION_FLAG'
properly if we have `ftoption.h' in `BUILD_DIR'.
2017-11-24 Werner Lemberg <>
[unix] Install a massaged `ftoption.h' file (#51780).
* builds/unix/configure.raw (ftoption_set, ftoption_unset): New
auxiliary functions to construct...
(FTOPTION_H_SED): ... this new variable.
Apply it as a sed argument while copying `ftoption.h' to the
`builds/unix' directory (using `AC_CONFIG_FILES').
Simplify code of test that checks cpp's computation of bit length
(the test previously created an empty `ftoption.h' file and deleted
it immediately afterwards); without this change, it can happen on my
GNU/Linux box that `configure's execution of `config.status' doesn't
create `ftoption.h' (no idea why this happens).
* builds/unix/ (install): Install
* builds/unix/ (DISTCLEAN): Updated.
* builds/unix/.gitignore: Updated.
2017-11-23 Tor Andersson <>
Silence unused function warnings (#52465).
Some static function declarations cause unused function warnings if
certain config options are turned off via `ftoption.h'.
* src/base/ftbase.h, src/base/ftrfork.c, src/sfnt/ttbdf.h,
src/truetype/ttgxvar.h: Add #ifdef guards around these sections.
2017-11-22 Ewald Hew <>
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_setGlyphWidth): Check format before setting.
Reported as
2017-11-22 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Fix CFF advance widths. (#52466)
Glyph advance widths were being written to the new `PS_Decoder' but not
saved to the underlying format specific decoder. This caused pure CFF
fonts to have bad advance width.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Decoder): Change `glyph_width'
field to pointer.
Remove unused fields.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_decoder_init): Change `glyph_width' from copy
to reference.
Remove unused.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_setGlyphWidth): Update code.
2017-11-15 Vlad Tsyrklevich <>
* include/freetype/ftrender.h: Fix `FT_Renderer_RenderFunc' type.
2017-11-14 Nikolaus Waxweiler <>
Use Adobe hinting engine for `light' hinting of both CFF and Type 1.
Since Ewald Hew factored the Adobe hinting engine out of the CFF
driver code, we can now use it on Type 1 (and CID) font formats, as
both have the same hinting philosophy.
This change activates the Adobe hinter when in LIGHT mode, and
therefore always unless explicitly asking for the auto-hinter. This
makes LIGHT behavior consistent with CFF fonts. As of this commit,
the hinting engine table looks as follows.
TrueType Auto v40
CFF Adobe Adobe
Type 1 Adobe Adobe
2017-11-10 Yuri Levchenko <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Add `DISABLE_FORCE_DEBUG_PREFIX' option.
2017-11-06 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Relocate condition.
2017-11-06 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_set_cell): Fix uninitialized variables.
2017-11-03 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Fix PostScript interpreter rewinding in Type 1 mode. (#52251)
The interpreter in Type 1 mode rewinds the charstring after collecting
all hints for building the initial hintmap (commit d52dd7f). However,
some charstrings use `endchar' in a final subroutine call, rewinding to
the start of that subroutine, and only a small section of the actual
glyph is drawn.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdENDCHAR>:
Ensure we are on the top level charstring before rewinding.
2017-11-03 suzuki toshiya <>
[truetype] Add more tricky fonts.
See the report by Yang Yinsen.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (trick_names): Add `DFGothic-EB',
`DFGyoSho-Lt', `DFHSGothic-W5', `DFHSMincho-W3' and `DFHSMincho-W7'.
(tt_check_trickyness_sfnt_ids): Add checksums for DFGothic-EB,
DFGyoSho-Lt, DFHSGothic-W5, DFHSMincho-W3 and DFHSMincho-W7. Also
add checksums for DLCLiShu and DLCHayBold which their family names
were already listed but their checksums were previously unknown.
2017-11-01 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Fix complex rendering at high ppem.
We used to split large glyphs into horizontal bands and continue
bisecting them still horizontally if that was not enough. This is
guaranteed to fail when a single scanline cannot fit into the
rendering memory pool. Now we bisect the bands vertically so that
the smallest unit is a column of the band height, which is guranteed
to fit into memory.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_convert_glyph): Implement it.
2017-10-20 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth] Improve complex rendering at high ppem.
At large sizes almost but not exactly horizontal segments can quickly
drain the rendering pool. This patch at least avoids filling the pool
with trivial cells. Beyond this, we can only increase the pool size.
Reported, analyzed, and tested by Colin Fahey.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_set_cell): Do not record trivial cells.
2017-10-20 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Improve tracing in FT_Load_Glyph, FT_*_Size.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Tag tracing messages with
function name, glyph index, and load flags.
(FT_Select_Metrics, FT_Request_Metrics): Remove all tracing.
(FT_Select_Size, FT_Request_Size): Improve tracing.
2017-10-18 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Improve tracing in FT_Render_Glyph.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Add total coverage
calculations and downgrade Netpbm dump to bitmap:7.
2017-10-15 Ewald Hew <>
[cff] Fix segfault on missing `psaux' (#52218)
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_done_blend): Add a check for possible nullptr.
* modules.cfg: Update dependency list.
2017-10-15 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base, cff] Fix MSVC warnings.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_New_Library): C4702: unreachable code.
(ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): C4244: possible loss of data.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_blend_doBlend): C4244: possible loss of data.
Turn `sum' into unsigned.
2017-10-14 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[base] Netpbm image tracing.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Trace bitmap size.
(FT_Render_Glyph_Internal): Trace bitmap in Netpbm format.
* src/smooth/ftgrays.c (gray_sweep): Sweep remnants of span tracing.
2017-10-14 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
* builds/windows/ftdebug.c (FT_Message): Print to stderr.
* builds/wince/ftdebug.c (FT_Message): Ditto.
2017-10-14 Behdad Esfahbod <>
[afshaper] Delay creating `hb_set' objects until needed.
In runs on Noto Naskh Arabic, this results in 89 sets created
instead of 340 before. Makes auto-hinter setup with HarfBuzz
enabled 20% to 30% faster.
* src/autofit/afshaper.c (af_shaper_get_coverage): Implement it.
2017-10-12 Ewald Hew <>
[type1, cid] Add hinting engine switch.
Implement property service in `type1' and `cid' drivers to allow
switching between FreeType or Adobe hinting engine when both are
* src/cid/cidriver.c (cid_property_{set,get}, cid_services),
src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_property_{set,get}, t1_services): Add
Properties service.
* src/cid/cidobjs.c (cid_driver_init), src/type1/t1objs.c
(T1_Driver_Init): Add default property values.
2017-10-12 Ewald Hew <>
Add T1_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE configuration option.
This controls whether the old Type 1 engine gets compiled into FreeType.
It is disabled by default.
* devel/ftoption.h, include/freetype/config/ftoption.h
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Decoder): Remove unused field.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/cid/cidgload.c
(cid_load_glyph), src/psaux/psauxmod.c, src/psaux/psobjs.c
(ps_builder_add_point), src/psaux/t1decode.c
(t1_lookup_glyph_by_stdcharcode, t1_decoder_parse_glyph,
t1operator_seac, t1_decoder_parse_charstrings), src/psaux/t1decode.h,
src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String): Surround
relevant code with macro.
Minor code changes.
2017-10-12 Ewald Hew <>
Extract width parsing from Type 1 parser.
Duplicate the fast advance width calculations from the old parser.
This is to facilitate adding options for compiling out the old parser.
* src/psaux/t1decode.{c,h} (t1_decoder_parse_metrics): New function.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_Decoder_Funcs): New entry
* src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Set the new entry.
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String),
src/cid/cidgload.c (cid_load_glyph): Separate
conditional for selecting engine.
2017-10-09 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Translate): Fix integer overflow.
Reported as
2017-10-08 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Integer overflows.
Reported as
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
[sfnt] Adjust behaviour of PS font names for variation fonts.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_var_ps_name): Use a named instance's
PS name only if no variation is applied.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
[cff, truetype] Adjust behaviour of named instances.
This commit completely separates the interaction between named
instances and variation functions. In particular, resetting the
variation returns to the current named instance (if set) and not to
the base font.
As a side effect, variation functions no longer change the named
instance index.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init): Use MM service's `set_instance'
Also apply `MVAR' table to named instances.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Get_MM_Var): Add cast.
(tt_set_mm_blend): No longer check whether requested variation
coincides with a named instance.
(TT_Set_Var_Design): Use current named instance for default
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_face_init): Use `TT_Set_Named_Instance'.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Make `FT_Set_Named_Instance' work.
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_set_instance): New function.
(cff_service_multi_masters): Register it.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_Named_Instance): New function.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.h: Updated.
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (tt_service_gx_multi_masters): Register
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Reset_MM_Blend): New function.
* src/type1/t1load.h: Updated.
* src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_service_multi_masters): Register it.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_Face): Remove
`is_default_instance'; this can be replaced with a combination of
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_get_advances): Updated.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_ps_name), src/sfnt/sfobjs.c
(sfnt_init_face): Updated.
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (tt_get_advances), src/truetype/ttgload.c
(TT_Process_Simple_Glyph, load_truetype_glyph, IS_DEFAULT_INSTANCE),
src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (tt_set_mm_blend): Updated.
* src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Set_MM_Blend, TT_Set_Var_Design):
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Set_MM_Blend, T1_Set_MM_Design): Handle
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
New function `FT_Set_Named_Instance'.
No effect yet.
* src/base/ftmm.c (FT_Set_Named_Instance): New function.
* include/freetype/ftmm.h: Updated.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Add macros for checking whether a font variation is active.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_FACE_FLAG_VARIATION,
FT_IS_VARIATION): New macros.
No effect yet.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Add framework for setting named instance in MM service.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svmm.h (FT_Set_Instance_Func):
New function typedef.
(MultiMasters): Add `set_instance' member.
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_service_multi_masters),
src/truetype/ttdriver (tt_service_gx_multi_masters),
src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_service_multi_masters): Updated.
2017-10-07 Werner Lemberg <>
[type1] Minor code shuffling.
* src/type1/t1load.c (T1_Set_MM_Blend): Make it a wrapper of...
(t1_set_mm_blend): ...this new function.
(T1_Set_MM_Design): Use `t1_set_mm_blend'.
2017-10-05 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Fix integer
Reported as
2017-10-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix compiler warnings.
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_ps_get_font_extra): Avoid code that relies
on numeric overflow.
Add cast.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Fix variable
types, add cast.
2017-10-04 John Tytgat <>
[cff] Add support for `FSType'.
* include/freetype/internal/cfftypes.h (CFF_FontRec): Add
`font_extra' entry.
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_ps_get_font_extra): New function to
retrieve FSType info from the embedded PostScript data.
(cff_service_ps_info): Register function.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_font_done): Free `font_extra'.
2017-09-30 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Signedness fixes in bitmap presetting.
Reported as
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Explicitly signed height.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Ditto.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): Explicitly unsigned
2017-09-29 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Bitmap metrics presetting [2/2].
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Preset the bitmap metrics when
appropriate but `FT_Render_Glyph' is not called.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_GlyphSlotRec): Document the change.
2017-09-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
[smooth, raster] Miscellaneous cleanups.
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Clean up the exit.
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Reduce
translations and clean up the exit.
(ft_smooth_render_lcd, ft_smooth_render_lcd): Remove unused `error'.
2017-09-28 Ben Wagner <>
[truetype] Really, really fix #52082.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Ins_MDRP): Correct conditional.
2017-09-28 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_doStems): Fix integer overflow.
Reported as
2017-09-28 Ewald Hew <>
* src/cid/cidgload.c (cid_slot_load_glyph): Fix memory leak.
Reported as
2017-09-28 Alexei Podtelezhnikov <>
Bitmap metrics presetting [1/2].
This mainly just extracts the code for presetting the bitmap metrics
from the monochrome, grayscale, and LCD renderers into a separate
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap): New function that
calculates prospective bitmap metrics for the given rendering mode.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap):
Declare it.
* src/base/ftlcdfil.c (ft_lcd_padding): New helper function that adds
padding to CBox taking into account pecularities of LCD rendering.
* include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h (ft_lcd_padding): Declare it.
* src/raster/ftrend1.c (ft_raster1_render): Reworked to use
* src/smooth/ftsmooth.c (ft_smooth_render_generic): Ditto.
(ft_smooth_render_lcd, ft_smooth_render_lcd): The pixel_mode setting
is moved to `ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap'.
2017-09-28 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Fix compiler warning.
* src/psaux/pshints.c (cf2_hintmap_dump): Add switch for tracing
2017-09-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_font_dir): Fix compiler warning.
2017-09-25 Werner Lemberg <>
[psaux] Fix compiler warnings.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_initLocalRegionBuffer): Remove redundant
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString)
<cf2_escCALLOTHERSUBR>: Add casts.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_decoder_init): Add cast.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Minor fixes.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/psaux/psobjs.{c,h}:
Rearrange `ps_builder_init' arguments to conventional order.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_decoder_parse_charstrings): Add a check and
notice for `SubFont' in Type 1 mode.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Move `psdecode' into `psobjs'.
As the former only contains a single procedure, move it into
`psobjs' for simplicity. Also change the parameter order to the
conventional one.
* src/psaux/psdecode.c (ps_decoder_init): Moved to...
* src/psaux/psobjs.c: ...Here.
* src/psaux/psdecode.h, src/psaux/psobjs.h: Ditto.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PSAux_ServiceRec): Update
`ps_decoder_init' function signature.
* src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cid/cidgload.c, src/type1/t1gload.c:
Update calls.
* src/psaux/psaux.c, src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Update includes.
* src/psaux/Jamfile (_sources), src/psaux/ (PSAUX_DRV_SRC):
Update file references.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Fix Type 1 hinting.
Type 1 hinting breaks sometimes when mid-charstring hints should
have been in the initial hintmap. This fix adds a preprocessing
pass that reads all hints and builds the correct initial hintmap
first, before proceeding to build the glyph outline.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString): New
`initial_map_ready' boolean flag.
Ignore outline commands and hint changes on first pass.
<cf2_cmdENDCHAR>: Add section to build hintmap and rewind.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Add tracing for hints.
* src/psaux/pshints.c (cf2_hintmap_dump): New function.
(cf2_hintmap_insertHint): Trace incoming and inserted hints.
(cf2_hintmap_build): Dump hintmap before and after hint adjustment.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Minor fixes.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString): Fix check for pop
s/font->decoder/decoder/ where necessary.
<cf2_cmdHSTEM, cf2_cmdVSTEM, cf2_escHSTEM3, cf2_escVSTEM3>: Use
offset parameter in `cf2_doStems' instead of doing correction for
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[cid] Use the new engine.
* src/cid/cidgload.c: Update includes.
(cid_load_glyph, cid_slot_load_glyph): Implement changes to glyph
loading code as with `type1' module.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[cid] Add Adobe engine configuration.
This is similar to what was done in the `type1' module.
* src/cid/cidriver.c (t1cid_driver_class): Update declaration.
* src/cid/cidobjs.c: Include FT_TYPE1_DRIVER_H.
(cid_driver_init): Update code.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Change subfont synthesis for CID fonts.
Change `t1_make_subfont' to take in the Private dict record as an
argument. This is because Type 1 and CID font records in FreeType
have this in different places.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (t1_make_subfont): Change `T1_Face' to
`FT_Face' so that CID is also accepted.
Take `PS_Private' as an argument and let caller figure out where the
Private dict actually is.
Update references.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/psaux/psobjs.h: Update
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String): Update
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[type1] Switch to Adobe engine.
* src/type1/t1objs.c (T1_Driver_Init): Set default to Adobe engine.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (seac).
This concludes the changes needed to add Type 1 support.
* src/psaux/psintrp.c: Update includes.
(cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_escSEAC>: Implement this similarly to
implied seac for CFF.
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_lookup_glyph_by_stdcharcode_ps): New
function to look up the glyph index.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_getT1SeacComponent,
cf2_freeT1SeacComponent): New functions to get the charstrings for
seac components.
* src/psaux/t1decode.h, src/psaux/psft.h: Update declarations.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (flex in callothersubr).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString)
<cf2_escCALLOTHERSUBR>: Fix Flex feature handling (OtherSubrs 0, 1,
<cf2_cmdRMOVETO>: Do not actually move the `glyphPath' while doing
flex. This is to avoid closing the current contour.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (callothersubr).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString)
<cf2_escCALLOTHERSUBR>: Copy code from
`t1_decoder_parse_charstrings' (in `t1decode.c').
OtherSubr 3 (change hints) should reset the hintmask, so that the
new hints are applied.
Fix function calls and stack access.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (pop).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString): Change how unhandled
OtherSubr results are stored. Implement the PostScript stack using
an array.
<cf2_escPOP>: Ensure that the stack is not cleared after getting
`OtherSubr' results.
Fix stack access.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (callsubr).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdCALLSUBR>:
Type 1 mode.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_initLocalRegionBuffer): Add Type 1 mode.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (div, four-byte numbers).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_escDIV>: Add
Type 1 mode. Type 1 requires large integers to be followed by
`div'; cf. `Adobe Type 1 Font Format', section 6.2.
<op == 255>: Push Type 1 four-byte numbers as `Int' always. This is
to ensure `div' and `callsubr' get values they can use.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (hints).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <cf2_cmdHSTEM,
cf2_cmdVSTEM>: Add correction for left sidebearing in Type 1 mode.
Allow adding hints mid-charstring.
<cf2_escVSTEM3, cf2_escHSTEM3>: Translate into equivalent commands
for three normal stem hints. This requires some recalculation of
stem positions.
Correction for left sidebearing.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (hsbw, sbw).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_doStems): `hsbw' or `sbw' must be the
first operation in a Type 1 charstring.
(cf2_interpT2CharString): Remove unused variables.
<cf2_cmdHMOVETO, cf2_cmdVMOVETO, cf2_cmdRMOVETO>: `hsbw' or `sbw'
must be the first operation in a Type 1 charstring.
<cf2_cmdHSBW, cf2_escSBW>: Fix data access and add correction for
left sidebearing.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (setcurrentpoint).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString)
<cf2_escSETCURRENTPT>: Fix stack access.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Extend Adobe interpreter (closepath).
* src/psaux/psintrp.c (cf2_interpT2CharString) <c2f_cmdCLOSEPATH>:
Use the right builder function. We can use the `haveWidth' boolean
already present, instead of implementing `parse_state'.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Add Type 1 operations to Adobe CFF interpreter.
The following Type 1 specific ops have been added (copied from
The following require a Type 1 mode, because of differences in
The subsequent commits will implement these changes and adapt
accesses of data and objects to the new interpreter.
NOTE: Will not compile in the meantime!
* src/psaux/psintrp.c: Add opcodes to enum.
(cf2_interpT2CharString): Copy relevant code over from
`t1_decoder_parse_charstrings' (in `t1decode.c').
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[type1] Fixes for rendering.
The Type 1 advance width calculation passes null for glyph slot,
etc, which can cause null pointer access in the new interpreter.
Fall back to the old one for now.
Fix the large glyph retry code and ensure hinting and scaling flags
are set properly.
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String): Add a
check for metrics_only.
Set the `force_scaling' flag.
(T1_Parse_Glyph): Updated.
(T1_Load_Glyph): Add `hinting' and `scaled' flags.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Add missing objects (2/2).
Synthesize a `SubFont' object for Type 1 fonts. This is used in the
interpreter to access Private dict data, which are stored in
different places for Type 1 and CFF. This allows the same data to
be used in either mode.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (t1_make_subfont): New procedure to copy
required values to a dummy `CFF_SubFont' object. This is similar to
* src/psaux/psobjs.h: Add the new declaration.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Ditto.
Add this to the PSAux Service for future use with CID fonts.
* src/type1/t1gload.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_CFF_TYPES_H.
(T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String): Add the call.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Add missing objects for Type 1 (1/2).
Move `CF2_Font' instance to `PS_Decoder'. This is the context for
the interpreter and since it is currently stored in `CFF_Font', is
unavailable in Type 1 mode.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_Decoder, PS_Decoder): New
`cf2_instance' field.
* src/psaux/psdecode.c (ps_decoder_init): Copy `cf2_instance' to
* src/psaux/t1decode.c (t1_decoder_done): Add finalization code.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_decoder_parse_charstrings): Update accesses.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
Allow `type1' module to use the Adobe engine.
Add the callback and some conditionals to switch between the two
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_Decoder_FuncsRec): Change
function declarations.
* src/psaux/psauxmod.c (T1_Decoder_FuncsRec): Register the
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_builder_add_point): Add conditionals for
number conversion.
* src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String): Add code
to choose which renderer to use.
* src/cid/cidgload.c (cid_load_glyph): Update call.
* src/base/ftobjs.c, src/psaux/psobjs.c, src/type1/t1gload.c: Update
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[type1] Add Adobe engine configuration.
Use the previously changed PS_Driver in type1 module to store
hinting engine configuration.
* include/freetype/ftt1drv.h: New file.
Duplicate and rename config options from CFF.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_TYPE1_DRIVER_H): New macro.
* src/type1/t1driver.c (t1_driver_class): Update declaration.
* src/type1/t1objs.c: Include FT_TYPE1_DRIVER_H.
(T1_Driver_Init): Update code.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[cff] Move and rename `CFF_Driver'.
This is so that we can use the same hinting engine parameters for
Type 1.
* include/freetype/internal/cffotypes.h (CFF_Driver): Rename and
move to...
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Driver):
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c, src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cff/cffload.c,
src/cff/cffobjs.c, src/cff/cffobjs.h, src/psaux/psft.c,
src/psaux/psobjs.c: Update references.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux, type1] Reorganize object fields.
Make some fields more generic, so that we can access them the same
way regardless of Type 1 or CFF.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Builder): Change `TT_Face'
to `FT_Face'.
Remove unused fields.
* src/psaux/psft.c: Update all accesses of `PS_Builder.face'.
Add some asserts to guard against casting `T1_Face' as `TT_Face'.
* src/type1/t1objs.h (T1_GlyphSlot): Reorder fields to follow
`CFF_GlyphSlot', so that we can pretend they are the same in the
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_builder_init, ps_builder_add_point):
Updated with above changes.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Prepare for Type 1 mode.
Add some checks for Type 1 data passing through.
* src/psaux/psfont.h (CF2_Font): Add `isT1' flag.
* src/psaux/psfont.c (cf2_font_setup): Skip the variations and blend
code which is not applicable for Type 1.
* src/psaux/psft.c (cf2_decoder_parse_charstrings): Avoid accessing
`decoder->cff' in Type 1 mode.
Copy `is_t1' flag to `CF2_Font'.
2017-09-25 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux, cff] Use the new objects.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Fix
switching between new and old engines.
* src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cff/cffparse.c: Update calls.
* src/psaux/psblues.c, src/psaux/psfont.c, src/psaux/psfont.h,
src/psaux/psft.c, src/psaux/psft.h, src/psaux/psintrp.c: Update all
to use new objects.
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Objects for new interpreter (part 2).
Make the new objects copy over values. They are essentially wrapper
types for the different decoders/builders.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h: Update declarations.
(PS_Builder): Add `is_t1' flag.
(PS_Decoder_{Get,Free}_Glyph_Callback): Renamed to...
(CFF_Decoder_{Get,Free}_Glyph_Callback: ... this.
(PS_Decoder): Updated.
Add `t1_parse_callback' member.
(PSAux_ServiceRec): Add `ps_decoder_init' member.
* src/psaux/psdecode.h, src/psaux/psobjs.h: Update declarations.
* src/psaux/psdecode.c, src/psaux/psobjs.c: Implement copy with two
* src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Add builder and decoder functions to `PSAux'
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Add objects for new interpreter.
Introduce `PS_Decoder' and `PS_Builder' which include all fields
from either Type 1 or CFF decoders/builders.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Builder, PS_Decoder): New
* src/psaux/psobjs.c, src/psaux/psobjs.h: Add `PS_Builder'
* src/psaux/psdecode.c, src/psaux/psdecode.h: New files to hold
`PS_Decoder' initialization functions.
* src/psaux/psaux.c, src/psaux/Jamfile (_sources),
src/psaux/ (PSAUX_DRV_SRC): Updated.
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Rename files.
Replace the `cf2' file name prefix with `ps' as the Adobe engine
will be used for both PostScript Types 1 and 2 (CFF) instead of just
s/cf2/ps/ for all following.
* src/psaux/cf2*: Rename files.
* src/psaux/*: Update includes.
* src/psaux/Jamfile (_sources), src/psaux/ (PSAUX_DRC_SRC,
PSAUX_DRV_H): Update file references.
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux] Minor fix.
Use `MultiMasters' service in `psaux' instead of a call to `cff'.
The project builds if CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE is not defined.
* src/psaux/cf2ft.c: Update includes.
(cf2_getNormalizedVector): Use `mm->get_var_blend' instead of
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[psaux, cff] Move `cff_random' into `psaux' service.
NOTE: Does not compile!
Minor fix to allow both `cff' and `psaux' to use `cff_random'.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_random): Move to...
* src/psaux/psobjs.c: Here.
* src/cff/cffload.h: Move corresponding declaration to
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PSAux_ServiceRec): Register the
function here...
* src/psaux/psauxmod.c: And here.
* src/cff/cffload.c, src/psaux/cf2intrp.c: Update code.
2017-09-24 Ewald Hew <>
[cff] Move struct declarations to `freetype/internal'.
NOTE: Does not compile!