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//===--- VariantValue.h - Polymorphic value type -*- C++ -*-===/
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// \brief Polymorphic value type.
/// Supports all the types required for dynamic Matcher construction.
/// Used by the registry to construct matchers in a generic way.
#include "clang/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchers.h"
#include "clang/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchersInternal.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/IntrusiveRefCntPtr.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Optional.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Twine.h"
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
namespace clang {
namespace ast_matchers {
namespace dynamic {
using ast_matchers::internal::DynTypedMatcher;
/// \brief A variant matcher object.
/// The purpose of this object is to abstract simple and polymorphic matchers
/// into a single object type.
/// Polymorphic matchers might be implemented as a list of all the possible
/// overloads of the matcher. \c VariantMatcher knows how to select the
/// appropriate overload when needed.
/// To get a real matcher object out of a \c VariantMatcher you can do:
/// - getSingleMatcher() which returns a matcher, only if it is not ambiguous
/// to decide which matcher to return. Eg. it contains only a single
/// matcher, or a polymorphic one with only one overload.
/// - hasTypedMatcher<T>()/getTypedMatcher<T>(): These calls will determine if
/// the underlying matcher(s) can unambiguously return a Matcher<T>.
class VariantMatcher {
/// \brief Methods that depend on T from hasTypedMatcher/getTypedMatcher.
class MatcherOps {
virtual ~MatcherOps();
virtual bool canConstructFrom(const DynTypedMatcher &Matcher,
bool &IsExactMatch) const = 0;
virtual void constructFrom(const DynTypedMatcher &Matcher) = 0;
virtual void constructVariadicOperator(
ast_matchers::internal::VariadicOperatorFunction Func,
ArrayRef<VariantMatcher> InnerMatchers) = 0;
/// \brief Payload interface to be specialized by each matcher type.
/// It follows a similar interface as VariantMatcher itself.
class Payload : public RefCountedBaseVPTR {
virtual ~Payload();
virtual llvm::Optional<DynTypedMatcher> getSingleMatcher() const = 0;
virtual std::string getTypeAsString() const = 0;
virtual void makeTypedMatcher(MatcherOps &Ops) const = 0;
/// \brief A null matcher.
/// \brief Clones the provided matcher.
static VariantMatcher SingleMatcher(const DynTypedMatcher &Matcher);
/// \brief Clones the provided matchers.
/// They should be the result of a polymorphic matcher.
static VariantMatcher PolymorphicMatcher(std::vector<DynTypedMatcher> Matchers);
/// \brief Creates a 'variadic' operator matcher.
/// It will bind to the appropriate type on getTypedMatcher<T>().
static VariantMatcher VariadicOperatorMatcher(
ast_matchers::internal::VariadicOperatorFunction Func,
std::vector<VariantMatcher> Args);
/// \brief Makes the matcher the "null" matcher.
void reset();
/// \brief Whether the matcher is null.
bool isNull() const { return !Value; }
/// \brief Return a single matcher, if there is no ambiguity.
/// \returns the matcher, if there is only one matcher. An empty Optional, if
/// the underlying matcher is a polymorphic matcher with more than one
/// representation.
llvm::Optional<DynTypedMatcher> getSingleMatcher() const;
/// \brief Determines if the contained matcher can be converted to
/// \c Matcher<T>.
/// For the Single case, it returns true if it can be converted to
/// \c Matcher<T>.
/// For the Polymorphic case, it returns true if one, and only one, of the
/// overloads can be converted to \c Matcher<T>. If there are more than one
/// that can, the result would be ambiguous and false is returned.
template <class T>
bool hasTypedMatcher() const {
TypedMatcherOps<T> Ops;
if (Value) Value->makeTypedMatcher(Ops);
return Ops.hasMatcher();
/// \brief Return this matcher as a \c Matcher<T>.
/// Handles the different types (Single, Polymorphic) accordingly.
/// Asserts that \c hasTypedMatcher<T>() is true.
template <class T>
ast_matchers::internal::Matcher<T> getTypedMatcher() const {
TypedMatcherOps<T> Ops;
assert(Ops.hasMatcher() && "hasTypedMatcher<T>() == false");
return Ops.matcher();
/// \brief String representation of the type of the value.
/// If the underlying matcher is a polymorphic one, the string will show all
/// the types.
std::string getTypeAsString() const;
explicit VariantMatcher(Payload *Value) : Value(Value) {}
class SinglePayload;
class PolymorphicPayload;
class VariadicOpPayload;
template <typename T>
class TypedMatcherOps : public MatcherOps {
typedef ast_matchers::internal::Matcher<T> MatcherT;
virtual bool canConstructFrom(const DynTypedMatcher &Matcher,
bool &IsExactMatch) const {
IsExactMatch = Matcher.getSupportedKind().isSame(
return Matcher.canConvertTo<T>();
virtual void constructFrom(const DynTypedMatcher& Matcher) {
Out.reset(new MatcherT(Matcher.convertTo<T>()));
virtual void constructVariadicOperator(
ast_matchers::internal::VariadicOperatorFunction Func,
ArrayRef<VariantMatcher> InnerMatchers) {
std::vector<DynTypedMatcher> DynMatchers;
for (size_t i = 0, e = InnerMatchers.size(); i != e; ++i) {
// Abort if any of the inner matchers can't be converted to
// Matcher<T>.
if (!InnerMatchers[i].hasTypedMatcher<T>()) {
Out.reset(new MatcherT(
new ast_matchers::internal::VariadicOperatorMatcherInterface<T>(
Func, DynMatchers)));
bool hasMatcher() const { return Out.get() != NULL; }
const MatcherT &matcher() const { return *Out; }
std::unique_ptr<MatcherT> Out;
IntrusiveRefCntPtr<const Payload> Value;
/// \brief Variant value class.
/// Basically, a tagged union with value type semantics.
/// It is used by the registry as the return value and argument type for the
/// matcher factory methods.
/// It can be constructed from any of the supported types. It supports
/// copy/assignment.
/// Supported types:
/// - \c unsigned
/// - \c std::string
/// - \c VariantMatcher (\c DynTypedMatcher / \c Matcher<T>)
class VariantValue {
VariantValue() : Type(VT_Nothing) {}
VariantValue(const VariantValue &Other);
VariantValue &operator=(const VariantValue &Other);
/// \brief Specific constructors for each supported type.
VariantValue(unsigned Unsigned);
VariantValue(const std::string &String);
VariantValue(const VariantMatcher &Matchers);
/// \brief Unsigned value functions.
bool isUnsigned() const;
unsigned getUnsigned() const;
void setUnsigned(unsigned Unsigned);
/// \brief String value functions.
bool isString() const;
const std::string &getString() const;
void setString(const std::string &String);
/// \brief Matcher value functions.
bool isMatcher() const;
const VariantMatcher &getMatcher() const;
void setMatcher(const VariantMatcher &Matcher);
/// \brief String representation of the type of the value.
std::string getTypeAsString() const;
void reset();
/// \brief All supported value types.
enum ValueType {
/// \brief All supported value types.
union AllValues {
unsigned Unsigned;
std::string *String;
VariantMatcher *Matcher;
ValueType Type;
AllValues Value;
} // end namespace dynamic
} // end namespace ast_matchers
} // end namespace clang