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TEMPLATE - A NO-OP skeleton scanner.
array-nr - Use %option array, non-reentrant.
array-r - Use %option array, reentrant.
basic-nr - Simple scanner, non-reentrant.
basic-r - Simple scanner, reentrant.
bison-nr - Ordinary bison-bridge.
bison-yylloc - Reentrant scanner + pure parser. Requires bison.
bison-yylval - Reentrant scanner + pure parser. Requires bison.
ccl - Character classes.
c-cpp-nr - Compile a C scanner with C++ compiler, nonreentrant.
c-cpp-r - Compile a C scanner with C++ compiler, reentrant.
c++-basic - The C++ scanner.
c++-multiple-scanners - Multiple C++ scanners.
debug-nr - Use yy_flex_debug, non-reentrant.
debug-r - Use debugging functions, reentrant.
extended - Extended pattern syntax.
header-nr - Test generated header file, non-reentrant.
header-r - Test generated header file, reentrant.
include-by-buffer - YY_BUFFER_STATE, yy_push_state, etc.
include-by-push - yypush_buffer_state, yypop_buffer_state
include-by-reentrant - Nested scanners.
linedir-r - Check #line directives.
lineno-nr - Use %option yylineno, non-reentrant.
lineno-r - Use %option yylineno, reentrant.
mem-nr - Override memory api, non-reentrant.
mem-r - Override memory api, reentrant.
multiple-scanners-nr - #include and run two separate scanners, non-reentrant.
multiple-scanners-r - #include and run two separate scanners, reentrant.
noansi-nr - test %option noansi-*, non-reentrant.
noansi-r - test %option noansi-*, reentrant.
posix - Test %option posix-compat.
posixly-correct - Test POSIXLY_CORRECT variable.
prefix-nr - Verify prefixes are working, nonreentrant.
prefix-r - Verify prefixes are working, reentrant.
pthread - Pthreads test. A NO-OP if libpthread not found.
quotes - Verify user code is not mangled by m4.
reject - Check REJECT code.
rescan-nr - Reuse same scanner several times, nonreentrant.
rescan-r - Reuse same scanner several times, reentrant.
string-nr - Scan strings, non-reentrant.
string-r - Scan strings, reentrant.
table-opts - Try every table compression option.
top - Test %top directive.
yyextra - Test yyextra.
alloc-extra - Test yy_init_extra and providing your own yyalloc.
c++-yywrap - test yywrap in c++ scanner
concatenated-options - test parsing of multiple concatenated short options