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//===--- CodeGenOptions.h ---------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the CodeGenOptions interface.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "llvm/Support/Regex.h"
namespace clang {
/// \brief Bitfields of CodeGenOptions, split out from CodeGenOptions to ensure
/// that this large collection of bitfields is a trivial class type.
class CodeGenOptionsBase {
#define CODEGENOPT(Name, Bits, Default) unsigned Name : Bits;
#define ENUM_CODEGENOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default)
#include "clang/Frontend/CodeGenOptions.def"
#define CODEGENOPT(Name, Bits, Default)
#define ENUM_CODEGENOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default) unsigned Name : Bits;
#include "clang/Frontend/CodeGenOptions.def"
/// CodeGenOptions - Track various options which control how the code
/// is optimized and passed to the backend.
class CodeGenOptions : public CodeGenOptionsBase {
enum InliningMethod {
NoInlining, // Perform no inlining whatsoever.
NormalInlining, // Use the standard function inlining pass.
OnlyAlwaysInlining // Only run the always inlining pass.
enum ObjCDispatchMethodKind {
Legacy = 0,
NonLegacy = 1,
Mixed = 2
enum DebugInfoKind {
NoDebugInfo, /// Don't generate debug info.
DebugLineTablesOnly, /// Emit only debug info necessary for generating
/// line number tables (-gline-tables-only).
LimitedDebugInfo, /// Limit generated debug info to reduce size
/// (-fno-standalone-debug). This emits
/// forward decls for types that could be
/// replaced with forward decls in the source
/// code. For dynamic C++ classes type info
/// is only emitted int the module that
/// contains the classe's vtable.
FullDebugInfo /// Generate complete debug info.
enum TLSModel {
enum FPContractModeKind {
FPC_Off, // Form fused FP ops only where result will not be affected.
FPC_On, // Form fused FP ops according to FP_CONTRACT rules.
FPC_Fast // Aggressively fuse FP ops (E.g. FMA).
enum StructReturnConventionKind {
SRCK_Default, // No special option was passed.
SRCK_OnStack, // Small structs on the stack (-fpcc-struct-return).
SRCK_InRegs // Small structs in registers (-freg-struct-return).
/// The code model to use (-mcmodel).
std::string CodeModel;
/// The filename with path we use for coverage files. The extension will be
/// replaced.
std::string CoverageFile;
/// The version string to put into coverage files.
char CoverageVersion[4];
/// Enable additional debugging information.
std::string DebugPass;
/// The string to embed in debug information as the current working directory.
std::string DebugCompilationDir;
/// The string to embed in the debug information for the compile unit, if
/// non-empty.
std::string DwarfDebugFlags;
/// The ABI to use for passing floating point arguments.
std::string FloatABI;
/// The float precision limit to use, if non-empty.
std::string LimitFloatPrecision;
/// The name of the bitcode file to link before optzns.
std::string LinkBitcodeFile;
/// The user provided name for the "main file", if non-empty. This is useful
/// in situations where the input file name does not match the original input
/// file, for example with -save-temps.
std::string MainFileName;
/// The name for the split debug info file that we'll break out. This is used
/// in the backend for setting the name in the skeleton cu.
std::string SplitDwarfFile;
/// The name of the relocation model to use.
std::string RelocationModel;
/// Path to blacklist file for sanitizers.
std::string SanitizerBlacklistFile;
/// If not an empty string, trap intrinsics are lowered to calls to this
/// function instead of to trap instructions.
std::string TrapFuncName;
/// A list of command-line options to forward to the LLVM backend.
std::vector<std::string> BackendOptions;
/// A list of dependent libraries.
std::vector<std::string> DependentLibraries;
/// Name of the profile file to use with -fprofile-sample-use.
std::string SampleProfileFile;
/// Name of the profile file to use as input for -fprofile-instr-use
std::string InstrProfileInput;
/// Regular expression to select optimizations for which we should enable
/// optimization remarks. Transformation passes whose name matches this
/// expression (and support this feature), will emit a diagnostic
/// whenever they perform a transformation. This is enabled by the
/// -Rpass=regexp flag.
std::shared_ptr<llvm::Regex> OptimizationRemarkPattern;
// Define accessors/mutators for code generation options of enumeration type.
#define CODEGENOPT(Name, Bits, Default)
#define ENUM_CODEGENOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default) \
Type get##Name() const { return static_cast<Type>(Name); } \
void set##Name(Type Value) { Name = static_cast<unsigned>(Value); }
#include "clang/Frontend/CodeGenOptions.def"
CodeGenOptions() {
#define CODEGENOPT(Name, Bits, Default) Name = Default;
#define ENUM_CODEGENOPT(Name, Type, Bits, Default) \
#include "clang/Frontend/CodeGenOptions.def"
RelocationModel = "pic";
memcpy(CoverageVersion, "402*", 4);
} // end namespace clang