Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into aosp

* aosp/upstream-master:
  libzoned: use blk_zone_v2 and blk_zone_report_v2 by default
  f2fs-tools: fix wrong blk_zone_rep_v2 definition
  mkfs.f2fs: allocate zones together to avoid random access
  mkfs.f2fs: adjust zone alignment when using multi-partitions
  fsck.f2fs: fix alignment on multi-partition support
  f2fs-tools: Miscellaneous cleanup to README.
  mkfs.f2fs.8: Better document the -g argument.
  mkfs.f2fs.8: fix formatting for -l parameter in man page
  f2fs-tools: Make sload.f2fs reproduce hard links
  f2fs-tools:sload.f2fs compression support
  f2fs_io: add compress/decompress commands
  f2fs-tools: Added #ifdef WITH_func
  f2fs-tools: fix a few spelling errors in f2fs-tools
  f2fs-tools: skipped to end on error syntax error
  mkfs.f2fs: show a message when compression is enabled
  f2fs_io: add get/set compression option
  Fix ASSERT() macro with '%' in the expression
  f2fs-toos: fsck.f2fs Fix bad return value
  fsck.f2fs: do xnid sanity check only during fsck
  f2fs_io: add erase option
  mkfs.f2fs.8: document the verity feature
  fsck: clear unexpected casefold flags
  mkfs.f2fs: add -h and --help
  f2fs_io: change fibmap to fiemap

Signed-off-by: Jaegeuk Kim <>
Change-Id: I34dccfeceffa2cf1a0d109b490552966efc59c02