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2019-08-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* gzip.c (open_stream): Return DWFL_E_ERRNO on bad file operation.
* open.c (libdw_open_elf): New argument bad_elf_ok. Check it and
return DWFL_E_NOERROR in case it is set and error was DWFL_E_BADELF.
(__libdw_open_file): Call libdw_open_elf with bad_elf_ok false.
(__libdw_open_elf): Call libdw_open_elf with bad_elf_ok true.
2019-08-05 Omar Sandoval <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Assign
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (expr_eval): Make sure we left shift a unsigned
64bit value.
2019-04-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (addrarange): Only call realloc when naranges is not zero.
2019-03-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Check
ph_buffer_size vs xlatefrom.d_size after read_portion call.
2019-02-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (intuit_kernel_bounds): Init *notes before
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Remove fake note init empty asm.
2019-01-25 Yonghong Song <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Use PRIu64, not PRIi64, to
read the inode number.
2019-01-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Check
dyn_filesz vs dyn_data_size after read_portion call.
2019-01-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-core-attach.c (core_next_thread): Pass desc to ebl_core_note.
(core_set_initial_registers): Likewise.
2018-10-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Only sanity check mmapped Elf files
for overlap. Don't error when section data was malloced, not mmapped.
2018-10-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (__libdw_open_elf): New internal function declaration.
* open.c (what_kind): Rename close_fd to may_close_fd.
(__libdw_open_file): Replaced (and renamed) by a call to ...
(libdw_open_elf): this. And add never_close_fd argument.
(__libdw_open_elf): New function that calls libdw_open_elf.
2018-10-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (consider_note): Take align as new
argument. Use align to set d_type and calculate padding.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Pass align to consider_notes.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Check p_align to set ELF
* linux-kernel-modules.c (check_notes): Check name and type of note
to determine padding.
2018-10-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_aux_sym): Check sh_entsize is not zero.
2018-10-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (read_portion): Check requested
filesz isn't larger than buffer_available.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Check data_size vs filesz after
read_portion call.
2018-10-02 Andreas Schwab <>
* relocate.c (relocate): Handle ADD/SUB relocations.
2018-09-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
Document why we use e_shnum directly.
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
2018-07-17 Ulf Hermann <>
* linux-pid-attach.c: Include sys/uio.h only on linux.
2018-06-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_addrsym): Remove function declaration.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (__libdwfl_addrsym): Make a static function.
2018-05-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Always call relocate_section with
partial true.
2018-05-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module (__libdwfl_module_free): Free elfdir.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_dw): Close file descriptors after
dwarf_begin_elf call. Set Dwarf debugdir if it is NULL, this is the
main module file and we recorded the elfdir.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): Add elfdir field.
* offline.c (process_elf): Record the elfdir before we close the
main ELF file descriptor.
2018-04-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (unwind): If __libdwfl_frame_reg_get fails for
the return address either set an error or mark the pc undefined.
2018-03-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct __libdwfl_remote_mem_cache): New.
(struct __libdwfl_pid_arg): Add mem_cache field.
* linux-pid-attach.c (read_cached_memory): New function.
(clear_cached_memory): Likewise.
(pid_memory_read): Call read_cached_memory.
(pid_detach): Free mem_cache.
(pid_thread_detach): Call clear_cached_memory.
(dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Initialize mem_cache to NULL.
2018-03-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Use
realpath (name, NULL) instead of canonicalize_file_name (name).
* find-debuginfo.c (dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Likewise.
2018-01-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (cudie_offset): Use __libdw_first_die_off_from_cu instead of
(intern_cu): Simply use a copy of the given die CU as key instead of
trying to construct a dummy one by hand.
2018-02-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-pid-attach.c: Include sys/wait.h after sys/ptrace.h.
2018-02-09 Joshua Watt <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_elf_address_range): Use FALLTHROUGH
macro instead of comment.
* frame_unwind.c (expr_eval): Likewise.
2017-11-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (do_check64): Take a char * and calculate type and val
offsets before reading, possibly unaligned, values.
(do_check32): Likewise.
(check64): Remove define.
(check32): Likewise.
(auxv_format_probe): Call do_check32 and do_check64 directly with
a, possibly unaligned, auxv entry pointer.
(dwfl_link_map_report): Redefine AUXV_SCAN to not dereference a
possibly unaligned auxv entry pointer.
2017-10-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): For -k call argp_failure not failure to
keep dwfl around.
2017-07-26 Yunlian Jiang <>
* argp-std.c (failure): Move to file scope.
(fail): Likewise.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (compare_secrefs): Compare by end address and then by
section number if addresses are equal.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Always return NULL from kernel_release() on
non-linux systems and set errno to ENOTSUP.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* libdwflP.h: Don't include config.h.
* argp-std.c: Include config.h.
* cu.c: Likewise.
* derelocate.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_addrdie.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_addrdwarf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_addrmodule.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_begin.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_cumodule.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_dwarf_line.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_end.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_frame.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_frame_regs.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_getdwarf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_getmodules.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_getsrc.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_getsrclines.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_line_comp_dir.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_linecu.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_lineinfo.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_linemodule.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_addrdie.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_addrname.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_eh_cfi.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdarf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getelf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getsrc.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getsrc_file.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_info.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_nextcu.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_register_names.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_report_build_id.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_return_value_location.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_nextcu.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_onesrcline.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_report_elf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_validate_address.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_version.c: Likewise.
* find-debuginfo.c: Likewise.
* gzip.c: Likewise.
* image-header.c: Likewise.
* lines.c: Likewise.
* linux-core-attach.c: Likewise.
* linux-pid-attach.c: Likewise.
* offline.c: Likewise.
* open.c: Likewise.
* relocate.c: Likewise.
* segment.c: Likewise.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* libdwfl.h: Use __const_attribute__.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* elf-from-memory.c: Explicitly cast phnum to size_t.
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c: Check shnum for 0 before subtracting from
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* dwfl_frame.c: Drop unused sys/ptrace.h include.
* frame_unwind.c: Likewise.
* linux-pid-attach.c: Include sys/ptrace.h and sys/syscall.h only on
2017-04-20 Ulf Hermann <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Include sys/types.h before fts.h
2017-03-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-core-attach.c (core_next_thread): If n_namesz == 0 then
the note name data is the empty string.
(dwfl_core_file_attach): Likewise.
2017-02-15 Ulf Hermann <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Include system.h.
2017-02-15 Ulf Hermann <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Use sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE) to get page size.
* linux-proc-maps.c: Likewise.
2016-12-29 Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c: Include system.h.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c: Likewise.
* libdwfl_crc32_file.c: Don't define LIB_SYSTEM_H.
2016-11-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Only include fts.h early if BAD_FTS is
2016-10-11 Akihiko Odaki <>
* core-file.c: Remove sys/param.h.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Likewise. Add system.h include.
(MAX): Remove definition.
* frame_unwind.c: Add system.h include.
(MAX): Remove definition.
* linux-core-attach.c (MIN): Remove definition.
* linux-pid-attach.c (MAX): Likewise.
2016-08-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (dwfl_link_map_report): Fix assert, set in.d_size.
2016-04-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc_file.c (dwfl_module_getsrc_file): Free match
on invalid DWARF if we allocated it.
2016-04-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Free last_file on bad file
2016-03-01 Steven Chamberlain <>
* linux-pid-attach.c: Removed unused pid_thread_callbacks,
pid_thread_detach, pid_detach, pid_set_initial_registers,
pid_memory_read, pid_getthread, pid_next_thread in #ifndef
__linux__ code.
2016-02-22 Ravi Bangoria <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): Remember whether
debuglink_file is NULL. Try file basename (without .debug) ofr
absolute and relative path if debug_file was NULL.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): If try_debug is true call
dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo with NULL debuglink_file, otherwise with
basename of fname.
2016-02-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Free last_file when ENOEXEC.
2016-02-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (new_unwound): Check and return unwound.
(handle_cfi): Check new_unwound was able to allocate new memory
before use. Return DWFL_E_NOMEM otherwise.
2016-02-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Check result of all gelf_get* calls.
(__libdwfl_relocate): Likewise.
(__libdwfl_relocate_section): Likewise.
2016-02-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Check result of gelf_update_* calls.
2016-01-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwfl_a_SOURCES: Unconditionally add gzip.c.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (vmlinux_suffixes): We always have at least
.gz support.
(try_kernel_name): Likewise.
(check_suffix): Likewise.
* open.c (decompress): Likewise.
2015-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Uncompress symstr, xndx, sym
sections and aux_str, aux_xndx and aux_sym sections if necessary.
* relocate.c (relocate_getsym): Uncompress symtab and symtab_shndx
if necessary.
(resolve_symbol): Uncompress strtab section if necessary.
(relocate_section): Uncompress the section the relocations apply to
if necessary.
2015-11-18 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Move nested function
'report' to file scope.
2015-11-18 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* core-file.c (elf_begin_rand): Move nested function 'fail' to file
* core-file.c (dwfl_elf_phdr_memory_callback): Move nested functions
'update_end' and 'more' to file scope.
2015-11-17 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* link_map.c (auxv_format_probe): Move nested functions
check64 and check32 to file scope.
2015-12-08 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* dwfl_frame.c (state_fetch_pc): Add a backend-defined offset to
the value of the return address register as defined by the CFI
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Likewise.
2015-12-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (dwfl_link_map_report): Track whether in.d_buf comes
from exec or memory_callback, free as appropriate.
2015-12-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_User_Core): New.
(struct DWfl): Replace executable_for_core with user_core.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Store core and fd in Dwfl user_core.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Check and store
executable_for_core in Dwfl user_core.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (dwfl_build_id_find_elf): Check and use
executable_for_core in Dwfl user_core.
* dwfl_end.c (dwfl_end): Release resources held in Dwfl user_core.
* link-map.c (report_r_debug): Check executable_for_core in Dwfl
(dwfl_link_map_report): Likewise.
2015-11-16 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Move nested
function 'consider_shdr' to file scope.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_dynsym): Move nested function
'translate_offs' to file scope.
2015-11-16 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (__libdwfl_addrsym): Move nested functions
'same_section', 'binding_value', 'try_sym_value', and 'search_table'
to file scope.
2015-11-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Remove Dwfl_Module Ebl from
eh_cfi and dwarf_cfi cache if necessary before calling dwarf_end and
2015-11-13 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* gzip.c (unzip): Move nested functions to file scope.
2015-10-21 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc_file.c (dwfl_module_getsrc_file): Move nested
functions 'dwarf_line_file', 'dwfl_line', and 'dwfl_line_file' to
file scope. Rename dwarf_line_file to dwfl_dwarf_line_file. Don't
2015-10-21 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* frame_unwind.c (expr_eval): Move nested function 'push' and 'pop'
to file scope. Pass used local variables in struct eval_stack.
2015-10-21 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_module): Move nested function 'use' to
file scope.
2015-10-09 Josh Stone <>
* core-file.c (elf_begin_rand): Replace loff_t with off_t.
* open.c (decompress): Replace off64_t with off_t.
* gzip.c (unzip): Likewise.
* image-header.c (__libdw_image_header): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h: Likewise in function declarations.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Replace open64 with open.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_mod_by_build_id,
dwfl_build_id_find_elf): Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf_file): Likewise.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): Likewise.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Likewise.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Likewise.
* offline.c (dwfl_report_offline): Likewise.
* linux-proc-maps.c (grovel_auxv, get_pid_class,
dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf): Likewise.
(read_proc_memory): Replace off64_t with off_t.
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): Replace stat64 and
fstat64 with stat and fstat.
(try_open): Likewise, and replace open64 with open.
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Manually define open and fopen to open64 and
fopen64 when needed, since the early fts.h include breaks that.
(try_kernel_name): Replace open64 with open.
(check_notes): Likewise.
2015-10-09 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (read_proc_memory): Use seek+read instead of
pread, as the later doesn't accept negative offsets.
2015-10-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (MAX): Removed.
(find_prelink_address_sync): Allocate exact amount of bytes for
phdrs and shdrs.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
Likewise for phdrs.
* elf-from-memory.c (MAX): Removed.
(elf_from_remote_memory): Allocate exact amount of bytes for phdrs.
2015-10-05 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Do not use
union of variable length arrays.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Likewise.
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
* link_map.c (auxv_format_probe): Likewise.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Likewise.
* link_map.c (dwfl_link_map_report): Likewise.
2015-09-18 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Move nested function "relocate"
to file scope, pass all used local variables as constants.
Move nested "check_badreltype" to file scope, pass addresses of
updated used local variables.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (intuit_kernel_bounds): Move nested function
"read_address" to file scope, pass all updated local variables in
a state structure.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Move nested
function "subst_name" to file scope, pass all used local variables
as constants.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Replace
simple nested function "report" with a macro. Work around gcc static
analysis error -Werror=maybe-uninitialized.
2015-09-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* core-file.c: Remove old-style function definitions.
* dwfl_error.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_eh_cfi.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_register_names.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_return_value_location.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_version.c: Likewise.
2015-09-09 Chih-Hung Hsieh <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_frame.c (dwfl_attach_state): Remove redundant NULL tests
on parameters declared with __nonnull_attribute__.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_module_getelf): Don't mark first argument as
2015-09-08 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct __libdwfl_pid_arg): Add elf and elf_fd.
* linux-pid-attach.c (pid_detach): Call elf_end and close.
(dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Open and save /proc/PID/exe.
2015-09-04 Chih-Hung Hsieh <
* frame_unwind.c (expr_eval): Use llabs instead of abs.
2015-08-14 Dodji Seketeli <>
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): Try to locate the
debug info file named debuglink_file under
mod->dwfl->callbacks->debuginfo_path, by looking at
the set of sub-trees under mod->dwfl->callbacks->debuginfo_path
which is common to the set of non-absolute parent trees of
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* find-debuginfo.c (try_open): Free fname on all failure paths.
2015-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Check shdr is not NULL and
sh_entsize is not zero.
2015-06-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): Always free localpath,
localname and file_dirname.
2015-06-06 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Free sortrefs.
2015-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
If the note_file exists, but the build_id doesn't match discard
the file and continue reporting.
2015-06-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Copy path
pointer before passing to strsep.
2015-05-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (check32): Use read_4ubyte_unaligned_noncvt to read
type and value.
(read_addrs): Use read_(4|8)ubyte_unaligned_noncvt or to read
2015-05-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* find-debuginfo.c (dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Check file_name is
not NULL before calling canonicalize_file_name.
2015-05-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (check_module): Check mod is not NULL.
2015-05-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (dwfl_link_map_report): Allocate phdrs and dyn with
malloc instead of stack allocating. Call free when done with data.
2015-05-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
Allocate phdrs with malloc, not on stack. free in finish.
Allocate dyn with malloc, not on stack, free after use.
2015-05-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): malloc or strdup,
instead of alloca or strdupa, local strings of unknown size.
Call free before return.
2015-05-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Return
error when id_len too small or too large. strdup, not strdupa,
and free path when done.
2015-05-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Don't allocate all
phdrs on the stack. Allocate with malloc and free when done.
2015-05-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): malloc and
free alternate_name.
2015-05-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Don't
stack allocate name. Only change chars up to suffix.
2015-05-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Allocate
phdrs and shdrs unions with malloc, not alloca. Free after use.
2015-05-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Allocate temporary newrefs and
sortrefs with malloc, not alloca. Always free them on return.
2015-05-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (intern_cu): Check for EOF and check cuoff points to a real
Dwarf_Die before interning. Explicitly check EOF is expected.
2015-05-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_lineinfo.c (dwfl_lineinfo): Check info->file is valid.
2015-05-06 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_error.c (struct msgtable): Break type definition out of
the 'msgtable' initializer.
(msgtable): Make it a union of struct msgtable and a char array.
(msgstr): Use the full-table char array rather than the msg_0 entry.
2015-04-23 Max Filippov <>
* core-file.c (_compat_without_executable_dwfl_core_file_report):
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (_compat_vaddr_at_end_dwfl_module_build_id):
* dwfl_report_elf.c (_compat_without_add_p_vaddr_dwfl_report_elf):
2015-04-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* segment.c (insert): Check correct number of lookup_elts.
2015-03-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* core-file.c (core_file_read_eagerly): Special case small images.
2015-01-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Explicitly clear symdata,
syments and first_global on elferr before calling find_dynsym.
2014-12-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc.c (dwfl_module_getsrc): Never match a line that
has end_sequence set.
2015-01-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (intern_cu): Store result and return directly when finding
EOF marker.
(__libdwfl_nextcu): Check *nextp as returned by intern_cu isn't -1.
2014-12-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Always try find_dynsym last.
2014-12-19 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf-from-memory.c (handle_segment): Remove palign sanity check.
2014-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): Make sure symstrdata->d_buf != NULL.
2014-12-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_dynsym): elf_getdata_rawchunk takes
a size_t, make sure it doesn't overflow.
2014-12-13 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (cudie_offset): Make sure Dwarf_Off difference doesn't
wrap around before returning as int.
2014-12-11 Josh Stone <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc.c (dwfl_module_getsrc): Return the *last* line
record <= addr, rather than returning immediately on matches.
2014-12-09 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (handle_file_note): Check count doesn't
2014-12-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Sanity check section overlap against
actually used ehsize, shentsize and phentsize.
2014-12-07 Mark Wielaard <>
* offline.c (dwfl_offline_section_address): Assert shndx is not zero.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Don't relocate against
section zero.
2014-11-29 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Check relocation section and target
section data don't overlap any of the ELF headers.
(relocate): Check for offset + size overflow.
2014-11-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (consider_executable): Use elf_getphdrnum.
(dwfl_link_map_report): Likewise.
2014-11-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Sanity check the data buffer,
number of symbols and first_global before use.
2014-11-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_symtab): Don't use tables which have
a zero sh_entsize.
2014-11-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_dynsym): New inner function
translate_offs that takes an adjust argument. Try finding
the symbol table with and without adjusting to main_bias.
2014-09-26 Jan Kratochvil <>
Support NT_FILE for locating files.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): New variables note_file and
note_file_size, set them and pass them to dwfl_segment_report_module.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Include common.h and fcntl.h.
(buf_has_data, buf_read_ulong, handle_file_note): New functions.
(invalid_elf): New function from code of dwfl_segment_report_module.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Add parameters note_file and
note_file_size. New variables elf and fd, clean them up in finish.
Move some code to invalid_elf. Call handle_file_note, if it found
a name verify the file by invalid_elf. Protect elf and fd against
cleanup by finish if we found the file for new Dwfl_Module.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_segment_report_module): Add parameters note_file and
2014-09-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
Extract ei_class, ei_data and e_type early and use the result.
2014-09-18 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (dwfl_build_id_find_elf): Use IS_EXECUTABLE.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Set
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): New field is_executable.
2014-08-28 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_offsets): Add parameter main_bias, use
(find_dynsym): Pass the new parameter main_bias.
2014-08-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (check-suffix): Also TRY .ko.xz.
2014-07-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix report_r_debug for prelinked libraries.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Comment out variable l_addr.
Use instead new variable base recalculated from l_ld.
2014-06-24 Kurt Roeckx <>
* linux-pid-attach.c: Make it build on non linux hosts.
2014-06-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Use ebl_func_addr_mask.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (__libdwfl_getsym): Likewise.
2014-06-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-core-attach.c (core_memory_read): Use libdw/memory-access.h
macros read_4ubyte_unaligned_noncvt and read_8ubyte_unaligned_noncvt
to read possibly unaligned data.
(core_next_thread): Likewise.
(core_set_initial_registers): Likewise.
(dwfl_core_file_attach): Likewise.
2014-06-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_frame.c (__libdwfl_process_free): Reset dwfl->attacherr.
(dwfl_attach_state): Set dwfl->attacherr.
(dwfl_pid): Check and return dwfl->attacherr if set.
(dwfl_getthreads): Likewise.
(getthread): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h: Add DWFL_E_NO_CORE_FILE.
(struct Dwfl): Add attacherr field.
* linux-core-attach.c (dwfl_core_file_attach): Set dwfl->attacherr.
Don't assert if ELF file is not ET_CORE, just return error.
* linux-pid-attach.c (dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Set dwfl->attacherr.
2014-06-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Ignore errors from dwfl_core_file_attach
or dwfl_linux_proc_attach.
2014-05-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (grovel_auxv): Close fd on error.
2014-05-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf: Remove ENABLE_DWZ ifdefs so find_debug_altlink
is always called.
2014-05-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): Add alt, alt_fd and alt_elf fields.
(__libdwfl_open_mod_by_build_id): Renamed __libdwfl_open_by_build_id.
(__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): New declaration that takes an explicit
* dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo.c (dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo): If
we already have the Dwarf then look for the alt dwz multi file by
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Add the
build-id we are looking for as argument.
(__libdwfl_open_mod_by_build_id): New function, calls
(dwfl_build_id_find_elf): Call __libdwfl_open_mod_by_build_id.
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Release alt, alt_elf and
close alt_fd if necessary.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__check_build_id): Removed.
(try_debugaltlink): Removed.
(open_debugaltlink): Removed.
(open_elf_file): First half of open_elf that just opens the elf
file but doesn't setup the load address.
(open_elf): Call open_elf_file.
(find_debug_altlink): New function.
(load_dw): Remove loading of dwz multifile.
(find_dw): Call find_debug_altlink.
* find-debuginfo.c (validate): Handle alt debug case using
dwelf_dwarf_gnu_debugaltlink and mod->alt_elf.
(find_debuginfo_in_path): Handle alt debug files possibly in .dwz
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): Use
to store name to find by dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo instead of
allocating an extra variable on stack.
2014-04-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id): Moved to
(__libdwfl_find_build_id): Add assert to make sure mod is never NULL.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Call
dwelf_elf_gnu_build_id directly instead of __libdwfl_find_build_id.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__check_build_id): Implement using
2014-04-15 Florian Weimer <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__check_build_id): Moved from libdw.
(try_debugaltlink): Likewise.
(open_debugaltlink): Likewise.
(load_dw): Locate alternate debug information using
dwelf_dwarf_gnu_debugaltlink and call open_debugaltlink.
2014-04-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Add libdwelf.
* libdwflP.h: Include libdwelfP.h.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_debuglink): Moved to libdwelf.
(find_debuginfo): Use dwelf_elf_gnu_debuglink.
2014-04-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (__libdwfl_frame_reg_get): Use uint64_t when
checking bits.
(__libdwfl_frame_reg_set): Likewise.
2014-04-22 Kurt Roeckx <>
* linux-pid-attach.c: Make linux only.
2014-03-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* Remove !MUDFLAP and MUDFLAP conditions.
Remove libelf and libdw definitions when MUDFLAP is defined.
* argp-std.c (__libdwfl_argp_mudflap_options): Removed.
2014-03-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Keep track of
segments_end_mem. Pass memsz to first handle_segment pass. Only
extend contents_size and use shdrs if only file bits are in
2014-03-11 Josh Stone <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Only explicitly set
mod->e_type when processing the main ELF file.
2014-03-04 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct __libdwfl_pid_arg): Moved here and renamed from
linux-pid-attach.c (struct pid_arg).
(__libdwfl_get_pid_arg): New internal function declaration.
(__libdwfl_ptrace_attach): Likewise.
(__libdwfl_ptrace_detach): Likewise.
* dwfl_frame.c (dwfl_attach_state): Add "(deleted)" files to the
special exception modules that cannot be checked at this point.
* linux-pid-attach.c (struct pid_arg): Moved to libdwflP.h
(ptrace_attach): Renamed to...
(__libdwfl_ptrace_attach): New internal function.
(__libdwfl_ptrace_detach): Likewise. Extracted from ...
(pid_thread_detach): Call __libdwfl_ptrace_detach now.
(__libdwfl_get_pid_arg): New internal function.
* linux-proc-maps.c (dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf): Check if special
module name contains "(deleted)" and dwfl_pid gives an attached
pid. If pid is set and try to (re)use ptrace attach state of
process before reading memory.
2014-03-03 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Take pagesize as
argument. Free buffer when detecting bad elf. Check PT_LOAD
alignment requirements on first handle_segment pass. Calculate
loadbase, start and end of segment using pagesize, not p_align.
* linux-proc-maps.c (dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf): Provide pagesize
to elf_from_remote_memory.
2014-02-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Don't assert on bad input.
2014-02-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Check against p64
p_type in case ELFCLASS64, not against p32 p_type.
2014-01-17 Petr Machata <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Use gelf_fsize instead of relying
on shdr->sh_entsize.
2014-01-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Only skip resetting return register
if the regno is not the actual CIE return address register.
2014-01-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-pid-attach.c (dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Use strtol, not atoi.
2013-12-30 Mark Wielaard <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Call dwfl_linux_proc_attach and
dwfl_core_file_attach explicitly.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Don't call
__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core implicitly.
* dwfl_begin.c (dwfl_begin): Remove setting of process_attach_error.
* dwfl_frame.c (dwfl_pid): Set errno to DWFL_E_NO_ATTACH_STATE, not
(dwfl_getthreads): Likewise.
(getthread): Likewise.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_core_file_report): Update documentation.
(dwfl_linux_proc_report): Likewise.
(dwfl_core_file_attach): New function declaration.
(dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl): Remove process_attach_error.
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid): Removed declaration.
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core): Likewise.
(dwfl_core_file_attach): New internal declaration.
(dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Likewise.
(attach_state_for_core): Renamed to...
(dwfl_core_file_attach): ...this. Change return type.
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core): Removed.
* linux-pid-attach.c (struct pid_arg): Add assume_ptrace_stopped.
(pid_set_initial_registers): Check assume_ptrace_stopped before
calling ptrace.
(pid_thread_detach): Likewise.
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid): Renamed to...
(dwfl_linux_proc_attach): ...this. Adjust return type.
* linux-proc-maps.c (dwfl_linux_proc_report): Don't call
__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid implicitly.
2013-12-28 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf): Don't return special
character device files, only regular files.
2013-12-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-core-attach.c (core_next_thread): Check whether thread_argp
is NULL. Reset core_arg->thread_note_offset and malloc a thread_arg
in that case. Free thread_arg if there are no more threads.
2013-12-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Free
build_id before returning early.
2013-12-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-pid-attach.c (__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid): Report actual
pid (thread group leader) to dwfl_attach_state.
2013-12-21 Mark Wielaard <>
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Track whether the return register
has been set and only allow it to be set once.
2013-12-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_frame.c (one_arg): New struct.
(get_one_thread_cb): New function.
(dwfl_getthread): Likewise.
(one_thread): New struct.
(get_one_thread_frames_cb): New function.
(dwfl_getthread_frames): Likewise.
* libdwfl.h (Dwfl_Thread_Callbacks): Add get_thread function.
(dwfl_getthread_frames): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_getthread_frames): New internal function declaration.
* linux-core-attach.c (core_thread_callbacks): Initialize get_thread
to NULL.
* linux-pid-attach.c (pid_getthread): New function.
(pid_thread_callbacks): Initialize get_thread to pid_getthread.
2013-12-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel_archive): Correct nested
asprintf result check for debug.a.
2013-12-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (__libdwfl_find_section_ndx): New internal function.
* dwfl_module_addrname.c (dwfl_module_addrname): Use
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): Replace with...
(__libdwfl_addrsym): ...this. Use __libdwfl_getsym, use value
for comparisons, not st_value. Fill in off. Search for both value
and the (adjusted) sym.st_value when different.
(dwfl_module_addrsym): Implement using __libdwfl_addrsym.
(dwfl_module_addrinfo): New function.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym_elf): Replace with...
(__libdwfl_getsym): ...this. Use ebl_resolve_sym_value if requested
and possible. Adjust sym->st_value only when requested. Fill in addr
if available.
(dwfl_module_getsym_info): New function.
(dwfl_module_getsym): Use __libdwfl_getsym.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_module_getsym_elf): Removed.
(dwfl_module_getsym_info): New function declaration.
(dwfl_module_addrinfo): Likewise.
(dwfl_module_addrsym): Add documentation describing differences
with addrinfo variants.
(dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): Removed.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_getsym): New internal function declaration.
(__libdwfl_addrsym): Likewise.
(__libdwfl_find_section_ndx): Likewise.
(dwfl_module_addrinfo): New internal declaration.
(dwfl_module_getsym_info): Likewise.
(dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): Removed.
(dwfl_module_getsym_elf): Likewise.
2013-12-18 Jan Kratochvil <>
* argp-std.c (offline_find_elf): Remove.
(offline_callbacks): Use dwfl_build_id_find_elf instead.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (dwfl_build_id_find_elf): Move here the code
removed above.
2013-12-18 Jan Kratochvil <>
unwinder: s390 and s390x
* dwfl_frame_pc.c (dwfl_frame_pc): Call ebl_normalize_pc.
* frame_unwind.c (new_unwound): New function from ...
(handle_cfi): ... here. Call it.
(setfunc, getfunc, readfunc): New functions.
(__libdwfl_frame_unwind): Call ebl_unwind with those functions.
* linux-core-attach.c (core_set_initial_registers): Always iterate
through the Ebl_Register_Location loop. Call
dwfl_thread_state_register_pc there.
2013-12-17 Jan Kratochvil <>
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Call ebl_dwarf_to_regno for RA.
2013-12-17 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-pid-attach.c (pid_next_thread): Call rewinddir on first
2013-12-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global): New function
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global): New
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global): New internal
function definition.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): Use new function.
2013-12-14 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Free mod->reloc_info if
allocated. Call dwarf_cfi_end on mod->eh_cfi if necessary.
* frame_unwind.c (handle_cfi): Free frame result from
dwarf_cfi_addrframe when done.
2013-12-15 Jan Kratochvil <>
unwinder: ppc and ppc64
* frame_unwind.c (__libdwfl_frame_reg_get, __libdwfl_frame_reg_set):
Call ebl_dwarf_to_regno.
* linux-core-attach.c (core_set_initial_registers): Implement
pc_register support.
* linux-pid-attach.c (pid_thread_state_registers_cb): Implement
2013-11-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
Introduce process_attach_error.
* dwfl_begin.c (dwfl_begin): Initialize process_attach_error.
* dwfl_frame.c (dwfl_pid, dwfl_getthreads): Use PROCESS_ATTACH_ERROR if
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl): New field process_attach_error.
* linux-core-attach.c (__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core): Rename to ...
(attach_state_for_core): ... here, make it static, change return type,
no longer use __libdwfl_seterrno.
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core): New wrapper for it.
2013-11-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Rename to and call...
(dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): this. Add elfp and biasp arguments,
keep track of symelf, addr_symelf, closest_elf and sizeless_elf
instead of tracking dwfl_files.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (__libdwfl_module_getsym): Renamed to...
(dwfl_module_getsym_elf): ...this. Remove dwfl_file argument, add
new elfp and biasp arguments. Track elf instead of file.
(dwfl_module_getsym): Call dwfl_module_getsym_elf.
dwfl_module_info.c (dwfl_module_info): Pass elf to
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_module_getsym): Document limitations of shndx.
(dwfl_module_getsym_elf): New function declaration.
(dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_module_addrsym_elf): INTDECL.
(dwfl_module_getsym_elf): Likewise.
(dwfl_adjusted_st_value): Take and check elf not dwfl_file.
(dwfl_deadjust_st_value): Likewise.
(__libdwfl_module_getsym): Removed.
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): Pass elf to dwfl_adjusted_st_value.
2013-11-21 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix non-build-id core files on build-id system.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Remove valid clearing if build-id cannot
be read from memory.
2013-11-21 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): New
variable close_elf. Call __libdwfl_find_elf_build_id and compare the
content, if possible.
2013-11-21 Jan Kratochvil <>
link_map: Use proper bias, not l_addr.
* core-file.c (dynamic_vaddr_get): Rename to ...
(__libdwfl_dynamic_vaddr_get): ... here, make it global,
(dwfl_core_file_report): Update name in the caller.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_dynamic_vaddr_get): New declaration.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): New variable elf_dynamic_vaddr. Call
__libdwfl_dynamic_vaddr_get for it. Remove L_ADDR FIXME comment.
2013-11-19 Jan Kratochvil <>
Compatibility with older kernels such as RHEL-6.
* linux-pid-attach.c (struct pid_arg): New field tid_was_stopped.
(ptrace_attach): New parameter tid_was_stoppedp. Set it.
(pid_set_initial_registers): Pass tid_was_stopped.
(pid_thread_detach): Use tid_was_stopped.
2013-11-18 Josh Stone <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_aux_address_sync): New function.
(find_aux_sym): Use it.
2013-11-14 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup: Remove const in prototype
* dwfl_frame_regs.c (dwfl_thread_state_registers): Remove const from
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_thread_state_registers): Likewise.
* linux-pid-attach.c (pid_thread_state_registers_cb): Likewise.
2013-11-14 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix dwfl_attach_state machine->elf.
* dwfl_frame.c (dwfl_attach_state): Change parameter machine to elf.
Call ebl_openbackend instead of ebl_openbackend_machine.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_attach_state): Change parameter machine to elf.
Update the function description.
* linux-core-attach.c (__libdwfl_attach_state_for_core): Pass CORE to
* linux-pid-attach.c (__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid): Pass NULL to
2013-11-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
Provide __libdwfl_module_getsym to get dwfl_file *.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym) (i_to_symfile): Remove.
(dwfl_module_addrsym) (search_table): New variable file. Use
__libdwfl_module_getsym. Use file.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Rename to ...
(__libdwfl_module_getsym): ... here. Add parameter filep. Set it.
(dwfl_module_getsym): New wrapper.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_module_getsym): New declaration.
2013-11-13 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix dwfl_module_addrsym for minidebuginfo.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): New variable
(dwfl_module_addrsym) (same_section): Use it.
(dwfl_module_addrsym) (i_to_symfile): New function.
(dwfl_module_addrsym) (search_table): Use it.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
Mark Wielaard <>
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add dwfl_frame.c, frame_unwind.c,
dwfl_frame_pc.c, linux-pid-attach.c, linux-core-attach.c and
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Call
* dwfl_end.c (dwfl_end): Call __libdwfl_process_free.
* dwfl_frame.c: New file.
* frame_unwind.c: New file.
* dwfl_frame_pc.c: New file.
* linux-pid-attach.c: New file.
* linux-core-attach.c: New file.
* dwfl_frame_regs.c: New file.
* libdwfl.h (Dwfl_Thread, Dwfl_Frame): New typedefs.
(dwfl_core_file_report, dwfl_linux_proc_report): Extend comments.
(Dwfl_Thread_Callbacks): New definition.
(struct ebl, dwfl_attach_state, dwfl_pid, dwfl_thread_dwfl)
(dwfl_thread_tid, dwfl_frame_thread, dwfl_thread_state_registers)
(dwfl_thread_state_register_pc, dwfl_getthreads, dwfl_thread_getframes)
(dwfl_frame_pc): New declarations.
* libdwflP.h (Dwfl_Process): New typedef.
(struct Dwfl): New entry process.
(struct Dwfl_Process, struct Dwfl_Thread, struct Dwfl_Frame)
(__libdwfl_frame_reg_get, __libdwfl_frame_reg_set)
(__libdwfl_process_free, __libdwfl_frame_unwind)
(__libdwfl_attach_state_for_pid, __libdwfl_attach_state_for_core)
(__libdwfl_segment_start, __libdwfl_segment_end): New declarations.
(dwfl_attach_state, dwfl_pid, dwfl_thread_dwfl, dwfl_thread_tid)
(dwfl_frame_thread, dwfl_thread_state_registers)
(dwfl_thread_state_register_pc, dwfl_getthreads, dwfl_thread_getframes)
(dwfl_frame_pc): New INTDECL entries.
* linux-proc-maps.c (dwfl_linux_proc_report): Call
* segment.c (segment_start): Rename to ...
(__libdwfl_segment_start): ... here and make it internal_function.
(segment_end): Rename to ...
(__libdwfl_segment_end): ... here and make it internal_function.
(reify_segments, dwfl_report_segment): Rename them at the callers.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Remove the use of MAX.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Replaced variable sniffed by
retval. Fix one forgotten LISTED increase.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix core files for re-prelink-ed files.
* core-file.c (dynamic_vaddr_get): New function.
(dwfl_core_file_report): New variable file_dynamic_vaddr. Call
dynamic_vaddr_get instead of using L_ADDR.
* libdwflP.h (struct r_debug_info_module): Remove field l_addr.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Do not initialize l_addr.
2013-11-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Reindent block of code by
continue keyword.
2013-10-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Use executable parameter of
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Add parameter executable. Set
it to DWFL. Add NEW_VERSION for it.
(_compat_without_executable_dwfl_core_file_report): New. Twice.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_core_file_report): Add parameter executable, update
the function comment.
2013-10-15 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Ignore non-absolute file
(dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf): Don't abort, just return failure.
2013-09-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (intern_cu): If dwarf_offdie fails free cu.
2013-09-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Don't fclose FILE in
2013-09-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Call elf_getdata with
aux_xndxscn, not xndxscn, for aux_symxndxdata.
2013-08-25 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Pass add_p_vaddr as true
to dwfl_report_elf.
2013-07-25 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Check for
conflicts all the modules, not just the first one. Compare L_LD if it
is equal, not if it is in a module address range.
2013-07-23 Jan Kratochvil <>
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_elf_address_range): Add internal_function.
2013-07-23 Jan Kratochvil <>
* core-file.c (clear_r_debug_info): Close also ELF and FD.
(dwfl_core_file_report): Call __libdwfl_report_elf for
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_elf_address_range): New function from
code of ...
(__libdwfl_report_elf): ... this function. Call it.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Include unistd.h.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Use basename for MODULE->NAME.
Clear MODULE if it has no build-id and we have segment with build-id.
Ignore this segment only if MODULE still contains valid ELF.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_elf_address_range): New declaration.
(struct r_debug_info_module): New fields fd, elf, l_addr, start, end
and disk_file_has_build_id.
(dwfl_link_map_report): Extend the comment.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Extend the comment. Always fill in new
r_debug_info_module. Initialize also the new r_debug_info_module
fields. Remove one FIXME comment. Call __libdwfl_elf_address_range
instead of __libdwfl_report_elf when R_DEBUG_INFO is not NULL.
2013-07-19 Jan Kratochvil <>
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id): Add internal_function.
2013-07-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Remove mod->e_type assert.
2013-06-05 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Always call release_buffer after
memory_callback succeeded reading build_id.
2013-05-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt) <ARGP_KEY_SUCCESS> <opt->core> <opt->e>: Set
executable_for_core before calling dwfl_core_file_report.
* core-file.c (clear_r_debug_info): New function.
(dwfl_core_file_report): Move raw segments reporting lower. New
variable r_debug_info, pass it to dwfl_segment_report_module. Call
clear_r_debug_info in the end. Return sum of LISTED and SNIFFED.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (check_notes): Move into
(__libdwfl_find_build_id): Rename to ...
(__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id): ... here. Add parameters build_id_bits,
build_id_elfaddr and build_id_len. Verify MOD vs. ELF.
(__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id) (check_notes): Remove parameters mod and
set, rename data_vaddr to data_elfaddr. Do not call found_build_id.
(__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id): Update the check_notes caller, do not
adjust its data_elfaddr parameter.
(__libdwfl_find_build_id): New wrapper of __libdwfl_find_elf_build_id.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): New
parameter r_debug_info. New variable name_is_final. Adjust addresses
according to R_DEBUG_INFO->MODULE. Check conflicts against DWFL.
Do not overwrite NAME by SONAME if NAME_IS_FINAL.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_find_elf_build_id): New declaration.
(struct r_debug_info_module, struct r_debug_info): New definitions.
(dwfl_segment_report_module, dwfl_link_map_report): Add parameter
* link_map.c: Include fcntl.h.
(report_r_debug): Add parameter r_debug_info, describe it in the
function comment. Delete dwfl_addrmodule call and its dependent code.
Verify build-id before calling dwfl_report_elf, also supply
executable_for_core to it. Store r_debug_info->module info when
(dwfl_link_map_report): Add parameter r_debug_info. New variable
in_ok. Try to read IN from EXECUTABLE_FOR_CORE. Update report_r_debug
caller parameters.
2013-04-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Add parameter add_p_vaddr.
Set it to true for ET_EXEC and ET_CORE. Provide alternative
setup of START and BIAS if !ADD_P_VADDR. Set END from BIAS, not BASE.
(dwfl_report_elf): Add parameter add_p_vaddr. Pass it down. Add
(_compat_without_add_p_vaddr_dwfl_report_elf) <SHARED>: New, with
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_report_elf): Add parameter add_p_vaddr. Describe it.
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_report_elf): Add parameter add_p_vaddr.
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Use true add_p_vaddr for dwfl_report_elf.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Use false add_p_vaddr for
* offline.c (process_elf): Use true add_p_vaddr for dwfl_report_elf.
2013-04-27 Mark Wielaard <>
* link_map.c: #include system.h.
2013-04-26 Jan Kratochvil <>
* link_map.c (BE32, BE64, LE32, LE64): Delete the definitions, move
them to lib/system.h.
2013-04-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDES.
2013-03-20 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Remove BASE aligning.
2013-03-12 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_getsrclines.c (dwfl_getsrclines): Return 0 on success.
2013-02-22 Mark Wielaard <>
* open.c (__libdw_gunzip,__libdw_bunzip2,__libdw_unlzma): Define
as DWFL_E_BADELF when not used.
2013-02-10 Mark Wielaard <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Use opt->core and opt->e explicitly in
failure messages When handling ARGP_KEY_SUCCESS because arg will
not have been set.
2013-01-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-proc-maps.c: Include system.h.
(PROCEXEFMT, get_pid_class): New.
(grovel_auxv): Detect 32-bit vs. 64-bit auxv, possibly call
2013-01-23 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_aux_sym): Don't substract one
from aux_syments by default.
(find_symtab): Also succeed when only aux_symdata is found.
When no symtab is found always try to load auxiliary table.
(dwfl_module_getsymtab): Substract one from result when both
tables have symbols.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Only skip auxiliary
zero entry when both tables have symbols.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Only substract
one from first_global when both tables have symbols.
2013-01-16 Mark Wielaard <>
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): Add aux_sym, aux_symdata,
aux_syments, aux_symstrdata, aux_symxndxdata and aux_first_global.
(dwfl_adjusted_aux_sym_addr): New function.
(dwfl_deadjust_aux_sym_addr): Likewise.
(dwfl_adjusted_st_value): Take and check symfile argument.
(dwfl_deadjust_st_value): Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Take and
use dwfl_file as argument to set address_sync.
(find_debuginfo): Call find_prelink_address_sync with debug file.
(find_aux_sym): New function.
(find_symtab): Use find_aux_sym if all we have is the dynsym table
and fill in aux DwflModule fields.
(dwfl_module_getsymtab): Return syments plus aux_syments.
(load_symtab): Always set first_global.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Check symfile
when using same_section. Calculate first_global based on both
mod->first_global and mod->aux_first_global.
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Free aux_sym.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Use auxsym table
to retrieve symbol and name if necessary, making sure all locals
from any table come before any globals.
* dwfl_module_info.c (dwfl_module_info): Call dwfl_adjusted_st_value
with symfile.
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): Likewise.
2013-01-07 Roland McGrath <>
* link_map.c (auxv_format_probe): Handle unaligned 64-bit data, but
still assume the data is at least 32-bit aligned anyway.
(dwfl_link_map_report): Handle unaligned auxv data.
2012-12-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Only free fname if
find_kernel_elf succeeds and allocates it.
(report_kernel_archive): Fix brackets around unlikely expression.
2012-11-29 Jan Kratochvil <>
* argp-std.c: Update Copyright year.
(offline_find_elf): New function.
(offline_callbacks): Use it for find_elf.
(struct parse_opt): New.
(parse_opt): New key ARGP_KEY_INIT. In other make hook struct
parse_opt pointer from former Dwfl pointer. Delay 'e and OPT_COREFILE
processing till ARGP_KEY_SUCCESS. Initialize state->input already from
ARGP_KEY_SUCCESS. Modify the cleanup in ARGP_KEY_ERROR. Make the
final state->input initialization optional.
* dwfl_end.c: Update Copyright year.
(dwfl_end): Free executable_for_core.
* libdwflP.h: Update Copyright year.
(struct Dwfl): New field executable_for_core.
2012-11-20 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Simplify START and BIAS
2012-10-17 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (mod_verify_build_id): New function with code
from ...
(__libdwfl_getelf): ... here. Call it.
2012-10-17 Jan Kratochvil <>
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_module_getelf): Add __nonnull_attribute__.
2012-10-10 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module):
Initialize mod->MAIN_BIAS.
2012-10-10 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): New function
binding_value. Use it for both zero and non-zero size symbols
2012-10-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* cu.c (cudie_offset): Don't use type_sig8, it might not be
initialized and these are always real CUs, never TUs.
2012-10-01 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (find_section): Check next section exists before
accessing it.
2012-08-01 Petr Machata <>
* offline.c (process_archive_member): Ignore entry "/SYM64/".
2012-03-28 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c
(dwfl_segment_report_module: read_portion): Don't use existing buffer
when FILESZ is zero (string mode) and available portion doesn't hold
a terminated string.
2011-12-02 Roland McGrath <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Fix ELFCLASS64 case
to use elf64_xlatetom and PHDRS.p64.
Reported by Serge Pavlov <>.
2011-11-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): First search all
global symbols. Then only when that doesn't provide a match search
all local symbols too.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_symtab): Take first_global int arg
and fill it in.
(find_symtab): Initialize mod->first_global and pass it to load_symtab.
* libdwfl/libdwflP.h (Dwfl_Module): Add first_global field.
2011-11-31 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Only update
sizeless_sym if needed and closer to desired addr.
2011-10-20 Mark Wielaard <>
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Intern mod->reloc_info check.
(dwfl_module_relocations): Don't check mod->reloc_info.
(dwfl_module_relocation_info): Likewise.
(find_section): Likewise.
2011-07-09 Roland McGrath <>
* image-header.c (LE32): Macro removed (now in lib/system.h).
2011-04-11 Mark Wielaard <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (vmlinux_suffixes): Guard definition
by check for zlib, bzlib or lzma defines to check it isn't empty.
(try_kernel_name): Use same guard for use of vmlinux_suffixes.
2011-03-08 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Clear errno before CBFAIL.
Reported by Kurt Roeckx <>.
2011-02-11 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): Try .gz, .bz2, .xz
suffixes if corresponding decompression support is enabled.
2011-02-01 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Use the
section-end address as the synchronization point, rather than sh_addr.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Discover
PT_INTERP p_vaddr separately from main phdrs and undo phdrs.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_prelink_address_sync): Fix pasto in
last change, so we recognize PT_INTERP in ELFCLASS64 correctly.
2011-01-11 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Remove section-based
address_sync fixup from here.
(find_prelink_address_sync): New function.
(find_debuginfo): Call it.
* libdwflP.h (DWFL_ERRORS): Add BAD_PRELINK error.
2011-01-04 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Enhance address_sync calculation
logic to consider section addresses, the better to survive all the
possible prelink machinations.
* libdwflP.h (struct dwfl_file): Comment change.
2010-11-30 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocations): Remove over-eager assert.
2010-11-12 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): New member main_bias.
(dwfl_adjusted_address, dwfl_deadjust_address): Use it.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__libdwfl_getelf): Initialize it.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_deadjust_address): New function.
(dwfl_deadjust_dwarf_addr, dwfl_deadjust_st_value): New functions.
* cu.c (addrarange): Use dwfl_deadjust_dwarf_addr.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Use dwfl_deadjust_st_value.
2010-11-11 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h (struct dwfl_file): Remove bias member.
Add vaddr and address_sync members instead.
(dwfl_adjusted_address): Calculate using vaddr.
(dwfl_adjusted_dwarf_addr): Calculate using address_sync and call that.
(dwfl_adjusted_st_value): Use one of those calls.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Initialize vaddr and address_sync.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): Likewise.
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocations): Update ET_EXEC assertions.
* link_map.c (consider_executable): Adjust only MOD->low_addr for
detected PIE bias change.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_adjusted_dwarf_addr): New function.
* dwfl_module_info.c: Use it.
* cu.c (addrarange): Likewise.
* dwfl_dwarf_line.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_lineinfo.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_nextcu.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (dwfl_module_getdwarf): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_adjusted_st_value): New function.
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): Use it.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_info.c: Likewise.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_adjusted_address): New function.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Use it.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Likewise.
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Likewise.
(dwfl_module_address_section): Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getelf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_eh_cfi.c: Likewise.
* link_map.c (consider_executable): Likewise.
2010-08-24 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_dwarf_line.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
2010-08-18 Roland McGrath <>
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Use found name if we have no name,
even if we already have an Elf handle.
2010-06-30 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Don't be
confused by -1 return from dwfl_build_id_find_elf after it opened
the Elf handle.
* find-debuginfo.c (dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Likewise for
2010-06-16 Roland McGrath <>
* cu.c (cudie_offset): Use DIE_OFFSET_FROM_CU_OFFSET macro.
2010-06-14 Roland McGrath <>
* find-debuginfo.c (try_open): Take new arg MAIN_STAT. Compare
candidate file to that st_dev/st_ino and pretend it didn't exist
if they match.
(find_debuginfo_in_path): Update caller, pass main file's info.
2010-05-20 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (find_sysinfo_ehdr): Renamed to ...
(grovel_auxv): ... this. Take DWFL argument.
(dwfl_linux_proc_report): Update caller.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Calculate alignment for bias
based on dwfl->segment_align or manifest alignment of MOD->low_addr.
2010-05-19 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (intuit_kernel_bounds): Rewritten.
2010-05-06 Roland McGrath <>
* segment.c (insert): Clear inserted elements of DWFL->lookup_module.
* libdwflP.h (DWFL_ERRORS): Add WRONG_ID_ELF.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c: Set MOD->main.valid when there is a build
ID but we didn't find a file.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__libdwfl_getelf): When that's set, check
and refuse any fallback file-by-name if it lacks the matching ID.
* dwfl_error.c (dwfl_errno): Add INTDEF.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Do elf_end and clear FILE->elf in
failure cases.
2010-05-04 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Use "[pie]" rather than "[dso]" for an
ET_DYN that has a DT_DEBUG.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Fix jump-start of NDX-finding loop.
* segment.c (insert): Fix moving of values following insertion.
(reify_segments): Fix up MOD->segment backpointer indices after
later insertions in the main loop invalidate them.
* link_map.c (dwfl_link_map_report): Detect bias of embedded phdrs and
apply it to PT_DYNAMIC p_vaddr so we handle a PIE correctly.
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Return any nonzero count of
modules reported, even if link_map grovelling failed and only sniffing
found anything.
2010-04-26 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Treat R_*_NONE reloc as no reloc.
Works around probably-wrong ld -r behavior for case of a DWARF address
constant that refers to a discarded SHF_ALLOC section.
2010-04-14 Roland McGrath <>
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Limit iterations on the l_next chain to
an upper bound on sane possible number of elements.
2010-03-11 Roland McGrath <>
* link_map.c (auxv_format_probe): Fix scanning loop, so we really scan
the second half for 32-bit matches.
2010-03-10 Roland McGrath <>
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Punt EHDR argument.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Update caller.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_core_file_report.
* libdwflP.h: Don't.
2010-02-17 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (addr_segndx): Take new flag argument.
If set, find the first index not below ADDR.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Update callers.
Pass true when calculating return value.
2010-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
* Use config/ for common stuff.
* find-debuginfo.c (find_debuginfo_in_path): Fix uninitialized
variable in failure path.
2010-02-02 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.c (dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi): Always set bias.
* dwfl_module_eh_cfi.c (dwfl_module_eh_cfi): Likewise
2010-01-07 Roland McGrath <>
* core-file.c (dwfl_core_file_report): Use elf_getphdrnum.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf, find_dynsym): Likewise.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Likewise.
2010-01-06 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (relocate_getsym): For SHN_COMMON, zero st_value.
(relocate_section): Let unresolved SHN_COMMON symbol stay 0.
2009-11-16 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Skip SHT_NOBITS or empty target scn.
2009-11-12 Petr Machata <>
* core-file.c (dwfl_elf_phdr_memory_callback): Only load ahead if
the chunk is both offset-contiguous and vaddr-contiguous.
2009-11-05 Roland McGrath <>
* link_map.c (report_r_debug): Skip entries with l_ld==0.
Use dwfl_addrmodule for l_ld lookup, don't bail on lookup failure.
2009-09-04 Roland McGrath <>
* image-header.c (__libdw_image_header): Fix tranposed comparison.
2009-08-27 Roland McGrath <>
* image-header.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h: Declare __libdw_image_header.
* open.c (decompress): Don't consume ELF on failure.
(what_kind): New function, broken out of ...
(__libdw_open_file): ... here. Call it.
If it fails, try __libdw_image_header and then try what_kind again.
* gzip.c (unzip): Reuse *WHOLE as first INPUT_BUFFER,
leave it behind for next decompressor.
* open.c (decompress): Free BUFFER on failure.
2009-08-26 Roland McGrath <>
* gzip.c (find_zImage_payload): New function, broken out of ...
(mapped_zImage): ... here. Call it.
(find_zImage_payload) [LZMA]: Match LZMA-compressed kernels with
stupid method of just trying the decoder.
* open.c [USE_LZMA]: Try __libdw_unlzma.
* libdwflP.h: Declare it.
* gzip.c [LZMA]: Implement liblzma version for XZ file format.
* lzma.c: New file.
* [LZMA] (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* gzip.c (mapped_zImage): Limit scan to 32kb.
Make this unconditional, support bzip2 kernel images too.
(unzip): Use direct inflate method for non-mmap case too.
Only zlib uses the stream method.
2009-08-09 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c: Use new macros for versioned definitions.
2009-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.c: New file.
* dwfl_module_eh_cfi.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add them.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): New members `dwarf_cfi', `eh_cfi.
Add INTDECL for dwfl_module_eh_cfi, dwfl_module_dwarf_cfi.
2009-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): Reorder members to pack better.
2009-06-18 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Return NULL on overlap.
2009-06-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
* derelocate.c: Don't use deprecated libelf functions.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c: Likewise.
* relocate.c: Likewise.
2009-04-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c: Define versioned symbols only if SHARED is
defined. Otherwise just define the latest version.
2009-04-22 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): Apply correct bias to st_value found in
a non-ET_REL module.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Fix last change to
adjust properly for non-ET_REL.
2009-04-21 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getsym.c: Apply non-ET_REL bias only if SHF_ALLOC.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Assert that MOD is ET_REL.
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Call __libdwfl_relocate_value only
for ET_REL.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Likewise.
2009-04-20 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__libdwfl_getelf): Add internal_function.
2009-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_file): Renamed to ...
(__libdwfl_getelf): ... this. Make it global.
(find_symtab, find_dw): Update callers.
(dwfl_module_getelf): Functions moved ...
* dwfl_module_getelf.c: ... here, new file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h: Declare __libdwfl_getelf.
2009-04-14 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Handle DT_STRTAB value being either
absolute (already adjusted in place) or needing load bias adjustment.
* core-file.c (dwfl_elf_phdr_memory_callback): Fix return value for
gelf_getphdr failure. Fix file size limit checks.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Fix underflow in DYNSTRSZ check.
2009-04-08 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getsym.c: Don't adjust for bias again after
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Don't adjust a value from
a non-SHF_ALLOC section.
(relocate_getsym): Test st_shndx for SHN_* values, not *SHNDX.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Likewise.
2009-03-09 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Move SHSTRNDX
variable to outer scope, so we cache it for the loop.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Add MOD->main.bias to sh_addr.
2009-02-12 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Use
__libdwfl_relocate_value to find correct sh_addr value.
2009-02-10 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Take new arg SANITY.
If false, don't fail for NO_PHDR.
(dwfl_report_elf): Update caller.
* libdwflP.h: Update decl.
* offline.c (process_elf): Call it with false, so we don't refuse
dubiously-formed objects here.
* link_map.c (consider_executable): Don't assert dwfl_addrsegment
finds our module. We shouldn't crash when we confuse some guesses.
2009-02-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* open.c (decompress): Avoid crash with empty input file.
2009-01-27 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Ignore trailing PT_LOAD
with zero vaddr and memsz.
2009-01-22 Roland McGrath <>
* open.c (decompress): Move BUFFER, SIZE decls outside #if.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (addr_segndx): Remove bogus adjustments
after address-matching loop.
* segment.c (lookup): Fix fencepost in checking for HINT match.
2009-01-14 Roland McGrath <>
* gzip.c [!BZLIB] (mapped_zImage): New function.
(unzip) [!BZLIB]: Grok Linux kernel zImage format.
2009-01-10 Ulrich Drepper <>
* dwfl_error.c: Always use __thread. Remove all !USE_TLS code.
2009-01-08 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline):
Skip subdirectory named "source".
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Likewise.
2009-01-06 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (check_suffix): New function.
Match ".ko", ".ko.gz", and ".ko.bz2" suffixes.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Use it.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Likewise.
2009-01-05 Roland McGrath <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Use __libdw_open_file for core file.
* dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo.c: Use it to open the file.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Likewise.
* dwfl_report_elf.c: Likewise.
* find-debuginfo.c (validate): Likewise.
* offline.c (__libdwfl_report_offline): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h: Declare __libdw_open_file.
* open.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* gzip.c: New file.
* [ZLIB] (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* bzip2.c: New file.
* [BZLIB] (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h: Declare __libdw_gunzip, __libdw_bunzip2.
2008-12-16 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (dwfl_module_build_id): Define with alias and
symver magic to bind to ELFUTILS_0.138.
(_BUG_COMPAT_dwfl_module_build_id): New function, bug compatible
wrapper for ELFUTILS_0.130 version set.
2008-12-18 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocate_address): Fix last fix: ET_DYN
addresses are taken as relative to MOD->low_addr.
2008-12-15 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocate_address): Apply main.bias, not
2008-12-11 Roland McGrath <>
* offline.c (process_archive): Don't call elf_end and close if
returning NULL. Check first elf_begin call and set error code
specially for empty archive.
Fixes RHBZ#465878.
2008-12-02 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_getmodules.c (dwfl_getmodules): Typo fix in last change.
2008-11-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_getmodules.c (dwfl_getmodules): Encode iteration style in
return value, and interpret encoded OFFSET argument.
2008-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (check_notes): Fix typo in vaddr calculation.
2008-09-29 Roland McGrath <>
* segment.c (insert): Must realloc DWFL->lookup_module here too.
(dwfl_report_segment): Clear DWFL->lookup_module before insert calls.
2008-08-28 Roland McGrath <>
* segment.c (reify_segments): Fix last change.
2008-08-27 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (read_proc_memory): Return 0 for EINVAL or EPERM
failure from pread64.
2008-08-26 Roland McGrath <>
* segment.c (reify_segments): Insert a trailing segment for a module
end that is above the highest current segment.
2008-08-25 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Extract elf_errno () for
coded return value, not plain DWFL_E_LIBELF. Return DWFL_E_BADELF
if FILE->elf is not ELF_K_ELF.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: Add a cast.
2008-08-21 Denys Vlasenko <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Improve logic
which decides which symbol is "closest" to a given address.
2008-08-15 Roland McGrath <>
* argp-std.c (offline_callbacks): Use dwfl_build_id_find_elf.
(options, parse_opt): Handle --core.
* core-file.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_core_file_report): Declare it.
* link_map.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_link_map_report): Declare it.
* libdwflP.h (MIN, MAX): New macros.
(Dwfl_Memory_Callback): New typedef.
(Dwfl_Module_Callback): New typedef.
(dwfl_segment_report_module): Declare it.
* dwfl_segment_report_module.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_address_section): Add INTDEF.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
* segment.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_addrsegment, dwfl_report_segment.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl): New members lookup_elts, lookup_alloc,
lookup_addr, lookup_module, lookup_segndx, replace removed members
modules, nmodules.
(struct Dwfl_Module): New member segment.
* dwfl_end.c (dwfl_end): Free the new ones. Iterate via modulelist
to each free module.
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_begin_add): Do nothing.
(dwfl_report_begin): Don't call it. Truncate the segment table instead.
(dwfl_report_module): Don't touch DWFL->nmodules.
(dwfl_report_end): Don't touch DWFL->modules and DWFL->nmodules.
(compare_modules): Function removed.
* dwfl_getmodules.c: Rewritten.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECLs.
* dwfl_getdwarf.c: Rewritten to call dwfl_getmodules.
* dwfl_addrmodule.c: Rewritten to just call dwfl_addrsegment.
2008-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Include <fts.h> before <config.h>.
2008-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Set errno to
zero if the failure was only ENOENT.
2008-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c (dwfl_module_addrsym): Exclude undefined
2008-05-22 Petr Machata <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Bias of ET_EXEC files is always 0.
2008-05-06 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Use
FTS_LOGICAL here too.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Likewise.
2008-04-29 Roland McGrath <>
* find-debuginfo.c (dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Try path search
based on canonicalize_file_name if it differs from the supplied name.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (check_module_notes): Use FTS_LOGICAL so
we accept symlinks.
2008-04-27 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Fix crash when
dwfl_report_elf fails.
2008-04-05 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Don't leak LAST_FILE.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_file): Always free build_id_bits.
Clear it after freeing.
* dwfl_module_report_build_id.c (dwfl_module_report_build_id): Likewise.
2008-03-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_symtab): Don't return success for
SHT_DYNSYM, just set *SYMSCN like the comment says.
* dwfl_end.c (dwfl_end): Iterate on modulelist chain, not modules array.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): On failure, call dwfl_end before argp_failure.
2008-03-19 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc.c: Adjust address for module bias before search.
2008-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h (__libdwfl_seterrno): Remove parameter name from
prototype to avoid older compiler's complaint about reuse of the name.
(__libdwfl_canon_error): Likewise.
2008-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Check for an unhandled relocation
type before resolving a reloc's symbol. Lift DWFL_E_BADRELTYPE ->
DWFL_E_UNKNOWN_MACHINE check out of loops.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_dw): Skip relocation if
DEBUGFILE->relocated is already set.
2008-01-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Open FILE->name if it's non-null.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c (__libdwfl_open_by_build_id): Don't clear
incoming *FILE_NAME at the start.
2008-01-08 Roland McGrath <>
* (euinclude): Variable removed.
(pkginclude_HEADERS): Set this instead of euinclude_HEADERS.
2007-10-23 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel_archive): Reorder the kernel
module to appear first.
2007-10-20 Roland McGrath <>
* offline.c (process_archive_member): Take FD argument, pass it down
to process_file. Return Elf_Cmd, not bool.
Call elf_next here, always before elf_end.
(process_archive): Update caller. Don't close FD here unless there
are no member refs.
* dwfl_module.c (free_file): Close fd only when elf_end returns zero.
* libdwflP.h (struct dwfl_file): New bool member `relocated'.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (dwfl_module_getelf): For ET_REL, apply
partial relocation to one or both files.
(dwfl_module_getdwarf): For ET_REL, make sure extra sections'
relocations have been applied to the debug file if dwfl_module_getelf
has been used before.
* relocate.c (resolve_symbol): New function.
(relocate_section): Call it.
* relocate.c (relocate_getsym): Handle null MOD->symfile.
(relocate_section): Take new bool arg, PARTIAL. If true,
no error for BADRELTYPE/RELUNDEF, instead just skip them
and leave only those skipped relocs behind the reloc section.
(__libdwfl_relocate_section): Take new arg, pass it down.
(__libdwfl_relocate): Take new bool arg, DEBUG. If false,
do partial relocation on all sections.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_dw): Update caller.
* libdwflP.h: Update decls.
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_address_section): Pass new argument
to __libdwfl_relocate_section, true.
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Don't cache reloc sections when
section_address callback is null.
2007-10-19 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (relocate_section): Fix fencepost error in r_offset check.
* derelocate.c (struct dwfl_relocation): Add member `relocs'.
(struct secref): Likewise.
(cache_sections): Cache the relocation section referring to each
section we cache, if any.
(dwfl_module_address_section): Use __libdwfl_relocate_section as
* relocate.c (struct reloc_symtab_cache): New type.
(relocate_getsym): Use it instead of four arguments.
(__libdwfl_relocate): Update caller.
(relocate_section): New function, broken out of ...
(__libdwfl_relocate): ... here.
(__libdwfl_relocate_section): New function.
* libdwflP.h: Declare it.
2007-10-17 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Apply MOD->symfile->bias
to relocated st_value.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Align initial BASE for
ET_REL to 0x100.
2007-10-16 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Readjust BASE when a later
section has larger alignment requirements not met by the original BASE,
rather than padding more between sections.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Fix bias calculation.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (__libdwfl_find_build_id): Apply module bias
to sh_addr value.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Don't be confused by BASE
at zero in ET_REL case. Adjust BASE to necessary alignment.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c (check_notes): Take -1, not 0, as stub value
(__libdwfl_find_build_id): Update caller.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Don't use sh_offset.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Likewise.
* offline.c (dwfl_offline_section_address): Bail early if there is
separate debug file.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Don't return DWFL_E_NO_DWARF.
2007-10-09 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): Clear SHDR->sh_offset when
caching SHDR->sh_addr = 0.
* offline.c (dwfl_offline_section_address): Never called for sh_addr
really at 0, don't check for it. Use MOD->debug directly, not symfile.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_symtab): Return success properly when
we've found SHT_SYMTAB.
* relocate.c (relocate_getsym): New function.
(__libdwfl_relocate): Use it.
(__libdwfl_relocate_value): Take new Elf * argument. Make SYMSHSTRNDX
be a pointer instead of value; cache getshstrndx result there.
* libdwflP.h: Update decl.
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Update caller.
Always work on the main file, not the symfile.
(dwfl_module_address_section): Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c (dwfl_module_getsym): Update caller.
2007-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* offline.c (process_archive): Initialize MOD.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (get_release): New function, broken out of ...
(report_kernel): ... here. Call it.
(try_kernel_name): Take new arg TRY_DEBUG, only try ".debug" if set.
(find_kernel_elf): Update caller.
(report_kernel_archive): New function.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Call it.
* offline.c (process_file): Take new arg PREDICATE, pass it down.
(process_archive): Likewise.
(process_archive_member): Likewise. When nonnull, let the predicate
decide whether to use this member.
(__libdwfl_report_offline): New function, broken out of ...
(dwfl_report_offline): ... here. Call it.
* libdwflP.h: Declare it.
* offline.c (process_archive, process_archive_member): New functions.
(process_elf, process_file): New functions, broken out of ...
(dwfl_report_offline): ... here. Call process_file, which recurses on
ELF_K_AR files.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (__libdwfl_report_elf): New, broken out of ...
(dwfl_report_elf): ... here. Call it.
* libdwflP.h: Declare it.
2007-10-06 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocations): Don't call
* derelocate.c (find_section): Use __libdwfl_seterrno, not
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Abuse sh_offset, not
SHF_ALLOC, to cache sh_addr resolved to 0.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): When an ET_REL file has sh_addr
values nonzero already, just use its existing layout.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Clear size of reloc section in its
in-core shdr after applying it.
2007-10-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Fake
initialization of notes variable.
2007-10-04 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (intuit_kernel_bounds): Take new arg NOTES,
fill in with vaddr of "__start_notes" symbol if found.
(check_notes): New function.
(check_kernel_notes): New function.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Call it.
(check_module_notes): New function.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_modules): Call it.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf):
Try dwfl_build_id_find_elf first.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Don't leak FD if !REPORT.
Set kernel module e_type to ET_DYN.
2007-10-03 Roland McGrath <>
* find-debuginfo.c (validate): New function, broken out of ...
(find_debuginfo_in_path): ... here. New function, broken out of ...
(dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): ... here. Call it, after trying
dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo first.
* dwfl_build_id_find_elf.c: New file.
* dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add them.
* libdwfl.h: Declare them.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECLs.
* dwfl_module_build_id.c: New file.
* dwfl_module_report_build_id.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add them.
* libdwfl.h: Declare them.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): New members build_id_bits,
build_id_len, build_id_vaddr. Declare __libdwfl_find_build_id.
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Free MOD->build_id_bits.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_offsets): New function.
(find_dynsym): New function, calls that.
(find_symtab): Call it.
2007-09-11 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Prefer a later global symbol at the same
address if its st_size is smaller.
2007-08-13 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Add dead initializer for stupid compiler.
2007-08-12 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Don't use
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Don't reset LOADBASE on
a second phdr if it happens to match EHDR_VMA exactly.
2007-08-08 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: Don't use STT_SECTION, STT_FILE symbols and
those with no names. Rewrite best symbol algorithm not to assume a
sorted table and to be smarter handling sizeless symbols.
2007-07-16 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_module): Increment DWFL->nmodules when
reviving an existing module.
2007-06-08 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h: Fix #ifndef for config.h to use PACKAGE_NAME.
2007-05-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Look at
whole /lib/modules/VERSION tree, not just /lib/modules/VERSION/kernel.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Likewise.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_modules): Use
getline and sscanf instead of fscanf.
2007-05-08 Roland McGrath <>
* offline.c (dwfl_offline_section_address): Don't assume section
numbers match between stripped and debuginfo files. Instead, assume
only that the ordering among SHF_ALLOC sections matches.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Change RELEASE argument to
pointer to string.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Update caller.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Likewise.
2007-04-23 Roland McGrath <>
* argp-std.c (options): Fix group title string.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Handle ARGP_KEY_ERROR, free the Dwfl.
Update via STATE->input every time we set STATE->hook, not only at
* dwfl_module.c (free_file): Free FILE->name.
2007-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Apply bias to sh_addr.
(compare_secrefs): Fix address comparison to avoid signed overflow.
(find_section): New function, broken out of ...
(dwfl_module_relocate_address): ... here, call it.
(check_module): New function, broken out of ...
(dwfl_module_relocate_address): ... here, call it.
(dwfl_module_address_section): New function.
* libdwfl.h: Declare it.
2007-03-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (__libdwfl_module_free): Free MOD itself.
2007-03-18 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_debuglink): New function, broken out of
(find_debuginfo): ... here. Call it.
Don't return error for libelf errors finding .gnu_debuglink section.
2007-03-12 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_begin_add): New function broken out of ...
(dwfl_report_begin): ... here. Call it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare it.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Fix 32/64 typo.
* offline.c: Comment typo fix.
2007-03-04 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (KERNEL_MODNAME): New macro for "kernel".
(find_kernel_elf): New function, broken out of ...
(report_kernel): ... here. Call it.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Use it for module named KERNEL_MODNAME.
(intuit_kernel_bounds): New function, grovel /proc/kallsyms to guess
virtual address bounds of kernel from symbols rounded to page size.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): Use that if it works, before
resorting to report_kernel.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Set MOD->e_type to ET_DYN for an
ET_EXEC file with nonzero bias.
* dwfl_module_addrname.c (dwfl_module_addrname): Just call
dwfl_module_addrsym. Guts moved to ...
* dwfl_module_addrsym.c: ... here; new file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_module_addrsym.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
2007-03-03 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (free_file): New function, broken out of ...
(__libdwfl_module_free): ... here. In it, close fd after elf_end.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Close fd and reset to -1
on libelf failure.
2007-03-02 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c: Fix bogus error test for asprintf call.
2007-02-02 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_addrmodule.c (dwfl_addrmodule): Match a module's high boundary
address exactly if it's no other module's low boundary.
* dwfl_module_addrname.c (dwfl_module_addrname): If no symbol's value
and size cover the address, select the closest symbol with st_size==0
that lies in the same section.
2007-01-29 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_version.c (dwfl_version): Return PACKAGE_VERSION,
2007-01-20 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Treat section_address of -1
as omitted, not 0.
* libdwfl.h (Dwfl_Callbacks): Update comment.
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Don't ignore sh_addr == 0 sections.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address):
For ignored missing section, use -1 instead of 0.
* offline.c (dwfl_offline_section_address): Expect a call for 0.
2007-01-19 Roland McGrath <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): For -e, reset DWFL->offline_next_address to
zero so a lone -e is shown without address bias.
2007-01-10 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Check asprintf return value
directly instead of via side effect, to silence warn_unused_result.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Likewise.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Likewise.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address): Likewise.
* find-debuginfo.c (try_open): Likewise.
* linux-proc-maps.c (find_sysinfo_ehdr): Likewise.
(dwfl_linux_proc_report): Likewise.
* libdwfl.h (dwfl_begin): Require nonnull argument.
2006-12-27 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (compare_modules): Fix address comparison to avoid
signed overflow. Patch by Frank Ch. Eigler <>.
2006-10-30 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_module): Comment typo fix.
2006-09-05 Roland McGrath <>
* derelocate.c (cache_sections): Use alloca instead of variable-sized
auto array, in function already using alloca.
2006-08-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): If the call to
dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo produces no results, try it again
with NULL as DEBUGLINK_FILE to try *FNAME with .debug suffix.
* find-debuginfo.c (DEFAULT_DEBUGINFO_PATH): Macro moved ...
* libdwflP.h: ... to here.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): Skip manual open if it
repeats the first thing dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo will try.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (MODULE_SECT_NAME_LEN): New macro.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address): If a /sys file is missing
and the section name is >= MODULE_SECT_NAME_LEN, try truncating the
section name.
2006-07-12 Ulrich Drepper <>
* cu.c: Adjust for internal_function_def removal.
* dwfl_error.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c: Likewise.
* lines.c: Likewise.
* relocate.c: Likewise.
2006-07-11 Ulrich Drepper <>
* dwfl_module.c (compare_modules): Don't return GElf_Sxword value,
it can overflow the return value type.
Patch by Tim Moore <>.
2006-06-28 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwfl.h: Cosmetic changes.
* dwfl_line_comp_dir.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_line_comp_dir.
* dwfl_lineinfo.c (dwfl_lineinfo): Remove stray extern in defn.
* dwfl_linecu.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_linecu.
* libdwflP.h (dwfl_linecu_inline): Function renamed from dwfl_linecu.
(dwfl_linecu): Define as macro.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Use dwfl_module_getsym.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (dwfl_module_getsymtab): New function.
(dwfl_module_addrname): Function moved ...
* dwfl_module_addrname.c: ... here, new file.
* dwfl_module_getsym.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add them.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_module_getsymtab, dwfl_module_getsym.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECLs.
2006-06-27 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_end): Whitespace fix.
2006-06-13 Roland McGrath <>
* elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Fix 32/64 typo.
Use __libdwfl_seterrno for elf_memory failure.
2006-05-22 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_return_value_location.c
(dwfl_module_return_value_location): Use __libdwfl_module_getebl.
2006-05-27 Ulrich Drepper <>
* libdwfl.h: Add extern "C".
2006-05-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* cu.c (addrarange): Handle files without aranges information.
2006-05-16 Ulrich Drepper <>
* dwfl_addrmodule.c (dwfl_addrmodule): Also return NULL of
->modules is NULL.
2006-02-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_version.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_version.
* offline.c (dwfl_report_offline): Account for dwfl_report_elf having
aligned up from DWFL->offline_next_address when checking for overlap.
2005-12-22 Roland McGrath <>
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Call dwfl_end in failure cases.
* linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): New function, broken out of ...
(dwfl_linux_proc_report): ... here. Call it.
(dwfl_linux_proc_maps_report): New function.
* libdwfl.h: Declare it.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
* argp-std.c (options, parse_opt): Grok -M/--linux-process-map.
* dwfl_nextcu.c (dwfl_nextcu): Don't fail when dwfl_module_getdwarf
failed with DWFL_E_NO_DWARF.
2005-11-26 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_end.c (dwfl_end): Free the DWFL itself.
2005-11-25 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (__libdwfl_module_getebl): New function.
(load_dw): Use it.
* dwfl_module_register_names.c (dwfl_module_register_names): Likewise.
* libdwflP.h: Declare it.
* dwfl_module_register_names.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_module_register_names.
2005-11-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address):
Don't leak malloc'd file name.
If a /sys/.../sections file is missing and starts with ".init",
try the variant with "_init" too; catches PPC64 kernel braindamage.
2005-11-15 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwfl.h: Comment fixes.
* dwfl_module_return_value_location.c: Add unlikely for error case.
2005-11-13 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_return_value_location.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_module_return_value_location.
2005-10-20 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h (DWFL_ERRORS): New error UNKNOWN_MACHINE.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Return DWFL_E_UNKNOWN_MACHINE
instead of DWFL_E_BADRELTYPE if ebl_get_elfmachine yields EM_NONE.
2005-10-01 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Return ENOENT if we fail
with errno 0.
2005-09-19 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_report_modules): Use
PRIx64 instead of PRIi64, lest addresses with high bits set overflow
the signed integer reading; they will just have to be in hexadecimal.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address): Likewise.
2005-08-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (%.os): Use COMPILE.os.
(COMPILE.os): Filter out gconv options.
2005-08-25 Roland McGrath <>
* cu.c (__libdwfl_nextcu): Return success when dwarf_nextcu hits end.
* dwfl_nextcu.c (dwfl_nextcu): Skip modules with no dwarf info.
2005-08-24 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_lineinfo.c (dwfl_lineinfo): Add bias, don't subtract it.
* argp-std.c [_MUDFLAP] (__libdwfl_argp_mudflap_options): New function,
magic initializer to set -heur-stack-bound option.
2005-08-22 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_validate_address.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_validate_address.
* derelocate.c (dwfl_module_relocate_address): Add INTDEF.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab): Use elf_getdata instead of
elf_rawdata for symbol-related sections.
* offline.c (dwfl_report_offline): Move offline_next_address outside
module's range, in case it's an ET_EXEC using fixed segment locations.
* libdwfl.h: Update comment.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): Align BASE to first segment's
required alignment.
2005-08-20 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Take new argument PREDICATE,
function to choose whether to report.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): Likewise.
* libdwfl.h: Update decl.
* argp-std.c (parse_opt): Update caller.
* dwfl_getsrclines.c: New file.
* dwfl_onesrcline.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add them.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_getsrclines, dwfl_onesrcline.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): Don't leak
MODULESDIR[0]. Call fts_close on failure.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_dw): Take dwfl_file * instead of Elf *.
Close ET_REL file descriptors after relocation.
(find_dw): Update caller.
* offline.c (dwfl_report_offline): Get the file into memory and close
the file descriptor.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_debuginfo): Do nothing when
MOD->debug.elf is already set.
* find-debuginfo.c (try_open): Use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY.
(dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Fail on errors not ENOENT or ENOTDIR.
* argp-std.c (options, parse_opt): Grok -K/--offline-kernel, use
dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline with offline_callbacks.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): New function, broken out of
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): ... here. Use it.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline): New function.
* libdwfl.h: Declare it.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECL.
2005-08-19 Roland McGrath <>
Use standard debuginfo search path to look for vmlinux.
* find-debuginfo.c (dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo): Don't check CRC if
passed zero.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (try_kernel_name): New function, broken out
of ...
(dwfl_linux_kernel_report_kernel): ... here. Use it.
* argp-std.c (offline_callbacks): New variable.
(parse_opt): Use it for -e. Allow multiple -e options.
* offline.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwfl.h: Declare dwfl_offline_section_address, dwfl_report_offline.
* libdwflP.h: Add INTDECLs.
(struct Dwfl): New member `offline_next_address'.
* dwfl_begin.c (dwfl_begin): Initialize it.
* dwfl_module.c (dwfl_report_begin): Likewise.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): Accept all types. When ET_REL,
do a nominal absolute section layout starting at BASE.
* libdwfl.h: Update comment.
2005-08-18 Roland McGrath <>
* dwfl_module_getsrc_file.c (dwfl_module_getsrc_file): Do
dwfl_module_getdwarf if necessary.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): Permit ET_REL with BASE==0.
* libdwfl.h: Update comment.
* derelocate.c: New file.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* libdwflP.h (struct Dwfl_Module): isrel -> e_type.
* dwfl_report_elf.c (dwfl_report_elf): Initialize it.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf): Update initialization.
(load_dw, dwfl_module_addrname): Update uses.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Likewise.
2005-08-04 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwfl.h (Dwfl_Callbacks.section_address): Take additional
arguments SHNDX, SHDR.
(dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address): Update prototype.
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate_value): Update caller.
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_module_section_address):
Take the new arguments.
2005-08-10 Roland McGrath <>
* relocate.c (__libdwfl_relocate): Take argument DEBUGFILE,
use it instead of MOD->debug.file.
* libdwflP.h: Update decl.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (load_dw): Update caller.
Fixes bug #165598.
2005-08-09 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwflP.h: Include ../libdw/libdwP.h for its INTDECLs.
* cu.c: Use INTUSE on dwarf_* calls.
* dwfl_error.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getdwarf.c: Likewise.
* dwfl_module_getsrc_file.c: Likewise.
* lines.c: Likewise.
2005-08-07 Roland McGrath <>
* linux-kernel-modules.c (dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf): When module
names contain '_' or '-', look for files named either "foo-bar.ko"
or "foo_bar.ko".
2005-07-29 Roland McGrath <>
* loc2c.c: File removed.
* loc2c.h: File removed.
* loc2c-runtime.h: File removed.
* test2.c: File removed.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Variable removed.
(noinst_HEADERS): Remove loc2c.h from here.
2005-07-28 Ulrich Drepper <>
* libdwfl.h: Add a few missing extern for function prototypes.
* libdwfl_crc32.c: New file.
* libdwfl_crc32_file.c: New file.
* libdwflP.h: Declare the new functions.
* (libdwfl_a_SOURCES): Add libdwfl_crc32.c and
* libdwfl/find-debuginfo.c (check_crc): Use __libdwfl_crc32_file
instead of crc32_file.
2005-07-28 Roland McGrath <>
* ptest.c: Moved to ../tests/dwflmodtest.c.
* (noinst_PROGRAMS): Variable removed.
(libdwfl_so_SOURCES, libdwfl_LIBS, libdwfl_so_LDADD): Likewise.
(EXTRA_DIST, ptest_LDADD, test2_LDADD): Likewise.
(libdwfl): Don't use any more.
(, install, uninstall): Targets removed.
(test2_SOURCES): Define EXTRA_DIST instead of this.
* File removed.
* libdwfl.h: Use "" for libdw.h #include.
2005-07-27 Roland McGrath <>
* Add dwfl_getmodules.
2005-07-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Fix rules to allow building with mudflap.
2005-07-21 Roland McGrath <>
* (noinst_HEADERS): Add loc2c.c.
* test2.c (main): Check sscanf result to quiet warning.
2005-07-20 Roland McGrath <>
* libdwfl-branch merged, creating this direcotry.