Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into aosp

* aosp/upstream-master:
  resize.f2fs: add option for large_nat_bitmap feature
  dump.f2fs: print more info of inode layout
  f2fs-tools: support data compression
  fsck.f2fs: Enable user-space cache
  libf2fs_io: Add user-space cache
  f2fs-tools: handle /sys is not mounted
  fsck.f2fs: add --{no-}kernel-check to bypass kernel version diff or not
  f2fs_io: add set_fsverity
  fsck.f2fs: fix typo
  sg_write_buffer: fix sg_write_buffer build outside the source dir
  f2fs-tools: reuse same pointer, exit on error without clean-up

Change-Id: I7dcef0d525f93d5871b44678a1489a2d1fc03943
Signed-off-by: Jaegeuk Kim <>