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The only significant change is implementing clean processing of close_notify
alerts, which lets users cleanly shutdown an SSLEngine.

Bug: 23665450
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Conscrypt - A Java Security Provider

Conscrypt is a Java Security Provider (JSP) that implements parts of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE). It uses BoringSSL to provide cryptographical primitives and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Java applications on Android and OpenJDK.

The core SSL engine has borrowed liberally from the Netty project and their work on netty-tcnative, giving Conscrypt similar performance.


All Conscrypt artifacts target the Java 6 runtime and are available on Maven central.

Download JARs

You can download the JARs directly from the Maven repositories.

OpenJDK (i.e. non-Android)

Native Classifiers

The OpenJDK artifacts are platform-dependent since each embeds a native library for a particular platform. We publish artifacts to Maven Central for the following platforms:

windows-x86_64Windows distribution
osx-x86_64Mac distribution
linux-x86_64Used for Linux

Use the os-maven-plugin to add the dependency:



Use the osdetector-gradle-plugin (which is a wrapper around the os-maven-plugin) to add the dependency:

buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath ''

// Use the osdetector-gradle-plugin
apply plugin: ""

dependencies {
  compile 'org.conscrypt:conscrypt-jdk:1.1.0-SNAPSHOT:' + osdetector.classifier
Uber JAR

For convenience, we also publish an Uber JAR to Maven Central that contains the shared libraries for all of the published platforms. While the overall size of the JAR is larger than depending on a platform-specific artifact, it greatly simplifies the task of dependency management for most platforms.

To depend on the uber jar, simply use the conscrypt-openjdk-uber artifacts.

dependencies {
  compile 'org.conscrypt:conscrypt-jdk-uber:1.1.0-SNAPSHOT'

How to Build

If you are making changes to Conscrypt, see the building instructions.

Source Overview

Here‘s a quick readers’ guide to the code to help folks get started. The high-level modules are Common, Android, OpenJDK, and Platform.


This contains the bulk of the code for both Java and C. This isn't an actual module and builds no artifacts. Rather, the other modules just point to this directory as source.


This module provides the Platform class for Android and also adds compatibility classes for supporting various versions of Android. This generates an aar library artifact.


These modules provide the Platform class for non-Android (OpenJDK-based) systems. It also provides a native library loader supports bundling the shared library with the JAR.


This is not an actual module and is not part of the default build. This is used for building Conscrypt as an embedded component of the Android platform.