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//===--- OperatorPrecedence.cpp ---------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// \brief Defines and computes precedence levels for binary/ternary operators.
#include "clang/Basic/OperatorPrecedence.h"
namespace clang {
prec::Level getBinOpPrecedence(tok::TokenKind Kind, bool GreaterThanIsOperator,
bool CPlusPlus11) {
switch (Kind) {
case tok::greater:
// C++ [temp.names]p3:
// [...] When parsing a template-argument-list, the first
// non-nested > is taken as the ending delimiter rather than a
// greater-than operator. [...]
if (GreaterThanIsOperator)
return prec::Relational;
return prec::Unknown;
case tok::greatergreater:
// C++11 [temp.names]p3:
// [...] Similarly, the first non-nested >> is treated as two
// consecutive but distinct > tokens, the first of which is
// taken as the end of the template-argument-list and completes
// the template-id. [...]
if (GreaterThanIsOperator || !CPlusPlus11)
return prec::Shift;
return prec::Unknown;
default: return prec::Unknown;
case tok::comma: return prec::Comma;
case tok::equal:
case tok::starequal:
case tok::slashequal:
case tok::percentequal:
case tok::plusequal:
case tok::minusequal:
case tok::lesslessequal:
case tok::greatergreaterequal:
case tok::ampequal:
case tok::caretequal:
case tok::pipeequal: return prec::Assignment;
case tok::question: return prec::Conditional;
case tok::pipepipe: return prec::LogicalOr;
case tok::ampamp: return prec::LogicalAnd;
case tok::pipe: return prec::InclusiveOr;
case tok::caret: return prec::ExclusiveOr;
case tok::amp: return prec::And;
case tok::exclaimequal:
case tok::equalequal: return prec::Equality;
case tok::lessequal:
case tok::less:
case tok::greaterequal: return prec::Relational;
case tok::lessless: return prec::Shift;
case tok::plus:
case tok::minus: return prec::Additive;
case tok::percent:
case tok::slash:
case tok::star: return prec::Multiplicative;
case tok::periodstar:
case tok::arrowstar: return prec::PointerToMember;
} // namespace clang