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//==--- - liblex diagnostics ------------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Lexer Diagnostics
let Component = "Lex", CategoryName = "Lexical or Preprocessor Issue" in {
def null_in_string : Warning<"null character(s) preserved in string literal">,
def null_in_char : Warning<"null character(s) preserved in character literal">,
def null_in_file : Warning<"null character ignored">, InGroup<NullCharacter>;
def warn_nested_block_comment : Warning<"'/*' within block comment">,
def escaped_newline_block_comment_end : Warning<
"escaped newline between */ characters at block comment end">,
def backslash_newline_space : Warning<
"backslash and newline separated by space">,
// Digraphs.
def warn_cxx98_compat_less_colon_colon : Warning<
"'<::' is treated as digraph '<:' (aka '[') followed by ':' in C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
// Trigraphs.
def trigraph_ignored : Warning<"trigraph ignored">, InGroup<Trigraphs>;
def trigraph_ignored_block_comment : Warning<
"ignored trigraph would end block comment">, InGroup<Trigraphs>;
def trigraph_ends_block_comment : Warning<"trigraph ends block comment">,
def trigraph_converted : Warning<"trigraph converted to '%0' character">,
def ext_multi_line_line_comment : Extension<"multi-line // comment">,
def ext_line_comment : Extension<
"// comments are not allowed in this language">,
def ext_no_newline_eof : Extension<"no newline at end of file">,
def warn_no_newline_eof : Warning<"no newline at end of file">,
InGroup<NewlineEOF>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx98_compat_no_newline_eof : Warning<
"C++98 requires newline at end of file">,
InGroup<CXX98CompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_dollar_in_identifier : Extension<"'$' in identifier">,
def ext_charize_microsoft : Extension<"charizing operator #@ is a Microsoft extension">,
def ext_token_used : Extension<"extension used">,
def warn_cxx11_keyword : Warning<"'%0' is a keyword in C++11">,
InGroup<CXX11Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_unterminated_string : ExtWarn<"missing terminating '\"' character">,
def ext_unterminated_char : ExtWarn<"missing terminating ' character">,
def ext_empty_character : ExtWarn<"empty character constant">,
def err_unterminated_block_comment : Error<"unterminated /* comment">;
def err_invalid_character_to_charify : Error<
"invalid argument to convert to character">;
def err_unterminated___pragma : Error<"missing terminating ')' character">;
def err_conflict_marker : Error<"version control conflict marker in file">;
def err_raw_delim_too_long : Error<
"raw string delimiter longer than 16 characters"
"; use PREFIX( )PREFIX to delimit raw string">;
def err_invalid_char_raw_delim : Error<
"invalid character '%0' character in raw string delimiter"
"; use PREFIX( )PREFIX to delimit raw string">;
def err_unterminated_raw_string : Error<
"raw string missing terminating delimiter )%0\"">;
def warn_cxx98_compat_raw_string_literal : Warning<
"raw string literals are incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_multichar_character_literal : ExtWarn<
"multi-character character constant">, InGroup<MultiChar>;
def ext_four_char_character_literal : Extension<
"multi-character character constant">, InGroup<FourByteMultiChar>;
// Unicode and UCNs
def err_invalid_utf8 : Error<
"source file is not valid UTF-8">;
def err_non_ascii : Error<
"non-ASCII characters are not allowed outside of literals and identifiers">;
def ext_unicode_whitespace : ExtWarn<
"treating Unicode character as whitespace">,
def err_hex_escape_no_digits : Error<
"\\%0 used with no following hex digits">;
def warn_ucn_escape_no_digits : Warning<
"\\%0 used with no following hex digits; "
"treating as '\\' followed by identifier">, InGroup<Unicode>;
def err_ucn_escape_incomplete : Error<
"incomplete universal character name">;
def warn_ucn_escape_incomplete : Warning<
"incomplete universal character name; "
"treating as '\\' followed by identifier">, InGroup<Unicode>;
def note_ucn_four_not_eight : Note<"did you mean to use '\\u'?">;
def err_ucn_escape_basic_scs : Error<
"character '%0' cannot be specified by a universal character name">;
def err_ucn_control_character : Error<
"universal character name refers to a control character">;
def err_ucn_escape_invalid : Error<"invalid universal character">;
def warn_ucn_escape_surrogate : Warning<
"universal character name refers to a surrogate character">,
def warn_c99_compat_unicode_id : Warning<
"%select{using this character in an identifier|starting an identifier with "
"this character}0 is incompatible with C99">,
InGroup<C99Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx98_compat_unicode_id : Warning<
"using this character in an identifier is incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx98_compat_literal_ucn_escape_basic_scs : Warning<
"specifying character '%0' with a universal character name "
"is incompatible with C++98">, InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx98_compat_literal_ucn_control_character : Warning<
"universal character name referring to a control character "
"is incompatible with C++98">, InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_ucn_not_valid_in_c89 : Warning<
"universal character names are only valid in C99 or C++; "
"treating as '\\' followed by identifier">, InGroup<Unicode>;
def warn_ucn_not_valid_in_c89_literal : ExtWarn<
"universal character names are only valid in C99 or C++">, InGroup<Unicode>;
// Literal
def ext_nonstandard_escape : Extension<
"use of non-standard escape character '\\%0'">;
def ext_unknown_escape : ExtWarn<"unknown escape sequence '\\%0'">,
def err_invalid_decimal_digit : Error<"invalid digit '%0' in decimal constant">;
def err_invalid_binary_digit : Error<"invalid digit '%0' in binary constant">;
def err_invalid_octal_digit : Error<"invalid digit '%0' in octal constant">;
def err_invalid_suffix_integer_constant : Error<
"invalid suffix '%0' on integer constant">;
def err_invalid_suffix_float_constant : Error<
"invalid suffix '%0' on floating constant">;
def warn_cxx11_compat_digit_separator : Warning<
"digit separators are incompatible with C++ standards before C++1y">,
InGroup<CXXPre1yCompat>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_digit_separator_not_between_digits : Error<
"digit separator cannot appear at %select{start|end}0 of digit sequence">;
def warn_extraneous_char_constant : Warning<
"extraneous characters in character constant ignored">;
def warn_char_constant_too_large : Warning<
"character constant too long for its type">;
def err_multichar_utf_character_literal : Error<
"Unicode character literals may not contain multiple characters">;
def err_exponent_has_no_digits : Error<"exponent has no digits">;
def ext_imaginary_constant : Extension<
"imaginary constants are a GNU extension">, InGroup<GNUImaginaryConstant>;
def err_hexconstant_requires_exponent : Error<
"hexadecimal floating constants require an exponent">;
def err_hexconstant_requires_digits : Error<
"hexadecimal floating constants require a significand">;
def ext_hexconstant_invalid : Extension<
"hexadecimal floating constants are a C99 feature">, InGroup<C99>;
def ext_binary_literal : Extension<
"binary integer literals are a GNU extension">, InGroup<GNUBinaryLiteral>;
def ext_binary_literal_cxx1y : Extension<
"binary integer literals are a C++1y extension">, InGroup<CXX1y>;
def warn_cxx11_compat_binary_literal : Warning<
"binary integer literals are incompatible with C++ standards before C++1y">,
InGroup<CXXPre1yCompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_pascal_string_too_long : Error<"Pascal string is too long">;
def err_octal_escape_too_large : Error<"octal escape sequence out of range">;
def err_hex_escape_too_large : Error<"hex escape sequence out of range">;
def ext_string_too_long : Extension<"string literal of length %0 exceeds "
"maximum length %1 that %select{C90|ISO C99|C++}2 compilers are required to "
"support">, InGroup<OverlengthStrings>;
def err_character_too_large : Error<
"character too large for enclosing character literal type">;
def warn_c99_compat_unicode_literal : Warning<
"unicode literals are incompatible with C99">,
InGroup<C99Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx98_compat_unicode_literal : Warning<
"unicode literals are incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx11_compat_user_defined_literal : Warning<
"identifier after literal will be treated as a user-defined literal suffix "
"in C++11">, InGroup<CXX11Compat>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_cxx11_compat_reserved_user_defined_literal : Warning<
"identifier after literal will be treated as a reserved user-defined literal "
"suffix in C++11">,
InGroup<CXX11CompatReservedUserDefinedLiteral>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_reserved_user_defined_literal : ExtWarn<
"invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a space between literal and "
"identifier">, InGroup<ReservedUserDefinedLiteral>, DefaultError;
def ext_ms_reserved_user_defined_literal : ExtWarn<
"invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a space between literal and "
"identifier">, InGroup<ReservedUserDefinedLiteral>;
def err_unsupported_string_concat : Error<
"unsupported non-standard concatenation of string literals">;
def err_string_concat_mixed_suffix : Error<
"differing user-defined suffixes ('%0' and '%1') in string literal "
def err_pp_invalid_udl : Error<
"%select{character|integer}0 literal with user-defined suffix "
"cannot be used in preprocessor constant expression">;
def err_bad_string_encoding : Error<
"illegal character encoding in string literal">;
def warn_bad_string_encoding : ExtWarn<
"illegal character encoding in string literal">,
def err_bad_character_encoding : Error<
"illegal character encoding in character literal">;
def warn_bad_character_encoding : ExtWarn<
"illegal character encoding in character literal">,
def err_lexing_string : Error<"failure when lexing a string">;
// PTH Diagnostics
def err_invalid_pth_file : Error<
"invalid or corrupt PTH file '%0'">;
// Preprocessor Diagnostics
let CategoryName = "User Defined Issues" in {
def pp_hash_warning : Warning<"%0">,
InGroup<PoundWarning>, DefaultWarnShowInSystemHeader;
def err_pp_hash_error : Error<"%0">;
def pp_include_next_in_primary : Warning<
"#include_next in primary source file">;
def pp_include_macros_out_of_predefines : Error<
"the #__include_macros directive is only for internal use by -imacros">;
def pp_include_next_absolute_path : Warning<"#include_next with absolute path">;
def ext_c99_whitespace_required_after_macro_name : ExtWarn<
"ISO C99 requires whitespace after the macro name">, InGroup<C99>;
def ext_missing_whitespace_after_macro_name : ExtWarn<
"whitespace required after macro name">;
def warn_missing_whitespace_after_macro_name : Warning<
"whitespace recommended after macro name">;
def pp_pragma_once_in_main_file : Warning<"#pragma once in main file">;
def pp_pragma_sysheader_in_main_file : Warning<
"#pragma system_header ignored in main file">;
def pp_poisoning_existing_macro : Warning<"poisoning existing macro">;
def pp_out_of_date_dependency : Warning<
"current file is older than dependency %0">;
def ext_pp_undef_builtin_macro : ExtWarn<"undefining builtin macro">,
def ext_pp_redef_builtin_macro : ExtWarn<"redefining builtin macro">,
def pp_disabled_macro_expansion : Warning<
"disabled expansion of recursive macro">, DefaultIgnore,
def pp_macro_not_used : Warning<"macro is not used">, DefaultIgnore,
def warn_pp_undef_identifier : Warning<
"%0 is not defined, evaluates to 0">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"undef">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_pp_ambiguous_macro : Warning<
"ambiguous expansion of macro %0">, InGroup<AmbiguousMacro>;
def note_pp_ambiguous_macro_chosen : Note<
"expanding this definition of %0">;
def note_pp_ambiguous_macro_other : Note<
"other definition of %0">;
def pp_invalid_string_literal : Warning<
"invalid string literal, ignoring final '\\'">;
def warn_pp_expr_overflow : Warning<
"integer overflow in preprocessor expression">;
def warn_pp_convert_lhs_to_positive : Warning<
"left side of operator converted from negative value to unsigned: %0">;
def warn_pp_convert_rhs_to_positive : Warning<
"right side of operator converted from negative value to unsigned: %0">;
def ext_pp_import_directive : Extension<"#import is a language extension">,
def err_pp_import_directive_ms : Error<
"#import of type library is an unsupported Microsoft feature">;
def ext_pp_include_search_ms : ExtWarn<
"#include resolved using non-portable MSVC search rules as: %0">,
def ext_pp_ident_directive : Extension<"#ident is a language extension">;
def ext_pp_include_next_directive : Extension<
"#include_next is a language extension">;
def ext_pp_warning_directive : Extension<"#warning is a language extension">;
def ext_pp_extra_tokens_at_eol : ExtWarn<
"extra tokens at end of #%0 directive">, InGroup<ExtraTokens>;
def ext_pp_comma_expr : Extension<"comma operator in operand of #if">;
def ext_pp_bad_vaargs_use : Extension<
"__VA_ARGS__ can only appear in the expansion of a C99 variadic macro">;
def ext_pp_macro_redef : ExtWarn<"%0 macro redefined">;
def ext_variadic_macro : Extension<"variadic macros are a C99 feature">,
def warn_cxx98_compat_variadic_macro : Warning<
"variadic macros are incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98CompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_named_variadic_macro : Extension<
"named variadic macros are a GNU extension">, InGroup<VariadicMacros>;
def err_embedded_include : Error<
"embedding a #%0 directive within macro arguments is not supported">;
def ext_embedded_directive : Extension<
"embedding a directive within macro arguments has undefined behavior">,
def ext_missing_varargs_arg : Extension<
"must specify at least one argument for '...' parameter of variadic macro">,
def ext_empty_fnmacro_arg : Extension<
"empty macro arguments are a C99 feature">, InGroup<C99>;
def warn_cxx98_compat_empty_fnmacro_arg : Warning<
"empty macro arguments are incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98CompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_macro_here : Note<"macro %0 defined here">;
def err_pp_opencl_variadic_macros :
Error<"variadic macros not supported in OpenCL">;
def err_pp_invalid_directive : Error<"invalid preprocessing directive">;
def err_pp_directive_required : Error<
"%0 must be used within a preprocessing directive">;
def err_pp_file_not_found : Error<"'%0' file not found">, DefaultFatal;
def err_pp_file_not_found_not_fatal : Error<
"'%0' file not found with <angled> include; use \"quotes\" instead">;
def err_pp_error_opening_file : Error<
"error opening file '%0': %1">, DefaultFatal;
def err_pp_empty_filename : Error<"empty filename">;
def err_pp_include_too_deep : Error<"#include nested too deeply">;
def err_pp_expects_filename : Error<"expected \"FILENAME\" or <FILENAME>">;
def err_pp_macro_not_identifier : Error<"macro names must be identifiers">;
def err_pp_missing_macro_name : Error<"macro name missing">;
def err_pp_missing_rparen_in_macro_def : Error<
"missing ')' in macro parameter list">;
def err_pp_invalid_tok_in_arg_list : Error<
"invalid token in macro parameter list">;
def err_pp_expected_ident_in_arg_list : Error<
"expected identifier in macro parameter list">;
def err_pp_expected_comma_in_arg_list : Error<
"expected comma in macro parameter list">;
def err_pp_duplicate_name_in_arg_list : Error<
"duplicate macro parameter name %0">;
def err_pp_stringize_not_parameter : Error<
"'#' is not followed by a macro parameter">;
def err_pp_malformed_ident : Error<"invalid #ident directive">;
def err_pp_unterminated_conditional : Error<
"unterminated conditional directive">;
def pp_err_else_after_else : Error<"#else after #else">;
def pp_err_elif_after_else : Error<"#elif after #else">;
def pp_err_else_without_if : Error<"#else without #if">;
def pp_err_elif_without_if : Error<"#elif without #if">;
def err_pp_endif_without_if : Error<"#endif without #if">;
def err_pp_expected_value_in_expr : Error<"expected value in expression">;
def err_pp_expected_rparen : Error<"expected ')' in preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_expected_eol : Error<
"expected end of line in preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_defined_requires_identifier : Error<
"operator 'defined' requires an identifier">;
def err_pp_expected_after : Error<"missing %1 after %0">;
def err_pp_colon_without_question : Error<"':' without preceding '?'">;
def err_pp_division_by_zero : Error<
"division by zero in preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_remainder_by_zero : Error<
"remainder by zero in preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_expr_bad_token_binop : Error<
"token is not a valid binary operator in a preprocessor subexpression">;
def err_pp_expr_bad_token_start_expr : Error<
"invalid token at start of a preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_invalid_poison : Error<"can only poison identifier tokens">;
def err_pp_used_poisoned_id : Error<"attempt to use a poisoned identifier">;
def err_feature_check_malformed : Error<
"builtin feature check macro requires a parenthesized identifier">;
def err_warning_check_malformed : Error<
"builtin warning check macro requires a parenthesized string">;
def warn_has_warning_invalid_option :
ExtWarn<"__has_warning expected option name (e.g. \"-Wundef\")">,
def err_pp_identifier_arg_not_identifier : Error<
"cannot convert %0 token to an identifier">;
def warn_pragma_include_alias_mismatch_angle :
ExtWarn<"angle-bracketed include <%0> cannot be aliased to double-quoted "
"include \"%1\"">, InGroup<UnknownPragmas>;
def warn_pragma_include_alias_mismatch_quote :
ExtWarn<"double-quoted include \"%0\" cannot be aliased to angle-bracketed "
"include <%1>">, InGroup<UnknownPragmas>;
def warn_pragma_include_alias_expected :
ExtWarn<"pragma include_alias expected '%0'">,
def warn_pragma_include_alias_expected_filename :
ExtWarn<"pragma include_alias expected include filename">,
// - #pragma warning(...)
def warn_pragma_warning_expected :
ExtWarn<"#pragma warning expected '%0'">,
def warn_pragma_warning_spec_invalid :
ExtWarn<"#pragma warning expected 'push', 'pop', 'default', 'disable',"
" 'error', 'once', 'suppress', 1, 2, 3, or 4">,
def warn_pragma_warning_push_level :
ExtWarn<"#pragma warning(push, level) requires a level between 0 and 4">,
def warn_pragma_warning_expected_number :
ExtWarn<"#pragma warning expected a warning number">,
def err__Pragma_malformed : Error<
"_Pragma takes a parenthesized string literal">;
def err_pragma_message_malformed : Error<
"pragma %select{message|warning|error}0 requires parenthesized string">;
def err_pragma_push_pop_macro_malformed : Error<
"pragma %0 requires a parenthesized string">;
def warn_pragma_pop_macro_no_push : Warning<
"pragma pop_macro could not pop '%0', no matching push_macro">,
def warn_pragma_message : Warning<"%0">,
InGroup<PoundPragmaMessage>, DefaultWarnNoWerror;
def err_pragma_message : Error<"%0">;
def warn_pragma_ignored : Warning<"unknown pragma ignored">,
InGroup<UnknownPragmas>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_stdc_pragma_ignored : ExtWarn<"unknown pragma in STDC namespace">,
def ext_on_off_switch_syntax :
ExtWarn<"expected 'ON' or 'OFF' or 'DEFAULT' in pragma">,
def ext_pragma_syntax_eod :
ExtWarn<"expected end of directive in pragma">,
def warn_stdc_fenv_access_not_supported :
Warning<"pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS ON is not supported, ignoring pragma">,
def warn_pragma_diagnostic_invalid :
ExtWarn<"pragma diagnostic expected 'error', 'warning', 'ignored', 'fatal',"
" 'push', or 'pop'">,
def warn_pragma_diagnostic_cannot_pop :
ExtWarn<"pragma diagnostic pop could not pop, no matching push">,
def warn_pragma_diagnostic_invalid_option :
ExtWarn<"pragma diagnostic expected option name (e.g. \"-Wundef\")">,
def warn_pragma_diagnostic_invalid_token :
ExtWarn<"unexpected token in pragma diagnostic">,
def warn_pragma_diagnostic_unknown_warning :
ExtWarn<"unknown warning group '%0', ignored">,
// - #pragma __debug
def warn_pragma_debug_unexpected_command : Warning<
"unexpected debug command '%0'">, InGroup<IgnoredPragmas>;
def err_defined_macro_name : Error<"'defined' cannot be used as a macro name">;
def err_paste_at_start : Error<
"'##' cannot appear at start of macro expansion">;
def err_paste_at_end : Error<"'##' cannot appear at end of macro expansion">;
def ext_paste_comma : Extension<
"token pasting of ',' and __VA_ARGS__ is a GNU extension">, InGroup<GNUZeroVariadicMacroArguments>;
def err_unterm_macro_invoc : Error<
"unterminated function-like macro invocation">;
def err_too_many_args_in_macro_invoc : Error<
"too many arguments provided to function-like macro invocation">;
def note_suggest_parens_for_macro : Note<
"parentheses are required around macro argument containing braced "
"initializer list">;
def note_init_list_at_beginning_of_macro_argument : Note<
"cannot use initializer list at the beginning of a macro argument">;
def err_too_few_args_in_macro_invoc : Error<
"too few arguments provided to function-like macro invocation">;
def err_pp_bad_paste : Error<
"pasting formed '%0', an invalid preprocessing token">;
def ext_pp_bad_paste_ms : ExtWarn<
"pasting formed '%0', an invalid preprocessing token">, DefaultError,
def err_pp_operator_used_as_macro_name : Error<
"C++ operator '%0' cannot be used as a macro name">;
def err_pp_illegal_floating_literal : Error<
"floating point literal in preprocessor expression">;
def err_pp_line_requires_integer : Error<
"#line directive requires a positive integer argument">;
def ext_pp_line_zero : Extension<
"#line directive with zero argument is a GNU extension">,
def err_pp_line_invalid_filename : Error<
"invalid filename for #line directive">;
def warn_pp_line_decimal : Warning<
"%select{#line|GNU line marker}0 directive interprets number as decimal, not octal">;
def err_pp_line_digit_sequence : Error<
"%select{#line|GNU line marker}0 directive requires a simple digit sequence">;
def err_pp_linemarker_requires_integer : Error<
"line marker directive requires a positive integer argument">;
def err_pp_linemarker_invalid_filename : Error<
"invalid filename for line marker directive">;
def err_pp_linemarker_invalid_flag : Error<
"invalid flag line marker directive">;
def err_pp_linemarker_invalid_pop : Error<
"invalid line marker flag '2': cannot pop empty include stack">;
def ext_pp_line_too_big : Extension<
"C requires #line number to be less than %0, allowed as extension">;
def warn_cxx98_compat_pp_line_too_big : Warning<
"#line number greater than 32767 is incompatible with C++98">,
InGroup<CXX98CompatPedantic>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_pp_visibility_non_macro : Error<"no macro named %0">;
def err_pp_arc_cf_code_audited_syntax : Error<"expected 'begin' or 'end'">;
def err_pp_double_begin_of_arc_cf_code_audited : Error<
"already inside '#pragma clang arc_cf_code_audited'">;
def err_pp_unmatched_end_of_arc_cf_code_audited : Error<
"not currently inside '#pragma clang arc_cf_code_audited'">;
def err_pp_include_in_arc_cf_code_audited : Error<
"cannot #include files inside '#pragma clang arc_cf_code_audited'">;
def err_pp_eof_in_arc_cf_code_audited : Error<
"'#pragma clang arc_cf_code_audited' was not ended within this file">;
// Module map parsing
def err_mmap_unknown_token : Error<"skipping stray token">;
def err_mmap_expected_module : Error<"expected module declaration">;
def err_mmap_expected_module_name : Error<"expected module name">;
def err_mmap_expected_lbrace : Error<"expected '{' to start module '%0'">;
def err_mmap_expected_rbrace : Error<"expected '}'">;
def note_mmap_lbrace_match : Note<"to match this '{'">;
def err_mmap_expected_rsquare : Error<"expected ']' to close attribute">;
def note_mmap_lsquare_match : Note<"to match this ']'">;
def err_mmap_expected_member : Error<
"expected umbrella, header, submodule, or module export">;
def err_mmap_expected_header : Error<"expected a header name after '%0'">;
def err_mmap_expected_mmap_file : Error<"expected a module map file name">;
def err_mmap_module_redefinition : Error<
"redefinition of module '%0'">;
def note_mmap_prev_definition : Note<"previously defined here">;
def err_mmap_umbrella_dir_not_found : Error<
"umbrella directory '%0' not found">;
def err_mmap_umbrella_clash : Error<
"umbrella for module '%0' already covers this directory">;
def err_mmap_module_id : Error<
"expected a module name or '*'">;
def err_mmap_expected_library_name : Error<
"expected %select{library|framework}0 name as a string">;
def err_mmap_config_macro_submodule : Error<
"configuration macros are only allowed on top-level modules">;
def err_mmap_expected_config_macro : Error<
"expected configuration macro name after ','">;
def err_mmap_expected_conflicts_comma : Error<
"expected ',' after conflicting module name">;
def err_mmap_expected_conflicts_message : Error<
"expected a message describing the conflict with '%0'">;
def err_mmap_missing_module_unqualified : Error<
"no module named '%0' visible from '%1'">;
def err_mmap_missing_module_qualified : Error<
"no module named '%0' in '%1'">;
def err_mmap_top_level_inferred_submodule : Error<
"only submodules and framework modules may be inferred with wildcard syntax">;
def err_mmap_inferred_no_umbrella : Error<
"inferred submodules require a module with an umbrella">;
def err_mmap_inferred_framework_submodule : Error<
"inferred submodule cannot be a framework submodule">;
def err_mmap_explicit_inferred_framework : Error<
"inferred framework modules cannot be 'explicit'">;
def err_mmap_missing_exclude_name : Error<
"expected excluded module name">;
def err_mmap_inferred_redef : Error<
"redefinition of inferred submodule">;
def err_mmap_expected_lbrace_wildcard : Error<
"expected '{' to start inferred submodule">;
def err_mmap_expected_inferred_member : Error<
"expected %select{module exclusion with 'exclude'|'export *'}0">;
def err_mmap_expected_export_wildcard : Error<
"only '*' can be exported from an inferred submodule">;
def err_mmap_explicit_top_level : Error<
"'explicit' is not permitted on top-level modules">;
def err_mmap_nested_submodule_id : Error<
"qualified module name can only be used to define modules at the top level">;
def err_mmap_expected_feature : Error<"expected a feature name">;
def err_mmap_expected_attribute : Error<"expected an attribute name">;
def warn_mmap_unknown_attribute : Warning<"unknown attribute '%0'">,
def warn_auto_module_import : Warning<
"treating #%select{include|import|include_next|__include_macros}0 as an "
"import of module '%1'">, InGroup<AutoImport>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_uncovered_module_header : Warning<
"umbrella header for module '%0' does not include header '%1'">,
def warn_forgotten_module_header : Warning<
"header '%0' is included in module '%1' but not listed in module map">,
InGroup<IncompleteModule>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_expected_id_building_module : Error<
"expected a module name in '__building_module' expression">;
def error_use_of_private_header_outside_module : Error<
"use of private header from outside its module: '%0'">;
def error_undeclared_use_of_module : Error<
"module %0 does not depend on a module exporting '%1'">;
def warn_header_guard : Warning<
"%0 is used as a header guard here, followed by #define of a different macro">,
def note_header_guard : Note<
"%0 is defined here; did you mean %1?">;