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E2fsprogs 1.44.4 (August 18, 2018)
Updates/Fixes since v1.44.3:
UI and Features
Add basic support for the ext4 verity feature (aka fsverity). It is a
read-only compatibility feature which uses Merkle trees to add
functionality much like dm-verity on a per-file basis. For this release
we simply allow e2fsck to accept file systems with the verity feature
enable (no special handling is needed) and mke2fs to create file systems
with the verity feature.
E2fsck will now properly repair a file system that has both the
resize_inode and meta_bg features enabled simultaneously (which is never
supposed to happen, but it could happen in versions of mke2fs before
1.44.3 when it was given parameters where more than 75% of the block
group was used for group descriptor tables).
Avoid a floating point exception crash when libblkid tries probing a
maliciously corrupted HFS+ superblock.
Debugfs's ncheck command now properly will handle inodes that have
multiple hard links.
On platforms that don't supply strdup, the replacement function for
strdup() had a bug which would cause it to crash if it was used.
(Fortunately this only happens if the [scratch_files] feature in e2fsck
is used.)
Fixed support for devices which have non-512 byte block sizes on Apple
E2fsprogs 1.44.3 would fail to compile on very old versions of gcc.
This is now fixed.
Update and clarify man pages. (Addresses Debian Bug: #757831)
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
Synchronized changes from Android's AOSP e2fsprogs tree.
Instead of building the subset e2fsprogs-libs tar file, add a new
configure option, --enable-subset. This along with other changes (such
as dropping obsolete files that aren't shipped as part of
e2fsprogs-X.YY.tar.gz) allows us to be able to build the tarball using
the "git archive" command.
Fixed various debian packaging issues (Addresses Debian Bug: #905195)
Update Danish, Spanish, and Swedish translations.