Android 9.0.0 Release 33 (PQ2A.190205.003)

cherry-pick from master : Reference doc fixes

Escape space chars in anchor tags, remove legacy <a> tags for anchors, and cleanup legacy DAC markup.

The non-escaped spaces have been a long-standing issue that created
incompatible behaviors on the new devsite design. Escaping these is the
right thing to do, but yes, it will break some existing links that use
the old URLs with actual spaces. We'll need to resolve those over time.

Using the <a> tags resulted in bad vertical positioning, so this now puts the
anchor name in the header tag with the id attribute.

Also lots of removal of legacy "apilevel" class names, and addition
of the data attribute where it was still missing.

bug: 79995820 (escape spaces)
bug: 80256515 (remove "apilevel" classes)

test: make ds-docs

sample of results at http://cl/202985750 (and as expected, there are no changes to
templates--that CL just shows a few doc changes in pi-dev that didn't make it into DP4).

Change-Id: I038cd4abfdd498f82740aeb149cbaabd252d3ff1
(cherry picked from commit 8419b994cbc03f7921499d2ed92dcfffa57ace81)
9 files changed