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+name: "curl"
+description: "Standalone Kotlin command-line compiler tools."
+third_party {
+  url {
+    type: HOMEPAGE
+    value: ""
+  }
+  url {
+    type: ARCHIVE
+    value: ""
+  }
+  version: "curl-7_60_0"
+  last_upgrade_date {
+    year: 2018
+    month: 6
+    day: 26
+  }
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-Version: 7.60.0
-License: MIT
-License File: NOTICE
-BugComponent: 31714
-Owners: deymo, enh
-Curl is a command line tool for transferring data specified with URL syntax.
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-curl security for developers
-This document is intended to provide guidance to curl developers on how
-security vulnerabilities should be handled.
-Publishing Information
-All known and public curl or libcurl related vulnerabilities are listed on
-[the curl web site security page](
-Security vulnerabilities should not be entered in the project's public bug
-tracker unless the necessary configuration is in place to limit access to the
-issue to only the reporter and the project's security team.
-Vulnerability Handling
-The typical process for handling a new security vulnerability is as follows.
-No information should be made public about a vulnerability until it is
-formally announced at the end of this process. That means, for example that a
-bug tracker entry must NOT be created to track the issue since that will make
-the issue public and it should not be discussed on any of the project's public
-mailing lists. Also messages associated with any commits should not make
-any reference to the security nature of the commit if done prior to the public
-- The person discovering the issue, the reporter, reports the vulnerability
-  privately to ``. That's an email alias that reaches a
-  handful of selected and trusted people.
-- Messages that do not relate to the reporting or managing of an undisclosed
-  security vulnerability in curl or libcurl are ignored and no further action
-  is required.
-- A person in the security team sends an e-mail to the original reporter to
-  acknowledge the report.
-- The security team investigates the report and either rejects it or accepts
-  it.
-- If the report is rejected, the team writes to the reporter to explain why.
-- If the report is accepted, the team writes to the reporter to let him/her
-  know it is accepted and that they are working on a fix.
-- The security team discusses the problem, works out a fix, considers the
-  impact of the problem and suggests a release schedule. This discussion
-  should involve the reporter as much as possible.
-- The release of the information should be "as soon as possible" and is most
-  often synced with an upcoming release that contains the fix. If the
-  reporter, or anyone else, thinks the next planned release is too far away
-  then a separate earlier release for security reasons should be considered.
-- Write a security advisory draft about the problem that explains what the
-  problem is, its impact, which versions it affects, solutions or
-  workarounds, when the release is out and make sure to credit all
-  contributors properly.
-- Request a CVE number from
-  [distros@openwall](
-  when also informing and preparing them for the upcoming public security
-  vulnerability announcement - attach the advisory draft for information. Note
-  that 'distros' won't accept an embargo longer than 19 days and they do not
-  care for Windows-specific flaws. For windows-specific flaws, request CVE
-  directly from MITRE.
-- Update the "security advisory" with the CVE number.
-- The security team commits the fix in a private branch. The commit message
-  should ideally contain the CVE number. This fix is usually also distributed
-  to the 'distros' mailing list to allow them to use the fix prior to the
-  public announcement.
-- No more than 48 hours before the release, the private branch is merged into
-  the master branch and pushed. Once pushed, the information is accessible to
-  the public and the actual release should follow suit immediately afterwards.
-  The time between the push and the release is used for final tests and
-  reviews.
-- The project team creates a release that includes the fix.
-- The project team announces the release and the vulnerability to the world in
-  the same manner we always announce releases. It gets sent to the
-  curl-announce, curl-library and curl-users mailing lists.
-- The security web page on the web site should get the new vulnerability
-  mentioned.
-If you think you are or should be eligible for a pre-notification about
-upcoming security announcements for curl, we urge OS distros and similar
-vendors to primarily join the distros@openwall list as that is one of the
-purposes of that list - and not just for curl of course.
-If you are not a distro or otherwise not suitable for distros@openwall and yet
-want pre-notifications from us, contact the curl security team with a detailed
-and clear explanation why this is the case.
-curl-security (at haxx dot se)
-Who is on this list? There are a couple of criteria you must meet, and then we
-might ask you to join the list or you can ask to join it. It really isn't very
-formal. We basically only require that you have a long-term presence in the
-curl project and you have shown an understanding for the project and its way
-of working. You must've been around for a good while and you should have no
-plans in vanishing in the near future.
-We do not make the list of participants public mostly because it tends to vary
-somewhat over time and a list somewhere will only risk getting outdated.
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-<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
-<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
-<title>Index to libcurl documentation</title>
-<h1 align="center">Index to libcurl documentation</h1>
-<p><a href="../index.html">curl and tools</a>
-<A HREF="libcurl.html">libcurl</A>
-<br><a href="libcurl-easy.html">libcurl-easy</a>
-<br><a href="libcurl-multi.html">libcurl-multi</a>
-<br><a href="libcurl-share.html">libcurl-share</a>
-<br><a href="libcurl-errors.html">libcurl-errors</a>
-<br><a href="libcurl-tutorial.html">libcurl-tutorial</a>
-<br><a href="libcurl-thread.html">libcurl-thread</a>
-<H2>Library Functions (A-Z)</H2>
-<a href="curl_easy_cleanup.html">curl_easy_cleanup</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_duphandle.html">curl_easy_duphandle</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_escape.html">curl_easy_escape</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_getinfo.html">curl_easy_getinfo</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_init.html">curl_easy_init</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_pause.html">curl_easy_pause</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_perform.html">curl_easy_perform</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_recv.html">curl_easy_recv</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_reset.html">curl_easy_reset</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_send.html">curl_easy_send</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_setopt.html">curl_easy_setopt</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_strerror.html">curl_easy_strerror</A>
-<br><a href="curl_easy_unescape.html">curl_easy_unescape</A>
-<br><a href="curl_escape.html">curl_escape</A> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_formadd.html">curl_formadd</A>
-<br><a href="curl_formfree.html">curl_formfree</A>
-<br><a href="curl_formget.html">curl_formget</A>
-<br><a href="curl_free.html">curl_free</A>
-<br><a href="curl_getdate.html">curl_getdate</A>
-<br><a href="curl_getenv.html">curl_getenv</A> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_global_cleanup.html">curl_global_cleanup</A>
-<br><a href="curl_global_init.html">curl_global_init</A>
-<br><a href="curl_global_init_mem.html">curl_global_init_mem</A>
-<br><a href="curl_mprintf.html">curl_mprintf</A> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_multi_add_handle.html">curl_multi_add_handle</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_assign.html">curl_multi_assign</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_cleanup.html">curl_multi_cleanup</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_fdset.html">curl_multi_fdset</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_info_read.html">curl_multi_info_read</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_init.html">curl_multi_init</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_perform.html">curl_multi_perform</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_remove_handle.html">curl_multi_remove_handle</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_setopt.html">curl_multi_setopt</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_socket.html">curl_multi_socket</a> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_multi_socket_action.html">curl_multi_socket_action</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_strerror.html">curl_multi_strerror</a>
-<br><a href="curl_multi_timeout.html">curl_multi_timeout</a> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_share_cleanup.html">curl_share_cleanup</A>
-<br><a href="curl_share_init.html">curl_share_init</A>
-<br><a href="curl_share_setopt.html">curl_share_setopt</A>
-<br><a href="curl_share_strerror.html">curl_share_strerror</a>
-<br><a href="curl_slist_append.html">curl_slist_append</A>
-<br><a href="curl_slist_free_all.html">curl_slist_free_all</A>
-<br><a href="curl_strequal.html">curl_strequal and curl_strnequal</A>
-<br><a href="curl_unescape.html">curl_unescape</A> (deprecated)
-<br><a href="curl_version.html">curl_version</A>
-<br><a href="curl_version_info.html">curl_version_info</A>
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+# $1 Path to the new version.
+# $2 Path to the old version.
+rm $1/packages/Android/
+cp -a -n $2/androidconfigure $1/
+cp -a -n $2/local-configure.patch $1/
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