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AddressSanitizer RT
This directory contains sources of the AddressSanitizer (asan) run-time library.
We are in the process of integrating AddressSanitizer with LLVM, stay tuned.
Directory structre:
README.txt : This file. : Currently a stub for a proper makefile. not usable.
Makefile.old : Old out-of-tree makefile, the only usable one so far.
asan_*.{cc,h} : Sources of the asan run-time lirbary.
mach_override/* : Utility to override functions on Darwin (MIT License).
scripts/* : Helper scripts.
Temporary build instructions (verified on linux):
cd lib/asan
make -f Makefile.old get_third_party # gets googletest and cpplint
make -f Makefile.old test -j 8 CLANG_BUILD=/path/to/Release+Asserts
# Optional:
# make -f Makefile.old install # installs clang and rt to lib/asan_clang_linux
For more info see