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//===-- tsan_sync.h ---------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file is a part of ThreadSanitizer (TSan), a race detector.
#ifndef TSAN_SYNC_H
#define TSAN_SYNC_H
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_atomic.h"
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_common.h"
#include "tsan_clock.h"
#include "tsan_defs.h"
#include "tsan_mutex.h"
namespace __tsan {
class SlabCache;
class StackTrace {
// Initialized the object in "static mode",
// in this mode it never calls malloc/free but uses the provided buffer.
StackTrace(uptr *buf, uptr cnt);
void Reset();
void Init(const uptr *pcs, uptr cnt);
void ObtainCurrent(ThreadState *thr, uptr toppc);
bool IsEmpty() const;
uptr Size() const;
uptr Get(uptr i) const;
const uptr *Begin() const;
void CopyFrom(const StackTrace& other);
uptr n_;
uptr *s_;
const uptr c_;
StackTrace(const StackTrace&);
void operator = (const StackTrace&);
struct SyncVar {
explicit SyncVar(uptr addr);
static const int kInvalidTid = -1;
Mutex mtx;
const uptr addr;
SyncClock clock;
SyncClock read_clock; // Used for rw mutexes only.
StackTrace creation_stack;
int owner_tid; // Set only by exclusive owners.
int recursion;
bool is_rw;
bool is_recursive;
bool is_broken;
SyncVar *next; // In SyncTab hashtable.
uptr GetMemoryConsumption();
class SyncTab {
// If the SyncVar does not exist yet, it is created.
SyncVar* GetAndLock(ThreadState *thr, uptr pc,
uptr addr, bool write_lock);
// If the SyncVar does not exist, returns 0.
SyncVar* GetAndRemove(ThreadState *thr, uptr pc, uptr addr);
uptr GetMemoryConsumption(uptr *nsync);
struct Part {
Mutex mtx;
SyncVar *val;
char pad[kCacheLineSize - sizeof(Mutex) - sizeof(SyncVar*)]; // NOLINT
// FIXME: Implement something more sane.
static const int kPartCount = 1009;
Part tab_[kPartCount];
int PartIdx(uptr addr);
SyncTab(const SyncTab&); // Not implemented.
void operator = (const SyncTab&); // Not implemented.
} // namespace __tsan
#endif // TSAN_SYNC_H