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Python Clearsilver Module
By Brandon Long
Windows port by David Jeske
This is the python clearsilver module. You can see the online
documentation for the Python API here:
Compiling from source on Linux (UNIX) should be pretty
straightforward. Simply make sure that the Makefile and top level point to your Python installation of choice. Comments or
questions to
If you are using Python2.2, we highly recommend you download the
pre-built binary. You can download a windows binary of the module from
the clearsilver download page here:
COMPILING on Windows
If you must compile on windows, here is the set of steps you need to
follow for Python22. Comments or questions to
1) Download and Install Python2.2 from:
2) Download and Install Mingw32-2.0 and binutils from:
3) Download and Install UNIX Tools and Make from:
You can use msys, just download 1.08 or later (well, that's what I
tested) at:
4) Add the mingw32 binary directory to your path
Using msys, just click on the msys icon on your desktop to launch
the sh command line window. Note that the python executable won't
do screen output correctly from this window, but it does work.
5) Build the libpython22.a import library using these steps:
a) Download the Py-mingw32 tools:
b) extract them to C:\Python22\libs
c) edit and replace python15->python22, Python15->Python22
d) execute these commands:
C:\Python22\libs> python22.lib > python22.def
C:\Python22\libs> dlltool --dllname python22.dll --def python22.def --output-lib libpython22.a
6) Check the python library and include paths in the neotonic/
You should see:
PYTHON_INC = -I/c/python22/include
PYTHON_LIB = -L/c/python22/libs -lpython22
These should have been found automatically by the configure script.
7) Then type "make" in the neotonic\python directory...
Ignore all the warnings aboue HAVE_ defines being re-defined. This
are just collisions between the clearsilver config file and the python
config file.