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// This is a grab-bag file for string utilities involved in escaping and
// unescaping strings in various ways. Who knew there were so many?
// There are more escaping functions in:
// webutil/html/tagutils.h (Escaping strings for HTML, PRE, JavaScript, etc.)
// webutil/url/url.h (Escaping for URL's, both RFC-2396 and other methods)
// template/template_modifiers.h (All sorts of stuff)
// util/regexp/re2/re2.h (Escaping for literals within regular expressions
// - see RE2::QuoteMeta).
// And probably many more places, as well.
#include <stddef.h> // For ptrdiff_t.
#include <string>
#include "base/port.h"
namespace dynamic_depth {
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Base64Unescape()
// Converts "src" which is encoded in Base64 to its binary equivalent and
// writes it to "dest". If src contains invalid characters, dest is cleared
// and the function returns false. Returns true on success.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
bool Base64Unescape(const string& src, string* dest);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// WebSafeBase64Unescape()
// This is a variation of Base64Unescape which uses '-' instead of '+', and
// '_' instead of '/'. src is not null terminated, instead specify len. I
// recommend that slen<szdest, but we honor szdest anyway.
// RETURNS the length of dest, or -1 if there's an error.
// The variation that stores into a string clears the string first, and
// returns false (with dest empty) if src contains invalid chars; for
// this version src and dest must be different strings.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
bool WebSafeBase64Unescape(const string& src, string* dest);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Base64Escape()
// Encode "src" to "dest" using base64 encoding.
// src is not null terminated, instead specify len.
// 'dest' should have at least CalculateBase64EscapedLen() length.
// RETURNS the length of dest.
// It also has an extra parameter "do_padding",
// which when set to false will prevent padding with "=".
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
void Base64Escape(const unsigned char* src, ptrdiff_t szsrc, string* dest,
bool do_padding);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// b2a_hex()
// Description: Binary-to-Ascii hex conversion. This converts
// 'num' bytes of binary to a 2*'num'-character hexadecimal representation
// Return value: 2*'num' characters of ascii string
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
string b2a_hex(const char* from, ptrdiff_t num);
} // namespace dynamic_depth