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//===--- Sanitizers.def - Runtime sanitizer options -------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the options for specifying which runtime sanitizers to
// enable. Users of this file must define the SANITIZER macro to make use of
// this information. Users of this file can also define the SANITIZER_GROUP
// macro to get information on options which refer to sets of sanitizers.
#error "Define SANITIZER prior to including this file!"
// The first value is the name of the sanitizer as a string. The sanitizer can
// be enabled by specifying -fsanitize=NAME.
// The second value is an identifier which can be used to refer to the
// sanitizer.
// The first two values have the same semantics as the corresponding SANITIZER
// values. The third value is an expression ORing together the IDs of individual
// sanitizers in this group.
// AddressSanitizer
SANITIZER("address", Address)
// More features of AddressSanitizer that should be turned on explicitly.
SANITIZER("init-order", InitOrder)
SANITIZER("use-after-return", UseAfterReturn)
SANITIZER("use-after-scope", UseAfterScope)
SANITIZER_GROUP("address-full", AddressFull,
Address | InitOrder | UseAfterReturn | UseAfterScope)
// MemorySanitizer
SANITIZER("memory", Memory)
// ThreadSanitizer
SANITIZER("thread", Thread)
// LeakSanitizer
SANITIZER("leak", Leak)
// UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer
SANITIZER("alignment", Alignment)
SANITIZER("array-bounds", ArrayBounds)
SANITIZER("bool", Bool)
SANITIZER("enum", Enum)
SANITIZER("float-cast-overflow", FloatCastOverflow)
SANITIZER("float-divide-by-zero", FloatDivideByZero)
SANITIZER("function", Function)
SANITIZER("integer-divide-by-zero", IntegerDivideByZero)
SANITIZER("null", Null)
SANITIZER("object-size", ObjectSize)
SANITIZER("return", Return)
SANITIZER("shift", Shift)
SANITIZER("signed-integer-overflow", SignedIntegerOverflow)
SANITIZER("unreachable", Unreachable)
SANITIZER("vla-bound", VLABound)
SANITIZER("vptr", Vptr)
// IntegerSanitizer
SANITIZER("unsigned-integer-overflow", UnsignedIntegerOverflow)
// DataFlowSanitizer
SANITIZER("dataflow", DataFlow)
// -fsanitize=undefined includes all the sanitizers which have low overhead, no
// ABI or address space layout implications, and only catch undefined behavior.
SANITIZER_GROUP("undefined", Undefined,
Alignment | Bool | ArrayBounds | Enum | FloatCastOverflow |
FloatDivideByZero | Function | IntegerDivideByZero | Null |
ObjectSize | Return | Shift | SignedIntegerOverflow |
Unreachable | VLABound | Vptr)
// -fsanitize=undefined-trap includes
// all sanitizers included by -fsanitize=undefined, except those that require
// runtime support. This group is generally used in conjunction with the
// -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error flag.
SANITIZER_GROUP("undefined-trap", UndefinedTrap,
Alignment | Bool | ArrayBounds | Enum | FloatCastOverflow |
FloatDivideByZero | IntegerDivideByZero | Null | ObjectSize |
Return | Shift | SignedIntegerOverflow | Unreachable |
SANITIZER_GROUP("integer", Integer,
SignedIntegerOverflow | UnsignedIntegerOverflow | Shift |
SANITIZER("local-bounds", LocalBounds)
SANITIZER_GROUP("bounds", Bounds, ArrayBounds | LocalBounds)