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.\" Modified Thu Aug 17 2017 by Ben Woodard <>
.TH ELF_GETDATA 3 2017-08-17 "Libelf" "Libelf Programmer's Manual"
elf_getdata \- Get washed data of section
.B #include <libelf.h>
.BI "Elf_Data * elf_getdata (Elf_Scn *" scn ", Elf_Data *" data ");"
.BR elf_getdata ()
function allows the user to retrieve the data buffers of the section
.I scn
. There can be more than one buffer if the user explicitly added them.
When a file is read the libelf library creates exactly one data buffer.
The first buffer in the list can be obtained by passing a null pointer in the
parameter data. To get the next data buffer the previously returned value must
be passed in the data parameter. If there are no more buffer left in the list a
null pointer is returned.
If the data parameter is not a null pointer it must be a descriptor for a
buffer associated with the section scn . If this is not the case a null pointer
is returned. To facilitate error handling elf_getdata also returns a null
pointer if the scn parameter is a null pointer.