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* Copyright 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
* Licensed under the MIT Open Source License, for details please see license.txt or the website
#include <vector>
#include <dae/daeElement.h>
#include <dae/daeURI.h>
#include <dae/daeIOPluginCommon.h>
struct _xmlTextReader;
struct _xmlTextWriter;
class DAE;
* The @c daeLIBXMLPlugin class derives from @c daeIOPluginCommon and implements an XML
* input/output backend using libxml2 as a parser. When using this plugin, DAE::load() expects
* an rfc 2396 compliant URI, any URI supported by libxml2 should be properly
* handled including ones with network schemes and authority. If the URI contains a fragment it will be ignored
* and the entire referenced document will be loaded. DAE::saveAs will only
* handle a filename path at present (ie: no scheme or authority).
class DLLSPEC daeLIBXMLPlugin : public daeIOPluginCommon
// Constructor / destructor
* Constructor.
daeLIBXMLPlugin(DAE& dae);
* Destructor.
virtual ~daeLIBXMLPlugin();
// Operations
virtual daeInt write(const daeURI& name, daeDocument *document, daeBool replace);
* setOption allows you to set options for this IOPlugin. Which options a plugin supports is
* dependent on the plugin itself. There is currently no list of options that plugins are
* suggested to implement. daeLibXML2Plugin supports only one option, "saveRawBinary". Set to
* "true" to save float_array data as a .raw binary file. The daeRawResolver will convert the
* data back into COLLADA domFloat_array elements upon load.
* @param option The option to set.
* @param value The value to set the option.
* @return Returns DAE_OK upon success.
virtual daeInt setOption( daeString option, daeString value );
* getOption retrieves the value of an option from this IOPlugin. Which options a plugin supports is
* dependent on the plugin itself.
* @param option The option to get.
* @return Returns the string value of the option or NULL if option is not valid.
virtual daeString getOption( daeString option );
DAE& dae;
_xmlTextWriter *writer;
FILE *rawFile;
unsigned long rawByteCount;
daeURI rawRelPath;
bool saveRawFile;
virtual daeElementRef readFromFile(const daeURI& uri);
virtual daeElementRef readFromMemory(daeString buffer, const daeURI& baseUri);
daeElementRef read(_xmlTextReader* reader);
daeElementRef readElement(_xmlTextReader* reader,
daeElement* parentElement,
/* out */ int& readRetVal);
void writeElement( daeElement* element );
void writeAttribute( daeMetaAttribute* attr, daeElement* element);
void writeValue(daeElement* element);
void writeRawSource( daeElement* src );