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import sys
from genutil import *
# \todo [arttu 2012-12-20] Current set tests variable names only, add function names, structure names, and field selectors.
# Templates
identifierCaseTemplate = """
case ${{NAME}}
expect compile_fail
values {}
both ""
precision mediump float;
void main()
float ${{IDENTIFIER}} = 1.0;
# Classes
class IdentifierCase(ShaderCase):
def __init__(self, name, identifier): = name
self.identifier = identifier
def __str__(self):
params = { "NAME" :,
"IDENTIFIER" : self.identifier }
return fillTemplate(identifierCaseTemplate, params)
# Declarations
"attribute", "const", "uniform", "varying", "break", "continue", "do", "for", "while",
"if", "else", "in", "out", "inout", "float", "int", "void", "bool", "true", "false",
"lowp", "mediump", "highp", "precision", "invariant", "discard", "return", "mat2", "mat3",
"mat4", "vec2", "vec3", "vec4", "ivec2", "ivec3", "ivec4", "bvec2", "bvec3", "bvec4",
"sampler2D", "samplerCube", "struct"
"asm", "class", "union", "enum", "typedef", "template", "this", "packed", "goto", "switch",
"default", "inline", "noinline", "volatile", "public", "static", "extern", "external",
"interface", "flat", "long", "short", "double", "half", "fixed", "unsigned", "superp",
"input", "output", "hvec2", "hvec3", "hvec4", "dvec2", "dvec3", "dvec4", "fvec2", "fvec3",
"fvec4", "sampler1D", "sampler3D", "sampler1DShadow", "sampler2DShadow", "sampler2DRect",
"sampler3DRect", "sampler2DRectShadow", "sizeof", "cast", "namespace", "using"
("two_underscores_begin", "__invalid"),
("two_underscores_middle", "in__valid"),
("two_underscores_end", "invalid__"),
("gl_begin", "gl_Invalid"),
("digit", "0123"),
("digit_begin", "0invalid")
# Keyword usage
keywords = []
reservedKeywords = []
invalidIdentifiers = []
for keyword in KEYWORDS:
keywords.append(IdentifierCase(keyword, keyword)) # Keywords
for keyword in RESERVED_KEYWORDS:
reservedKeywords.append(IdentifierCase(keyword, keyword)) # Reserved keywords
for (name, identifier) in INVALID_IDENTIFIERS:
invalidIdentifiers.append(IdentifierCase(name, identifier)) # Invalid identifiers
keywordCases = [
CaseGroup("keywords", "Usage of keywords as identifiers.", keywords),
CaseGroup("reserved_keywords", "Usage of reserved keywords as identifiers.", reservedKeywords),
CaseGroup("invalid_identifiers", "Usage of invalid identifiers.", invalidIdentifiers)
# Main program
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "Generating shader case files."
writeAllCases("keywords.test", keywordCases)