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  1. 10a0659 Use -Werror in external/dhcpcd-6.8.2 am: b828aa31f3 by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 6 weeks ago master
  2. b828aa3 Use -Werror in external/dhcpcd-6.8.2 by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 6 weeks ago
  3. 54d1fc2 resolve merge conflicts of 1cff673 to nyc-dev-plus-aosp am: b74b4ad38f by Elliott Hughes · 1 year, 6 months ago oreo-cts-release oreo-dev oreo-dr1-dev oreo-dr1-release oreo-dr2-release oreo-dr3-release oreo-r2-release oreo-r3-release oreo-r4-release oreo-r5-release oreo-r6-release oreo-release oreo-vts-release android-8.0.0_r1 android-8.0.0_r10 android-8.0.0_r11 android-8.0.0_r12 android-8.0.0_r13 android-8.0.0_r15 android-8.0.0_r16 android-8.0.0_r17 android-8.0.0_r2 android-8.0.0_r21 android-8.0.0_r22 android-8.0.0_r23 android-8.0.0_r24 android-8.0.0_r25 android-8.0.0_r26 android-8.0.0_r27 android-8.0.0_r28 android-8.0.0_r29 android-8.0.0_r3 android-8.0.0_r30 android-8.0.0_r31 android-8.0.0_r32 android-8.0.0_r33 android-8.0.0_r34 android-8.0.0_r4 android-8.0.0_r7 android-8.0.0_r9 android-cts-8.0_r1 android-cts-8.0_r2 android-cts-8.0_r3 android-cts-8.0_r4 android-vts-8.0_r1 android-vts-8.0_r2
  4. df64c96 resolve merge conflicts of 1cff673 to nyc-dev-plus-aosp am: b74b4ad38f by Elliott Hughes · 1 year, 6 months ago n-iot-preview-4 o-iot-preview-5 o-preview android-n-iot-preview-4 android-n-mr2-preview-1 android-n-mr2-preview-2 android-o-iot-preview-5 android-o-preview-1 android-o-preview-2 android-o-preview-3 android-o-preview-4 android-wear-o-preview-3 android-wear-o-preview-4
  5. b74b4ad resolve merge conflicts of 1cff673 to nyc-dev-plus-aosp by Elliott Hughes · 1 year, 6 months ago android-n-mr1-preview-1 android-n-mr1-preview-2
  6. 1cff673 Make dhcpcd-6.8.2 admit that it uses BSD extensions. am: d088482545 by Elliott Hughes · 1 year, 6 months ago
  7. d088482 Make dhcpcd-6.8.2 admit that it uses BSD extensions. by Elliott Hughes · 1 year, 6 months ago n-iot-preview-2 nougat-mr1-wear-release android-n-iot-preview-2 android-n-preview-4 android-n-preview-5 android-wear-7.1.1_r1 android-wear-n-preview-2
  8. ca69393 add a compiler flag to use script.c instead of script-stub.c by Keun Soo Yim · 1 year, 9 months ago nougat-cts-release nougat-dev nougat-dr1-release nougat-mr0.5-release nougat-mr1-cts-release nougat-mr1-dev nougat-mr1-flounder-release nougat-mr1-release nougat-mr1-volantis-release nougat-mr1.1-release nougat-mr1.2-release nougat-mr1.3-release nougat-mr1.4-release nougat-mr1.5-release nougat-mr1.6-release nougat-mr1.7-release nougat-mr2-dev nougat-mr2-pixel-release nougat-mr2-release nougat-mr2.1-release nougat-mr2.2-release nougat-mr2.3-release nougat-release android-7.0.0_r1 android-7.0.0_r12 android-7.0.0_r13 android-7.0.0_r14 android-7.0.0_r15 android-7.0.0_r17 android-7.0.0_r19 android-7.0.0_r21 android-7.0.0_r24 android-7.0.0_r27 android-7.0.0_r28 android-7.0.0_r29 android-7.0.0_r3 android-7.0.0_r30 android-7.0.0_r31 android-7.0.0_r32 android-7.0.0_r33 android-7.0.0_r34 android-7.0.0_r4 android-7.0.0_r5 android-7.0.0_r6 android-7.0.0_r7 android-7.1.0_r1 android-7.1.0_r2 android-7.1.0_r3 android-7.1.0_r4 android-7.1.0_r5 android-7.1.0_r6 android-7.1.0_r7 android-7.1.1_r1 android-7.1.1_r10 android-7.1.1_r11 android-7.1.1_r12 android-7.1.1_r13 android-7.1.1_r14 android-7.1.1_r15 android-7.1.1_r16 android-7.1.1_r17 android-7.1.1_r2 android-7.1.1_r20 android-7.1.1_r21 android-7.1.1_r22 android-7.1.1_r23 android-7.1.1_r24 android-7.1.1_r25 android-7.1.1_r26 android-7.1.1_r27 android-7.1.1_r28 android-7.1.1_r3 android-7.1.1_r31 android-7.1.1_r32 android-7.1.1_r33 android-7.1.1_r35 android-7.1.1_r38 android-7.1.1_r39 android-7.1.1_r4 android-7.1.1_r40 android-7.1.1_r41 android-7.1.1_r42 android-7.1.1_r43 android-7.1.1_r44 android-7.1.1_r45 android-7.1.1_r46 android-7.1.1_r47 android-7.1.1_r48 android-7.1.1_r49 android-7.1.1_r50 android-7.1.1_r51 android-7.1.1_r52 android-7.1.1_r53 android-7.1.1_r54 android-7.1.1_r55 android-7.1.1_r57 android-7.1.1_r58 android-7.1.1_r6 android-7.1.1_r7 android-7.1.1_r8 android-7.1.1_r9 android-7.1.2_r1 android-7.1.2_r10 android-7.1.2_r11 android-7.1.2_r12 android-7.1.2_r13 android-7.1.2_r14 android-7.1.2_r15 android-7.1.2_r16 android-7.1.2_r17 android-7.1.2_r18 android-7.1.2_r19 android-7.1.2_r2 android-7.1.2_r23 android-7.1.2_r24 android-7.1.2_r25 android-7.1.2_r27 android-7.1.2_r28 android-7.1.2_r29 android-7.1.2_r3 android-7.1.2_r30 android-7.1.2_r32 android-7.1.2_r33 android-7.1.2_r4 android-7.1.2_r5 android-7.1.2_r6 android-7.1.2_r8 android-7.1.2_r9 android-cts-7.0_r1 android-cts-7.0_r10 android-cts-7.0_r11 android-cts-7.0_r12 android-cts-7.0_r13 android-cts-7.0_r14 android-cts-7.0_r15 android-cts-7.0_r16 android-cts-7.0_r2 android-cts-7.0_r3 android-cts-7.0_r4 android-cts-7.0_r5 android-cts-7.0_r6 android-cts-7.0_r7 android-cts-7.0_r8 android-cts-7.0_r9 android-cts-7.1_r1 android-cts-7.1_r10 android-cts-7.1_r11 android-cts-7.1_r12 android-cts-7.1_r2 android-cts-7.1_r3 android-cts-7.1_r4 android-cts-7.1_r5 android-cts-7.1_r6 android-cts-7.1_r7 android-cts-7.1_r8 android-cts-7.1_r9
  9. 9c993df dhcpcd-6.8.2: Change vendor_encapsulated_options to binhex by Victor Dodon · 1 year, 10 months ago brillo-m10-dev brillo-m10-release android-n-preview-1 android-n-preview-2 android-n-preview-3 android-wear-n-preview-1
  10. b745ca9 [PATCH] UPSTREAM: Ensure that option length fits inside data length less option size by Samuel Tan · 1 year, 11 months ago brillo-m9-dev brillo-m9-release
  11. ddbf02a [PATCH] UPSTREAM: Fix heap-based overflow in dhcp_envoption1 by Samuel Tan · 1 year, 11 months ago
  12. e8e1f37 dhcpcd-6.8.2: do not use switch_user() in Brillo builds by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 1 month ago brillo-m7-dev brillo-m7-mr-dev brillo-m7-release brillo-m8-dev brillo-m8-release
  13. 1635047 dhcpcd-6.8.2: comment out dhcpcd-6.8.2.conf target by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 2 months ago
  14. e1320b1 Use stub implementation for script runner by Peter Qiu · 2 years, 2 months ago
  15. e0b0b41 dhcpcd-6.8.2: switch user after starting dhcpcd-6.8.2 by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 2 years, 2 months ago
  16. 14596ac dhcpcd-6.8.2: update dhcpcd configuration by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 2 months ago
  17. c869152 dhcpcd-6.8.2: add comment differentiating dhcpcd repos by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 3 months ago
  18. c9637df dhcpcd-6.8.2: assign interface index in get_interface by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 3 months ago
  19. 400e4d5 dhcpcd-6.8.2: add includes for compat/ headers by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 3 months ago
  20. 6265fcc dhcpcd-6.8.2: add file by Samuel Tan · 2 years, 3 months ago