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  1. Release Notes
  2. --------------
  3. This version of the library has been tested under the following OS:
  4. - RedHat Linux 7.3, 8.0 and 9.0
  5. - Fedora Core 2
  6. - SuSE Linux Enterprise 8 and SuSE 9.0.
  7. - Debian 4
  8. You *do not* need to have any other third party library (libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, libmng and zlib)
  9. installed on your /usr/lib directory in order to compile and use the library.
  10. FreeImage uses its own versions of these libraries. This way, you can be sure that FreeImage will
  11. always use the latest version of each third party library.
  12. The FreeImage makefile makes use of the gcc "-fvisibility=hidden" in order to avoid incompatibilities between
  13. internal third party libraries and the OS libraries. You may have to remove this option if you're running an
  14. old version of gcc. See also
  15. You should be able to link progams with the -lfreeimage option after the library is compiled and installed.
  16. You can also statically link with libfreeimage.a.
  17. If you use a really old version of gcc and it chokes on the CRs in the file, you can type 'make dos2unix'
  18. to run all of the files through dos2unix which converts CRLF to LF. This no longer appears to be required
  19. for RedHat 7.3 or 9.
  20. Please let me know how this works for you under other Linux distributions or any other *nix.
  21. Herve Drolon
  22. FreeImage Project Manager
  23. Installation
  24. ------------
  25. Note: You will need to have root privileges in order to install the library in the /usr/lib directory.
  26. The installation process is as simple as this :
  27. 1) Enter the FreeImage directory
  28. 2) Build the distribution :
  29. make
  30. make install
  31. 3) Clean all files produced during the build process
  32. make clean
  33. Compiling FreeImagePlus
  34. -----------------------
  35. FreeImagePlus is a C++ wrapper for FreeImage.
  36. To compile FreeImage as a C++ library, follow these steps :
  37. 1) Enter the FreeImage directory
  38. 2) Build the distribution :
  39. make -f Makefile.fip
  40. make -f Makefile.fip install
  41. 3) Clean all files produced during the build process
  42. make -f Makefile.fip clean