The Intel(R) Enhanced Privacy ID Software Development Kit

Intel(R) EPID SDK enables adding Intel(R) EPID support to applications and platforms.

Intel(R) EPID is a cryptographic protocol which enables the remote authentication of a trusted platform whilst preserving the user's privacy.

  • For a given public key there are many (e.g., millions) of private keys. The key holders form a group.

  • Any key holder may sign against the one public key.

  • No one can tell which private key signed the data. This is the privacy property.

You can use Intel(R) EPID as a foundational building block for a multitude of security solutions.


What's New in This Release



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Math Primitives

The source code used for math primitives in the Intel(R) EPID SDK is a subset of the Intel(R) IPP Cryptography library (version 2017 Update 2) written in pure C and not optimized for performance. For higher performance, you can use the commercial version of the IPP Cryptography library, which is available at

More information on the optimized versions of Intel(R) IPP Cryptography library, including mitigations for a potential side-channel issue are available at