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// RUN: %clang_cl_asan -O0 %s -Fe%t
// RUN: %run %t | FileCheck %s
// This is a test for
#include <stdio.h>
typedef void (*FPTR)();
// __xi_a and __xi_z are defined in VC/crt/src/crt0dat.c
// and are located in .CRT$XIA and .CRT$XIZ respectively.
extern "C" FPTR __xi_a, __xi_z;
int main() {
unsigned count = 0;
// Iterate through CRT initializers.
for (FPTR* it = &__xi_a; it < &__xi_z; ++it) {
if (*it)
printf("Number of nonzero CRT initializers: %u\n", count);
// CHECK: Number of nonzero CRT initializers
void call_me_maybe() {}
#pragma data_seg(".CRT$XIB")
// Add an initializer that shouldn't get its own redzone.
FPTR run_on_startup = call_me_maybe;