DroidDriver issues are tracked on GitHub

The master branch on GitHub tracks the AOSP master branch. All releases are made from the master branch.

Code changes should be submitted to AOSP and then they‘ll be synced to GitHub once they’ve passed code reivew on Gerrit.


Gradle 2.2.1 or better is required to be installed on the system. In Android Studio, you'll need to provide the gradle location.

On Mac OSX with homebrew, brew install gradle will install gradle. To locate the path, use brew info gradle The homebrew path follows this format: /usr/local/Cellar/gradle/2.2.1/libexec

If you installed gradle using the zip (, then the path will be the gradle-2.2.1 folder.

Import into Android Studio

  • Clone from git
  • Launch Android Studio and select Open an existing Android Studio project
  • Navigate to droiddriver/build.gradle and press Choose
  • Select Use local gradle distribution and enter the Gradle path
  • Android Studio will now import the project successfully