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The Intel(R) Enhanced Privacy ID Software Development Kit

Intel(R) EPID SDK enables adding Intel(R) EPID support to applications and platforms.

Intel(R) EPID is a cryptographic protocol which enables the remote authentication of a trusted platform whilst preserving the user's privacy.

  • For a given public key there are many (e.g., millions) of private keys. The key holders form a group.

  • Any key holder may sign against the one public key.

  • No one can tell which private key signed the data. This is the privacy property.

You can use Intel(R) EPID as a foundational building block for a multitude of security solutions.


What's New in This Release



See doc/index.html to browse the html documentation.


See LICENSE.txt.

Math Primitives

The source code used for math primitives in the Intel(R) EPID SDK is a subset of the Intel(R) IPP Cryptography library (version 2017 Update 2) written in pure C and not optimized for performance. For higher performance, you can use the commercial version of the IPP Cryptography library, which is available at https://software.intel.com/articles/download-ipp-cryptography-libraries.

More information on the optimized versions of Intel(R) IPP Cryptography library, including mitigations for a potential side-channel issue are available at https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00060&languageid=en-fr.