CMake build instructions

Recommended usage : Incorporating cpu_features into a CMake project

For API / ABI compatibility reasons, it is recommended to build and use cpu_features in a subdirectory of your project or as an embedded dependency.

This is similar to the recommended usage of the googletest framework ( )

Build and use step-by-step

1- Download cpu_features and copy it in a sub-directory in your project. or add cpu_features as a git-submodule in your project

2- You can then use the cmake command add_subdirectory() to include cpu_features directly and use the cpu_features target in your project.

3- Add the cpu_features target to the target_link_libraries() section of your executable or of your library.

Enabling tests

CMake default options for cpu_features is Release built type with tests disabled. To enable testing set cmake BUILD_TESTING variable to ON, .travis.yml and appveyor.yml have up to date examples.