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// This is a regression test for handling of stat caches within the tooling
// infrastructure. This test reproduces the problem under valgrind:
// First, create a pch that we can later load. Loading the pch will insert
// a stat cache into the FileManager:
// RUN: %clang -x c++-header %S/Inputs/pch.h -o %t1
// Use the generated pch and enforce a subsequent stat miss by using
// the test file with an unrelated include as second translation unit:
// Do not directly pipe into FileCheck, as that would hide errors from
// valgrind due to pipefail not being set in lit.
// RUN: clang-check "%S/Inputs/pch.cpp" "%s" -- -include-pch %t1 -I "%S" -c >%t2 2>&1
// RUN: FileCheck %s < %t2
#include "Inputs/pch-fail.h"
// CHECK: Processing