Releasing to JCenter

Creating a release on jcenter is done by invoking the binaryUpload task with a bintray user and API key. Your API key can be found here.

gradle -PbintrayUser=myusername -PbintrayKey=123 clean bintrayUpload

Note that you'll need to be a member of the appium organization on jcenter before publishing. Existing members are able to invite new ones.

Update the version number in build.gradle by modifying the value of ddVersion. Official releases should be made only after removing the -SNAPSHOT suffix. If the same version number is used as an existing release of droiddriver then jcenter will reject the upload.

Releasing snapshots to artifactory

Snapshots of DroidDriver are released to in the oss-snapshot-local repository.

gradle -PbintrayUser=myusername -PbintrayKey=123 clean assemble artifactoryPublish

Note that resolving the snapshots requires adding the maven repo to the gradle build file:

maven { url '' }

Known Issues

  • [buildinfo] Properties file path was not found! (Relevant only for builds running on a CI Server) The missing properties warning can be safely ignored. We‘re populating the values in Gradle so the artifactory plugin doesn’t know that they're already set.