drm_hwcomposer: Quiet noisy errors when planes don't support various attributes

If a plane doesn't support alpha or rotation, and IsValidForLayer()
fails, we see lots of logcat noise to the effect of:
08-24 04:45:42.957   453   453 E hwc-platform: Failed to emplace layer 0, dropping it
08-24 04:45:42.957   453   453 E hwc-platform: Failed provision stage with ret -22
08-24 04:45:42.957   453   453 E hwc-drm-display-composition: Planner failed provisioning planes ret=-22
08-24 04:45:42.957   453   453 E hwc-drm-two: Failed to plan the composition ret=-22

This noise is unneccessarily worrisome, as they don't really
help explain why things fail, and we still fall back to client
composing and frames are correctly composited.

Thus, this patch switches the errors to verbose-level warnings,
which match the level in IsValidForLayer() which explain what
actually is going wrong.

Change-Id: I7ed06906b8d9e02e6ec0ac50a94346e9f9c05ac6
Signed-off-by: John Stultz <john.stultz@linaro.org>
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Patches to drm_hwcomposer are very much welcome, we really want this to be the universal HW composer implementation for Android and similar platforms. So please bring on porting patches, bugfixes, improvements for documentation and new features.

A short list of contribution guidelines:

  • Submit changes via gitlab merge requests on gitlab.freedesktop.org.

  • drm_hwcomposer is Apache 2.0 Licensed and we require contributions to follow the developer's certificate of origin: http://developercertificate.org/.

  • When submitting new code please follow the naming conventions documented in the generated documentation. Also please make full use of all the helpers and convenience macros provided by drm_hwcomposer. The below command can help you with formatting of your patches:

    git diff | clang-format-diff-11 -p 1 -style=file
  • Hardware specific changes should be tested on relevant platforms before committing.

If you need inspiration, please checkout our TODO issues.

Happy hacking!