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#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility>
#include "dynamic_depth/app_info.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/depth_map.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/element.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/image.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/imaging_model.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/light_estimate.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/point_cloud.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/pose.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/vendor_info.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/deserializer.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/serializer.h"
namespace dynamic_depth {
// The camera trait is serialized only if it is one of PHYSICAL or LOGICAL.
// NONE signifies an undefined trait.
enum CameraTrait { NONE = 0, PHYSICAL = 1, LOGICAL = 2 };
struct CameraParams {
// The Image must be present.
std::unique_ptr<Image> image;
// Optional elements.
std::unique_ptr<DepthMap> depth_map;
std::unique_ptr<LightEstimate> light_estimate;
std::unique_ptr<Pose> pose;
std::unique_ptr<ImagingModel> imaging_model;
std::unique_ptr<PointCloud> point_cloud;
std::unique_ptr<VendorInfo> vendor_info;
std::unique_ptr<AppInfo> app_info;
CameraTrait trait;
explicit CameraParams(std::unique_ptr<Image> img)
: depth_map(nullptr),
trait(CameraTrait::PHYSICAL) {
image = std::move(img);
inline bool operator==(const CameraParams& other) const {
return image.get() == other.image.get() &&
light_estimate.get() == other.light_estimate.get() &&
pose.get() == other.pose.get() &&
depth_map.get() == other.depth_map.get() &&
imaging_model.get() == other.imaging_model.get() &&
point_cloud.get() == other.point_cloud.get() &&
vendor_info.get() == other.vendor_info.get() &&
app_info.get() == other.app_info.get();
inline bool operator!=(const CameraParams& other) const {
return !(*this == other);
// Implements the Camera element from the Dynamic Depth specification, with
// serialization and deserialization.
class Camera : public Element {
void GetNamespaces(
std::unordered_map<string, string>* ns_name_href_map) override;
bool Serialize(
::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Serializer* serializer) const override;
// Creates a Camera from the given objects in params.
// Aside from the Image element, all other elements are optional and can be
// null.
static std::unique_ptr<Camera> FromData(std::unique_ptr<CameraParams> params);
// Same as above, but allows the Image element to be null. This should be used
// only for Camera 0, since the lack of an Image element indicates that it
// refers to the JPEG container image. An Item element is generated for the
// container image, and populated into items.
// Currently supports only image/jpeg.
// The items parameter may be null if params->image is not null.
// TODO(miraleung): Add other mime types as args when needed.
static std::unique_ptr<Camera> FromDataForCamera0(
std::unique_ptr<CameraParams> params,
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>>* items);
// Returns the deserialized Camera object, null if parsing fails.
// Not sensitive to case when parsing a camera's trait.
static std::unique_ptr<Camera> FromDeserializer(
const ::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Deserializer& parent_deserializer);
// Getters. Except for Imaeg (which should never be null), these will return
// null if the corresponding fields are not present.
// which should never be null.
const Image* GetImage() const;
const LightEstimate* GetLightEstimate() const;
const Pose* GetPose() const;
const DepthMap* GetDepthMap() const;
const ImagingModel* GetImagingModel() const;
const PointCloud* GetPointCloud() const;
const VendorInfo* GetVendorInfo() const;
const AppInfo* GetAppInfo() const;
CameraTrait GetTrait() const;
// Disallow copying.
Camera(const Camera&) = delete;
void operator=(const Camera&) = delete;
explicit Camera(std::unique_ptr<CameraParams> params);
std::unique_ptr<CameraParams> params_;
} // namespace dynamic_depth