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Also delete
to avoid a proto dependency.

* aosp/upstream-master:
  Record dependencies when directly calling moved interface methods. RELNOTES: None.
  Exclude Android dependency checking from Bazel's singlejar build. This should also address RELNOTES: None.
  Track expansions in OptionValueDescription.
  Remove feature to allow expansion flags to have values.
  Migrate all users of OptionsParser.enableParamsFileSupport to use the ShellQuotedParamsFilePreProcessor. This covers all of the tools packaged in the ResourceProcessorBusyBox.
  Track Option placement within a priority category.
  Make option conflicts less spammy.
  Desugar-singlejar integration tests for double-checking default methods.
  Expand implicitRequirements in the location of the option that required it.
  Remove the implicit requirement of core_library.
  Clean up InvocationPolicy's use of OptionDescription.
  Report the structured Bazel command line via the BEP.
  Do not rewrite static interface method invocations from bootclasspath
  Downgrade the default invocation policy log levels to fine.
  Categorize build options for BuildConfiguration.
  add flags to desugar to emit metadata that can be used for double-checking correctness of default and static interface desugaring. RELNOTES: none
  Add new option categorization and tagging information to HelpCommand's output.
  Move the canonicalization of an option value to the option value itself.

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