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* plausible.h --- header file defining prototypes for helper functions
* used by tune2fs and mke2fs
* Copyright 2014 by Oracle, Inc.
* %Begin-Header%
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Public
* License.
* %End-Header%
#ifndef PLAUSIBLE_H_
#define PLAUSIBLE_H_
* Flags for check_plausibility()
#define CHECK_BLOCK_DEV 0x0001
#define CREATE_FILE 0x0002
#define CHECK_FS_EXIST 0x0004
#define VERBOSE_CREATE 0x0008
#define NO_SIZE 0x0010
#define QUIET_CHECK 0x0020
extern int check_plausibility(const char *device, int flags,
int *ret_is_dev);
#endif /* PLAUSIBLE_H_ */