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cc_binary_host {
// Not named "flex" because we need the flex module to build scan.l below,
// and we don't support dependency loops. The stem renames this back to
// 'flex' in the installed path
name: "flex_bin",
stem: "flex",
stl: "none",
srcs: [
cflags: [
// TODO: This should use a hermetic m4 -- this is a default that can be overwritten
// overwritten with the M4 environment variable, which may be simpler within the build.
genrule {
name: "flex_skel.c",
// This is lightly modified from
cmd: "/bin/bash $(location `dirname $(in)` $(location m4) 2.6.4 >$(out)",
tool_files: [
tools: ["m4"],
srcs: [
out: [