New mustpass script and first MNC ES3.x mustpass lists

This change replaces old mustpass script ( with a
more flexible one ( that implements following:

 * Mustpass list is always built and checked against raw lists produced
by building and running test binaries using tools from

 * Mustpass lists are specified as list of transformations (inclusions
or exclusions) from raw case list.

 * New script supports generating multiple configurations (GL config bits,
surface, etc.)

Layout of android/cts has been changed slightly:

cts/<version>/src/           - source files for generating mustpass
cts/<version>/*.txt          - mustpass caselist (--deqp-caselist-file)
cts/<version>/mustpass.xml   - mapping between configs and caselists
cts/<version>/com.draw...xml - mustpass lists for CTS

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12 files changed