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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <hardware/hwcomposer2.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <array>
#include <map>
#include "compositor/DrmDisplayCompositor.h"
#include "compositor/Planner.h"
#include "drm/DrmGenericImporter.h"
#include "drm/ResourceManager.h"
#include "drm/VSyncWorker.h"
#include "drmhwcomposer.h"
namespace android {
class Backend;
class DrmHwcTwo : public hwc2_device_t {
static int HookDevOpen(const struct hw_module_t *module, const char *name,
struct hw_device_t **dev);
HWC2::Error Init();
hwc2_callback_data_t hotplug_callback_data_ = NULL;
HWC2_PFN_HOTPLUG hotplug_callback_hook_ = NULL;
std::mutex hotplug_callback_lock;
void SetHotplugCallback(hwc2_callback_data_t data,
hwc2_function_pointer_t hook) {
const std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock(hotplug_callback_lock);
hotplug_callback_data_ = data;
hotplug_callback_hook_ = reinterpret_cast<HWC2_PFN_HOTPLUG>(hook);
class HwcLayer {
HWC2::Composition sf_type() const {
return sf_type_;
HWC2::Composition validated_type() const {
return validated_type_;
void accept_type_change() {
sf_type_ = validated_type_;
void set_validated_type(HWC2::Composition type) {
validated_type_ = type;
bool type_changed() const {
return sf_type_ != validated_type_;
uint32_t z_order() const {
return z_order_;
buffer_handle_t buffer() {
return buffer_;
void set_buffer(buffer_handle_t buffer) {
buffer_ = buffer;
int take_acquire_fence() {
return acquire_fence_.Release();
void set_acquire_fence(int acquire_fence) {
int release_fence() {
return release_fence_.get();
int take_release_fence() {
return release_fence_.Release();
void manage_release_fence() {
release_fence_raw_ = -1;
OutputFd release_fence_output() {
return OutputFd(&release_fence_raw_);
hwc_rect_t display_frame() {
return display_frame_;
void PopulateDrmLayer(DrmHwcLayer *layer);
bool RequireScalingOrPhasing() {
float src_width = source_crop_.right - source_crop_.left;
float src_height = source_crop_.bottom -;
float dest_width = display_frame_.right - display_frame_.left;
float dest_height = display_frame_.bottom -;
bool scaling = src_width != dest_width || src_height != dest_height;
bool phasing = (source_crop_.left - floor(source_crop_.left) != 0) ||
( - floor( != 0);
return scaling || phasing;
// Layer hooks
HWC2::Error SetCursorPosition(int32_t x, int32_t y);
HWC2::Error SetLayerBlendMode(int32_t mode);
HWC2::Error SetLayerBuffer(buffer_handle_t buffer, int32_t acquire_fence);
HWC2::Error SetLayerColor(hwc_color_t color);
HWC2::Error SetLayerCompositionType(int32_t type);
HWC2::Error SetLayerDataspace(int32_t dataspace);
HWC2::Error SetLayerDisplayFrame(hwc_rect_t frame);
HWC2::Error SetLayerPlaneAlpha(float alpha);
HWC2::Error SetLayerSidebandStream(const native_handle_t *stream);
HWC2::Error SetLayerSourceCrop(hwc_frect_t crop);
HWC2::Error SetLayerSurfaceDamage(hwc_region_t damage);
HWC2::Error SetLayerTransform(int32_t transform);
HWC2::Error SetLayerVisibleRegion(hwc_region_t visible);
HWC2::Error SetLayerZOrder(uint32_t z);
// sf_type_ stores the initial type given to us by surfaceflinger,
// validated_type_ stores the type after running ValidateDisplay
HWC2::Composition sf_type_ = HWC2::Composition::Invalid;
HWC2::Composition validated_type_ = HWC2::Composition::Invalid;
HWC2::BlendMode blending_ = HWC2::BlendMode::None;
buffer_handle_t buffer_ = NULL;
UniqueFd acquire_fence_;
int release_fence_raw_ = -1;
UniqueFd release_fence_;
hwc_rect_t display_frame_;
float alpha_ = 1.0f;
hwc_frect_t source_crop_;
int32_t cursor_x_;
int32_t cursor_y_;
hwc_color_t layer_color_;
HWC2::Transform transform_ = HWC2::Transform::None;
uint32_t z_order_ = 0;
android_dataspace_t dataspace_ = HAL_DATASPACE_UNKNOWN;
class HwcDisplay {
HwcDisplay(ResourceManager *resource_manager, DrmDevice *drm,
std::shared_ptr<Importer> importer, hwc2_display_t handle,
HWC2::DisplayType type);
HwcDisplay(const HwcDisplay &) = delete;
HWC2::Error Init(std::vector<DrmPlane *> *planes);
void RegisterVsyncCallback(hwc2_callback_data_t data,
hwc2_function_pointer_t func);
void RegisterRefreshCallback(hwc2_callback_data_t data,
hwc2_function_pointer_t func);
HWC2::Error CreateComposition(bool test);
bool HardwareSupportsLayerType(HWC2::Composition comp_type);
uint32_t CalcPixOps(std::map<uint32_t, DrmHwcTwo::HwcLayer *> &z_map,
size_t first_z, size_t size);
void MarkValidated(std::map<uint32_t, DrmHwcTwo::HwcLayer *> &z_map,
size_t client_first_z, size_t client_size);
void ClearDisplay();
std::string Dump();
// HWC Hooks
HWC2::Error AcceptDisplayChanges();
HWC2::Error CreateLayer(hwc2_layer_t *layer);
HWC2::Error DestroyLayer(hwc2_layer_t layer);
HWC2::Error GetActiveConfig(hwc2_config_t *config);
HWC2::Error GetChangedCompositionTypes(uint32_t *num_elements,
hwc2_layer_t *layers,
int32_t *types);
HWC2::Error GetClientTargetSupport(uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
int32_t format, int32_t dataspace);
HWC2::Error GetColorModes(uint32_t *num_modes, int32_t *modes);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayAttribute(hwc2_config_t config, int32_t attribute,
int32_t *value);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayConfigs(uint32_t *num_configs,
hwc2_config_t *configs);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayName(uint32_t *size, char *name);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayRequests(int32_t *display_requests,
uint32_t *num_elements, hwc2_layer_t *layers,
int32_t *layer_requests);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayType(int32_t *type);
HWC2::Error GetRenderIntents(int32_t mode, uint32_t *outNumIntents,
int32_t *outIntents);
HWC2::Error SetColorModeWithIntent(int32_t mode, int32_t intent);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayIdentificationData(uint8_t *outPort,
uint32_t *outDataSize,
uint8_t *outData);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayCapabilities(uint32_t *outNumCapabilities,
uint32_t *outCapabilities);
HWC2::Error GetDisplayBrightnessSupport(bool *supported);
HWC2::Error SetDisplayBrightness(float);
HWC2::Error GetDozeSupport(int32_t *support);
HWC2::Error GetHdrCapabilities(uint32_t *num_types, int32_t *types,
float *max_luminance,
float *max_average_luminance,
float *min_luminance);
HWC2::Error GetReleaseFences(uint32_t *num_elements, hwc2_layer_t *layers,
int32_t *fences);
HWC2::Error PresentDisplay(int32_t *present_fence);
HWC2::Error SetActiveConfig(hwc2_config_t config);
HWC2::Error ChosePreferredConfig();
HWC2::Error SetClientTarget(buffer_handle_t target, int32_t acquire_fence,
int32_t dataspace, hwc_region_t damage);
HWC2::Error SetColorMode(int32_t mode);
HWC2::Error SetColorTransform(const float *matrix, int32_t hint);
HWC2::Error SetOutputBuffer(buffer_handle_t buffer, int32_t release_fence);
HWC2::Error SetPowerMode(int32_t mode);
HWC2::Error SetVsyncEnabled(int32_t enabled);
HWC2::Error ValidateDisplay(uint32_t *num_types, uint32_t *num_requests);
HwcLayer *get_layer(hwc2_layer_t layer) {
auto it = layers_.find(layer);
if (it == layers_.end())
return nullptr;
return &it->second;
/* Statistics */
struct Stats {
Stats minus(Stats b) {
return {total_frames_ - b.total_frames_,
total_pixops_ - b.total_pixops_,
gpu_pixops_ - b.gpu_pixops_,
failed_kms_validate_ - b.failed_kms_validate_,
failed_kms_present_ - b.failed_kms_present_,
frames_flattened_ - b.frames_flattened_};
uint32_t total_frames_ = 0;
uint64_t total_pixops_ = 0;
uint64_t gpu_pixops_ = 0;
uint32_t failed_kms_validate_ = 0;
uint32_t failed_kms_present_ = 0;
uint32_t frames_flattened_ = 0;
const Backend *backend() const {
return backend_.get();
void set_backend(std::unique_ptr<Backend> backend) {
backend_ = std::move(backend);
const std::vector<DrmPlane *> &primary_planes() const {
return primary_planes_;
const std::vector<DrmPlane *> &overlay_planes() const {
return overlay_planes_;
std::map<hwc2_layer_t, HwcLayer> &layers() {
return layers_;
const DrmDisplayCompositor &compositor() const {
return compositor_;
const DrmDevice *drm() const {
return drm_;
const DrmConnector *connector() const {
return connector_;
const std::shared_ptr<Importer> &importer() const {
return importer_;
ResourceManager *resource_manager() const {
return resource_manager_;
android_color_transform_t &color_transform_hint() {
return color_transform_hint_;
Stats &total_stats() {
return total_stats_;
void AddFenceToPresentFence(int fd);
constexpr static size_t MATRIX_SIZE = 16;
ResourceManager *resource_manager_;
DrmDevice *drm_;
DrmDisplayCompositor compositor_;
std::shared_ptr<Importer> importer_;
std::unique_ptr<Planner> planner_;
std::vector<DrmPlane *> primary_planes_;
std::vector<DrmPlane *> overlay_planes_;
std::unique_ptr<Backend> backend_;
VSyncWorker vsync_worker_;
DrmConnector *connector_ = NULL;
DrmCrtc *crtc_ = NULL;
hwc2_display_t handle_;
HWC2::DisplayType type_;
uint32_t layer_idx_ = 0;
std::map<hwc2_layer_t, HwcLayer> layers_;
HwcLayer client_layer_;
UniqueFd present_fence_;
int32_t color_mode_;
std::array<float, MATRIX_SIZE> color_transform_matrix_;
android_color_transform_t color_transform_hint_;
uint32_t frame_no_ = 0;
Stats total_stats_;
Stats prev_stats_;
std::string DumpDelta(DrmHwcTwo::HwcDisplay::Stats delta);
class DrmHotplugHandler : public DrmEventHandler {
DrmHotplugHandler(DrmHwcTwo *hwc2, DrmDevice *drm)
: hwc2_(hwc2), drm_(drm) {
void HandleEvent(uint64_t timestamp_us);
DrmHwcTwo *hwc2_;
DrmDevice *drm_;
static DrmHwcTwo *toDrmHwcTwo(hwc2_device_t *dev) {
return static_cast<DrmHwcTwo *>(dev);
template <typename PFN, typename T>
static hwc2_function_pointer_t ToHook(T function) {
static_assert(std::is_same<PFN, T>::value, "Incompatible fn pointer");
return reinterpret_cast<hwc2_function_pointer_t>(function);
template <typename T, typename HookType, HookType func, typename... Args>
static T DeviceHook(hwc2_device_t *dev, Args... args) {
DrmHwcTwo *hwc = toDrmHwcTwo(dev);
return static_cast<T>(((*hwc).*func)(std::forward<Args>(args)...));
static HwcDisplay *GetDisplay(DrmHwcTwo *hwc, hwc2_display_t display_handle) {
auto it = hwc->displays_.find(display_handle);
if (it == hwc->displays_.end())
return nullptr;
return &it->second;
template <typename HookType, HookType func, typename... Args>
static int32_t DisplayHook(hwc2_device_t *dev, hwc2_display_t display_handle,
Args... args) {
HwcDisplay *display = GetDisplay(toDrmHwcTwo(dev), display_handle);
if (!display)
return static_cast<int32_t>(HWC2::Error::BadDisplay);
return static_cast<int32_t>((display->*func)(std::forward<Args>(args)...));
template <typename HookType, HookType func, typename... Args>
static int32_t LayerHook(hwc2_device_t *dev, hwc2_display_t display_handle,
hwc2_layer_t layer_handle, Args... args) {
HwcDisplay *display = GetDisplay(toDrmHwcTwo(dev), display_handle);
if (!display)
return static_cast<int32_t>(HWC2::Error::BadDisplay);
HwcLayer *layer = display->get_layer(layer_handle);
if (!layer)
return static_cast<int32_t>(HWC2::Error::BadLayer);
return static_cast<int32_t>((layer->*func)(std::forward<Args>(args)...));
// hwc2_device_t hooks
static int HookDevClose(hw_device_t *dev);
static void HookDevGetCapabilities(hwc2_device_t *dev, uint32_t *out_count,
int32_t *out_capabilities);
static hwc2_function_pointer_t HookDevGetFunction(struct hwc2_device *device,
int32_t descriptor);
// Device functions
HWC2::Error CreateVirtualDisplay(uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
int32_t *format, hwc2_display_t *display);
HWC2::Error DestroyVirtualDisplay(hwc2_display_t display);
void Dump(uint32_t *outSize, char *outBuffer);
uint32_t GetMaxVirtualDisplayCount();
HWC2::Error RegisterCallback(int32_t descriptor, hwc2_callback_data_t data,
hwc2_function_pointer_t function);
HWC2::Error CreateDisplay(hwc2_display_t displ, HWC2::DisplayType type);
void HandleDisplayHotplug(hwc2_display_t displayid, int state);
void HandleInitialHotplugState(DrmDevice *drmDevice);
ResourceManager resource_manager_;
std::map<hwc2_display_t, HwcDisplay> displays_;
std::string mDumpString;
} // namespace android