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2019-09-28 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* elflint.c (main): When an input file cannot be opened,
include its name into the error diagnostics.
* readelf.c (main): Likewise.
2019-09-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (PRINT_DYNSYM_TABLE): New argp key value.
(argp_opt): Add syn-sym.
(print_dynsym_table): New static bool.
(parse_opt): Handle PRINT_DYNSYM_TABLE.
(process_elf_file): Check print_dynsym_table.
2019-08-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (for_each_section_argument): Call (*dump) also for
section numbers.
2019-08-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Remember nentries_orig and check before
freeing sym_mem.
2019-07-05 Omar Sandoval <>
* Remove -ldl.
(elflint_LDADD): Add $(libdw).
(elfcmp_LDADD): Add $(libdw).
(objdump_LDADD): Add $(libdw).
2019-08-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf (options): Add OPTION_ARG_OPTIONAL "SECTION" for notes.
(notes_section): New global variable.
(parse_opt): Set notes_section.
(handle_notes): Check if notes_section is set.
2019-07-26 Florian Weimer <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add elfclassify.
(elfclassify_LDADD): New variable.
* elfclassify.c: New tool.
2019-07-13 Mao Han <>
* elflint.c: Add C-SKY.
2019-06-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ehdr): Use dwelf_elf_e_machine_string instead of
ebl->name. If unknown print hex value.
2019-06-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (parse_opt): Fix dwfl_core_file_attach error message.
2019-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Use elf_begin ELF_C_WRITE, instead of
2019-05-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (struct attrcb_args): Rename die to dies.
(attr_callback): Get current current die using dies[level].
Handle DW_AT_discr_list as block, not as constant.
(print_debug_units): pass dies, not dies[level] as args.
2019-05-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (cleanup_list): New function.
(main): Call cleanup_list for dump_data_sections and string_sections.
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (add_new_section_symbols): Call ELF_CHECK after
(new_shstrtab): Call ELF_CHECK after gelf_getshdr.
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* size.c (show_sysv): Call INTERNAL_ERROR if gelf_getshdr
returns NULL.
(show_sysv_one_line): Call error with EXIT_FAILURE if
gelf_getshdr returns NULL.
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Check gelf_getshdr doesn't return
NULL. Simplify naming of invalid sections, don't use alloca.
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Check shdr1 and shdr2 are not NULL.
2019-04-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Print DW_AT_data_member_location as
decimal offset, not hex number.
2019-03-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macinfo_section): Check cus[0] is not the
2019-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Assert that symbol section number exists.
2019-01-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Fix check test for SHN_XINDEX symbol.
2019-01-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Check we are not at end of
line data when reading parameters for unknown opcodes.
2019-01-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Check terminating NUL byte
for dir and file tables.
2019-01-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf (handle_core_note): Pass desc to ebl_core_note.
2018-11-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Allow PT_GNU_EH_FRAME segment
to be matched against SHT_X86_64_UNWIND section.
2018-11-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (remove_debug_relocations): Check if section is gnu
compressed and decompress and recompress it.
2018-11-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_note_data): Recognize NT_GNU_BUILD_ATTRIBUTE_OPEN
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Handle
2018-11-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Pass n_descsz to
* elflint.c (check_note_data): Recognize NT_VERSION, add owner
name to unknown note error.
2018-10-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (process_elf_file): Use dwelf_elf_begin to open pure_elf.
2018-10-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (OPT_RELOC_DEBUG_ONLY): New define.
(options): Add reloc-debug-sections-only.
(reloc_debug_only): New static bool.
(main): Check reloc_debug_only is the only strip option used.
(parse_opt): Handle OPT_RELOC_DEBUG_ONLY.
(handle_debug_relocs): New function.
(handle_elf): Add local variables lastsec_offset and lastsec_size.
Handle reloc_debug_only.
2018-10-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Extract code to update shdrstrndx into...
(update_shdrstrndx): ... this new function.
2018-10-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Extract code into separate functions...
(secndx_name): ... new function.
(get_xndxdata): Likewise.
(remove_debug_relocations): Likewise.
2018-10-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Always copy over phdrs if there are any
and check phnum instead of e_type to determine whether to move
allocated sections.
2018-11-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elf): Add ELF_CHECK to make sure gelf_getehdr ()
doesn't return NULL.
2018-10-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_note_data): Recognize NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0.
(check_note): Use p_align to pass either ELF_T_NHDR or ELF_T_NHDR8 to
* readelf (handle_notes): Likewise.
2018-10-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (print_addrsym): Use elf_getshdrstrndx instead of
Ehdr field.
2018-10-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (section_name): Remove ehdr argument, lookup shstrndx.
(print_debug_abbrev_section): Don't pass ehdr.
(print_debug_addr_section): Likewise.
(print_decoded_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_rnglists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_units): Likewise.
(print_decoded_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loclists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macro_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_pubnames_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_str_section): Liekwise.
(print_debug_str_offsets_section): Likewise.
(print_gdb_index_section): Likewise.
2018-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Make sure readp is never
greater than cieend.
2018-10-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (adjust_relocs): Check sh_entsize is not
(add_new_section_symbols): Likewise.
(copy_elided_sections): Likewise.
2018-10-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* size.c (handle_ar): Only close elf if prefix was NULL.
2018-10-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* arlib.c (arlib_add_symbols): Check that sh_entsize is not zero.
2018-10-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* ar.c (do_oper_extract): Assume epoch if ar_date is bogus.
2018-10-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Check that sh_entsize is not zero.
2018-10-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Use elf_getdata. Print
decoded flag string.
2018-10-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Renumber group section indexes.
2018-10-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't remove SHF_GROUP flag from sections.
Skip group section flag when renumbering section indexes.
* unstrip.c (struct section): Add sig field.
(compare_unalloc_sections): Take and use sig1 and sig2 as arguments.
(compare_sections): Pass signatures to compare_unalloc_sections.
(get_group_sig): New function.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): Set signature.
(copy_elided_sections): Likewise and pass them on.
(find_unalloc_section): Take and pass signatures.
2018-10-02 Andreas Schwab <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Handle ADD/SUB relocation.
2018-09-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_shdr): Get number of section with elf_getshdrnum.
(print_phdr): Likewise.
2018-09-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Check against shstrndx, not e_shstrndx.
Explicitly set shdrstrndx for debug file.
* unstrip.c (copy_elf): Explicitly copy shstrndx.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): Document shnum usage.
2018-09-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Use shnum instead of e_shnum for all
(check_symtab): Use shstrndx instead of e_shstrndx to get section
2018-09-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Get, check and shdrstrndx for section names.
2018-09-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Call ebl_section_strip_p without ehdr.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Likewise.
2018-09-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Call ebl_check_special_symbol without
2018-07-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Track allocated/unallocated sections seen. Set
section offset of unallocated sections after handling all allocated
2018-08-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges_section): Make sure there is enough
data to read the header segment size.
2018-08-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_sysv_hash): Calculate needed size using unsigned
long long int to prevent overflow.
(check_sysv_hash64): Calculate maxwords used separately before
comparison to prevent overflow.
2018-07-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (compare_unalloc_sections): Also compare sh_size.
2018-07-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (adjust_all_relocs): Skip SHT_GROUP sections.
2018-07-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcompress.c (get_sections): New function.
(process_file): Check whether section needs to change. Don't rewrite
file if no section data needs changing.
(main): Update 'force' help text.
2018-07-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcompress.c (process_file): Swap fchmod and fchown calls.
2018-07-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_addr_section): Rename index var to uidx.
(attr_callback): Rename index var to word.
(print_debug_str_offsets_section): Rename index var to uidx.
2018-07-04 Ross Burton <>
* addr2line.c: Remove error.h include.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* arlib.c: Likewise and add system.h include.
* arlib2.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elfcompress.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* stack.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2018-06-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_decoded_line_section): Use dwarf_next_lines
instead of dwarf_nextcu.
(print_debug_line_section): Don't explicitly lookup CU.
2018-06-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Only print block as expressions if it
isn't DW_FORM_data16.
2018-06-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_form_data): Check we have 4, not 2, bytes
available for DW_FORM_block4.
2018-06-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_form_data): Don't increase strreadp after use.
Do increase readp for DW_FORM_strx[1234].
2018-06-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Make sure next_off doesn't
overflow d_buf.
2018-06-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (die_type_sign_bytes): New function.
(attr_callback): Recognized DW_FORM_implicit_cost as signed. Use
die_type_sign_bytes to lookup the signedness and size of const
2018-06-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_form_data): Don't reuse readp and readendp when
reading str_offsets section.
2018-06-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_form_data): Don't cast value to ptrdiff_t, cast
ptrdiff_t to size_t.
2018-06-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_rnglists_section): Calculate max_entries
instead of needed bytes to prevent overflowing. Always print
max_entries (but not more).
(print_debug_loclists_section): Likewise.
2018-06-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Stop printing directories
and files when we are at the end of the unit data.
2018-06-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (format_result): Removed.
(format_result_size): Removed.
(format_dwarf_addr): Renamed to...
(print_dwarf_addr): ...this. Simply call printf, don't setup buffer,
don't call sprintf.
(print_ops): Use print_dwarf_addr instead of format_dwarf_addr.
(print_debug_addr_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_rnglists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(print_decoded_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loclists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_gdb_index_section): Likewsie.
2018-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_addr_section): Set unit_length always to
(next_unitp - readp) in case we don't have a real header.
2018-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Set begin to idx when failing
to read the start address if DW_LLE_GNU_start_end_entry.
2018-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_sysv_hash): Don't leak lengths array when
detecting an invalid chain.
(handle_sysv_hash64): Likewise.
2018-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Extend vendor array by one
to include max DW_MACRO_hi_user opcode.
2018-06-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (main): Lookup "no" for no_str.
(print_debug_abbrev_section): Use yes_str and no_str.
(print_form_data): Likewise.
2018-06-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf (format_result): New static char pointer.
(format_result_size): New static size_t.
(format_dwarf_addr): Calculate max string size, reuse format_result
if possible, otherwise realloc. Use sprintf on result, not asprintf.
(print_ops): Don't free format_dwarf_addr, make sure result is
printed before calling format_dwarf_addr again.
(print_debug_addr_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_rnglists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(print_decoded_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loclists_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_gdb_index_section): Likewsie.
2018-06-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (yes_str): New static char pointer.
(no_str): Likewise.
(main): Set yes_str and no_str using gettext.
(attr_callback): Use yes_str and no_str instead of calling gettext.
2018-06-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (main): Call __fsetlocking (stdout, FSETLOCKING_BYCALLER).
2018-05-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Print the dwo name and id when
unable to find a .dwo file.
2018-05-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (enum section_e): Make section_types not an alias of
(section_all): Add section_types.
(parse_opt): Add both section_info and section_types for "info"
and "info+".
(print_debug_units): Don't be silent for debug_types.
2018-05-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Only register section_loc when not
looking at a split dwarf from a skeleton.
2018-05-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Use correct listptr for
locview attribute.
2018-05-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Check offset against -1 not ~0ul.
2018-05-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Handle GNU DebugFission list
2018-05-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Record and reset section_info status in
implicit_debug_sections and print_debug_sections.
2018-05-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Turn "Could not find split compile
unit" into an Warning instead of an error.
2018-04-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Request implicit section_info for "str".
(known_stroffbases): New static variable.
(attr_callbackattr_callback): Handle DW_AT_str_offets_base.
(print_debug_str_offsets_section): New function.
(print_debug): Handle .debug_str_offsets as section_str. Reset
2018-04-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Add addr.
(enum section_e): Add section_addr.
(section_all): Add section_addr.
(parse_opt): Parse "addr".
(known_addrbases): New static variable.
(get_listptr): New function.
(print_debug_addr_section): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_addr_base and DW_AT_GNU_addr_base.
(print_debug): Add NEW_SECTION (addr). Reset known_addrbases.
2018-04-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_loclistx and
2018-04-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_loc_list_encoding_string): New functions.
(dwarf_loc_list_encoding_name): Likewise.
(known_loclistptr): Renamed and split in two...
(known_locsptr): this and ...
(known_loclistsptr): this.
(listptr_base): Split out...
(cudie_base): ...this.
(is_split_dwarf): New function.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_loclists_base and notice sec_offset
in correct list.
(print_debug_rnglists_section): Use spit_dwarf_cu_base.
(print_debug_loclists_section): New function.
(print_debug_loc_section): Use known_locsptr instead of
(print_debug): Recognize .debug_loclists. Reset known_locsptr and
2018-05-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (DWARF_SKELETON): New constant.
(do_not_close_dwfl): New bool.
(options): Add dwarf-skeleton.
(dwarf_skeleton): New static variable.
(parse_opt): Handle DWARF_SKELETON, set dwarf_skeleton.
(create_dwfl): New function, with code extracted from...
(process_file): Check do_not_close_dwfl.
(is_split_darf): New function.
(getone_dwflmod): Likewise.
(print_debug): Use new functions to find skeleton DWARF file to use
when inspecting .dwo split DWARF file.
2018-04-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_range_list_encoding_string): New function.
(dwarf_range_list_encoding_name): Likewise.
(known_rnglistptr): New static variable.
(listptr_cu): New function.
(print_debug_rnglists_section): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Call notice_listptr for DW_AT_ranges. Handle
DW_AT_rnglists_base. Handle DW_FORM_rnglistx. DW_AT_start_scope
can also have a rnglist.
(print_debug_units): Do (silently) scan split DWARF also for
debug_ranges before DWARF5 to catch all rangelistptrs.
(print_debug): Recognize .debug_rnglists. Reset known_rnglistptr.
2018-01-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (get_indexed_addr): New function.
(print_ops): Handle DW_OP_addrx, DW_OP_GNU_addr_index,
DW_OP_constx, DW_OP_GNU_const_index separately and resolve
(attr_callback): Print index and address for
DW_FORM_GNU_addr_index and DW_FORM_addrx[1234].
2018-01-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Add info+.
(show_split_units): New static boolean defaulting to false.
(parse_opt): For all (no arg) --debug-dump set show_split_units
to yes. For "info+" enable section_info and show_split_units.
(attrcb_args): Add is_split field.
(attr_callback): Use is_split to format DIE offsets differently.
(print_debug_units): Likewise. Get subdie (type or split) only
when needed. When not silent reiterate over split DIEs when
2018-05-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Print unit type and id for any
unit type that has it even when version < 5.
2018-05-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_addr_index and
(attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_GNU_addr_index as DW_FORM_addrx.
Handle DW_FORM_GNU_str_index as DW_FORM_constx. Add as_hex_id.
Handle DW_AT_GNU_dwo_id as_hex_id.
(print_form_data): Handle DW_FORM_GNU_str_index as DW_FORM_strx.
2018-05-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Also recognize .dwo section name variants.
2018-05-15 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Fix typo in error diagnostics.
2018-05-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_form_data): Cast comparisons against offset_len to
(print_debug_line_section): Print uint64_t as PRIu64.
2018-05-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Use libdw_valid_user_form.
Use print_form_data for strx and sup strings.
2018-05-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_line_content_description_string): New function.
(dwarf_line_content_description_name): Likewise.
(print_bytes): Likewise.
(print_form_data): Likewise. Based on code taken from...
(print_debug_macro_section): Now calls print_form_data
and str_offsets_base_off.
(print_debug_line_section): Parse DWARF5 header, directory and file
name tables.
2018-05-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (main): Add fflush (stdout) after handle_address ()
when reading from stdin.
2018-04-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges_section): Try elf_rawdata if no
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise. Check for data == NULL.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macro_section): Likewise.
2018-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): If .debug_info is needed implicitly by
then handle it first before handling any other debug section.
(parse_opt): Set implicit_debug_sections to section_info when
showing all debug sections.
2018-05-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_ref_sup4 and
DW_FORM_ref_sup8 as references.
2018-04-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_str_section): Take raw section data. Don't
use dwarf_getstring, but determine start and end of string from
offset and section data directly.
(print_debug): Handle ".debug_line_str" like ".debug_str".
2018-04-19 Andreas Schwab <>
* elflint.c (valid_e_machine): Add EM_RISCV.
2018-04-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section). In advance_pc, advance
using op_addr_advance, not op_advance.
2018-04-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Only show errors when not silent.
2018-03-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_strx[1234].
2018-03-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_addrx[1234].
2018-03-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_sysv_hash): Break bucket chain after nchain
entries are found.
(handle_sysv_hash64): Likewise.
2018-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Print dwarf_dieoffset as %PRIx64,
not %zx.
2018-03-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Report error when DW_AT_decl_file or
DW_AT_call_file cannot be resolved.
2018-03-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_addrx, DW_OP_constx,
DW_OP_implicit_pointer, DW_OP_entry_value, DW_OP_const_type,
DW_OP_regval_type, DW_OP_deref_type, DW_OP_xderef_type,
DW_OP_convert, DW_OP_reinterpret.
2018-03-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (struct listptr): Add attr field.
(compare_listptr): Warn when two listptrs for the same offset have
different attributes.
(notice_listptr): Take attr as argument and add it to listptr.
(skip_listptr_hole): New attr argument.
(next_listptr_offset): New function.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Pass NULL attr to skip_listptr_hole.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_GNU_locviews. Call notice_listptr with
(print_debug_loc_section): Keep track of which attr is associated with
a listptr. If the attr is DW_AT_GNU_locview print view pairs till the
next listptr offset.
2018-02-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_group): Make sure we can read a complete
element when iterating over the group.
2018-02-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_data16 as Dwarf_Block.
2018-02-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_abbrev_section): Print the value of a
DW_FORM_implicit_const using dwarf_getabbrevattr_data.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_implicit_const.
2018-01-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_unit_string): New function.
(dwarf_unit_name): Likewise.
(print_debug_units): Use dwarf_get_units and dwarf_cu_die instead
of dwarf_next_unit. Print unit type, id and subdie if available.
2018-02-09 Joshua Watt <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Use FALLTHROUGH macro instead of
* elfcompress.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Likewise.
(check_sections): Likewise.
(check_note_data): Likewise.
* objdump.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(handle_auxv_note): Likewise.
* strings.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
* backtrace.c (callback_verify): Likewise.
2018-01-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Initialize cu to last_cu.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
2018-01-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Use dwarf_form_name for unknown forms.
(print_debug_macro_section): Print form using dwarf_form_name.
2017-12-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Print DIE offset in error message
as hex.
2017-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Don't use EXIT_FAILURE in error.
Adjust error message depending on whether or not we got data.
2017-12-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Update data pointer and print arguments
to DW_OP_call2 and DW_OP_call4 as DIE offsets.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (argp_options): Add "section-groups", 'g'.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Print CU base and unresolved
addresses. Adjust formatting.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Print CU base and unresolved
addresses. Adjust formatting.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Set valuestr to resolved file name
for DW_AT_decl_file and DW_AT_call_file.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): Print abbrev code after DIE tag.
2017-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Use only2 space for index. re-indent +5
for DW_OP_GNU_entry_value.
2017-11-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Print attribute name and form in error
message. If only the value cannot be retrieved/resolved don't abort.
2017-10-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Print DIE offset in error messages.
2017-11-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_variable_value. Print
referenced DIE as offset.
2017-09-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* ar.c (do_oper_delete): Remove DEBUG conditional check.
(no0print): Return bool. Check snprintf return value.
(do_oper_insert): Initialize elf. Remove DEBUG conditional check.
Check no0print calls succeed. Explicitly elf_end found elfs.
(do_oper_extract): Make sure we don't create an empty variable
length array.
2017-09-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (main): Replace \v in doc string with \n\n.
* unstrip.c (main): Likewise.
2017-05-04 Ulf Hermann <>
* stack.c: Print pid_t using %lld.
2017-08-18 Ulf Hermann <>
* readelf.c: Hardcode the signal numbers for non-linux systems.
2017-07-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Accept either version 4 or
version 5. Use DW_MACRO names instead of DW_MACRO_GNU names. Add
minimal support for DW_MACRO_define_sup, DW_MACRO_undef_sup,
DW_MACRO_import_sup, DW_MACRO_define_strx and DW_MACRO_undef_strx.
2017-07-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_defaulted_string): New function.
(dwarf_defaulted_name): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Use dwarf_defaulted_name to get value of
2017-07-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Deal with data marker symbols pointing to
debug sections (they can be removed).
2017-07-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip (OPT_KEEP_SECTION): New define.
(options): Add documentation for remove-section. Add keep-section.
(struct section_pattern): New data type.
(keep_secs, remove_secs): New globals.
(add_pattern, free_sec_patterns, free_patterns, section_name_matches):
New functions.
(main): Call free_patterns.
(parse_opt): Handle 'R' and OPT_KEEP_SECTION. Check remove_comment
(handle_elf): Handle and sanity check keep_secs and remove_secs.
2017-06-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Introduce new handle_elf boolean. Use it to
determine whether to create an output and/or debug file. Remove new
output file on error.
2017-06-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Assume e_shstrndx section can be removed.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* readelf.c: Include strings.h.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* unstrip.c: Check shnum for 0 before subtracting from it.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* readelf.c: Replace YESSTR and NOSTR with gettext ("yes") and
gettext ("no"), respectively.
2017-04-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Decompress all sections.
2017-03-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint (check_group): Don't check if there is no flag word.
2017-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Sanity check phnum and shnum.
2017-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_sysv_hash): Return early if section size is
too small.
(check_sysv_hash64): Likewise.
(check_hash): Calculate expect_entsize to check section size.
2017-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab_shndx): Check data->d_size.
2017-03-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): If n_namesz == 0 then the note name data is the
empty string.
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Likewise.
2017-03-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_gnu_hash): Check inner < max_nsyms before
indexing into chain array.
2017-02-16 Ulf Hermann <>
* addr2line.c: Include printversion.h
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* stack.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Include printversion.h, remove system.h include.
* elfcompress.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2017-02-14 Ulf Hermann <>
* nm.c: Include color.h.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
2016-12-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* (findtextrel_LDADD): Add $(libeu).
(addr2line_LDADD): Likewise.
(elfcmp_LDADD): Likewise.
* addr2line.c (print_version): Removed.
* ar.c (print_version): Likewise.
* elfcmp.c (print_version): Likewise.
* elfcompress.c (print_version): Likewise.
* elflint.c (print_version): Likewise.
* findtextrel.c (print_version): Likewise.
* nm.c (print_version): Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* stack.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2016-11-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Add optional arg SECTION for symbols.
(symbol_table_section): New static variable.
(parse_opt): Set symbol_table_section on 's'.
(print_symtab): Filter on symbol_table_section name is set.
2016-11-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* ar.c (write_member): Make sure tmpbuf is large enough to contain
a starting '/' and ending '\0' char.
(do_oper_insert): Likewise.
* arlib.c (arlib_finalize): Format tmpbuf as PRId32 decimal.
2016-11-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Add fallthrough comment.
* elfcompress.c (parse_opt): Adjust fallthrough comment.
* elflint.c (parse_opt): Add missing break after 'd' case.
(check_sections): Add fallthrough comments.
* objdump.c (parse_opt): Add explantion for fallthrough comment.
2016-10-22 Kevin Cernekee <>
* unstrip.c: Fix "invalid string offset" error caused by using the
unstripped .symtab with the stripped .strtab.
2016-10-11 Akihiko Odaki <>
* arlib.c: Remove system.h include, add libeu.h include.
* arlib2.c: Remove sys/param.h include.
* elfcompress.c: Add libeu.h include.
* elflint.c: Remove sys/param.h include, add libeu.h include.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Remove sys/param.h include.
* strings.c: Likewise, add libeu.h include.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2016-10-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't remove real symbols from allocated
symbol tables.
2016-08-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Recompress with ELF_CHF_FORCE.
2016-08-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Uncompress and recompress relocation target
section if necessary.
2016-07-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* (strip_LDADD): Add libdw.
* elfcompress.c (process_file): Use dwelf_strtab functions instead of
* strip.c (handle_elf): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (new_shstrtab): Likewise.
2016-07-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf32-i386.script, i386_ld.c, ld.c, ld.h, ldgeneric.c, ldlex.l,
ldscript.y,, none_ld.c, sectionhash.c,
sectionhash.h, symbolhash.c, symbolhash.h, unaligned.h,
versionhash.c, versionhash.h, xelf.h: Removed.
* (YACC): Removed.
(AM_YFLAGS): Removed.
(AM_LFLAGS): Removed.
(native_ld): Removed.
(base_cpu): Removed.
(bin_PROGRAMS): Removed ld.
(ld_dsos): Removed.
(ld_SOURCES): Removed.
(noinst_LIBRARIES): Only libar.a.
(EXTRA_DIST): Just arlib.h and debugpred.h.
(ld_LDADD): Removed.
(ld_LDFLAGS): Removed.
(ldlex.o): Removed.
(ldscript.h): Removed.
(libld*): Removed.
(CLEANFILES): Just *.gconv.
2016-07-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Use unstripped_strent[] from
index zero, instead of one.
2016-06-28 Richard Henderson <>
* elflint.c (valid_e_machine): Add EM_BPF.
2016-04-11 David Abdurachmanov <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Fix self-comparison error with GCC 6.
2016-03-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Check for malloc size argument overflow.
2016-02-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_scngrp): Call error when gelf_getshdr fails.
(print_symtab): Likewise.
(handle_hash): Likewise.
(dump_data_section): Print a warning if decompressing fails.
(print_string_section): Likewise.
2016-02-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcompress.c (parse_opt): Don't fallthrough after processing -q.
2016-02-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Correct elf_assert shndxdata check.
2016-02-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (read_encoded): Move up.
(print_cfa_program): Add encoding argument. Use it for read_encoded
when reading DW_CFA_set_loc op.
(print_debug_frame_section): Pass fde_encoding to print_cfa_program.
2016-02-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (compare_hash_gnu_hash): Check hash sh_entsize against
sizeof (Elf64_Xword). Correct invalid sh_entsize error message
section idx and name.
2016-01-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Recognize ELFOSABI_FREEBSD.
2016-01-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcompress.c (compress_section): Use %zu to print size_t.
* readelf.c (print_shdr): Use %zx to print size_t.
2015-12-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcompress.c: New file.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add elfcompress.
(elfcompress_LDADD): New variable.
2015-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (section_flags_string): Add NEWFLAG COMPRESSED.
(check_sections): SHF_COMPRESSED can be on any special section.
SHF_COMPRESSED is a valid section flag. SHF_COMPRESSED cannot
be used together with SHF_ALLOC or with SHT_NOBITS. Should have
a valid Chdr.
2015-10-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Expand -z help text.
(dump_data_section): Check whether we need and can decompress section
data and call elf_rawzdata if so,
(print_string_section): Likewise.
(elf_contains_chdrs): New function.
(process_elf_file): Rename print_unrelocated to print_unchanged,
use elf_contains_chdrs.
(print_scngrp): Check whether section is compressed before use.
(print_symtab): Likewise.
(handle_hash): Likewise.
2015-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (argp_option): Describe --decompress,-z.
(print_decompress): New bool.
(parse_opt): Handle -z.
(elf_ch_type_name): New function.
(print_shdr): Print section compress information.
2015-12-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Add _edata and _end (plus extra underscore
variants) to to the list of possibly dangling symbols.
2015-12-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (process_file): Accept fd and pass it on.
(handle_elf): Likewise.
(find_no_debuginfo): New.
(struct getdbg): Likewise.
(getdbg_dwflmod): Likewise.
(show_symbols): Take fd. If the file is ET_REL use libdwfl to get
the relocated Dwarf.
2015-12-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (get_local_names): Check for duplicates in local_root tree.
2015-12-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (struct data_list): New.
(new_data_list): Likewise.
(record_new_data): Likewise.
(free_new_data): Likewise.
(adjust_relocs): Call record_new_data.
(add_new_section_symbols): Likewise.
(copy_elided_sections): Call free_new_data.
2015-12-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Close ebl1 and ebl2 backends.
2015-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* [BUILD_STATIC](libdw): Add -lz.
[BUILD_STATIC](libelf): Likewise.
2015-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Don't check TLS symbol value against TLS
phdr offset in debuginfo files.
(check_sections): Don't try to match section offsets to phdrs offsets
in debuginfo files.
2015-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_reloc_shdr): Reject only desthdrs if they have both
2015-10-13 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Do not rely on
ebl_check_special_section when checking debuginfo files. Also
check that the type of WE sections in debuginfo files is NOBITS.
2015-10-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Check relro flags are a subset
of the load segment if they don't fully overlap.
2015-10-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* (ldlex_no_Wstack_usage): New.
* ldlex.l ([RWX]): Make cnt unsigned.
2015-10-09 Josh Stone <>
* elflint.c (main): Replace stat64 and fstat64 with stat and fstat.
* readelf.c (process_file): Likewise.
(process_elf_file): Replace off64_t with off_t.
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Replace open64 with open.
* ld.c (main): Replace sizeof (off64_t) with 8.
* strings.c: Replace off64_t with off_t throughout.
(main): Replace stat64 and fstat64 with stat and fstat.
(map_file): Replace mmap64 with mmap.
(read_block): Likewise, and replace lseek64 with lseek.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Replace ftruncate64 with ftruncate.
(process_file): Replace stat64 and fstat64 with stat and fstat.
* unstrip.c (parse_opt): Replace stat64 with stat.
(handle_file): Replace open64 with open.
(open_file): Likewise.
2015-10-08 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* ld.c (determine_output_format): Move recursive nested
function "try" to file scope.
2015-10-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Only sanity check section symbols to not
kept discarded sections if we are creating a debug file.
2015-10-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (MAX): Removed.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): Allocate exact amount of bytes for
2015-10-05 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* unstrip.c (find_alloc_sections_prelink): Do not allocate
on stack union types with variable length arrays; use xmalloc
for such dynamic sized objects.
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Likewise, but use alloca
for small variable size data object and add assert(count < 128).
2015-10-05 Josh Stone <>
* ( Add AM_V_CCLD silencer.
(.deps/none_ld.Po): Always silence the dummy command.
(make-debug-archive): Add AM_V_GEN and AM_V_at silencers.
2015-10-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Use SH_INFO_LINK_P, not just
2015-10-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't move around allocated NOBITS sections.
Don't just mark the section header string table as unused.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Add header names to strtab if
shstrndx equals the symtab strtabndx.
2015-09-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (cleanup_debug): Remove old-style function definitions.
2015-09-09 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_exception_table): Initialize variable before
it is used, because compiler does not know that error never returns.
(dump_arhive_index): Likewise.
2015-09-04 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* elflint.c (check_group): Replace %Z length modifier with %z.
(check_note_data): Likewise.
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Likewise.
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic): Likewise.
(handle_symtab): Likewise.
(handle_verneed): Likewise.
(handle_verdef): Likewise.
(handle_versym): Likewise.
(print_hash_info): Likewise.
(print_decoded_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(hex_dump): Likewise.
(dump_data_section): Likewise.
(print_string_section): Likewise.
(dump_archive_index): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (adjust_relocs): Likewise.
(collect_symbols): likewise.
(get_section_name): Likewise.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): Likewise.
(copy_elided_sections): Likewise.
* ldscript.y (add_id_list): Add missing '%s'.
2015-09-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Handle right shift >= 32 bits.
2015-08-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): When gnuld and a NOBITS section falls
inside a segment make sure any ELF file contents is zero.
2015-07-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (sections_flags_match): New function.
(sections_match): Use sections_flags_match.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink): Only clear matched sections if there
is an undo section.
(copy_elided_sections): Add SHF_INFO_LINK to shdr_mem.sh_flags if
2015-06-27 Pino Toscano <>
* src/strings.c: Define MAP_POPULATE if not defined already.
2015-06-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): First call elf_getdata, then allocate memory.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Free segments after use.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_phdr): Make sure phdr2_mem lifetime/scope equals
phdr2 pointer.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_gnu_hash): Free lengths on invalid_data.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Only check the PT_TLS phdr if it actually
exists. Warn otherwise.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Check sizeof (sym_mem[0]), not GElf_Sym to
known whether or not we stack allocated memory.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* strings.c (readelf): Use "<unknown>" if we cannot retrieve section
2015-06-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (print_dwarf_function): Always free scopes before
2015-06-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_ar): Mark as unused.
(process_file): Produce an error when trying to handle an ar.
2015-05-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Only call memcmp when d_size != 0.
2015-05-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* Define ldgeneric, readelf, nm, size, strip, elflint,
findtextrel, elfcmp objdump, ranlib, ar and unstrip no_Wstack_usage.
2015-05-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Set scopes to NULL after free.
2015-05-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (OPT_PRETTY): New constant define.
(argp_option): Add "pretty-print".
(pretty): New static bool.
(parse_opt): Set pretty.
(print_dwarf_function): Adjust output when pretty is set.
(print_addrsym): Likewise.
(handle_address): Likewise.
2015-05-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* (addr2line_LDADD): Add demanglelib.
* addr2line.c (argp_option): Move demangle under output format.
(demangle): New static bool.
(demangle_buffer_len): New static size_t.
(demangle_buffer): New static char *.
(main): free demangle_buffer.
(parse_opt): Set demangle.
(symname): New static function.
(get_diename): Use symname.
(print_dwarf_function): Likewise.
(print_addrsym): Likewise.
(handle_address): Likewise.
2015-05-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (argp_option): Add "addresses", 'a'.
(print_addresses): New static bool.
(parse_opt): Set print_addresses.
(get_addr_width): New static function.
(handle_address): Print address if print_addresses is true.
2015-05-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Call strtoumax with base 16. Make
sure all input has been processed.
2015-05-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line (argp_option): Group 'section' under "Input format
2015-05-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (debug_fd): New static variable.
(tmp_debug_fname): Likewise.
(cleanup_debug): New function using the above to clean up temporary
debug file.
(INTERNAL_ERROR): Call cleanup_debug.
(handle_elf): Use debug_fd and tmp_debug_fname statics and call
cleanup_debug before any error. Use output_fname instead of fname in
error messages when it exists (-o was given). SHT_NOBITS sections
can also be moved freely even if SHF_ALLOC is set. Add various
sanity checks. Use elf_assert instead of plain assert.
2015-05-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Call gelf_fsize with EV_CURRENT.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Likewise.
2015-05-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_gnu_hash): Return early when 2nd hash function
shift too big. Check there is enough data available. Make sure
bitmask_words is not zero.
(check_verdef): Use Elf64_Word for shdr->sh_info cnt.
(check_verneed): Likewise.
(check_attributes): Break when vendor name isn't terminated.
Add overflow check for subsection_len.
2015-05-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Handle dwarf_linesrc returning NULL.
2015-05-04 Max Filippov <>
* ar.c (do_oper_extract): Replace struct timeval with struct timespec
and futimes with futimens.
* strip.c (process_file): Replace struct timeval with struct timespec.
(handle_elf, handle_ar): Replace struct timeval with struct timespec
in prototype. Replace futimes with futimens.
2015-05-04 Max Filippov <>
* addr2line.c (main): Drop mtrace() call and #include <mcheck.h>.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2015-05-04 Anthony G. Basile <>
* (readelf_LDADD, nm_LDADD, size_LDADD, strip_LDADD)
(ld_LDADD, elflint_LDADD, findtextrel_LDADD, addr2line_LDADD)
(elfcmp_LDADD, objdump_LDADD, ranlib_LDADD, strings_LDADD)
(ar_LDADD, unstrip_LDADD, stack_LDADD): Append $(argp_LDADD).
2015-03-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Cast start to Dwarf_Off
before subtracting cie_id. And cast cie_offset to Dwarf_Off before
2015-03-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Check all offsets used
against section d_size.
2015-03-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Don't return, but always use dummy_dbg.
2015-03-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Add overflow checking for
dataend checks.
2015-03-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (INTERNAL_ERROR): Remove __DATE__.
* objdump.c (INTERNAL_ERROR): Likewise.
* size.c (INTERNAL_ERROR): Likewise.
* strip.c (INTERNAL_ERROR): Likewise.
2015-03-18 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string, dwarf_attr_string)
(dwarf_form_string, dwarf_lang_string, dwarf_inline_string)
(dwarf_encoding_string, dwarf_access_string)
(dwarf_visibility_string, dwarf_virtuality_string)
(dwarf_identifier_case_string, dwarf_calling_convention_string)
(dwarf_ordering_string, dwarf_discr_list_string)
(dwarf_locexpr_opcode_string): Adjust uses of know-dwarf.h macros
to match the API changes.
2015-03-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (compare_hash_gnu_hash): Correct gnu_symbias usage.
2015-01-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp (main): Check section name is not NULL. Check sh_entsize
is not zero for symbol tables. Check phdrs are not NULL.
(search_for_copy_reloc): Check sh_entsize is not zero.
2014-12-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_scn_group): Check d_buf and name are not NULL.
(is_rel_dyn): Check d is not NULL. Check shdr->sh_entsize is not
(check_dynamic): Check strshdr is not NULL. Check d_tag is positive.
(check_symtab_shndx): Check symshdr and data->d_buf are not NULL.
Check shdr and symshdr sh_entsize are not zero.
(check_gnu_hash): Make sure maskidx is smaller than bitmask_words.
Check symshdr->sh_entsize is not zero. Check data->d_buf is not
(compare_hash_gnu_hash): Check sections d_buf are not NULL.
Check section data is large enough. Use gnu_symbias.
(check_group): Check section val is valid.
(has_copy_reloc): Check sh_entsize is not zero.
(check_versym): Likewise.
(unknown_dependency_p): Likewise.
(check_verneed): Break on invalid ref or offset. Don't assert.
Report error when next offset is zero, but more vers expected.
(check_verdef): Likewise.
(check_attributes): Make sure d_buf is not NULL.
(check_note): Likewise.
(check_note_section): Likewise.
(check_program_header): Make sure section name is not NULL.
2014-12-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* strings.c (read_elf): Produce error when section data falls outside
2014-12-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (show_symbols): Guard against divide by zero in error check.
Add section index number in error message.
2014-12-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (handle_ar): Skip over /SYM64/ entries.
2014-12-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* nm.c (handle_ar): Break on arsym with invalid offset.
2014-12-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macinfo_section): Mark cus sentinel files
as -1 non-existent. Check macoff against sentinel cus.
2014-12-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_exception_table): Add max_action overflow
check. Check action_table_end before reading slib128. Check
max_ar_filter underflow.
2014-12-18 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Suppress output of textrel_check command.
2014-12-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_cfa_program): Add bounds check before each op that
takes at least one argument.
2014-12-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_decoded_line_section): Print dwarf_errmsg if
dwarf_onesrcline or dwarf_linesrc fails.
2014-12-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Correct overflow check for
(print_debug_aranges_section): Correct overflow check for length.
2014-12-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (notice_listptr): Return false if offset doesn't fit
in 61-bits.
(attr_callback): Warn if loclist or rangelist offset doesn't fit.
2014-12-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Don't assert when addr_size or ref_size
is not 4 or 8, just report invalid data.
2014-12-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Add more bounds checks.
2014-12-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Check there is enough room
for DW_LNE_set_address argument. Make sure there is enough room
for the the initial unit_length.
2014-12-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_attributes): Call get_uleb128 with end pointer.
* readelf.c (print_attributes): Likewise.
(print_ops): Likewise and also for get_sleb128.
(print_cfa_program): Likewise and add more readp bounds checks.
(read_encoded): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macro_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_exception_table): Likewise.
2014-12-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (compare_Elf32_Word): Make sure (unsigned) Elf32_Word
difference doesn't wrap around before returning as int.
2014-12-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_exception_table): Check TType base offset
and Action table are sane.
2014-12-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Check number of augmentation
chars to print.
2014-12-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_file_note): Check count fits data section and
doesn't overflow fptr.
2014-12-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_exception_table): Report invalid data if
action table doesn't immediately follow call site table.
2014-12-10 Josh Stone <>
* addr2line.c (get_diename): New, get linkage_name or name.
* addr2line.c (print_dwarf_function): Use get_diename.
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Likewise.
* addr2line.c (print_diesym): Removed.
2014-12-10 Josh Stone <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Find the proper inline parents.
2014-12-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): max_ops_per_instr cannot
be zero.
2014-12-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle zero ref_size for DW_OP_call_ref
and DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer.
2014-12-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* objdump.c (show_relocs_x): Make sure destshdr exists.
(show_relocs_rel): Don't rely on shdr->sh_entsize, use gelf_fsize.
(show_relocs_rela): Likewise.
(show_relocs): Make sure destshdr, symshdr and symdata exists.
2014-11-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_sysv_hash64): Fix overflow check.
2014-11-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rel): Don't reuse destshdr to store
section header of a relocation against a STT_SECTION symbol. Use
a new local variable secshdr.
(handle_relocs_rela): Likewise.
2014-11-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges_section): Cast Dwarf_Word length
to ptrdiff_t for comparison.
2014-11-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Check line_range is not zero
before usage.
2014-11-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges_section): Check length to catch
nexthdr overflow.
2014-11-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): Guard against empty section.
Document attribute format. Break when vendor name isn't terminated.
Add overflow check for subsection_len. Handle both gnu and non-gnu
attribute tags.
2014-11-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Call ebl_bss_plt_p without ehdr.
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Use elf_getphdrnum.
* readelf.c (process_elf_file): Remove redundant ehdr->e_phoff check.
(print_phdr): Check phnum.
* size.c (show_segments): Use elf_getphdrnum.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (copy_elf): Likewise.
(copy_elided_sections): Likewise.
(handle_file): Likewise.
2014-11-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_cfa_program): Fix sanity check of DW_FORM_block
2014-11-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_verneed): Check vna_next and vn_next exist.
(handle_verdef): Check vda_next and vd_next exist.
(handle_versym): Check vd_next, vna_next and vn_next exist.
Check vername and filename are not NULL before use.
2014-11-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Check section names are NULL before use.
* objdump.c (section_match): Likewise.
* size.c (show_sysv): Likewise.
2014-11-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Warn if ptr_size is not 4
or 8 instead of just calling print_cfa_program.
2014-11-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf (process_elf_file): Set phnum to zero if there aren't
actually any pheaders.
(print_phdr): Check there actually is a phdr.
2014-11-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_cfa_program): Check block len before calling
2014-11-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Sanity Check CIE
unit_length and augmentationlen.
2014-11-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_versym): Check def == NULL before use.
2014-11-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_versym): Initialize vername and filename array
2014-11-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_sysv_hash): Sanity check section contents.
(handle_sysv_hash64): Likewise.
(handle_gnu_hash): Likewise.
2014-09-14 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rela): Typo fix, test DESTSHDR properly.
2014-09-12 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (encoded_ptr_size): In the switch statement, change
magic constants 3 and 4 to DW_EH_PE_* counterparts. Still accept
0. Print diagnostic for anything else.
2014-08-25 Josh Stone <>
* Prevent premature @AR@ replacement in a sed expression.
2014-07-04 Menanteau Guy <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint (check_symtab): Add ".TOC." to the list of possibly
dangling symbols because of sourceware PR13621.
2014-06-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint (check_symtab): Use ebl_func_addr_mask on st_value.
2014-05-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Skip section if name is NULL.
2014-05-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rela): Print header like handle_relocs_rel
does, when sh_info == 0.
2014-05-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (find_alloc_sections_prelink): Allow non-split .bss
section when sh_size of the original and undo .bss section are equal.
2014-05-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* unstrip.c (options): Add --force, -F.
(struct arg_info): Add bool force.
(parse_opt): Handle 'F', set force.
(handle_explicit_files): Add force argument, add warn function,
separate check ehdr field checks, use warn.
(handle_dwfl_module): Add force argument, pass on to
(handle_output_dir_module): Add force argument, pass on to
(handle_implicit_modules): Pass info->force to handle_dwfl_module and
(main): Pass info.force to handle_explicit_files.
2014-05-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_reloc_shdr): Check ebl_check_reloc_target_type.
2014-05-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (find_no_debuginfo): Call dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo
if looking for alternate debug file.
2014-04-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Add -I libdwelf.
2014-04-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Make sure variable length array
contains at least enough space for terminating zero char.
2014-04-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Use unsigned int for 31 bits
left shift.
2014-03-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* Remove no_mudflap.os. Remove libmudflap from all
LDADD lines.
* strings.c (process_chunk): Remove _MUDFLAP condition.
2014-04-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_aranges_section): Don't get the raw section
data, use the possibly decompressed .[z]debug sectiondata.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macro_section): Likewise.
2014-04-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (buf_read_ulong): Pass actual long size to convert.
2014-03-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Print DW_FORM_sdata values as signed
2014-02-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf (print_phdr): Check there is a SHT_PROGBITS section at the
offset given by p_offsets for a PT_INTERP segment before trying to
display the interpreter string.
2014-02-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_phdr): Check phdr->p_filesz and make sure
interpreter string is zero terminated before calling printf.
2014-01-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* (nm_no_Wformat): Removed.
(size_no_Wformat): Likewise.
(strings_no_Wformat): Likewise.
(addr2line_no_Wformat): Likewise.
* size.c (show_sysv): Use fmtstr directly as literal in printf.
(show_sysv_one_line): Likewise.
* strings.c (locfmt): Removed.
(radix): New static enum.
(parse_opt): Set radix, not locfmt.
(process_chunk_mb): Use fmtstr directly as literal in printf based
on radix.
(process_chunk): Likewise.
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Use fmtstr directly as literal in printf.
(show_symbols_bsd): Likewise.
(show_symbols_posix): Likewise.
2014-01-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_inlines): New static boolean.
(print_frame): New function split out from...
(print_frames): If show_inlines is true and we found a
DIE for the frame address, call print_inline_frames otherwise
call print_frame. Keep track of and track frame_nr.
(print_inline_frames): New function.
(parse_opt): Handle '-i'.
(main): Add 'i' to options.
2014-01-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (maxframes): Initialize to 256.
(main): Document new default in options. Document magic number
used in frames.allocated initialization.
2014-01-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_debugname): New static boolean.
(die_name): New function.
(print_frames): If show_debugname is true set symname to the
first function-like DIE with a name in scope for the address in
the debuginfo.
(parse_opt): Handle '-d'.
(main): Add 'd' to options.
2014-01-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (handle_address): Initialize scopes to NULL.
2014-01-17 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Check for bogus values in sh_link, sh_info,
st_shndx, e_shstrndx, and SHT_GROUP or SHT_SYMTAB_SHNDX data.
Don't use assert on input values, instead bail with "illformed" error.
2014-01-17 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic, handle_symtab): Check for bogus sh_link.
(handle_verneed, handle_verdef, handle_versym, handle_hash): Likewise.
(handle_scngrp): Check for bogus sh_info.
2014-01-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
* elflint.c (section_name): Return "<invalid>" instead of
crashing on invalid section name.
(check_symtab, is_rel_dyn, check_rela, check_rel, check_dynamic,
check_symtab_shndx, check_hash, check_versym): Robustify.
(check_hash): Don't check entries beyond end of section.
(check_note): Don't crash if gelf_rawchunk fails.
2014-01-17 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic, handle_relocs_rel)
(handle_relocs_rela, handle_versym, print_liblist):
Use gelf_fsize instead of relying on shdr->sh_entsize.
2014-01-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Clear vendor array before
2014-01-15 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix corruption of non-C++ symbols by the demangler.
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv, show_symbols_bsd, show_symbols_posix)
(show_symbols): Check for _Z.
* stack.c (print_frames) <USE_DEMANGLE>: Check for _Z.
2014-01-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_raw): Declare unconditionally.
(parse_opt): Handle '-r' unconditionally.
(main): Show "raw" option even without USE_DEMANGLE.
2014-01-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (print_frames): Print 0x before build-id hex-offset.
2014-01-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (maxframes): Increase to 2048.
(struct frames): Add allocated field.
(frame_callback): If frames used is frames allocated, realloc.
(print_frames): Show an error if maxframes has been reached.
(parse_opt): Allow -n 0 for unlimited frames.
(main): Document -n 0 and new default 2048 frames. Allocate initial
number of frames with malloc.
2013-12-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (parse_opt): Explicitly call dwfl_linux_proc_attach
or dwfl_core_file_attach and check for errors.
2013-12-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (print_frames): Remove address width code and use...
(get_addr_width): ...this new function.
(show_modules): New static boolean.
(module_callback): New static function.
(parse_opt): Handle '-l'.
(main): Add 'l' to options. If show_modules then use dwfl_getmodules
with module_callback to show all detected modules and possible
build_id, elf and dwarf files.
2013-12-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (frames_shown): New static boolean.
(frame_callback): Return -1 on error. Don't print error.
(print_frames): Add arguments, tid, dwflerr and what. Print tid.
If there was an error report it with address and module if possible.
Record whether any frames were actually printed.
(thread_callback): Collect tid and err, pass it to print_frames.
(parse_opt): Use EXIT_BAD for errors. On ARGP_KEY_END print errno
if dwfl_linux_proc_report returned it. Check whether we are properly
attached with dwfl_pid.
(main): Document exit status. Don't report DWARF_CB_ABORT from
callbacks as error. Pass real errors to print_frames. Return
EXIT_BAD if no frames could be shown. Return EXIT_ERROR if there
were any non-fatal errors.
2013-12-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* (stack_LDADD): Add demanglelib.
* stack.c (show_quiet): New static boolean, default false.
(show_raw): Likewise.
(demangle_buffer_len): New static size_t.
(demangle_buffer): New static char *.
(print_frames): Don't resolve pc name if show_quiet. Demangle name
unless show_raw.
(parse_opt): Handle '-q' and '-r'.
(main): Add 'q' and 'r' to options. Free demangle_buffer.
2013-12-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (OPT_DEBUGINFO): New define.
(OPT_COREFILE): Likewise.
(pid): New static.
(core_fd): Likewise.
(core): Likewise.
(exec): Likewise.
(debuginfo_path): Likewise.
(parse_opt): Handle '-p', '--core', '-e' and '--debuginfo-path'.
Do argument sanity checking. Setup Dwfl.
(main): Add 'p', 'core', 'e' and 'debuginfo-path' to options.
Remove argp_child children, simplify argp doc, remove custom
usage message and construction of dwfl with dwfl_standard_argp.
Use pid directly as tid. close core and core_fd if opened. Print
pid of process or core.
2013-12-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_build_id): New static boolean.
(print_frames): Print module build-id, load address and pc offset
if show_build_id is true.
(parse_opt): Handle '-b'.
(main): Add -b to options.
2013-12-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (maxframes): New static unsigned. Initialize to 64.
(struct frame): New struct.
(struct frames): Likewise.
(dwfl): New static Dwfl pointer.
(frame_callback): Use arg as struct frames and fill it next frame.
Return DWARF_CB_ABORT when maxframes has been reached. Move
printing of frame to...
(print_frames): New function.
(thread_callback): Use arg as struct frames and set frames to zero.
Call print_frames.
(parse_opt): Handle '-n'.
(main): Add -n to options. Allocate frames using maxframes. Pass
frames to frame_callback and thread_callback.
2013-12-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_one_tid): New static boolean.
(parse_opt): Handle '-1'.
(main): Add -1 to options. Call dwfl_getthread_frames when
show_one_tid is true.
2013-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (options): Add symbol-sections, 'x'.
(show_symbol_sections): New static bool.
(parse_opt): Handle 'x'.
(print_addrsym): Use dwfl_module_addrinfo value.r
Also show section of address with show_symbol_sections.
(find_symbol): Use dwfl_module_getsym_info and set value.
(handle_address): Request value and use it instead of sym.st_value.
* readelf.c (format_dwarf_addr): Use dwfl_module_addrinfo to get
name and offset.
2013-12-17 Masatake YAMATO <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* stack.c (show_activation, show_module, show_source): New variables.
(parse_opt): Set show_activation if -a option is given.
Set show_module if -m option is given. Set show_source if -s option
is given. Set all show booleans when -v option is given.
(main): Added `-a', `-m', `-s', and `-v' to the help message.
(frame_callback): Print module and source file information.
2013-11-25 Petr Machata <>
* elflint.c (valid_e_machine): Add EM_AARCH64.
2013-11-14 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item) <'h'>: New branch for handling
fields that shouldn't be displayed.
2013-11-10 Mark Wielaard <>
(print_version): New function.
2013-11-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* arlib.c (arlib_init): Call snprintf before using the result
with memcpy.
(arlib_finalize): Likewise.
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Don't modify cnt inside assert.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Add stack.
(stack_LDADD): New.
* stack.c: New file.
2013-11-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Cast address to size_t
before comparison.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
2013-10-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* ar.c (main): Correct operation check when instance_specifed is set.
2013-09-26 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (handle_file_note): New function.
(handle_notes_data): Call it to handle NT_FILE notes.
2013-09-26 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (handle_siginfo_note): New function.
(handle_notes_data): Call it to handle NT_SIGINFO notes.
(buf_read_int, buf_read_ulong, buf_has_data): New functions.
2013-08-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (options): Add "inlines", 'i'.
(show_inlines): New bool.
(parse_opt): Handle 'i'.
(print_diesym): New static function.
(print_src): New function taking code from...
(handle_address): here. Call print_src. Print inlines.
2013-08-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (main): If there is a newline char at end of buf,
then remove it.
2013-07-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Take CU as argument, use it to print
parameter_ref DIE offset.
(struct listptr): Replace base field with cu.
(listptr_base): New function.
(compare_listptr): Use listptr_base.
(notice_listptr): Take CU as argument.
(skip_listptr_hole): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Pass NULL as CU to skip_listptr_hole.
(print_cfa_program): Pass NULL as CU to print_ops.
(struct attrcb_args): Replace cu_base field with cu.
(attr_callback): Pass cu not cu_base to notice_listptr.
(print_debug_units): Don't calculate base, just set cu.
(print_debug_loc_section): Pass cu to skip_listptr_hole and
2013-05-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Format first DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer
argument as DIE offset.
2013-04-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDES.
2013-03-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (argp_options): Add decodedline.
(decodedline): New boolean initialized to false.
(parse_opt): Set decodedline when arg is decodedline.
(print_decoded_line_section): New function.
(print_debug_line_section): Call print_decoded_line_section when
decodedline is true.
2013-03-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (argp_option): Add decodedaranges.
(decodedaranges): New boolean initialized to false.
(parse_opt): Set decodedaranges when arg is decodedaranges.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Reimplemented and original
implementation renamed to...
(print_decoded_aranges_section): this.
2013-03-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attrcb_args): Add Dwarf_Die.
(attr_callback): When highpc is in constant form also print as
(print_debug_units): Set args.die.
2013-03-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Free format_dwarf_addr results.
2013-03-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Accept version 8.
2013-03-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Release ELF and close file when not
text relocations are found.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Track memory used for .debuglink section data
and free when done.
2013-02-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Add __bss_start__ to the list of symbols
allowed to have out of section values because of GNU ld bugs.
2013-02-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Add __bss_start and __TMC_END__ to the
list of symbols allowed to have out of section values because of
GNU ld bugs in either .symtab or .dynsym, but only when they are
zero sized.
2013-01-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (argp_option): Add unresolved-address-offsets, U.
(print_unresolved_addresses): New static.
(parse_opt): Handle 'U', set print_unprocessed_values.
(format_dwarf_addr): Take and handle new raw argument.
(print_ops): Call format_dwarf_addr with raw offset values.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Likewise.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_gdb_index_section): Likewise.
2013-01-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (struct listptr): Add base Dwarf_Addr field.
(compare_listptr): Warn for same offset with different base.
(notice_listptr): Take base argument and set it.
(skip_listptr_hole): Likewise.
(struct attrcb_args): Removed unused cu_offset field.
Add cu_base Dwarf_Addr field.
(attr_callback): Call notice_listptr with cbargs->cu_base.
(print_debug_units): Set args.cu_base.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Get base and use for format_dwarf_addr.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
2013-01-29 Jan Kratochvil <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Limit special repeated items handling
to single-item formats '\n', 'b' and 'B', assert OFFSET 0 there.
2012-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (ELF_INPUT_SECTION): New argp key value.
(argp_option): Add elf-section.
(elf_input_section): New static.
(parse_opt): Handle ELF_INPUT_SECTION and set elf_input_section.
(open_input_section): New function.
(process_file): Call open_input_section if elf_input_section set.
2013-01-13 David Abdurachmanov <>
ar.c (do_oper_delete): Fix num passed to memset.
2012-12-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Adjust FDE start address
if pcrel before feeding it to format_dwarf_addr.
2012-12-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* addr2line.c (main): Call dwfl_end.
2012-12-11 Roland McGrath <>
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Fix size passed to snprintf for invalid
sh_name case.
Reported by David Abdurachmanov <>.
2012-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): DW_OP_skip and DW_OP_bra targets are
calculated beginning after the operand and 2-byte constant.
2012-10-12 Jan Kratochvil <>
* readelf.c (ITEM_WRAP_COLUMN, REGISTER_WRAP_COLUMN): Merge to ...
(WRAP_COLUMN): ... here.
(print_core_item): Remove parameter format_max. Update function
comment. Replace FORMAT_MAX by the real output width.
(handle_core_item): Remove the FORMAT_MAX values in TYPES, DO_TYPE,
calls of print_core_item, remove variable maxfmt, change
(handle_core_register): Remove the FORMAT_MAX values in TYPES, BITS,
calls of print_core_item, change REGISTER_WRAP_COLUMN to WRAP_COLUMN.
2012-10-11 Jan Kratochvil <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item) <b>: Make run an outer block variable.
Increase run only if LASTBIT != 0. Print last element only if RUN > 0.
2012-08-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_macro_section): Print offset as PRIx64.
2012-08-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (register_info): Handle loc == NULL.
2012-08-22 Jeff Kenton <>
* elflint.c (valid_e_machine): Add EM_TILEGX and EM_TILEPRO.
2012-08-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_name): Renamed from dwarf_tag_string.
Uses new dwarf_tag_string or adds ??? or lo_user+%#x when
(dwarf_attr_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_form_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_lang_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_inline_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_encoding_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_access_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_visibility_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_virtuality_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_identifier_case_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_calling_convention_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_ordering_name): Likewise.
(dwarf_discr_list_name): Likewise.
(print_ops): Remove KNOWN. Use dwarf_locexpr_opcode_string.
(attr_callback): Call new dwarf_foobar_name instead of old
dwarf_foobar_string functions.
(dwarf_tag_string): New function using known-dwarf.h macros.
(dwarf_attr_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_form_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_lang_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_inline_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_encoding_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_access_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_visibility_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_virtuality_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_identifier_case_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_calling_convention_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_ordering_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_discr_list_string): Likewise.
(dwarf_locexpr_opcode_string): Likewise.
2012-06-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_form_string): Handle DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt and
(attr_callback): Likewise.
2012-07-30 Petr Machata <>
* nm.c (show_symbols_bsd): Reorder arguments in {S,}FMTSTRS (and
corresponding printf) so that those that are referenced by only
one of the formatting strings are at the end.
2012-07-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_lang_string): Use DW_LANG_ObjC, not DW_LANG_Objc.
(print_ops): Use known[op], not op_name, for DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref.
2012-07-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref.
2012-07-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Add macro to help of debug-dump.
(section_e): Add section_macro.
(section_all): Add section_macro.
(parse_opt): Handle macro.
(print_debug_macro_section): New function.
(print_debug): Add NEW_SECTION (macro).
2012-07-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Add version 7 support.
Keep track of cu_nr. Print kind and static/global flag for each
symbol. When a symbol is in the TU list add 'T'.
2012-06-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_attr_string): Add DW_AT_GNU_macros.
2012-06-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Cast printf PRIu/x64 arguments to uint64_t
for gcc 4.7 -Wformat.
2012-05-09 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint (check_sections): Allow zero sized sections at (filesz) end
of segment. And make check overflow-proofed.
2012-04-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Add DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address,
DW_OP_GNU_uinit and DW_OP_GNU_encoded_addr.
2012-03-28 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Accept SHF_INFO_LINK for reloc sections.
2012-03-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_abbrev_section): Check there is Dwarf
section data.
(print_debug_str_section): Likewise.
2012-03-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Accept version 6.
2012-01-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Don't special case DW_FORM_sec_offset.
2012-01-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
* nm.c (argp_children): Define.
(argp): Hook up argp_children.
(handle_ar): Optimize puts call.
(show_symbols_bsd): Use positional parameters to also print color
codes. Don't print STT_FILE symbols.
* objdump.c (options): Improve help text.
(argp_children): Define.
(argp): Hook up argp_children.
(disasm_info): Add elements for color codes.
(disasm_output): Print color codes as well.
(show_disasm): Set up disasm_info data for callback.
2012-01-20 Roland McGrath <>
* arlib-argp.c (arlib_deterministic_output): Initialize from
configured value.
(help_filter): New function.
(argp): Use it.
* ar.c (main): Handle oper_none as usage error.
* arlib-argp.c (options, parse_opt): Grok -U as inverse of -D.
* ranlib.c (argp): Use arlib_argp_children.
* arlib.c (arlib_init): Obey arlib_deterministic_output.
* arlib-argp.c: New file.
* (libar_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* arlib.h (arlib_deterministic_output, arlib_argp_children):
Declare new variables.
* ar.c (deterministic_output): Variable removed.
(do_oper_insert): Use arlib_deterministic_output instead.
(options, parse_opt): Don't handle -D here. Add group numbers.
(argp): Use arlib_argp_children.
2011-12-20 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug): Initialize DUMMY_DBG.elf.
Reported by Karel Klic <>.
2011-11-05 Roland McGrath <>
* ar.c (deterministic_output): New flag variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok -D to set it.
(do_oper_insert): When set, use zero from mtime, uid, and gid.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Fix check on elf_rawfile return value.
2011-10-04 Marek Polacek <>
* readelf.c (register_info): Assume the right size of an array.
2011-10-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* nm.c: Recognize option --mark-special. Still recognize --mark-weak
but don't show it in help anymore.
(mark_special): Renamed from mark_weak.
(parse_opt): Adjust.
(class_type_char): Take additional parameters for ELF file and ELF
header. Treat TLS symbols like objects.
In case of D symbols, show u for unique symbols, R for symbols in
read-only sections, B for symbols in BSS sections.
(show_symbols_bsd): Take additional parameters for ELF file and ELF
header. Adjust for class_type_char change. Show TLS symbols with
@ after them in case --mark-special is selected.
(show_symbols_posix): Likewise.
(show_symbols): Adjust calls to show_symbols_bsd and
(show_symbols_sysv): Avoid printing adress and size for undefined
symbols. Don't print initial special entry and section entries.
2011-10-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (demanglelib): Define.
(nm_LDADD): Add demanglelib.
* nm.c (options): Add -C option.
(demangle): Define as global variable.
(parse_opt): Recognize -C.
(show_symbols_sysv): Handle demangling.
(show_symbols_bad): Likewise.
(show_symbols_posix): Likewise.
(show_symbols): Likewise.
2011-07-09 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (options, parse_opt): Grok -W/--wide and ignore it.
* ar.c (parse_opt): Grok -u.
2011-05-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (relocate): Make offset check overflow-proof.
2011-05-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (relocate): Take new arguments is_rela to indicate
whether the relocation is from a SHT_REL or SHT_RELA section.
Relocate against any debug section symbol, not just STT_SECTION
symbols. For SHT_REL relocations, fetch addend from offset and
add it to symbol value if not zero.
2011-05-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (OPT_RELOC_DEBUG): New option.
(argp_option): Add new --reloc-debug-sections option.
(main): Check new option.
(parse_opt): Likewise.
(handle_elf): Remove any relocations between debug sections
in ET_REL for the debug file when requested.
2011-05-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Make sure all sections of a removed group
section are removed too. Don't discard SHT_GROUP sections, copy
section table before it gets modified. Section group signature
symbols don't have to be retained.
2011-05-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_const_type,
DW_OP_GNU_regval_type, DW_OP_GNU_deref_type, DW_OP_GNU_convert
and DW_OP_GNU_reinterpret.
2011-05-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string): Fixup DW_TAG_GNU_call_site and
DW_TAG_GNU_call_site_parameter return strings.
2011-05-11 Marek Polacek <>
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Remove unused if/else, remove
unused `prefix' and `fname' parameters.
2011-05-07 Marek Polacek <>
* unstrip.c (compare_sections_nonrel): Mark this function as static.
2011-04-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Call ebl_object_note_type_name
with note name.
2011-04-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (options): Add gdb_index.
(section_e): Define section_gdb_index.
(parse_opt): Recognize gdb_index debug-dump argument.
(print_gdb_index_section): New function.
(print_debug): Add gdb_index to debug_sections.
2011-03-24 Petr Machata <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Emit initial space for all
opcode lines. Print offset in front of each opcode.
2011-03-22 Marek Polacek <>
* readelf.c (handle_dynamic): Don't segfault at DT_PLTREL case.
2011-03-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string): Support DW_TAG_GNU_call_site
and DW_TAG_GNU_call_site_parameter.
(dwarf_attr_string): Support DW_AT_GNU_call_site_value,
and DW_AT_GNU_all_source_call_sites.
(print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_entry_value.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_GNU_call_site_value,
and DW_AT_GNU_call_site_target_clobbered.
2011-03-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Use ebl_check_st_other_bits.
2011-02-27 Jan Kratochvil <>
* readelf.c (reset_listptr): Clear TABLE->TABLE.
2011-02-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_attr_string): Add DW_AT_GNU_* handling.
(dwarf_form_string): Properly format and return unknown form.
2011-02-23 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (section_name): New function.
(print_debug_abbrev_section): Use it instead of constant.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_units): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_pubnames_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_str_section): Likewise.
(print_debug) [USE_ZLIB]: Match .zdebug_* sections too.
(print_debug_abbrev_section): Use decoded d_size, not sh_size.
(print_debug_str_section): Likewise.
* readelf.c (dwarf_attr_string): Grok DW_AT_GNU_odr_signature.
2011-02-11 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c (verbose): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok -l/--verbose to set it.
(main): Under -l, keep going after first difference.
* elfcmp.c (ignore_build_id): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok --ignore-build-id to set it.
(main): For SHT_NOTE sections, compare note details rather than raw
bytes. Under --ignore-build-id, don't complain about differing build
ID contents if lengths match.
2011-02-08 Roland McGrath <>
* ldscript.y (filename_id_star): Remove unused variable.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Remove unused variable.
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Remove unused variables.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Warn about missing xndx section only once.
* ldgeneric.c (check_for_duplicate2): Remove unused variable.
2011-01-06 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Under --strip-sections, remove all
non-allocated sections and never generate .gnu_debuglink.
2011-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (remove_shdrs): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok --strip-sections to set it.
(handle_elf): When that's set, truncate off .shstrtab and shdrs.
2010-11-10 Roland McGrath <>
* findtextrel.c (process_file): Don't assume order of sections.
Reported by Mike Hommey <>.
2010-07-26 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer.
2010-08-30 Roland McGrath <>
Print .debug_loc/.debug_ranges with cognizance of actual DIE uses.
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Add section_info to implicit_debug_sections
for ranges, loc.
(struct listptr, struct listptr_table): New types.
(compare_listptr, reset_listptr, sort_listptr): New functions.
(notice_listptr, skip_listptr_hole): New functions.
(struct attrcb_args): Add silent member.
(attr_callback): Call notice_listptr for loclistptr and rangelistptr.
Suppress output if silent, but still call notice_listptr.
(print_debug_units): Suppress output if section_info not requested.
(print_debug_loc_section): Call sort_listptr, skip_listptr_hole.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug): Call reset_listptr on both tables.
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Print empty list.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_debug_loc_section): Check for bogus length
before calling print_ops.
(print_ops): Check harder for bogus data that would read off end.
2010-08-11 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (for_each_section_argument): Process all sections with
matching name, not just the first.
2010-07-26 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Take new argument for CU version.
Fix DW_OP_call_ref decoding to depend on it.
(print_debug_loc_section): Update caller.
(print_cfa_program): Take new argument, pass it down.
(print_debug_frame_section): Update caller.
(struct attrcb_args): New member version.
(print_debug_units): Initialize it.
2010-07-02 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Use format_dwarf_addr for
2010-06-30 Roland McGrath <>
* strings.c (main): Use STDIN_FILENO, not STDOUT_FILENO.
Ignore st_size for a non-S_ISREG file descriptor.
(read_block): Move assert after no-mmap bail-out.
(read_block_no_mmap): Fix size calculations for moving buffer remnant.
2010-06-22 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Fix braino in DW_LNS_set_isa.
2010-06-21 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_tag_string): Handle new v4 tags.
(dwarf_attr_string): Add new attributes.
(dwarf_tag_string): Handle DW_TAG_GNU_*.
* readelf.c (print_ops): Use 64-bit types for LEB128 operands.
(print_cfa_program): Likewise.
2010-06-20 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_units): New function, broken out of ...
(print_debug_info_section): ... here. Call it.
(print_debug_types_section): New function.
(enum section_e): Add section_types alias for section_info.
(print_debug): Add types to the sections table.
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Handle version 4 format.
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): Handle version 4 format.
2010-06-14 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Make sure all sections' data have
been read in before we write anything out.
2010-06-04 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (update_shdr): New function.
(update_sh_size): Call it instead of gelf_update_shdr.
(adjust_relocs, add_new_section_symbols): Likewise.
(new_shstrtab, copy_elided_sections): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Bail if stripped file has more
sections than unstripped file, rather than getting confused later.
2010-06-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_form_string): Handle DWARF 4 forms.
(attr_callback): Handle DW_FORM_flag_present, DW_FORM_exprloc,
DW_FORM_sec_offset, DW_FORM_ref_sig8.
* readelf.c (print_debug): Don't bail if libdw setup fails.
Suppress complaint if we only want .eh_frame anyway.
2010-05-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Also print form information.
2010-05-19 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (find_symbol): Short-circuit on empty name.
(handle_address): Handle SYMBOL with no +OFFSET.
2010-05-08 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Take new arg OFFSET_SIZE.
Use that for DW_OP_call_ref, not ADDRSIZE.
(print_cfa_program): Update caller.
(struct attrcb_args): Add offset_size field.
(attr_callback): Use it for print_ops call.
(print_debug_info_section): Initialize it.
(print_ops): Likewise.
2010-04-14 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Fix bitmask printing.
2010-04-06 Roland McGrath <>
* ld.c (options): Fix some typos in messages.
* elflint.c (check_scn_group, check_group): Likewise.
* ldscript.y (add_id_list): Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_hash_info): Add xgettext:no-c-format magic comment
before translated string containing a literal %.
2010-02-26 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (process_file): Don't leak an fd in failure case.
2010-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
* Use config/ for common stuff.
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Add a cast to avoid sign
mismatch in comparison.
2010-02-02 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_encoding_base): Handle DW_EH_PE_absptr (zero).
(read_encoded): Likewise.
(print_debug_frame_section): Check for bogus augmentation length.
For P augmentation, use read_encoded, print the encoding description,
and use hex for unsigned values.
2010-01-15 Roland McGrath <>
* ar.c: Include <sys/stat.h>.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise
2010-01-07 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ehdr): Handle PN_XNUM.
(phnum): New static variable.
(process_elf_file): Set it with elf_getphdrnum.
(print_phdr): Use phnum instead of EHDR->e_phnum.
(print_dynamic, handle_notes): Likewise.
(handle_relocs_rel, handle_relocs_rela): Likewise.
* elfcmp.c (main): Use elf_getshdrnum and elf_getphdrnum.
* elflint.c (phnum): New static variable.
(check_elf_header): Set it, handling PN_XNUM.
Use that in place of EHDR->e_phnum throughout.
(check_symtab, check_reloc_shdr, check_dynamic): Likewise.
(unknown_dependency_p, check_sections, check_program_header): Likewise.
2010-01-05 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (dwarf_attr_string): Match DW_AT_GNU_vector and
2010-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_notes_data): Grab NT_AUXV only for name "CORE".
(handle_core_note): Pass NHDR and NAME to ebl_core_note.
(handle_core_item): Handle .format of '\n' as \n-separated strings.
* readelf.c (implicit_debug_sections): New variable.
(parse_opt): Set it instead of print_debug_sections for -a.
OR them together for print_debug check.
(print_debug): OR them together for section check.
* readelf.c (options): Repartition into set implied by -a and others.
Correct -a text to match reality.
* readelf.c (struct section_argument): Add bool member 'implicit'.
(parse_opt): Set it for -a cases, clear it for -x args.
(for_each_section_argument): Don't complain about a missing section by
name if it's implicit.
2009-11-16 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_string_section): Punt SHT_NOBITS like empty
sections, just as dump_data_section already does.
2009-09-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Allow MERGE and STRINGS flags to be
set for .comment section.
Patch by Mark Wielaard <>.
2009-09-08 Roland McGrath <>
* ar.c (main): Fix typo in message format.
2009-08-21 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Use print_block only when we don't use
2009-08-14 Roland McGrath <>
* ar.c (do_oper_extract): Use pathconf instead of statfs.
2009-08-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* debugpred.h: Add two most const.
2009-07-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* elflint.c (check_note_data): Recognize NT_GNU_GOLD_VERSION.
2009-07-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* (addr2line_LDADD): Add $(libelf).
2009-07-24 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_block): New function.
(print_ops): Use it.
(attr_callback): Use it for DW_FORM_block* forms.
2009-07-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Add handling of DW_OP_implicit_value
and DW_OP_stack_value.
2009-07-14 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_elf_header): Allow Linux ABI.
(check_symtab): Handle STB_GNU_UNIQUE.
2009-07-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_Form constants for
2009-07-06 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (register_info): New function. Handle unknown register #s.
(print_cfa_program): Use it.
(handle_core_register, handle_core_registers): Likewise.
2009-06-28 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_address_names): New static variable.
(options, parse_opt): Grok -N/--numeric-addresses to clear it.
(format_dwarf_addr): Don't look up name if !print_address_names.
2009-06-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ldgeneric.c: Don't use deprecated libelf functions.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
* ld.h: Fix up comment.
2009-06-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_relocs): Expect ELF header argument and pass on
to handle_relocs_rel* functions. Adjust caller.
(handle_relocs_rel): Add ELF header argument. Add special case for
the IRELATIVE relocations in statically linked executables.
(handle_relocs_rela): Likewise.
2009-04-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Add tests of st_other field.
2009-04-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Makefile [BUILD_STATIC] (libdw): Add $(zip_LIBS).
2009-04-20 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (print_dwarf_function): Honor -s and -A for file names
of inline call sites.
* addr2line.c (just_section): New variable.
(adjust_to_section): New function, broken out of ...
(handle_address): ... here.
(options, parse_opt): Add -j/--section=NAME to set it.
2009-04-15 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Check for DW_CIE_ID_64 in
64-bit format header, DW_CIE_ID_32 in 32-bit format header.
2009-04-14 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): Treat SHT_ARM_ATTRIBUTES on EM_ARM
* readelf.c (handle_core_registers): Fix error message.
* strip.c (handle_elf: check_preserved): Don't note any change when
.debug_data is already filled from a previous pass.
2009-02-05 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump.c (show_relocs_x): Minor cleanups.
* readelf.c (print_cfa_program): Correct a few labels.
Print first DW_CFA_expression and DW_CFA_val_expression parameter
as register.
2009-02-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump.c (show_relocs_rel, show_relocs_rela): Split common parts
into ...
(show_relocs_x): New function.
(show_relocs): Better spacing in output.
* objdump.c (show_relocs_rela): Show offsets as signed values.
* ar.c (main): Fix recognition of invalid modes for a, b, i modifiers.
Improve some error messages.
Use program_invocation_short_name instead of AR macro.
* (CFLAGS_ar): Remove.
* elflint.c (parse_opt): ARGP_HELP_EXIT_ERR does nothing for argp_help.
* objdump.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Likewise.
2009-01-27 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Notice short length, don't overrun buffer
(still need to fix LEB128).
* readelf.c (print_ops): Fix DW_OP_call[24] decoding.
* readelf.c (print_ops): Print (empty)\n when LEN == 0.
2009-01-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Fix computation of vma_base
for PC-relative mode.
2009-01-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* size.c (process_file): When handling archive, close file descriptor
here. For unknown file format also close file descriptor.
(handle_ar): Don't close file descriptor here.
* readelf.c (parse_opt): Move code to add to dump_data_sections and
string_sections list in local function add_dump_section. Adjust 'x'
key handling. For 'a' key add .strtab, .dynstr, and .comment section
to string_sections list.
2009-01-22 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_phdr): Don't print section mapping when no sections.
* (AM_CFLAGS): Pass -Wno-format for *_no_Wformat.
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Initialize IS_SIGNED to false
and reset it only for the 'true' cases.
* (addr2line_no_Wformat): New variable.
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Use t instead of j formats
for ptrdiff_t OFFSET.
2009-01-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Fix typo in .eh_frame_hdr section
test. Handle debuginfo files.
(check_exception_data): First sanity test.
2009-01-17 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_exception_table): Show target of ar_disp
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Add most consistency checks for
* addr2line.c: Use ARGP_PROGRAM_VERSION_HOOK_DEF and
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2009-01-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Check that PT_GNU_EH_FRAME entry
matches .eh_frame_hdr section, if it is available. Also check that
the segment is allocated, not writable, not executable.
* readelf.c: Add -e option. Dump exception and unwind related
sections. Add -e to -a.
(print_encoding_base): Handle DW_EH_PE_omit.
(print_debug_exception_table): Beginning of support.
(print_debug): Hook up print_debug_exception_table for
.gcc_except_table sections.
* readelf.c (print_debug_frame_section): Some fixes for last change.
2009-01-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (print_encoding): Now a toplevel function.
(print_relinfo): Likewise.
(print_encoding_base): Broken out of print_debug_frame_section.
(print_debug_frame_section): Print different header for .eh_frame
sections. Fix recognition of matching CIEs in .debug_frame sections.
Print absolute offset for PC-relative FDE locations. Don't print
table header for FDEs if the table is empty.
(read_encoded): New function.
(print_debug_frame_hdr_section): New function.
(print_debug): Hook up print_debug_frame_hdr_section for .eh_frame_hdr
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rel): Print section number.
(print_debug_abbrev_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_aranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_info_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_macinfo_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_pubnames_section): Likewise.
(print_debug_str_section): Likewise.
2009-01-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strings.c (read_block): Fix typo in error message string.
2009-01-07 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (ld_new_searchdir): Fix adding to search path list.
2009-01-06 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c: Implement call frame debug section dumping.
2009-01-05 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c: Exit with status 2 for errors (like cmp, diff, grep).
Status 1 (aka EXIT_FAILURE) is only for completed OK but not equal.
2009-01-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2008-12-11 Roland McGrath <>
* nm.c (sym_name): New function.
(show_symbols_sysv): Use it in place of elf_strptr.
(show_symbols_bsd, show_symbols_posix): Likewise.
Fixes RHBZ#476136.
* nm.c (show_symbols_sysv): Use an alloca'd backup section name when
elf_strptr fails.
2008-12-02 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (count_dwflmod, process_file): Don't presume encoding of
nonzero OFFSET argument to dwfl_getmodules.
2008-08-07 Roland McGrath <>
* addr2line.c (main): Pass string to handle_address.
(see_one_module): New function, subroutine of handle_address.
(find_symbol): Likewise.
(handle_address): Take string argument rather than address.
Convert plain number, or handle strings like "(section)+offset"
or "symbol+offset".
2008-08-01 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Handle 'B' type for 1-origin bitset.
For 'b' and 'B', print <x-y,z> or ~<x,y-z> rather than 1/0 string.
* readelf.c (convert): Take new argument SIZE.
(handle_core_register, handle_core_item): Update callers.
(handle_core_item): Take new arg REPEATED_SIZE.
(handle_core_items): Special case for a singleton item,
let handle_core_item handle repeats if it wants to.
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Give abridged output
for identical groups repeated more than twice.
2008-07-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Handle ELF_T_ADDR.
2008-04-10 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Don't keep sections that kept symbol tables
refer to. Instead, just be sure to preserve the original symbol
table in the debug file so those symbols go with their sections and
can be elided from the stripped version of the symbol table.
* strip.c (handle_elf): When a discarded section kept in the debug
file refers to a nondiscard section via sh_link/sh_info, preserve
that nondiscarded section unmodified in the debug file as well.
Skip adjustment of discarded sections symbol table references when
that symbol table is copied in this way.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Don't crash from missing symbol names
after diagnosing bogus strtab.
* strip.c (handle_elf): Cosmetic cleanup in special section contents
adjustment for symtab changes.
2008-03-31 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Add checks on SHF_EXECINSTR sections:
must be SHT_PROGBITS, must not be SHF_WRITE. Let backend hook
excuse a special section.
2008-03-27 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_sections): Check that executability and writability
of sections is reflected in segment p_flags.
2008-03-26 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_program_header): Accept PT_GNU_RELRO p_flags
that matches its PT_LOAD's p_flags &~ PF_W. On sparc, PF_X really
is valid in RELRO.
2008-02-29 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): Add a cast.
* elflint.c (check_attributes): Likewise.
* unaligned.h (add_8ubyte_unaligned): Cast PTR argument for parity
(add_4ubyte_unaligned, add_2ubyte_unaligned): Likewise.
2008-02-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Implement R_386_TLS_GD
when linked into executable.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
2008-02-20 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_attributes): New function.
(process_elf_file): Call it under -A.
* elflint.c (check_attributes): Implement it for real.
2008-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Handle .gnu.attributes section.
(check_sections): Likewise.
(check_attributes): New function.
2008-02-10 Roland McGrath <>
* elfcmp.c (main): Ignore sh_offset differences in non-SHF_ALLOC
sections and ET_REL files.
2008-02-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elf32-i386.script: Add .eh_frame_hdr, .tdata, and .tbss sections.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): Handle R_386_TLS_LDO_32
and R_386_TLS_LE.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Likewise.
* ld.h (struct ld_state): Add need_tls, tls_start, and tls_tcb
* ldgeneric.c (add_section): If TLS section is used, set need_tls flag.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Add PT_TLS entry to program header.
Fix generation of PT_GNU_STACK entry.
2008-02-01 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (replace_args): Prevent loop over replacements if the parameter
is only two characters long.
* ld.c: Recognize sha1 argument for --build-id parameter.
* ldgeneric.c (create_build_id_section): Handle sha1.
(compute_hash_sum): New function. Broken out of compute_build_id.
Take hash function and context as parameters.
(compute_build_id): Use compute_hash_sum for md5 and the new sha1
2008-01-31 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elf32-i386.script: Add .note.ABI-tag and sections.
* ld.c: Recognize --build-id command line parameter.
* ld.h: Define scn_dot_note_gnu_build_id.
(struct ld_state): Add build_id and buildidscnidx elements.
* ldgeneric.c: Implement --build-id command line parameter.
* ldlex.l (ID): Recognize - as valid character after the first one.
2008-01-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.c (replace_args): New function.
(main): Use it to rewrite old-style parameters.
* elf32-i386.script: Add .gnu.hash section.
* ldgeneric.c (optimal_bucket_size): A tiny bit more efficient.
(fillin_special_symbol): Initialize st_size.
(sortfct_hashval): New function.
(create_gnu_hash): New function.
(create_hash): New function.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Use the new functions to create the
hash tables.
* elflint.c (check_gnu_hash): Fix index value printed in error message.
2008-01-24 Ulrich Drepper <>
* elflint.c (check_group): Check that signature symbol for section
group is not an empty string.
* ldgeneric.c: Remove magic assignment of indeces in the dynsym
section. Start implementation of --hash-style.
* i386_ld.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Recognize --hash-style.
* ld.h (struct scninfo): Add comdat_group.
Add additional parameter to finalize_plt callback.
2008-01-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* ld.h (struct callbacks): Add initialize_gotplt.
(struct scnhead): Add scn_dot_gotplt.
(struct ld_state): Add gotpltscnidx.
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_initialize_plt): Minor optimization.
(elf_i386_initialize_pltrel): Likewise.
(elf_i386_initialize_got): There is now a separate .got.plt, so
don't do the PLT-related work here. Initialize d_type.
(elf_i386_initialize_gotplt): New function.
(elf_i386_plt0): Use ud2a after indirect jump.
(elf_i386_pic_plt0_entry): Likewise.
(elf_i386_finalize_plt): Reference now .got.plt.
(elf_i386_count_relocations): For GOT entries which need no relocation
don't bump nrel_got.
(elf_i386_create_relocations): Also get .got.plt. Rewrite R-386_GOT32
handling for split .got/.got.plt.
(elf_i386_ld_init): Initialize callbacks.initialize_gotplt.
* elf32-i386.script: Sort sections for security. There are no .got
input sections. Add .got.plt.
* ldgeneric.c (ld_generic_generate_sections): Add .got.plt section.
(ld_generic_create_outfile): Initialize .got.plt section.
Use .got.plt address for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ symbol and DT_PLTGOT.
2008-01-19 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386_ld.c (elf_i386_count_relocations): PLT relocations for undefined
symbols are not carried over into statically linked output files.
Add dummy entries for more TLS relocations.
* ld.c (options): Add long names for -( and -).
* ldgeneric.c (check_definition): For newly found definitions don't
mark section as used if symbol is absolute.
(extract_from_archive): Only assign archive sequence number the first
time the archive is handled. Update ld_state.last_archive_used
if any symbol was used. Remove nround variable.
(file_process2): When using symbol from an archive, update
ld_state.group_start_archive, ld_state.archives, and
(ld_generic_file_process): If group is not handled anymore, after
freeing ELF handles for the archives, clear ld_state.archives and
*nextp. Fix wrong logic in recognizing first iteration of group
loop. When clearing flags, also clear ld_state.group_start_archive.
2008-01-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump.c (show_disasm): Adjust disassembler format string for
removal of %e.
2008-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_items): Take new arg DESCSZ; if nonzero,
a size greater than the items cover means multiple sets of items.
(handle_core_note): Update caller.
2008-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* strip.c (handle_elf): Move SHDRIDX defn to silence gcc warning.
2008-01-03 Roland McGrath <>
* ld.h (linked_from_dso_p): Use __attribute__ ((__gnu_inline__)).
* elflint.c (check_dynamic): Remove duplicate initializer.
2008-01-02 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright year.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* ld.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
2007-12-30 Ulrich Drepper <>
* objdump (show_disasm): Use %e after third parameter.
2007-12-21 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strip.c: Fix wrong parenthesis in a few branch predictions.
* strings.c: Likewise.
2007-12-20 Ulrich Drepper <>
* addr2line.c: Include debugpred.h.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* elfcmp.c: Likewise.
* elflint.c: Likewise.
* findtextrel.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* ranlib.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* strip.c: Likewise.
* unstrip.c: Likewise.
* debugpred.h: New file.
* readelf.c (handle_relocs_rel): Use elf_scnshndx.
(handle_relocs_rela): Likewise.
* readelf.c: Add lots of likely/unlikely.
* elflint.c: Minor cleanups.
2007-11-19 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_ops): Handle all bad op codes gracefully.
Print their numbers instead of just ???.
2007-11-09 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Handle DW_AT_data_location.
Handle block forms to mean a DWARF expression for DW_AT_allocated,
DW_AT_associated, DW_AT_bit_size, DW_AT_bit_offset, DW_AT_bit_stride,
DW_AT_byte_size, DW_AT_byte_stride, DW_AT_count, DW_AT_lower_bound,
2007-10-20 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (options): Update -R description.
(struct symbol): Put symbol details a union with a size_t pointer
(compare_symbols_output): Use null ->name as marker for discard
symbols, not zero *->map.
(copy_elided_sections): Record forwarding pointers for discarded
duplicates and fill SYMNDX_MAP elements through them.
* readelf.c (process_file): Set offline_next_address to 0 at start.
(struct process_dwflmod_args): New type.
(process_dwflmod): Take args in it, pass fd to process_elf_file.
(process_file): Update caller; dup FD for passing to libdwfl.
(process_elf_file): Take new arg FD. For ET_REL file when
displaying data affected by libdwfl relocation, open a new Elf handle.
2007-10-17 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_debug_line_section): For invalid data inside a
unit with plausible length, keep printing at the next unit boundary.
* readelf.c (attr_callback): Use dwarf_formref_die, not dwarf_formref.
2007-10-16 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (hex_dump): Fix rounding error in whitespace calculation.
2007-10-15 Roland McGrath <>
* New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.
(make-debug-archive): New target.
2007-10-10 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (special_sections): Add new attrflag value exact_or_gnuld.
Use it to check MERGE|STRINGS for .debug_str.
(check_sections): Handle exact_or_gnuld.
2007-10-08 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (handle_core_item): Handle 'T'|0x80 to indicate
64-bit struct timeval with 32-bit tv_usec.
2007-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (check_archive_index): New function.
(process_file): Call it. Change signature to take only fd and name.
Use libdwfl to open the file, then iterate on its modules (multiple
for an archive) to print file name and call process_elf_file.
(main): Update caller. Let process_file do elf_begin.
(count_dwflmod, process_dwflmod, find_no_debuginfo): New functions.
(process_elf_file): Take only Dwfl_Module * argument.
Don't print the file name here.
(print_debug_*_section): Take Dwfl_Module * argument.
(print_debug): Likewise. Update caller.
(format_dwarf_addr): New function.
(print_debug_ranges_section): Use it.
(attr_callback): Likewise.
(print_debug_line_section, print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* readelf.c (print_debug_ranges_section): Translate all strings.
(print_debug_loc_section): Likewise.
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Initialize SEC.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Put trailing / on short names.
* arlib.h (MAX_AR_NAME_LEN): Decrease by one.
* arlib2.c (arlib_add_long_name): Adjust for header size.
* arlib.c (arlib_finalize): Pad long name table to keep size even.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Use write_retry for padding write.
* ar.c (do_oper_insert): Initialize CUR_OFF in no_old case.
Unconditionally set FOUND[CNT]->elf when setting ->mem.
(remember_long_name): New function.
(do_oper_insert): Call it. Correctly use length of basename,
not original name. Don't store long name twice for new member.
2007-10-06 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_note): Skip empty segment.
(check_note_section): Skip empty section.
* unstrip.c (options, parse_opt, struct arg_info): Grok -R/--relocate.
(handle_output_dir_module, handle_implicit_modules): Pass it down.
(handle_dwfl_module): When set, use ET_REL already loaded by Dwfl.
(compare_alloc_sections): Take new arg REL, ignore address if true.
(compare_sections): Likewise, pass it down.
(compare_sections_rel, compare_sections_nonrel): New functions.
(find_alloc_sections_prelink, copy_elided_sections): Use them
instead of compare_sections.
(sections_match): New function, broken out of ...
(find_alloc_section): ... here.
(copy_elided_sections): Reorganize section match-up logic.
Use sections_match for SHF_ALLOC in ET_REL.
For ET_REL, let the nonzero sh_addr from the debug file dominate.
* unstrip.c (add_new_section_symbols): Take new arg REL.
When true, do not update section symbol values.
(collect_symbols): Likewise. Update section symbols with address
of chosen output section, not original section.
(check_symtab_section_symbols, copy_elided_sections): Update callers.
* unstrip.c (compare_alloc_sections): At the same address, preserve
original section order.
* elflint.c (special_sections): Don't require MERGE|STRINGS for
.debug_str, it didn't always have them with older tools.
* elflint.c (check_symtab, check_one_reloc): Ignore sh_addr in ET_REL.
2007-10-05 Roland McGrath <>
* elflint.c (check_symtab): Allow SHN_UNDEF _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ in
ET_REL file.
* elflint.c (check_symtab): For _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_, diagnose
SHN_UNDEF as "bad section". Use shndx value in messages.
* elflint.c (special_sections): Add ".debug_str". Decrement namelen
for ".debug" so it matches as a prefix.
(IS_KNOWN_SPECIAL): New macro.
(check_sections): Use it for ".plt" match. Cite wrong SHT_NOBITS
type even under -d, for a .debug* or .shstrtab section.
* readelf.c (print_ops): Use hex for address operand.
2007-10-04 Roland McGrath <>
* unstrip.c (copy_elided_sections): Initialize NDX_SECTION element for
.gnu_debuglink section to SHN_UNDEF. Drop STT_SECTION symbols for
sections mapped to SHN_UNDEF.
2007-10-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* readelf.c (dump_archive_index): Avoid warning about uninitialized
variable with older glibc versions.
Add some branch prediction.
2007-10-04 Roland McGrath <>
* readelf.c (print_archive_index): New variable.
(options, parse_opt): Accept -c/--archive-index to set it.
(dump_archive_index): New function.
(process_file): Take new arg WILL_PRINT_ARCHIVE_INDEX.
Call dump_archive_index on archives if set.
(main): Update caller.
(any_control_option): Give it file scope, moved out of ...
(parse_opt): ... here.
2007-10-03 Roland McGrath <>