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import textwrap
class VarLibError(Exception):
"""Base exception for the varLib module."""
class VarLibValidationError(VarLibError):
"""Raised when input data is invalid from varLib's point of view."""
class VarLibMergeError(VarLibError):
"""Raised when input data cannot be merged into a variable font."""
def __init__(self, merger=None, **kwargs):
self.merger = merger
if not kwargs:
kwargs = {}
if "stack" in kwargs:
self.stack = kwargs["stack"]
del kwargs["stack"]
self.stack = []
self.cause = kwargs
def reason(self):
return self.__doc__
def _master_name(self, ix):
if self.merger is not None:
ttf = self.merger.ttfs[ix]
if (
"name" in ttf
and ttf["name"].getDebugName(1)
and ttf["name"].getDebugName(2)
return ttf["name"].getDebugName(1) + " " + ttf["name"].getDebugName(2)
elif hasattr(ttf.reader, "file") and hasattr(ttf.reader.file, "name"):
return f"master number {ix}"
def offender(self):
if "expected" in self.cause and "got" in self.cause:
index = [x == self.cause["expected"] for x in self.cause["got"]].index(
return index, self._master_name(index)
return None, None
def details(self):
if "expected" in self.cause and "got" in self.cause:
offender_index, offender = self.offender
got = self.cause["got"][offender_index]
return f"Expected to see {self.stack[0]}=={self.cause['expected']}, instead saw {got}\n"
return ""
def __str__(self):
offender_index, offender = self.offender
location = ""
if offender:
location = f"\n\nThe problem is likely to be in {offender}:\n"
context = "".join(reversed(self.stack))
basic = textwrap.fill(
f"Couldn't merge the fonts, because {self.reason}. "
f"This happened while performing the following operation: {context}",
return "\n\n" + basic + location + self.details
class ShouldBeConstant(VarLibMergeError):
"""some values were different, but should have been the same"""
def details(self):
if self.stack[0] != ".FeatureCount" or self.merger is None:
return super().details
offender_index, offender = self.offender
bad_ttf = self.merger.ttfs[offender_index]
good_ttf = self.merger.ttfs[offender_index - 1]
good_features = [
for x in good_ttf[self.stack[-1]].table.FeatureList.FeatureRecord
bad_features = [
for x in bad_ttf[self.stack[-1]].table.FeatureList.FeatureRecord
return (
"\nIncompatible features between masters.\n"
f"Expected: {', '.join(good_features)}.\n"
f"Got: {', '.join(bad_features)}.\n"
class FoundANone(VarLibMergeError):
"""one of the values in a list was empty when it shouldn't have been"""
def offender(self):
index = [x is None for x in self.cause["got"]].index(True)
return index, self._master_name(index)
def details(self):
cause, stack = self.cause, self.stack
return f"{stack[0]}=={cause['got']}\n"
class MismatchedTypes(VarLibMergeError):
"""data had inconsistent types"""
class LengthsDiffer(VarLibMergeError):
"""a list of objects had inconsistent lengths"""
class KeysDiffer(VarLibMergeError):
"""a list of objects had different keys"""
class InconsistentGlyphOrder(VarLibMergeError):
"""the glyph order was inconsistent between masters"""
class InconsistentExtensions(VarLibMergeError):
"""the masters use extension lookups in inconsistent ways"""
class UnsupportedFormat(VarLibMergeError):
"""an OpenType subtable (%s) had a format I didn't expect"""
def reason(self):
return self.__doc__ % self.cause["subtable"]
class UnsupportedFormat(UnsupportedFormat):
"""an OpenType subtable (%s) had inconsistent formats between masters"""
class VarLibCFFMergeError(VarLibError):
class VarLibCFFDictMergeError(VarLibCFFMergeError):
"""Raised when a CFF PrivateDict cannot be merged."""
def __init__(self, key, value, values):
error_msg = (
f"For the Private Dict key '{key}', the default font value list:"
f"\n\t{value}\nhad a different number of values than a region font:"
for region_value in values:
error_msg += f"\n\t{region_value}"
self.args = (error_msg,)
class VarLibCFFPointTypeMergeError(VarLibCFFMergeError):
"""Raised when a CFF glyph cannot be merged because of point type differences."""
def __init__(self, point_type, pt_index, m_index, default_type, glyph_name):
error_msg = (
f"Glyph '{glyph_name}': '{point_type}' at point index {pt_index} in "
f"master index {m_index} differs from the default font point type "
self.args = (error_msg,)
class VarLibCFFHintTypeMergeError(VarLibCFFMergeError):
"""Raised when a CFF glyph cannot be merged because of hint type differences."""
def __init__(self, hint_type, cmd_index, m_index, default_type, glyph_name):
error_msg = (
f"Glyph '{glyph_name}': '{hint_type}' at index {cmd_index} in "
f"master index {m_index} differs from the default font hint type "
self.args = (error_msg,)
class VariationModelError(VarLibError):
"""Raised when a variation model is faulty."""