Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into aosp

* aosp/upstream-master:
  f2fs-tools: avoid unused parameter build errors
  f2fs_io: accept fallocate to have bigger size
  fsck.f2fs: do not access nat etnries in ckpt before initialization
  fsck: Check write pointer consistency of non-open zones
  fsck: Check write pointer consistency of open zones
  fsck: Check fsync data always for zoned block devices
  fsck: Introduce move_one_curseg_info() function
  fsck: Find free zones instead of blocks to assign to current segments
  libf2fs_zoned: Introduce f2fs_reset_zone() helper function
  libf2fs_zoned: Introduce f2fs_report_zone() helper function
  libf2fs_zoned: Introduce f2fs_report_zones() helper function
  fsck.f2fs: check total_segments from devices in raw_super
  mkfs/ fix build without blkid
  tools/fibmap: fix build error
  f2fs_io: add copy command
  f2fs_io: add helper functions for handling errors

Change-Id: Iccc2db9fda90fa563e9fb2903026adb9a6911d60
Signed-off-by: Jaegeuk Kim <>