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#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "dynamic_depth/element.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/deserializer.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/serializer.h"
namespace dynamic_depth {
// Light estimation parameters for a camera.
// This is stored as a sibling element to LightEstimate because it may apply to
// the container image, so the decoupling is required.
class LightEstimate : public Element {
// Appends child elements' namespaces' and their respective hrefs to the
// given collection, and any parent nodes' names to prefix_names.
// Key: Name of the namespace.
// Value: Full namespace URL.
// Example: ("LightEstimate", "")
void GetNamespaces(
std::unordered_map<string, string>* ns_name_href_map) override;
// Serializes this object.
bool Serialize(
::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Serializer* serializer) const override;
// Creates an LightEstimate from the given field.
static std::unique_ptr<LightEstimate> FromData(float pixel_intensity);
// Takes the first three values from color_correction if the vector length is
// greater than 3.
// Color correction values should be between 0 and 1 (plus or minus 0.2).
static std::unique_ptr<LightEstimate> FromData(
float pixel_intensity, const std::vector<float>& color_correction);
// Returns the deserialized LightEstimate; null if parsing fails.
static std::unique_ptr<LightEstimate> FromDeserializer(
const ::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Deserializer& parent_deserializer);
// Returns the average pixel internsity.
float GetPixelIntensity() const;
const std::vector<float>& GetColorCorrection() const;
// Disallow copying.
LightEstimate(const LightEstimate&) = delete;
void operator=(const LightEstimate&) = delete;
float pixel_intensity_ = 1.0f;
// Optional, either all three together or none at all.
// A size-3 vector of color correction values, in the order R, G, B.
// Values can be approximately between 0 and 1 (plus or minus 0.2).
// On reading back image metadata, if only one or two of the values are
// present, then the defaults below are used.
std::vector<float> color_correction_ = {1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f};
} // namespace dynamic_depth