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Unicode CLDR Project

Latest Release: v42.0 published 2022-10-19

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GitHub: cldr-mvn Ansible Lint

What is CLDR?

The Unicode CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available. This data is used by a wide spectrum of companies for their software internationalization and localization, adapting software to the conventions of different languages for such common software tasks.

See for further information:


Most data submissions are done via the CLDR Survey Tool, which is open and available on predetermined cycles. Click HERE for information on how to obtain a survey tool account.

For details about code and other contributions, see CONTRIBUTING.md


  • Usage of CLDR data and software is governed by the Unicode Terms of Use a copy of which is included as unicode-license.txt.

  • Some CLDR tools depend on library dependencies managed via Maven, use of these libraries is governed by separate license agreements.

SPDX-License-Identifier: Unicode-DFS-2016


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