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# SIMD MMX dot product
# Equivalent to the following C code:
# long dotprod(signed short *a,signed short *b,int cnt)
# {
# long sum = 0;
# cnt *= 4;
# while(cnt--)
# sum += *a++ + *b++;
# return sum;
# }
# a and b should also be 64-bit aligned, or speed will suffer greatly
# Copyright 1999, Phil Karn KA9Q
# May be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
.global dotprod_mmx_assist
.type dotprod_mmx_assist,@function
pushl %ebp
movl %esp,%ebp
pushl %esi
pushl %edi
pushl %ecx
pushl %ebx
movl 8(%ebp),%esi # a
movl 12(%ebp),%edi # b
movl 16(%ebp),%ecx # cnt
pxor %mm0,%mm0 # clear running sum (in two 32-bit halves)
# MMX dot product loop unrolled 4 times, crunching 16 terms per loop
.align 16
.Loop1: subl $4,%ecx
jl .Loop1Done
movq (%esi),%mm1 # mm1 = a[3],a[2],a[1],a[0]
pmaddwd (%edi),%mm1 # mm1 = b[3]*a[3]+b[2]*a[2],b[1]*a[1]+b[0]*a[0]
paddd %mm1,%mm0
movq 8(%esi),%mm1
pmaddwd 8(%edi),%mm1
paddd %mm1,%mm0
movq 16(%esi),%mm1
pmaddwd 16(%edi),%mm1
paddd %mm1,%mm0
movq 24(%esi),%mm1
addl $32,%esi
pmaddwd 24(%edi),%mm1
addl $32,%edi
paddd %mm1,%mm0
jmp .Loop1
addl $4,%ecx
# MMX dot product loop, not unrolled, crunching 4 terms per loop
# This could be redone as Duff's Device on the unrolled loop above
.Loop2: subl $1,%ecx
jl .Loop2Done
movq (%esi),%mm1
addl $8,%esi
pmaddwd (%edi),%mm1
addl $8,%edi
paddd %mm1,%mm0
jmp .Loop2
movd %mm0,%ebx # right-hand word to ebx
punpckhdq %mm0,%mm0 # left-hand word to right side of %mm0
movd %mm0,%eax
addl %ebx,%eax # running sum now in %eax
emms # done with MMX
popl %ebx
popl %ecx
popl %edi
popl %esi
movl %ebp,%esp
popl %ebp