Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into HEAD

Resync w/ upstream master branch

* aosp/upstream-master:
  drm_hwcomposer: platformhisi: extend conditional of AFBC support
  drm_hwcomposer: Move hwcomposer.drm_hikey and hwcomposer.drm_hikey960
  drm_hwcomposer: Convert external/drm_hwcomposer to Android.bp
  drm_hwcomposer: Remove unnecessary parentheses in the conditional
  drm_hwcomposer: Tweak mode selection to pick the first DRM_MODE_TYPE_PREFERRED mode

Change-Id: I12fcd32cde036074a79ef56fbaae85fb9af2b43b
Signed-off-by: John Stultz <>
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