Revert "libFLAC/stream_decoder.c : Fail safely to avoid a heap overflow."

This reverts commit 1d948ef7391c9e484658ba024d74433f4df37b3b.

The reverted patch was cherry picked from Xiph commit fcf0ba0.
However, the last version update in external/flac, which pulled in
changes up to Xiph commit 775eb93, already picked up fcf0ba0. fcf0ba0
applied cleanly for the second time because another Xiph commit
b4b2910, which was also picked up in the previous update to
external/flac, reverted fcf0ba0.

Bug: 23238405
Change-Id: Id3cd66048f78d3bfb5324144bcbfa50740f74d69
diff --git a/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c b/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c
index 7edf735..d13b23b 100644
--- a/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c
+++ b/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c
@@ -2749,8 +2749,7 @@
 		if(decoder->private_->frame.header.blocksize < predictor_order) {
 			send_error_to_client_(decoder, FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ERROR_STATUS_LOST_SYNC);
 			decoder->protected_->state = FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_SEARCH_FOR_FRAME_SYNC;
-			/* We have received a potentially malicious bit stream. All we can do is error out to avoid a heap overflow. */
-			return false;
+			return true;
 	else {