Revert "Fix annotation processors working w/ generated code on OpenJDK 9 toolchain"

This change is no longer needed, following
in April 2019, which upgraded external/dagger2 from a 2015 version of
auto-common to version 0.10
( This
auto-common version does not output code using
javax.annotation.Generated if it is is not available, so the module
that provides ( it can be safely removed.

This is beneficial since the module is deprecated in OpenJDK 9 and is
removed in later versions.

N.B. The change being reverted was to, this removes the
corresponding lines from the migrated Android.bp.

This reverts commit 66b92c8c9172780c5794f47cbe7ede4eeee009b7.

Bug: 62050818
Bug: 131683177
Change-Id: Id964a685dbadb21f414b15e029d5e02a40ece83f
1 file changed