Parse version 53 class files built from language level 8 sources.

Let Desugar request API level ASM6, now that Desugar in AOSP uses
asm-6.0_BETA (since commit b16be9a0994ff8c0c3614774449001bed9fa5e39).

This CL is a local patch; upstream desugar is still using ASM 5
(see bug 38177569).

This is required in order to parse version 53 class files.
ASM 6.0's classVisitor.visitModule() throws RuntimeException
if the requested API version is < ASM6.

This CL allows version 53 (OpenJDK 9) class files compiled from
.java source files in language level 8 to be read; it doesn't
add any support for new language level 9 features, e.g. it
doesn't add any custom handling for modules
(ClassVisitor.visitModule()) that might occur in such language
level 9 source files.

This CL was created by a simple search&replace for ASM5 -> ASM6
across the Desugar sources.

Test: Treehugger.
Bug: 64447547

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