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2008-12-11 Roland McGrath <>
* nm.c (sym_name): New function.
(show_symbols_sysv): Use it in place of elf_strptr.
(show_symbols_bsd, show_symbols_posix): Likewise.
Fixes RHBZ#476136.
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Use an alloca'd backup section name when
elf_strptr fails.
2008-12-02 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (count_dwflmod, process_file): Don't presume encoding of
nonzero OFFSET argument to dwfl_getmodules.
2008-08-07 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (main): Pass string to handle_address.
(see_one_module): New function, subroutine of handle_address.
(find_symbol): Likewise.
(handle_address): Take string argument rather than address.
Convert plain number, or handle strings like "(section)+offset"
or "symbol+offset".
2008-08-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Handle 'B' type for 1-origin bitset.
For 'b' and 'B', print <x-y,z> or ~<x,y-z> rather than 1/0 string.
* readelf.c (convert): Take new argument SIZE.
(handle_core_register, handle_core_item): Update callers.
(handle_core_item): Take new arg REPEATED_SIZE.
(handle_core_items): Special case for a singleton item,
let handle_core_item handle repeats if it wants to.
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Give abridged output
for identical groups repeated more than twice.
2008-07-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Handle ELF_T_ADDR.
2008-04-10 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't keep sections that kept symbol tables
refer to. Instead, just be sure to preserve the original symbol
table in the debug file so those symbols go with their sections and
can be elided from the stripped version of the symbol table.
* strip.c (handle_elf): When a discarded section kept in the debug
file refers to a nondiscard section via sh_link/sh_info, preserve
that nondiscarded section unmodified in the debug file as well.
Skip adjustment of discarded sections symbol table references when
that symbol table is copied in this way.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Don't crash from missing symbol names
after diagnosing bogus strtab.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Cosmetic cleanup in special section contents
adjustment for symtab changes.
2008-03-31 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Add checks on SHF_EXECINSTR sections:
must be SHT_PROGBITS, must not be SHF_WRITE. Let backend hook
excuse a special section.
2008-03-27 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Check that executability and writability
of sections is reflected in segment p_flags.
2008-03-26 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Accept PT_GNU_RELRO p_flags
that matches its PT_LOAD's p_flags &~ PF_W. On sparc, PF_X really
is valid in RELRO.
2008-02-29 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): Add a cast.
* elflint.c (check_attributes): Likewise.
* unaligned.h (add_8ubyte_unaligned): Cast PTR argument for parity
(add_4ubyte_unaligned, add_2ubyte_unaligned): Likewise.
2008-02-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Implement R_386_TLS_GD
when linked into executable.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
2008-02-20 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): New function.
(process_elf_file): Call it under -A.
* elflint.c (check_attributes): Implement it for real.
2008-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Handle .gnu.attributes section.
(check_sections): Likewise.
(check_attributes): New function.
2008-02-10 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Ignore sh_offset differences in non-SHF_ALLOC
sections and ET_REL files.
2008-02-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elf32-i386.script: Add .eh_frame_hdr, .tdata, and .tbss sections.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Handle R_386_TLS_LDO_32
and R_386_TLS_LE.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
* ld.h (struct ld_state): Add need_tls, tls_start, and tls_tcb
* ldgeneric.c (add_section): If TLS section is used, set need_tls flag.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Add PT_TLS entry to program header.
Fix generation of PT_GNU_STACK entry.
2008-02-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (replace_args): Prevent loop over replacements if the parameter
is only two characters long.
* ld.c: Recognize sha1 argument for --build-id parameter.
* ldgeneric.c (create_build_id_section): Handle sha1.
(compute_hash_sum): New function. Broken out of compute_build_id.
Take hash function and context as parameters.
(compute_build_id): Use compute_hash_sum for md5 and the new sha1
2008-01-31 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elf32-i386.script: Add .note.ABI-tag and sections.
* ld.c: Recognize --build-id command line parameter.
* ld.h: Define scn_dot_note_gnu_build_id.
(struct ld_state): Add build_id and buildidscnidx elements.
* ldgeneric.c: Implement --build-id command line parameter.
* ldlex.l (ID): Recognize - as valid character after the first one.
2008-01-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (replace_args): New function.
(main): Use it to rewrite old-style parameters.
* elf32-i386.script: Add .gnu.hash section.
* ldgeneric.c (optimal_bucket_size): A tiny bit more efficient.
(fillin_special_symbol): Initialize st_size.
(sortfct_hashval): New function.
(create_gnu_hash): New function.
(create_hash): New function.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Use the new functions to create the
hash tables.
* elflint.c (check_gnu_hash): Fix index value printed in error message.
2008-01-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_group): Check that signature symbol for section
group is not an empty string.
* ldgeneric.c: Remove magic assignment of indeces in the dynsym
section. Start implementation of --hash-style.
* i386_ld.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Recognize --hash-style.
* ld.h (struct scninfo): Add comdat_group.
Add additional parameter to finalize_plt callback.
2008-01-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.h (struct callbacks): Add initialize_gotplt.
(struct scnhead): Add scn_dot_gotplt.
(struct ld_state): Add gotpltscnidx.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_initialize_plt): Minor optimization.
(elf_i386_initialize_pltrel): Likewise.
(elf_i386_initialize_got): There is now a separate .got.plt, so
don't do the PLT-related work here. Initialize d_type.
(elf_i386_initialize_gotplt): New function.
(elf_i386_plt0): Use ud2a after indirect jump.
(elf_i386_pic_plt0_entry): Likewise.
(elf_i386_finalize_plt): Reference now .got.plt.
(elf_i386_count_relocations): For GOT entries which need no relocation
don't bump nrel_got.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Also get .got.plt. Rewrite R-386_GOT32
handling for split .got/.got.plt.
(elf_i386_ld_init): Initialize callbacks.initialize_gotplt.
* elf32-i386.script: Sort sections for security. There are no .got
input sections. Add .got.plt.
* ldgeneric.c (ld_generic_generate_sections): Add .got.plt section.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Initialize .got.plt section.
Use .got.plt address for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ symbol and DT_PLTGOT.
2008-01-19 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): PLT relocations for undefined
symbols are not carried over into statically linked output files.
Add dummy entries for more TLS relocations.
* ld.c (options): Add long names for -( and -).
* ldgeneric.c (check_definition): For newly found definitions don't
mark section as used if symbol is absolute.
(extract_from_archive): Only assign archive sequence number the first
time the archive is handled. Update ld_state.last_archive_used
if any symbol was used. Remove nround variable.
(file_process2): When using symbol from an archive, update
ld_state.group_start_archive, ld_state.archives, and
(ld_generic_file_process): If group is not handled anymore, after
freeing ELF handles for the archives, clear ld_state.archives and
*nextp. Fix wrong logic in recognizing first iteration of group
loop. When clearing flags, also clear ld_state.group_start_archive.
2008-01-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump.c (show_disasm): Adjust disassembler format string for
removal of %e.
2008-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Take new arg DESCSZ; if nonzero,
a size greater than the items cover means multiple sets of items.
(handle_core_note): Update caller.
2008-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Move SHDRIDX defn to silence gcc warning.
2008-01-03 Roland McGrath <>
* ld.h (linked_from_dso_p): Use __attribute__ ((__gnu_inline__)).
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Remove duplicate initializer.
2008-01-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2007-12-30 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump (show_disasm): Use %e after third parameter.
2007-12-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c: Fix wrong parenthesis in a few branch predictions.
* strings.c: Likewise.
2007-12-20 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Include debugpred.h.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
* debugpred.h: New file.
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rel): Use elf_scnshndx.
(handle_relocs_rela): Likewise.
* readelf.c: Add lots of likely/unlikely.
* elflint.c: Minor cleanups.
2007-11-19 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle all bad op codes gracefully.
Print their numbers instead of just ???.
2007-11-09 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_data_location.
Handle block forms to mean a DWARF expression for DW_AT_allocated,
DW_AT_associated, DW_AT_bit_size, DW_AT_bit_offset, DW_AT_bit_stride,
DW_AT_byte_size, DW_AT_byte_stride, DW_AT_count, DW_AT_lower_bound,
2007-10-20 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (options): Update -R description.
(struct symbol): Put symbol details a union with a size_t pointer
(compare_symbols_output): Use null ->name as marker for discard
symbols, not zero *->map.
(copy_elided_sections): Record forwarding pointers for discarded
duplicates and fill SYMNDX_MAP elements through them.
* readelf.c (process_file): Set offline_next_address to 0 at start.
(struct process_dwflmod_args): New type.
(process_dwflmod): Take args in it, pass fd to process_elf_file.
(process_file): Update caller; dup FD for passing to libdwfl.
(process_elf_file): Take new arg FD. For ET_REL file when
displaying data affected by libdwfl relocation, open a new Elf handle.
2007-10-17 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): For invalid data inside a
unit with plausible length, keep printing at the next unit boundary.
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Use dwarf_formref_die, not dwarf_formref.
2007-10-16 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (hex_dump): Fix rounding error in whitespace calculation.
2007-10-15 Roland McGrath <>
* New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.
(make-debug-archive): New target.
2007-10-10 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Add new attrflag value exact_or_gnuld.
Use it to check MERGE|STRINGS for .debug_str.
(check_sections): Handle exact_or_gnuld.
2007-10-08 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Handle 'T'|0x80 to indicate
64-bit struct timeval with 32-bit tv_usec.
2007-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (check_archive_index): New function.
(process_file): Call it. Change signature to take only fd and name.
Use libdwfl to open the file, then iterate on its modules (multiple
for an archive) to print file name and call process_elf_file.
(main): Update caller. Let process_file do elf_begin.
(count_dwflmod, process_dwflmod, find_no_debuginfo): New functions.
(process_elf_file): Take only Dwfl_Module * argument.
Don't print the file name here.
(print_debug_*_section): Take Dwfl_Module * argument.
(print_debug): Likewise. Update caller.
(format_dwarf_addr): New function.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Use it.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section, print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Translate all strings.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Initialize SEC.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Put trailing / on short names.
* arlib.h (MAX_AR_NAME_LEN): Decrease by one.
* arlib2.c (arlib_add_long_name): Adjust for header size.
* arlib.c (arlib_finalize): Pad long name table to keep size even.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Use write_retry for padding write.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Initialize CUR_OFF in no_old case.
Unconditionally set FOUND[CNT]->elf when setting ->mem.
(remember_long_name): New function.
(do_oper_insert): Call it. Correctly use length of basename,
not original name. Don't store long name twice for new member.
2007-10-06 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_note): Skip empty segment.
(check_note_section): Skip empty section.
* unstrip.c (options, parse_opt, struct arg_info): Grok -R/--relocate.
(handle_output_dir_module, handle_implicit_modules): Pass it down.
(handle_dwfl_module): When set, use ET_REL already loaded by Dwfl.
(compare_alloc_sections): Take new arg REL, ignore address if true.
(compare_sections): Likewise, pass it down.
(compare_sections_rel, compare_sections_nonrel): New functions.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink, copy_elided_sections): Use them
instead of compare_sections.
(sections_match): New function, broken out of ...
(find_alloc_section): ... here.
(copy_elided_sections): Reorganize section match-up logic.
Use sections_match for SHF_ALLOC in ET_REL.
For ET_REL, let the nonzero sh_addr from the debug file dominate.
* unstrip.c (add_new_section_symbols): Take new arg REL.
When true, do not update section symbol values.
(collect_symbols): Likewise. Update section symbols with address
of chosen output section, not original section.
(check_symtab_section_symbols, copy_elided_sections): Update callers.
* unstrip.c (compare_alloc_sections): At the same address, preserve
original section order.
* elflint.c (special_sections): Don't require MERGE|STRINGS for
.debug_str, it didn't always have them with older tools.
* elflint.c (check_symtab, check_one_reloc): Ignore sh_addr in ET_REL.
2007-10-05 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Allow SHN_UNDEF _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ in
ET_REL file.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): For _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_, diagnose
SHN_UNDEF as "bad section". Use shndx value in messages.
* elflint.c (special_sections): Add ".debug_str". Decrement namelen
for ".debug" so it matches as a prefix.
(IS_KNOWN_SPECIAL): New macro.
(check_sections): Use it for ".plt" match. Cite wrong SHT_NOBITS
type even under -d, for a .debug* or .shstrtab section.
* readelf.c (print_ops): Use hex for address operand.
2007-10-04 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Initialize NDX_SECTION element for
.gnu_debuglink section to SHN_UNDEF. Drop STT_SECTION symbols for
sections mapped to SHN_UNDEF.
2007-10-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (dump_archive_index): Avoid warning about uninitialized
variable with older glibc versions.
Add some branch prediction.
2007-10-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_archive_index): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Accept -c/--archive-index to set it.
(dump_archive_index): New function.
(process_file): Take new arg WILL_PRINT_ARCHIVE_INDEX.
Call dump_archive_index on archives if set.
(main): Update caller.
(any_control_option): Give it file scope, moved out of ...
(parse_opt): ... here.
2007-10-03 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (struct arg_info): Add `list' flag.
(options, parse_opt): Grok -n/--list to set it.
(list_module): New function.
(handle_implicit_modules): Call it under -n.
* elflint.c (check_note_section): New function.
(check_sections): Call it for SHT_NOTE.
* readelf.c (handle_notes): Use sections when available.
* elflint.c (check_note_data): New function, broken out of ...
(check_note): ... here. Call it and elf_getdata_rawchunk.
* readelf.c (handle_auxv_note): Take offset as argument, not buffer.
Use elf_getdata_rawchunk and gelf_getauxv.
(handle_notes_data): New function, broken out of ...
(handle_notes): ... here. Call it and elf_getdata_rawchunk.
2007-10-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (hex_dump): Fix transposed subtraction generating spaces.
* readelf.c (hex_dump): Fix line header to be hex instead of decimal.
2007-09-10 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (options): Give -p optional argument, alias --string-dump.
(string_sections, string_sections_tail): New static variables.
(parse_opt): Set them when -p has an argument.
(print_string_section): New function, broken out of ...
(print_strings): ... here. Call it.
(dump_data_section): New function, broken out of ...
(dump_data): ... here. Call it.
(for_each_section_argument): New function, broken out of ...
(dump_data): ... here. Call it.
(dump_strings): New function.
2007-08-31 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_strings): Typo fix.
2007-08-23 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (printf_with_wrap): Function removed.
(handle_core_register): Use print_core_item instead.
(struct register_info): New type.
(compare_registers, compare_register_sets): New functions.
(register_bitpos, compare_sets_by_info): New functions.
(handle_core_registers): Use those to segregate and sort registers
for display.
* readelf.c (ITEM_WRAP_COLUMN): New macro.
(print_core_item): New function.
(handle_core_item): Use it instead of printf_with_wrap.
(compare_core_items, compare_core_item_groups): New functions.
(handle_core_items): Use them. Sort by group and force line breaks
between groups.
* readelf.c (handle_core_registers, handle_core_items): New functions,
broken out of ...
(handle_core_note): ... here. Call them.
2007-08-22 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (new_shstrtab): New function, broken out of ...
(copy_elided_sections): ... here.
2007-08-20 Roland McGrath <>
Avoid local function trampolines in nm binary.
* nm.c (sort_by_address): Move to a static function instead of local
inside show_symbols.
(sort_by_name_strtab): New static variable.
(sort_by_name): Use it. Move to a static function instead of local
inside show_symbols.
(show_symbols): Set sort_by_name_strtab.
2007-08-19 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_auxv_note): New function.
(handle_notes): Call it.
* readelf.c (printf_with_wrap, convert): New functions.
(handle_core_item, (handle_core_register): New functions.
(handle_notes): Call those with details from ebl_core_note.
2007-08-12 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_note): Accept type 0 with name "Linux".
* elflint.c (special_sections): Accept SHF_ALLOC for ".note".
* elflint.c (section_flags_string): Return "none" for 0, not "".
2007-08-11 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_note): Accept NT_GNU_HWCAP, NT_GNU_BUILD_ID.
2007-08-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (hex_dump): Use isprint to determine whether to print
character itself or full stop character.
(dump_data): No need to check endp for NULL after strtol call.
2007-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_string_sections): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Handle --strings/-p to set it.
(print_strings): New function.
(process_elf_file): Call it under -p.
* readelf.c (options): Add hidden aliases --segments, --sections,
as taken by binutils readelf.
2007-08-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (dump_data_sections, dump_data_sections_tail):
New variables.
(options, parse_opt): Handle --hex-dump/-x, set them.
(hex_dump): New function.
(dump_data): New function, call it.
(process_elf_file): Call it.
2007-07-25 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (show_symbols): New variable.
(print_addrsym): New function.
(handle_address): Call it.
(options, parse_opt): Handle -S/--symbols.
2007-06-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update for latest autoconf header.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* ldgeneric.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2007-05-18 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Match up non-NOBITS sections with
stripped file, so as not to duplicate a section copied in both.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Keep SHT_NOTE section copies in the debug file.
2007-05-17 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Don't call gelf_newphdr for 0.
* unstrip.c (handle_file): Tweak BIAS != 0 warning.
* unstrip.c (handle_file): Take new arg CREATE_DIRS. If set,
call make_directories here.
(handle_explicit_files): Take new arg CREATE_DIRS, pass it down.
(handle_dwfl_module): Likewise.
(handle_implicit_modules): Update callers.
(handle_output_dir_module): Likewise. Don't do make_directories here.
* unstrip.c (get_section_name): New function, broken out of ...
(copy_elided_sections): here. Update callers.
(find_alloc_section): Broken out of ...
(copy_elided_sections): ... here. Update caller.
(symtab_count_leading_section_symbols): Take new arg NEWSYMDATA,
update STT_SECTION symbols' st_value fields as a side effect.
(check_symtab_section_symbols): Update caller.
(add_new_section_symbols): Set st_value in symbols added.
(collect_symbols): Reset S->value for STT_SECTION symbols recorded.
Take new arg SPLIT_BSS. Adjust S->shndx recorded for symbols moved
from .bss to .dynbss.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): New function. Associate debug file
allocated SHT_NOBITS shdrs with stripped moved by prelink via
.gnu.prelink_undo information.
(copy_elided_sections): Call it when we couldn't find every allocated
section. Don't use a debug file non-NOBITS section if SHF_ALLOC.
Take STRIPPED_EHDR arg instead of E_TYPE and PHNUM.
(handle_file): Update callers.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Ignore unfound unallocated section
named ".comment".
* elflint.c (check_sections): Fix association of segments with
sections when p_memsz > p_filesz.
2007-04-29 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (options, main): Tweak argp group settings to fix
usage output.
2007-04-28 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Update debug file's SHT_NOBITS sections'
sizes to match sections adjusted in the stripped file.
2007-04-24 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c (OPT_HASH_INEXACT): New macro.
(hash_inexact): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Add --hash-inexact option to set it.
(hash_content_equivalent): New function.
(main): Call it for differing SHT_HASH sections under --hash-inexact.
2007-04-23 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add it.
(unstrip_LDADD): New variable.
* strip.c (options): Allow --output for -o.
2007-02-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c: Remove unused code. Add a few consts.
2007-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Fix brainos in SHDR test.
2007-02-05 Roland McGrath <>
* ar.c: Include <limits.h>, since we use LONG_MAX.
2007-02-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ar.c: Add ugly hack to work around gcc complaining that we
ignore fchown's return value.
(do_oper_insert): Handle error when writing padding.
* ranlib.c: Add fchown complain work around.
* arlib.c: Make symtab a global variable. Change all users.
* arlib2.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* arlib.h: Declare it.
2007-01-11 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Use ebl_machine_section_flag_check on
SHF_MASKPROC bits separately from generic sh_flags validation.
2007-02-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ar.c: New file.
* arlib.c: New file.
* arlib2.c: New file.
* arlib.h: New file.
* Makefile (noinst_LIBRARIES): Add libar.
(libar_a_SOURCES): Define.
(ar_LDADD): Define.
(CFLAGS_ar): Define.
* ranlib.c: Change to use arlib.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Work around GNU ld bug which omits
sections but not symbols in those sections.
2007-01-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
2006-12-09 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (compare_hash_gnu_hash): New function. Report if the
two hash tables have different content (module expected omission
of undefined symbols).
2006-10-31 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Don't complain about
p_filesz > p_memsz if p_memsz is zero and p_type is PT_NOTE.
2006-09-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
* strip.c (process_file): Disallow -f on archives.
2006-10-09 Roland McGrath <>
* ( Use $(LINK), not $(CC).
2006-08-29 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rel): Typo fix, test DESTSHDR properly.
Reported by Christian Aichinger <>.
* elflint.c (valid_e_machine): Add EM_ALPHA.
Reported by Christian Aichinger <>.
2006-08-08 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Don't require DT_HASH for DT_SYMTAB.
Keep track of which "high DT" entries are present.
Check that either old or GNU-style hash table is present.
If GNU-style hash table is used a symbol table is mandatory.
Check that if any prelink entry is present all of them are.
(check_gnu_hash): Only fail for undefined symbols in GNU-style hash
table if they don't refer to functions.
2006-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (struct version_namelist): Use GElf_Versym for `ndx' field.
(add_version): Likewise for argument.
(check_versym): Cast constant to GElf_Versym for comparison.
2006-07-12 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_gnu_hash): Add casts for machines where
Elf32_Word != unsigned int.
2006-07-12 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_sysv_hash64): Fix printf format.
2006-07-11 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (options): English fix in -f doc string.
* addr2line.c (use_comp_dir): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok -A/--absolute to set it.
(handle_address): If set, prepend dwfl_line_comp_dir results to
relative file names.
2006-07-06 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c: Adjust for latest new hash table format.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c (check_versym): Ignore hidden bit when comparing version
2006-07-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldgeneric.c (ld_generic_create_outfile): Correctly recognize
discarded COMDAT symbols.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Lot of corrections.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
* ld.h (struct symbol): Add local and hidden bits.
* ld.c (create_special_section_symbol): These synthsized symbols
are local and hidden.
* ldgeneric.c (file_process2): Check whether input file matches
the emulation.
(fillin_special_symbol): Create symbols as local and/or hidden
if requested.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Make local copy of symbol.
Don't hide global, defined symbols in dynamic symbol table unless
requested. Synthetic symbols have no version information.
* elflint.c: Add support for checking 64-bit SysV-style hash tables.
* readelf.c: Add support for printing 64-bit SysV-style hash tables.
2006-07-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (is_rel_dyn): Fix and extend DT_RELCOUNT/DT_RELACOUNT
2006-07-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c: Add testing of DT_GNU_HASH.
* readelf.c: Implement showing histogram for DT_GNU_HASH section.
* Add hacks to create dependency files for non-generic
2006-06-12 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldgeneric.c (ld_generic_generate_sections): Don't create .interp
section if creating a DSO and no interpreter is given.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Don't store reference to symbols in
discarded COMDAT groups. Don't create PHDR and INTERP program header
for DSO if no interpreter is specified.
(create_verneed_data): Pretty printing.
* ldscript.y (content): If a DSO is created don't set default
interpreter from linker script.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Do not add relocations
for symbols in discarded COMDAT groups.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
* ld.h (struct scninfo): Add unused_comdat.
* ldgeneric.c (add_section): Also check group signature when
matching COMDAT sections.
(add_relocatable_file): Ignore symbols in COMDAT group which are
* elflint.c (check_one_reloc): For *_NONE relocs only check type
and symbol reference.
2006-06-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Fix checking value of tags which are
offsets in the string section. Make sure DT_STRTAB points to the
section referenced in sh_link.
* ld.c (options): Add headers. Add short option 'R' for '--rpath'.
* ld.c: Recognize --eh-frame-hdr option.
* ld.h (struct ld_state): Add eh_frame_hdr field.
* ldgeneric.c (struct unw_eh_frame_hdr): Define.
* ldgeneric.c (add_section): Use ebl_sh_flags_combine instead of
(add_relocatable_file): Minor optimization of last change.
(match_section): Don't preserve SHF_GROUP flag any longer.
2006-06-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (parse_z_option): Recognize execstack and noexecstack.
Handle record and ignore as position dependent options.
(parse_z_option_2): Handle ignore and record here.
* ld.h (struct ld_state): Add execstack field.
* ldgeneric.c (add_relocatable_file): Recognize .note.GNU-stack
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Fix program header creation in native
linker. Add PT_GNU_STACK program header.
2006-06-09 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_finalize_plt): Don't change symbol table entries
for PLT entries if there is no local definition.
* ld.c (parse_option): Handle -z ignore like --as-needed and
-z record like --no-as-needed.
* ld.h (struct ld_state): Remove ignore_unused_dsos field.
* ldgeneric.c (new_generated_scn): Always compute ndt_needed by
looping over DSOs. When deciding about adding DT_NEEDED entries
use ->as_needed instead of ignore_unused_dsos.
2006-05-31 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c: Recognize --as-needed and --no-as-needed options.
* ld.h (struct usedfile): Add as_needed field.
(struct ld_state): Likewise.
* ldgeneric.c (ld_handle_filename_list): Copy as_needed flag from
the list.
* ldscript.y (filename_id_list): Split to correctly parse all
(mark_as_needed): Fix loop.
2006-05-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c (print_dwarf_function): Use unsigned type for lineno
and colno.
2006-05-27 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rela): Better notations for addon value.
(print_ehdr): Distinguish e_ident[EI_VERSION] from e_version.
2006-04-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
2006-03-09 Roland McGrath <>
* (AM_LDFLAGS): New variable.
2006-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string, dwarf_attr_string): Update name tables
for dwarf.h changes matching 3.0 spec.
(dwarf_encoding_string, dwarf_lang_string, print_ops): Likewise.
2005-12-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_one_reloc): If relocation section is not loaded,
don't check whether the relocations modify read-only sections or
loaded and unloaded sections.
2005-11-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_one_reloc): Take additional parameters. Use
them to determine whether relocation is valid in this type of
file. DSOs and executables can contain relocation sections in
unloaded sections which just show the relocations the linker
applied. Adjust all callers.
(check_program_header): Check that PT_PHDR is loaded and that offset
matches the one in the ELF header.
2005-10-26 Roland McGrath <>
* nm.c (get_var_range): dwarf_getloclist -> dwarf_getlocation.
2005-09-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Unify some error messages.
* ld.c (main): Likewise.
* ldgeneric.c (open_elf): Likewise.
* elfcmp.c (main): Likewise.
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Likewise.
* size.c (process_file): Fix typo in error message.
* readelf.c: Lots of little cleanups. Use _unlocked functions.
2005-09-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strings.c (main): Reset elfmap variable after munmap call.
[_MUDFLAP] (map_file): Simplify mudflap debugging by not using mmap.
2005-08-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ranlib.c: Don't define pread_retry and write_retry here.
* [BUILD_STATIC] (libdw): Add -ldl.
(CLEANFILES): Add *.gcno *.gcda *.gconv.
* strings.c (process_chunk): Reorder expressions in conditional
(process_chunk_mb): Likewise.
* strings.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add strings.
(strings_no_Wstring): Define.
(strings_LDADD): Define.
2005-08-27 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (dwarf_diename_integrate): Function removed.
(print_dwarf_function): Use plain dwarf_diename.
2005-08-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_versym): Versioned symbols should not have
local binding.
2005-08-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_versym): Allow VER_NDX_LOCAL symbols to be
* Add rules to build ranlib.
* ranlib.c: New file.
2005-08-14 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Use ebl_section_type_name and allow any
sh_type it recognizes.
* elflint.c (check_sections): Print unknown flags in hex, don't
truncate high bits. Print section number and name for unknown type.
2005-08-13 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Use ebl_segment_type_name and
allow any p_type it recognizes. Include p_type value in error
message for unknown type.
2005-08-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Simplify last change a bit. Pass ehdr
to ebl_check_special_symbol.
(check_sections): Pass ehdr to ebl_bss_plt_p.
2005-08-12 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Check that _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ st_shndx
refers to the right section if it's not SHN_ABS.
Let ebl_check_special_symbol override _G_O_T_ value and size checks.
* elflint.c (check_sections): Don't complain about a non-NOBITS
section taking no segment space, if it's sh_size is 0.
* elflint.c (check_sections): Use ebl_bss_plt_p to see if .plt should
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Use ebl_check_special_symbol to override
standard st_value and st_size checks.
2005-07-28 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (options, parse_opt): Don't handle -e here.
(executable): Variable removed.
(argp_children): New static variable.
(argp): Use it. Make const.
(main): Fill in argp_children from dwfl_standard_argp ().
Let libdwfl handle file selection, pass Dwfl handle to handle_address.
(print_dwarf_function): New function. Try to figure out inline chain.
(elf_getname): Function removed, libdwfl does it for us.
(handle_address): Take Dwfl handle instead of Elf, Dwarf handles.
Use dwfl_module_addrname instead of elf_getname.
Use dwfl_module_getsrc and dwfl_lineinfo instead of libdw calls.
* (INCLUDES): Add libdwfl directory to path.
2005-08-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c (parse_opt): STATE parameter is now used.
Various little cleanups.
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Correct fallout of renaming
of DW_LNS_set_epilog_begin.
2005-08-08 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (options, parse_opt): Grok -R .comment for compatibility
with binutils strip. Likewise -d, -S, as aliases for -g.
Likewise ignore -s/--strip-all.
2005-08-07 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (process_file): Open read-only when using a different output
2005-08-06 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (in_nobits_scn): New function.
(check_versym): Allow references for defined symbols against versions
of other DSOs also for symbols in nobits sections.
Move a few variables around.
* (AM_CFLAGS): Avoid duplication.
Link with statis libs if BUILD_STATIC.
2005-08-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c: Many, many more tests. Mostly related to symbol
versioning. Those sections should now be completely checked.
* readelf.c (print_dynamic): Use gelf_offscn.
2005-08-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c: Add lots more tests: more extension symbol table sanity,
versioning section tests, hash table tests. General cleanup.
2005-08-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add objdump.
(objdump_LDADD): Define.
* elflint.c (check_reloc_shdr): New function split out from check_rela
and check_rel.
(check_one_reloc): New function. Likewise.
(check_rela): Use check_reloc_shdr and check_one_reloc.
(check_rel): Likewise.
(check_program_header): Check that PT_DYNAMIC entry matches .dynamic
Add checks that relocations against read-only segments are flagged,
that the text relocation flag is not set unnecessarily, and that
relocations in one section are either against loaded or not-loaded
2005-08-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Ignore section count and section name string table
section index.
2005-07-27 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c: Include <locale.h>.
2005-07-27 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elfcmp.c: Print name and index of differing section.
2005-07-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elfcmp.c: Implement comparing gaps between sections.
2005-07-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c: Include libeblP.h instead of libebl.h.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c (main): Compare individual ELF header fields, excluding
e_shoff instead of the whole struct at once.
Use ebl_section_strip_p instead of SECTION_STRIP_P.
* strip.c: Use ebl_section_strip_p instead of SECTION_STRIP_P.
2005-07-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Take empty section into account when comparing
section content.
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Check that d_tag value is >= 0 before
using it.
2005-07-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elfcmp.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add elfcmp.
(elfcmp_LDADD): Define.
* elflint.c (check_rela): Check that copy relocations only reference
object symbols or symbols with unknown type.
(check_rel): Likewise.
2005-06-08 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Add consts.
2005-05-31 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_abbrev_section): Don't bail after first CU's
abbreviations. Print a header line before each CU section.
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Fix indentation for larger
address size.
2005-05-30 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Print section offset of each
CU's table, so they are easy to find from seeing the stmt_list value.
* readelf.c (dwarf_attr_string): Add all attributes in <dwarf.h>.
(attr_callback): Grok DW_AT_ranges and print offset in hex.
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Add 2 to addrsize * 2 for %#0* format.
(print_debug_ranges_section, print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_ops): Take different args for indentation control.
(attr_callback): Caller updated.
Grok several more block-form attributes as being location expressions.
For those same attributes with udata forms, format output differently
for location list offset.
(print_debug_loc_section): Implement it for real.
* readelf.c (options): Mention ranges for --debug-dump.
(enum section_e): Add section_ranges.
(parse_opt): Grok "ranges" for -w/--debug-dump.
(print_debug_ranges_section): New function.
(print_debug): Handle .debug_ranges section.
2005-05-30 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (handle_notes): At least x86-64 need not have the note
section values aligned to 8 bytes.
2005-05-18 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string): Add new tags.
2005-05-08 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't translate hash and versym data formats,
elf_getdata already did it for us.
2005-05-07 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (findtextrel_LDADD): Add $(libmudflap).
(addr2line_LDADD): Likewise.
2005-05-03 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Apply symbol table fixups to discarded
relocation sections when they are being saved in the debug file.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Pass EHDR->e_ident[EI_DATA] to gelf_xlatetom
and gelf_xlatetof, not the native byte order.
* strip.c (parse_opt): Give error if -f or -o is repeated.
(main): Exit if argp_parse returns nonzero.
* strip.c (debug_fname_embed): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): New option -F to set it.
2005-05-07 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Make any_control_option variable
local. Simplify some tests.
2005-05-03 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (crc32_file): Function removed (now in ../lib).
2005-05-03 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (is_debuginfo): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): New option --debuginfo/-d to set it.
(check_sections): If is_debuginfo, don't complain about SHT_NOBITS.
(check_note): If is_debuginfo, don't try to get note contents.
2005-04-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_abbrev_section): Don't print error when end of
section reached.
2005-04-14 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_encoding_string): New function.
(dwarf_inline_string): New function.
(dwarf_access_string): New function.
(dwarf_visibility_string): New function.
(dwarf_virtuality_string): New function.
(dwarf_identifier_case_string): New function.
(dwarf_calling_convention_string): New function.
(dwarf_ordering_string): New function.
(dwarf_discr_list_string): New function.
(attr_callback): Decode man more attribute values.
2005-04-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Finish implementation of -f option.
2005-03-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add addr2line.
Define addr2line_LDADD.
* findtextrel.c: Use new dwarf_addrdie function.
* findtextrel.c: Fix usage message and re-add accidentally removed
2005-03-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* findtextrel.c: New file.
* Makefile: Add rules to build findtextrel.
2005-02-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldlex.l: Provide ECHO definition to avoid warning.
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Fix typo in RELRO test.
* (AM_CFLAGS): Add more warning options.
* elflint.c: Fix warnings introduced by the new warning options.
* i386_ld.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* ld.h: Likewise.
* ldgeneric.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* sectionhash.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* string.c: Likewise.
2005-02-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Check for text relocations in constructed DSOs.
* [MUDFLAP] (AM_CFLAGS): Add -fmudflap. Link all apps
with -lmudflap.
* ldscript.y: Add as_needed handling.
* ldlex.l: Recognize AS_NEEDED token.
* ld.h (struct filename_list): Add as_needed flag.
2005-02-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Correctly determine size of GOT section.
2005-01-19 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c: Remove unnecessary more_help function. Print bug report
address using argp.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c (main): Don't check for parameter problems here.
(parse_opt): Do it here, where we get informed about some of them
* readelf.c (main): Don't check for parameter problems here.
(parse_opt): Do it here, where we get informed about some of them
2005-01-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c: Update copyright year.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Don't warn about wrong size for
_DYNAMIC and __GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE__ for --gnu-ld.
2004-10-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_phdr): In section mapping, also indicate
sections in read-only segments.
2004-09-25 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c: Make compile with gcc 4.0.
* strip.c: Likewise.
2004-08-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Rewrite dynamic memory handling to use of
allocate to work around gcc 3.4 bug.
2004-01-25 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldlex.l (invalid_char): Better error message.
2004-01-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c: Print SHT_GNU_LIBLIST sections.
* none_ld.c: New file.
2004-01-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Enable building of machine specific linker.
2004-01-20 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Support building with mudflap.
* i386_ld.c: Fix warnings gcc 3.4 spits out.
* ldgeneric.c: Likewise.
* ldscript.y: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Determine address size
2004-01-19 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_phdr): Show which sections are covered by the
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Check PT_GNU_RELRO entry.
* readelf.c (print_debug_macinfo_section): Implement.
2004-01-18 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Implement.
2004-01-17 Ulrich Drepper <>
* src/elflint.c: Use PACKAGE_NAME instead of PACKAGE.
* src/ld.c: Likewise.
* src/nm.c: Likewise.
* src/readelf.c: Likewise.
* src/size.c: Likewise.
* src/strip.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Add a few more unlikely. Reduce scope of some variables.
* Support building with mudflap.
2004-01-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_info_section): Free dies memory.
* readelf.c: Print .debug_info section content.
2004-01-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_shdr): Add support for SHF_ORDERED and SHF_EXCLUDE.
2004-01-12 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges): Implement using libdw.
2004-01-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* nm.c: Adjust for Dwarf_Files type and dwarf_lineno interface change.
* readelf.c: Use libdw instead of libdwarf. Not all of the old
behavior is available yet.
* Link readelf with libdw. Remove libdwarf include path.
2004-01-09 Ulrich Drepper <>
* nm.c (get_local_names): Adjust call to dwarf_nextcu.
* nm.c: Implement getting information about local variables.
2004-01-07 Ulrich Drepper <>
* nm.c: Read also debug information for local symbols.
2004-01-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* nm.c: Shuffle dwarf handling code around so the maximum column
width can be computed ahead of printing. Avoid collection symbols
which are not printed anyway.
* nm.c: Rewrite dwarf handling to use libdw.
* (AM_CFLAGS): Add -std parameter.
(INCLUDES): Find header in libdw subdir.
(nm_LDADD): Replace libdwarf with libdw.
* elflint.c: Update copyright year.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
2003-12-31 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c (process_file): Close file before returning.
2003-11-19 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic): Make column for tag name wider.
2003-09-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic): Always terminate tag name with a space.
2003-09-25 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c (process_file): Don't mmap the input file, we modify the
data structures and don't want the change end up on disk.
2003-09-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
* unaligned.h (union u_2ubyte_unaligned,
union u_4ubyte_unaligned, union u_8ubyte_unaligned): Add
packed attribute.
(add_2ubyte_unaligned, add_4ubyte_unaligned,
add_8ubyte_unaligned): Avoid nesting bswap_NN macros.
Read/store value through _ptr->u instead of *_ptr.
2003-09-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* size.c (show_sysv): Change type of maxlen to int.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Handle the 64-bit archs which is 64-bit
* i386_ld.c: Many many fixes and extensions.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* ldgeneric.c: Likewise.
2003-08-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldgeneric.c (check_definition): Don't add symbol on dso_list if
the reference is from another DSO.
2003-08-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldgeneric.c (find_entry_point): It is no fatal error if no entry
point is found when creating a DSO.
2003-08-14 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (main): Always call FLAG_UNRESOLVED.
* ldgeneric.c (ld_generic_flag_unresolved): Only complain about
undefined symbols if not creating DSO or ld_state.nodefs is not set.
2003-08-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Depend on libebl.a, not
* ld.c (main): Mark stream for linker script as locked by caller.
(read_version_script): Likewise.
* ldlex.c: Define fread and fwrite to _unlocked variant.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_finalize_plt): Replace #ifdefs with uses of
* unaligned.h: Define target_bswap_16, target_bswap_32, and
(store_2ubyte_unaligned, store_4ubyte_unaligned,
store_8ubyte_unaligned): Define using new macros.
2003-08-12 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_finalize_plt): Use packed structs to access
possibly unaligned memory. Support use of big endian machines.
2003-08-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Moved to CVS archive.